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Payment! » Post #3

Sat Jun 30, 2012 01:58 in Payment Proofs

congrats Safarion :clap:

im now $ 6.85 soon i will upgrade thx clixsense » Post #2

Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:07 in Your Stats

randsor, My best wishes for your goal to upgrade .good luck :thumbup:

New payment proof » Post #2

Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:47 in Payment Proofs

congrats qateefbt :clap: :clap:

newbie » Post #4

Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:41 in Member Introduction

hello bellecars413 , welcome to the :clixsense: family :clap: :thumbup:

Hi there » Post #3

Fri Jun 29, 2012 09:59 in Member Introduction

hello Carl , welcome to the :clixsense: family :clap: :thumbup:

thank you clixsense for returning money back » Post #2

Fri Jun 29, 2012 09:55 in General Talk

that's great ra2525254899 , i appreciate :clixsense: team for their dedicated work even on attending a small query out of many and responding in time . this site has earned and will earn a lot of respect from their users for things like this and of course there are many other reasons for my respect and belief towards :cs: .great job ra2525254899 for posting this and letting everyone know .

My ClixGrid 57th Prize $1.00 » Post #17

Fri Jun 29, 2012 09:24 in Success Stories

shahin2213 wrote:
sathishmagleena wrote: congrats again shahin2213 :clap: :thumbup:

Thanks mr.sathishmagleena ! :thumbup: :thumbup:

your welcome my friend :D

My Journey... » Post #6

Fri Jun 29, 2012 09:06 in Member Introduction

Hari4881 wrote: Hey..This is my seventh day.. N This is my first post...

hello Hari ,welcome to the :clixsense: family :clap: :clap: ..........wish your journey with :clixsense: is a successful and memorable one .good luck brother :thumbup:

my 1st payment » Post #3

Fri Jun 29, 2012 06:01 in Payment Proofs

congrats maoski28 :clap:

I won twice ClixGrid Prize » Post #3

Fri Jun 29, 2012 06:00 in Success Stories

congrats! :P

Hello » Post #7

Fri Jun 29, 2012 05:57 in Member Introduction

hello jewel_viktoria, clixsense always surprises you with new stuff so always stay with it & welcome to the :clixsense: family :clap: :thumbup:

Becoming a Moderator » Post #6

Fri Jun 29, 2012 02:42 in General Talk

kpeoplesearch wrote: Moderator can post own business or own story .Yes or no?

every member can ;) ,if it's regarding :clixsense:

Are my stats good » Post #11

Fri Jun 29, 2012 02:03 in Your Stats

kouser01 wrote: thanks very helpful advice. hope you keep earning and your refferals stay active. :thumbup:

your welcome :D ....wish you the same :thumbup:

Are my stats good » Post #10

Fri Jun 29, 2012 01:59 in Your Stats

hi sanjeeva75 , just use the search box (in FB) to search for new pages which are having interest about earning money . i got this idea when i was working on trying to post my link in different forums and blogs ......why not in a fb page :) and it worked out well for me . try it till you get a sweet spot (a page) where you can find people having the most interest about joining a money earning program .you will get a crisp response if you find so .good luck :thumbup:

You begin from the last letter of the previous pos » Post #910

Fri Jun 29, 2012 01:47 in General Talk


5 Letter Words » Post #414

Fri Jun 29, 2012 01:12 in General Talk

shock :shock:

You begin from the last letter of the previous pos » Post #908

Fri Jun 29, 2012 01:08 in General Talk

trouble :shock:

SCAMERS » Post #7

Thu Jun 28, 2012 21:49 in General Talk

TasMail wrote:
sathishmagleena , I never thought about contacting anyone about it, as she did earn me as a ref in an honest way..

you've got a point there TasMail .that's right :puppy:

SCAMERS » Post #5

Thu Jun 28, 2012 21:33 in General Talk

TasMail wrote:
rlutia66 wrote: I think the best way to fight scammers is to reveal their identity and bad habbits.
So who are you actually talking about and what make you saying they are scammers?

rlutia66, I don't know if naming them is allowed , :?: if so I will be more than happy to do that and list all the sites I am talking about, cuz like I said I don't like making her any money from my clicks..

well in this case TasMail , if you don't like your sponsor anyway ,can you relieve yourself from your sponsor ? .does clixsense allow that ? ,i mean can you send a support ticket to Admin and ask them to make discontinue you being a referral to your sponsor ?

because what i think is not just your clicks that your serving for your so called spammer sponsor , but also your awesome downline and all the credits for your hard work to her .

Are my stats good » Post #7

Thu Jun 28, 2012 21:26 in Your Stats

kouser01 wrote:
sathishmagleena wrote:
kouser01 wrote: wow i just got lucky after i posted my reply above yestarday and today i got a refferal. :D

congrats kouser01 :clap: :clap: , i'm very happy for you :thumbup:

thanks where do use advertise to get all those refferals?

*i tried out traffic exchanges ,spent hours in clicking other ads and earned precious hits for my link ,which in turn never gave me a referral in return

*i tried out some classified websites which gave me 1000's of free credits while joining .i gave my link and also got 1000's of hits .but never a referral

*i tried out forum posing (just try google to find such forum's and blog's), i joined and spent a week in getting familiar with those guys and shared my link .this time success ,only got about 15-20 reff's there and still they are clicking .

*never join sites that promise to give you a guide when they first ask you to pay for it.i have red many bad things about it and mostly they are scam .

*i don't know much about twitter,but my friends always tells me that tweeting is a good way to gather referrals .

*i tried out adhitz for one of my downline ,spent 6$ and only got 2reff's for him,so i'm not gonna comment on that.

*most of my referrals come from facebook .may be 450+ of them are as there are 800 million people in it and always the way is wide open to post your links and comments . but do post your payment proof and few bright words about would do , but only post in pages of similar interests and always show your identity because no one should think that your a spammer.

*get in touch with your referrals through chat and share many ideas with them and motivate them ,in my case i've had conversations in skype guiding them about how to do tasks .it will be fun

*another best way is to find a friend who is just like you .they always help you earn and increase your downline.

it's a slow process but you will succeed for sure if you have the patience . i just copied this from my other post kouser01 as i still do the same thing . hope this helps you my friend .GL :thumbup:
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