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Arctic for Bananas ........... tasman1 » Post #19

Mon Jul 27, 2020 14:57 in General Talk

darkstar ..... Canada and Australia are just fancy names that belongs to U.S.A.

And not just Canada and Australia but many more

Croatia to [ my native country ] , We love America and hate Russia [ re,member Russia and Croatia are both Slavic ]
Or translate on English .... We Croat love more American dollar than Russian ruble :mrgreen:

Arctic for Bananas ........... tasman1 » Post #16

Mon Jul 27, 2020 14:23 in General Talk

China cheap labor and Australia , let see

As we know it is not just U.S. in trade war with China but Australia , Canada and few more
Solution from Australian Govt , we will start producing again

That solution is OK but it will take 50 years to open every factory again

Prices here will be 100 time more expensive ................... that all is not possible , here is my opinion

China and Asia stop producing for rich world and we will all die , we are not capable for that anymore

Let us all kneel before China and rest of Asia or we will regret ,,,,, poor can survive , rich are not capable

Chronicle of .............tasman1 » Post #5

Mon Jul 27, 2020 00:39 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote: Sorry to disappoint you, but the poor Apes will be long gone in the next cycle of annihilation. Otherwise in the news, dinosaur was spotted in a bunker, is ready for a comeback and establishing territory. But as with their counterpart, the apes, they are far superior than human beings, smarter and more respectful of others........The researcher who initially spotted the dino made a shocking discovery - The dinosaur was wearing a mask !!!

Hmmm , think you are wrong

Look a bit around and you will find Ape population on this planet is bigger than humans

In politicians segment they represent 100%

In short we can say Ape did take over human , fact is fact , accept that

Remaining Humans Freedom Poll....tasman1 » Post #1

Sun Jul 26, 2020 21:37 in General Talk

Since Corona virus started what is now your freedom level

What The? » Post #8

Sun Jul 26, 2020 21:29 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Not if you don't get some flea power!

Humans make flea spray and flea power and tick controller.

If you get rid of humans, you will be very buggy.

We can use few remaining humans in production for flea and tick stuff or we can just invent some stuff that will get rid of all kind of bugs and viruses , same for food . only bananas will grow on this planet in future

The price you pay: Your data.....tasman1 » Post #1

Sun Jul 26, 2020 19:18 in General Talk

Who is honest in todays world .........nobody

The competition watchdog is taking tech giant Google to court for allegedly misleading millions of Australians into sharing more of their private data that Google then attempted to profit from, including for targeted advertising.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is alleging that Google failed to properly inform consumers or obtain written consent about combining personal information on users’ Google accounts with their activities on non-Google sites in 2016.

The move meant that users’ non-Google online activity were linked to their names, where this data was previously not linked to users’ personal information.

Google used the newly-combined information for its commercial gain for its advertising arm, the ACCC

rom mid-June 2016 to December 2018 or later, Google users were asked to click ‘I agree’ to a pop-up notification that appeared to explain how the tech giant would use its data, and request permission from this.

“We’ve introduced some optional features for your account, giving you more control over the data Google collects and how it’s used, while allowing Google to show you more relevant ads,” the notification read.

The notification also said: “More information will be available in your Google Account making it easier for you to review and control.”

“Google will use this information to make ads across the web more relevant for you.”

After hitting ‘I agree’, Google was able to collect a broader range of information on the online activities of Google users, including their use of third-party websites.

Combining this information allowed Google to sell more targeted advertising.

Pay, 49 in year 2020 in progress.......tasman1 » Post #1

Sun Jul 26, 2020 18:45 in Success Stories

Mon, 27 Jul at 11:43 am

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Regis Philbin passed away today at 88! » Post #5

Sun Jul 26, 2020 15:12 in General Talk

My friend also passed away 5 day ago

What The? » Post #6

Sun Jul 26, 2020 15:01 in General Talk

Cowardly and grotesque Second US city descends into ugly chaos.... or falling to our hands

More will come in line , We ,Ape, will take over more and more city not just in U.S.A. but world wide

Shake hands , mix and kiss our friend and family is Apes motto .

Our time is coming

What The? » Post #4

Sun Jul 26, 2020 14:44 in General Talk

josealvesjr wrote:
valerie wrote: Baboons at safari park spotted with 'knives and a chainsaw'

Tasman can tell us more about this, maybe this is the revolution he has in mind. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

In General Talk read my topic ... Chronicle of ........

