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Earnings » Post #3

Sat Jun 09, 2012 07:58 in Your Stats

nice job Monica :thumbup:

1º Payment » Post #3

Sat Jun 09, 2012 06:12 in Payment Proofs

congrats ! :P

i just reached $8.00 » Post #4

Sat Jun 09, 2012 00:31 in Your Stats

congrats adson :clap:

Indian users must see this » Post #74

Sat Jun 09, 2012 00:28 in Hindi

uilse wrote: i dont understund it. i need enter in mongolian room. where is the.

hello uilse

you are right this post is about how "INDIAN members must see this" and you are from MONGOLIA .this forum consists of various sections like

members lounge : where every member in :clixsense: can share their stats,success stories,payment proof's and so on

support center : where any member can raise a doubt or complain for having a bug with the service

international section : i think this is where you should look for to contact and communicate in you'r native language or regarding the doubts you have with you'r demographics .

i'm not sure what language you speak in MONGOLIA or weather there is an mongolian international section .but do search it manually you may get it or find any relative solution & there is no chat room in :clixsense: .

Hi! » Post #2

Fri Jun 08, 2012 23:57 in Member Introduction

hello & welcome to the :clixsense: family :clap:

there are various ideas and strategies shared in this forum section .take your time to go through them .good luck :thumbup:

i got 5 $ bonus ^_^ » Post #11

Fri Jun 08, 2012 23:24 in Success Stories

Great work gsevenseas :clap: :clap: .we all have a bright future ahead of us here in :clixsense:

Just won 0.50$!!!!!Thanks Clixsense » Post #2

Fri Jun 08, 2012 07:21 in Success Stories

congrats :P

6 months on Clixsense » Post #5

Fri Jun 08, 2012 06:55 in Success Stories

Inspiring journey rlutia66 :clap: ,my best wishes for your future earnings :thumbup: ,now i'm even motivated to share my "6 months on clixsense" at the end if this month ;)

Member tt92. My first payout » Post #2

Fri Jun 08, 2012 05:56 in Payment Proofs


Newbie » Post #2

Fri Jun 08, 2012 05:55 in Member Introduction

nice stats there :P & welcome to the :clixsense: family :clap:

My Earnings! :) » Post #14

Fri Jun 08, 2012 05:36 in Your Stats

Many congratulations to you meshelle :clap: :clap: .you'r travelling in the right path and you can hope to do and earn more with :clixsense: as you get more experienced .always keep up your momentum and try spending some time on referring people also as they may help you .i'm not telling much just imagine 10persons like you working under you putting up the same kinda effort ....! ,good luck :thumbup:

FBN - Contractor from hell LOL » Post #2

Fri Jun 08, 2012 02:58 in General Talk

:lol: :lol:
and this is the best part - 'FBN is the service contractor from Hell!'

think they messed up on their previous attempts on some serious advertising .well good luck to the contractors from hell...!

add purchasing » Post #2

Fri Jun 08, 2012 02:36 in Hindi

hello devendra

i think what you'r trying to ask is "how many ads i can view per day if i purchase 1000 Ad credits"

in that case, you can use the purchased 1000 Ad credits to deliver 1000 hits to you'r website,blog,other ptc websites which you work in etc.

you can not view 1000 adds if you purchase 1000 adds(purchasing adds is purely for Advertising purpose)

just another info,

if you upgrade to premium buy spending $17 you get 1000 Ad credits .again this Ad credits can only be used to promote your link and you can not view adds in order to earn from it .

Clixgrid » Post #2

Fri Jun 08, 2012 01:14 in General Talk

rajakamran786 wrote: :roll: about 613 cliks clixgrid and earnd $0.20 its too slow winning have any idea to betterment. :roll:

in that case,one of my referrals mailed me that he got nothing for 1500 clicks :shock: and enquired me how to click in its all a luck game to tell my own story it took me 1300+ clicks before i won .so 0.20$ for 613 clicks is not that bad .jsut try everyday and be positive .who know's you may win the next 5$ :lol: .trust me i have been winning 0.25$ for two days never loose hope brother :thumbup:

take a look at it

Thanks for my first Payment » Post #10

Thu Jun 07, 2012 21:51 in Payment Proofs

congratulations on your 1st payment :thumbup:

My first payment » Post #3

Thu Jun 07, 2012 20:20 in Payment Proofs

congratulations brother :thumbup:

hello » Post #4

Thu Jun 07, 2012 19:23 in Member Introduction

hello stacy, welcome to the :clixsense: family :clap:

hi » Post #5

Thu Jun 07, 2012 09:57 in Member Introduction

hello rubiraphi ,welcome to the :clixsense: family :thumbup:

Hi.. » Post #2

Thu Jun 07, 2012 02:15 in Member Introduction

hello lahanuang,welcome to the :clixsense: family :thumbup:

$5 bonus » Post #3

Wed Jun 06, 2012 08:23 in Success Stories

congrats alanjay0710 :clap: :clap:

great work .i still need 11$ to get there :puppy:
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