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feeling bored....any one else same? » Post #39

Mon Jun 05, 2017 04:24 in General Talk

Every time people start to argue here I have urge to go to toilet [ I am professional toilet goer now ]

O yes , I am good [ but do not ask me for advice ]

Michael Jordan vs Lebron James? Who is better? » Post #3

Mon Jun 05, 2017 04:10 in General Talk

Who are better ? None , Jordan and Lebron are amateur

1...............Kobe Bryant
2...............Tim Duncan

feeling bored....any one else same? » Post #38

Mon Jun 05, 2017 03:28 in General Talk

I eat banana now

hai,hello to everyone from INDIA » Post #3

Sun Jun 04, 2017 19:45 in Member Introduction


feeling bored....any one else same? » Post #34

Sun Jun 04, 2017 19:28 in General Talk

Small tip to all who are bored

Spend More time in toilet .......Time spend in toilet is time best spent in our life

I won 0.10 » Post #4

Sun Jun 04, 2017 18:15 in Success Stories

cool , congrats

feeling bored....any one else same? » Post #32

Sun Jun 04, 2017 17:55 in General Talk

What a heck , is blonde dog and parrot wife still in play here

zegon wife talk to much , my wife not talk to me ,,,, exchange will do good to both of us [ parrot good for tasman1] [ mute radio good for zegon .................crap folks here will kill me now

feeling bored....any one else same? » Post #19

Sun Jun 04, 2017 06:58 in General Talk

Finally we got him , members win

feeling bored....any one else same? » Post #12

Sun Jun 04, 2017 00:30 in General Talk

mkpit wrote: it's sunday morning here ....let's see how this go?........ya if u r not alone then u love holidays........ha ha :P :P but I am neither married nor have any partner this week weather is burning up here wondering romantic places option is already gone.............that's why I am completely blank,totally out of work this week end .........and feeling bored.

You will finish in jail if you continue to be bored

You have no right to be bored under present law

Go to nearest town and find a partner , NOW , GO

feeling bored....any one else same? » Post #9

Sat Jun 03, 2017 20:06 in General Talk

dutch1898 wrote: How about a blonde dog??? :roll:

Yeah , that is a big problem :mrgreen:

feeling bored....any one else same? » Post #5

Sat Jun 03, 2017 18:31 in General Talk

Wake up
Cut the bullshit – I am sure you’ve turned down invitations to hang out over the past month because it seemed too hard or too far or it was too cold outside and you weren’t feeling social. If you want your life to be more exciting, you’re going to have to invite other people into it. A lot of the best stuff happens once we get past that feeling of “Noooooo I don’t want to go outside and talk to people,
Physically, emotionally or mentally (maybe all three). You stopped doing the things that make you feel like yourself so now you’re stuck feeling like someone else and it’s wearing on you. You haven’t been invigorated in a long time, which is shitting on your creativity – but it’s nobody’s fault except your own.
You know what the difference is between you and a person who has plans for this Saturday night? The latter picked up the telephone and called (Okay texted) someone else and asked them to hang out. You didn’t do that because you were too scared of rejection and now you’re bored.

In short.....You stay trapped in your shell because it’s easy. And then you wonder why you’re lacking connection

Life doesn’t happen from behind the glare of your phone screen. Go outside, man. Your life might get a lot less boring

Second Pollfish Survey Today :) » Post #3

Sat Jun 03, 2017 17:33 in Success Stories

congrats Rose

feeling bored....any one else same? » Post #3

Sat Jun 03, 2017 17:32 in General Talk

No , blonde still walking with a dog every day , just not sure if I love a blonde or a dog :mrgreen:

vegan or non vegan » Post #6

Sat Jun 03, 2017 17:25 in General Talk

meat , all kind of meat

Just Exploring.....tasman1 » Post #1

Sat Jun 03, 2017 05:31 in General Talk

The future is broken. For all our technological advances and consumer comforts, the future of humanity, our future, stands at a crossroads. Simple changes are not going to be enough. The problems we face are deeper than that. They stem from the stories we tell ourselves. Stories about life and humanity. Stories about the world and all of existence.

Our current story is one of humanity at the apex of evolution. Of man in control. The most intelligent life on the planet. Able to solve any and all problems through science, analysis and critical thought. It is the story of an accidental, mechanistic world. And it is a story that has served us very well for centuries. It has allowed us to escape the strictly defined realities of the church. To explore the world with new vision, with open eyes. To build great cities and societies. To make technological innovations that would have been unimaginable only decades ago.

But, this is also a story that has taken us away from the natural world. Away from meaning and connection. It is a story that has made us arrogant, confident in our ability to break complex problems down into manageable sizes, too often ignorant of the reality that, in doing so, we create a false sense of certainty in our answers. Problems do not exist in isolation in nature, nothing does.

The reality is that this is a story that, has allowed humanity to treat the earth as little more than a supply house and a sewer. Is it any wonder then, that this story is unravelling before our very eyes? That our technological and scientific achievements, developed as a result of our current story, are now pointing to our own demise? That we can see, with terrifying clarity, our impending, self inflicted destruction?

It is here that we are faced with two choices. The first is to simply continue on with our current story. To believe that we have to do things bigger and better if we have any hope of survival. To continue to believe in one size fits all, silver bullet solutions, like genetically modified organisms, chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, more monocultures. Simple solutions that continue to ignore their broader systemic impacts.

The other choice is to take on board the words of Albert Einstein and understand that problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them. That humanity needs a new story. A story that places nature at the centre of our worldview.

Superior Prediction by tasman1 » Post #10

Sat Jun 03, 2017 04:59 in General Talk

larryonly wrote: Well 'tasman1' I think we all know now that you do not have a daughter .
But, good entertainment :) :D ;)

Olive leaf

Back in England again! » Post #23

Sat Jun 03, 2017 00:05 in General Talk

Golden drinking shoe from QueenSheeba with bonus socks for sale now
Only first 20 buyers , buy now , resale it and be rich forever or drink from it once water inside turns to Gods nectar

checklist on 02.06.17 » Post #2

Fri Jun 02, 2017 23:58 in Success Stories

Cool , Congrats
Wish you more earning in future , good luck

Another good day for ....tasman1 » Post #4

Fri Jun 02, 2017 23:33 in Success Stories

Thank you all

Another good day for ....tasman1 » Post #1

Fri Jun 02, 2017 21:29 in Success Stories

today $3.6804 yesterday $4.6694
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