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Are We for Real » Post #5

Sun Nov 13, 2016 03:24 in General Talk

Maybe our whole universe is a science experiment of some junior high school student in another universe. (Given how things are going here he may not get a good grade.)

The question of whether what we see is real or simulated has perplexed humans since at least the Ancient philosophers. But it has been given a new and different edge in recent years with the development of powerful computers and artificial intelligence, which some have argued shows how easily such a simulation could be created

Are We for Real » Post #4

Sun Nov 13, 2016 03:14 in General Talk

pindokhan.................. now humans as we know are flesh and blood,we are living breathing entities,,we reproduce,grow old and die,dust to dust,if these robots are controlling us i am sure they can extend our life to the next level?

Maybe or maybe not, maybe We are just programed to think that way
How can You be sure, our brain can think real of fake , If I think I am Napoleon I will be Napoleon in my mind

Are We for Real » Post #1

Sun Nov 13, 2016 02:23 in General Talk

Physicists say there is a possibility that our world is merely a simulation
They claim there may be evidence of this if only we know where to look
For instance, some of the laws of physics may not quite add up, they say

The year is 2050 and super-intelligent robots have taken over the planet.

Except you have no idea, because you're living in a computer simulation, depicting what life was like in 2015.

Everything you see and touch right now has been created by robotic overlords who are using humanity as playthings in their virtual game.

That's the radical theory put forward by a number of scientists over the years, who claim there is a possibility that our world as we know it is fake.
It may sound ridiculous, but this 'simulation argument' is being taken seriously by physicists who say they could find evidence that confirms it

It would be one big computer program simulating everything, including human brains down to neurons and synapses
Several years ago, Silas Beane of the University of Bonn suggested, like Minsky, that there may be signs that we are living in a simulation.

Phone call of increased value » Post #11

Sun Nov 13, 2016 02:00 in General Talk

Chance = Gambling =Rubbish = Adios Your Money

Phone call of increased value » Post #7

Sat Nov 12, 2016 20:01 in General Talk

Yep it is all around the world . Nothing special , World is a big garbage now
take the World to the garbage tip

This is Sick , Sick , Sick » Post #1

Sat Nov 12, 2016 01:16 in General Talk

If you go look at your Facebook right now, there is a high chance the social network is telling everyone you are dead.
The message reads: "We hope people who love [the deceased] will find comfort in the things others share to remember and celebrate his/her life".

It includes a link to Facebook's request form for memorializing the account of someone who has passed.

The glitch even seems to have affected Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s profile.

Users across the globe are taking to Twitter to inform their social followers that they are in fact, not dead.

Typically when a Facebook user dies, a friend or family member puts in a request to memorialize their account

The issue seems to be random. It’s not popping up on everyone’s profile, but it’s certainly happening on a lot of them.

It's unclear what's causing the mass obituaries, but it's likely a bug in the system.

Facebook say they are “aware" of the situation.

My new page of cool and weird facts,,,n etc etc » Post #23

Sat Nov 12, 2016 00:49 in General Talk

pindokhan123 wrote: you lazy git tasman and a little blagger :lol:

see ur posts all over da forum,on my back door and down my alley way :D

My post here... eh what I know last time I posted here was few years ago and this red wine is sooooo good

stats for today v1 » Post #35

Fri Nov 11, 2016 23:21 in Your Stats

cool stats , nice

My new page of cool and weird facts,,,n etc etc » Post #21

Fri Nov 11, 2016 23:15 in General Talk

Sorry but have no time now to reply here . As You all know I normaly post just once or twice a year here
Will try to post more next year

Not to bad last 2 day..tas » Post #1

Fri Nov 11, 2016 22:57 in Success Stories

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today $2.9017 yesterday $2.5677

Are You Stubborn ? » Post #1

Fri Nov 11, 2016 19:14 in General Talk

I am , as a Mule

Nice change » Post #12

Fri Nov 11, 2016 16:59 in General Talk

So how many ClixSense mermaids we have so far for Calendar
Come girls , do not be shy


Fri Nov 11, 2016 16:54 in Success Stories


Don't forget - Today is USA Holiday » Post #5

Fri Nov 11, 2016 15:45 in General Talk

Every day is holiday for me

Things to Hate » Post #38

Fri Nov 11, 2016 03:11 in General Talk

BouldRake wrote: Alternatively, the guillotine has a 100% cure rate for headaches of all kinds.

Gulp :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Things to Hate » Post #36

Fri Nov 11, 2016 03:04 in General Talk

Tcoastergirl wrote: I hate my migraine that started in November of last year and won't go away no matter what the doctors and I have tried.

Try 3000 mg of vitamin C and 3000 mg of fish oil daily for 3 month ,,, maybe it will help , maybe

Get anything you want in life » Post #7

Fri Nov 11, 2016 02:43 in General Talk

My Dear friend , better wake up to reality of life

For me to be honest I do not care muck , i did have poor but happy life
to old now , and care just about my kids
i am 63 now , not bad , if i get few more years good if not it is no big drama

how to be happy is point not rich .....but good luck to you , you are younger so not a problem to dream a bit

Get anything you want in life » Post #4

Fri Nov 11, 2016 02:28 in General Talk

It is not helping You . You will not be here working for few cent here if that books can help

Only poor and one who will stay poor read that kind of books

But nothing wrong to be poor , I am poor but who care , all women are still mad about me [ in my dream but that is still something ]

Things to Hate » Post #33

Thu Nov 10, 2016 23:13 in General Talk

CatMonster wrote:
tasman1 wrote: In the name of all people in the World

We all hate when We go to sh.t but We can not

With the right magazine and 3 layered toilet paper it's actually quite enjoyable taking a sh.t

Will ask Mod to transfer Your post to ..... Things We love to do .....

10.11.2016 So far a fantastic day » Post #5

Thu Nov 10, 2016 23:09 in Success Stories

Very nice , Congrats
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