World belong to my race

Look at America chaos now and see that my race will rule

Chronicle of .............tasman1 » Post #3

Sat Jul 25, 2020 23:07 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Planet of the Apes (1968) trailer - YouTube

In the name of all Apes I thank you for contribution for this topic

Chronicle of .............tasman1 » Post #1

Sat Jul 25, 2020 22:27 in General Talk

Chronicle of Ape

Do you know that Ape brain is growing 25% faster than humans brain

Do you know that by 2025 Ape brain will be 20% smarter than humans brain

Do you know that by 2040 Ape brain will be dominant on this planet

Do you know that before 2050 Ape will take control over planet Earth

Do you know that in 2070 there will be 500 millions ape on planet and only 10 million humans

Do you know that humans will be extinct before year 2100

Do you know that before year 2300 Ape will rule whole Milky Way

Do you know that empire of ape will last 8 million years , that is 3 million years longer than human empire lasted

Do you know that in future there will be just one crop ... bananas

Do you know what will be holly book in future ........ Cook book , how to prepare banana

Planet of Apes , Cool

6.93 ON 24/07 NOT BAD .........tasman1 » Post #3

Sat Jul 25, 2020 21:53 in Success Stories

Thanks all

Arctic for Bananas ........... tasman1 » Post #1

Sat Jul 25, 2020 19:19 in General Talk

As a Great Ape I can not have banana plantation in Tasmania, to cold

Did find a nice warm place for my next plantation , Arctic

Arctic archipelago Svalbard on Saturday recorded its highest-ever temperature, the country's meteorological institute reported.

According to scientific study, global warming in the Arctic is happening twice as fast as for the rest of the planet.

For the second day in a row, the archipelago registered 21.2 degrees Celsius (70.2 Fahrenheit) in the afternoon, just under the 21.3 degrees recorded in 1979

Why ?...........................tasman1 » Post #3

Sat Jul 25, 2020 18:53 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: There are only 24 hours in a day so they cannot show everyone going to a hospital not enough time to do that,a world war will become a no news people going to the hospital will be main news;so naturally they have to decide whom to show going to a hospital so that they can also show the world that there is something called a world war

If they can not show everyone going to hospital why they show only rich , politicians e.t.c.

Why not poor and or ordinary people ?

Who is more important , example , Trump or me or you ????????????????????????????

In my opinion ,,,,, we are all same important , we all have same value

So why put Trump in news but not you or me and rest of humanity ???

Value of Bill Gates or Trump is no different from poorest person on planet

Why ?...........................tasman1 » Post #1

Sat Jul 25, 2020 18:13 in General Talk

Just one example of world wide news

Danish royal rushed to hospital for surgery

Similar news we can read daily for rich , politicians , celebrity e.t.c.

But if that happen to me or you that will be NOT in news

Why ?

Are they better than us ?
Are they more important than you or me ?
Is that fair ?
Are they something and we are nothing ?
Do you support that shit or not ?
Are you going to fight that garbage or not ?
Are they humans and we are not ?

Time for fight and change world or perish ?

6.93 ON 24/07 NOT BAD .........tasman1 » Post #1

Sat Jul 25, 2020 00:12 in Success Stories

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Sad News and Good News » Post #13

Fri Jul 24, 2020 15:05 in General Talk

valerie wrote: I have nothing against the Chinese people but the powers that be there, are nuts.
They are trying to take over the entire world, bit by bit. In some ways, it reminds
me of the Hitler era.

Much of the quality products China makes is by way of manufacturers from other
countries. I enjoy Apple products but at the same time I hate them for having a
manufacturing in China instead of their parent country. A huge number of companies
move to China for cheap labor and also often cheap parts.

Some times your head can get stuck in your axx when you attempt to stretch far
beyond your means.

If China takes over the world is a problem ???????????????????? Why ?

U.S.A. owns and rules world since ww2 finished ??????? ??????? Is that a problem ?

China produce ???? Or is it American and rich who produce in China ??????

Who is to blame in case of Australia . Australia import everything from China . Australian greedy rich or China ?

from to Canada, we have major tensions with China as well, the big bully China. China bully or Australia and Canada are bully ?
In Australia we now say , there is no God now , now we Australians are God and world must listen to Australians , we are the best , we are smarter , we are lucky , we are superior and rest of the world is our backyard


First highest Win » Post #7

Fri Jul 24, 2020 02:27 in Your Stats


23-7-2020- Not $11 - Not $5 :P » Post #3

Fri Jul 24, 2020 02:25 in Success Stories

Darkstar, I will not even post what I made over the last few days. You might even feel sorry for me and set up a fundraiser

but earned more than josealvesjr :D

I made 1.09
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