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SM : My success story with clixsense » Post #9

Fri Jun 22, 2012 04:00 in Success Stories

daxserver wrote: I like the screenshots of your Golden Moments :mrgreen: They are valuable ;)

I don't have any more words broth :mrgreen:

thanks to you dax i learnt to post pictures in this forum :thumbup: .good luck to you bro :thumbup:

SM : My success story with clixsense » Post #7

Fri Jun 22, 2012 03:52 in Success Stories

rlutia66 wrote: Cheers again, sathishmagleena!

It looks you kept a whole nice diary :D. Thanks for reminding me and us about the most beautiful moments on Clixsense.

Too bad we will not have again that nice moment of clicking 100 greens for upgrading.

yes rlutia66 ,i still have the habit of making a screenshot of my Account summary page everyday before server time resets :lol: :lol: & yes those 100 premium add days are long gone :puppy:

SM : My success story with clixsense » Post #3

Fri Jun 22, 2012 02:42 in Success Stories

thank you MyFastrupee, it's my pleasure to share this post here :)

SM : My success story with clixsense » Post #1

Fri Jun 22, 2012 02:29 in Success Stories

The Great time i had in clixsense for 6months

Hello friends :)

this is sathish,i came here to share the success & experience i had with clixsense for the past 6 months.

today is the day i complete my 6 months in this wonderful portal & it has been a fantastic journey and having faith that it will be 100% fantastic for years to come .i rate myself i had gone through the most difficult part in this site


because i had a slow start, say like reaching my 1st $1(in my account) only this february 25th
-->earning only 1$ after 2months of clicking<-- :shock:

i do have to admit that i was irregular in my clicking and did'nt complete any tasks nor offers were available at that time .

just a screen shot of my current stat's

then i started to complete various tasks, play clixgrid regularly and some sleepless nights working out various strategies on promoting my clixsense link by searching every search engine possible to get different ideas .


reaching my 1st ever $

1st win in clixgrid

reaching my 1st cashout

my sponsor upgrading me to premium

completing 100 tasks in a day for the 1st time

highest number of tasks compleded in a day

most referrals aquried in a day

most dollars earned with clixsense i a single day

sorry if this post goes long ,i wanted to learn many things from this site and i learnt many things with the help of this wonderful forum .so its just a tribute to share whatever i have achieved here so far .going through some posts of individuals with great success stories & stats made me believe and work hard so that i could get there one day and i'm going to work even hard for that .this has always been a great forum for sharing ideas ,strategies and getting solution to problems instantly so a big thanks to all the moderators and my fellow members who has been very supportive.

i want to thank some people now,

*my sponsor who responded to my mail within a day & upgraded me
*valerie ,thank you very much mam for the valuable ideas and contributions you shared in this forum.
*bengal-tiger ,a fellow member who shared his strategies which made a lot of referrals for myself and a great inspiration in this forum.

i see a lot of people join :clixsense: and only less than 50% of them remain active after 10 days or so, i exactly know why is this happening because many of them believe that they can only make few cents out of this site .if any newly joined member is reading this post and having a mind set like that then your wrong. if your ready to put in your hard work then clixsense will reward you .

i would like to update this post every 6months from now so that i can see and everyone can see my progress and want to share my ideas here :thumbup:

good luck everyone & happy clicking ;)

yaaaaaahooo Completed the full quota of a task » Post #2

Fri Jun 22, 2012 01:51 in Success Stories

great job MyFastrupee ,hats up :clap: :clap: :thumbup:

Hi » Post #5

Thu Jun 21, 2012 23:44 in Member Introduction

hello Janaka , welcome to the :clixsense: family :clap: :thumbup:

Reaching my first $100 in a historical way » Post #9

Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:50 in Success Stories

thanks rlutia66 for your good wishes :) ,lets all have a great time with :clixsense: :thumbup:

can i talk with my sponsor???? » Post #2

Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:04 in General Talk

yes chamitojx you can contact your sponsor with the details(mail ID)on your Account summary page.look for his/her info such as email address in order to contact them for your request.

you can find it here .it will look like this in your Account summary page

and if any specific reason that you want to convey to your sponsor & if you can't find your sponsor's details you can contact the helpdesk and Submit a Ticket about it

just some tips ,not many only three tips's if you can make your sponsor believe that your worth upgrading

*tell him that your ready to work hard on tasks and surveys

*tell him that you can make some referrals for you or prove him by doing it so

*in other ways just tell him that you can do the above steps 100% and also need some help in upgrading

this would do :) .good luck :thumbup:

Reaching my first $100 in a historical way » Post #7

Thu Jun 21, 2012 09:19 in Success Stories

thanks lenrique1979 :D .....& yes you'r on your way to reach it :thumbup: .my best wishes bro :thumbup:

My earning stats! OH MY GOD CASHOUT TIME! » Post #8

Thu Jun 21, 2012 08:16 in Your Stats

hello DiamondCardz ,welcome to the :clixsense: family & i should admit that's 100% a great way to start clixsense .keep up the good work ;)

Where in clixgrid do you achieve more prizes?? » Post #2

Thu Jun 21, 2012 08:11 in General Talk

don't know really :silent: ...won 14 times but all random clicks :D

Reaching my first $100 in a historical way » Post #5

Thu Jun 21, 2012 07:56 in Success Stories

ha ha ha :lol: :lol: yes it's just like a mystery .i can't believe it myself .i could not have dreamt of a better start with :clixsense: you :clixsense: for every sweet moment you gave me :thumbup:

Reaching my first $100 in a historical way » Post #3

Thu Jun 21, 2012 07:49 in Success Stories

daxserver wrote: Heads up brother :mrgreen:

thank you brother for all your support and good wishes :thumbup:

Reaching my first $100 in a historical way » Post #1

Thu Jun 21, 2012 07:43 in Success Stories

yessss is the day that i have reached one of my goals in clixsense, that is earning my first $100 with :cs: .i'm doing it just a day short of my 6th month with clixsense so if any new member there wondering that how much could you make with this ptc in 6months ,the answer is a sure $100 & the good thing is there is lots and lots of potential to actually make more that $100 with :clixsense: in 6months time .i was waiting to make my 1st post in 'success stories' tomorrow so that it could be a 6 months review but i have to post it now as a historical way that i've reached here


because it's a clixgrid win that took me to $100 & why that too in a "historical way" because i won in the 1st attempt of the day and it was a $0.50 :mrgreen: which made my $100$ in total

there is no other better way to spot my total earning ,so just a little snap of this day with the help of my forum avatar :lol: :lol: & also a record for myself so that it could be a sweet memory in the future

good luck friends & happy clicking ;)

clixcrid winner » Post #2

Thu Jun 21, 2012 06:55 in Your Stats

congrats sukarsense :clap: :clap: ,you'r a luckey guy :thumbup:

Gretings From Bangladesh » Post #2

Thu Jun 21, 2012 06:17 in Member Introduction

hello roguemoon , welcome to the :clixsense: family :clap: :clap:

Newbie here.. » Post #3

Wed Jun 20, 2012 17:56 in Member Introduction

hello rye , welcome to the :clixsense: family :clap: :thumbup:

My 14th payment » Post #2

Wed Jun 20, 2012 08:47 in Payment Proofs

congrats jtis :clap: nice job :thumbup:

Hi » Post #3

Wed Jun 20, 2012 08:43 in Member Introduction

hello Tushar , welcome to the :clixsense: family :clap: :thumbup:

My 4th payment » Post #2

Tue Jun 19, 2012 18:23 in Payment Proofs

congrats! :clap: :clap:
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