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1 shock and 1 sweet things for me in clixsense » Post #2

Wed Jan 15, 2014 19:39 in General Talk

That's sad bro :( time to buy domain name & hosting. That way it would be more stable.

Blogs containing PTC stuff gets deleted from time to time so its no surprise. Nothing to worry about. You know how to do things and you will bounce back :thumbup:

Congrats on your consistent earning :thumbup:

Im a new grandpa! » Post #5

Wed Jan 15, 2014 08:30 in General Talk

Congrats dear :) I'm happy for you.... It's nice and refreshing to see members sharing their life events in the forum ;)

Festive day » Post #2

Mon Jan 13, 2014 19:39 in Hindi

Wish you the same bro. We celebrate here it as pongal ;)

Tamilians at Clixsense » Post #319

Mon Jan 13, 2014 19:18 in Hindi

இனிய பொங்கல் நல் வாழ்த்துக்கள் :)

Happy about it » Post #5

Mon Jan 13, 2014 08:30 in Hindi

Yup that's right. Sharing is caring :thumbup:

Hope to see more and more people here everyday.

It's SURVEY time » Post #645

Mon Jan 13, 2014 05:45 in Hindi

sathishkumar90 wrote: $4 survey completed today :D

Congrats bro :clap: :clap: Happy for you :thumbup:

Best places to advertise Clixsense? » Post #10

Sun Jan 12, 2014 19:41 in General Talk

Referrals wrote: I have made a blog, (can't list here) and spent about $20 US on advertising on ---bux and ----nx with no results... am I doing something wrong? anybody have advice for novice in getting refs?

If you have created a blog for :clixsense: that is great. Make it user friendly, keep updating it weekly and submit it to major search-engines. It takes time to get search engine traffic but it's worth giving it a try.

Also remember google deletes blogs related to PTC so after you do some research on this topic you may want to buy a domain name & hosting to turn it into a site.

Good luck :thumbup:

Best places to advertise Clixsense? » Post #9

Sun Jan 12, 2014 19:38 in General Talk

@Referrals No man you are not doing anything wrong but you have to come up with a new plan. Mostly in all the sites advertising clixsense is useless. Clixsense is almost 8 years old now and every member you find on those sites are already a member of clixsense. It's saturated everywhere, its like fishing in a pond where there is no fish in it.

Try out new methods, you have to come up with your own. Recently i came across a member who promoted :clixsense: offline by means of flyers.

If you keep promoting :cs: on other sites without proper information or ideas sadly you will loose your money. People always click ads to get credits but you will get only few to no sign-ups.

help » Post #5

Sat Jan 11, 2014 20:37 in Hindi

No need to delete your friend's account. Just instruct him to send him to send a support ticket to helpdesk here -> here mentioning that he wants to be your referral.

Remember he must do this process from his account. You will get him a your referral within 24hrs :)

help » Post #2

Sat Jan 11, 2014 20:18 in Hindi

You mean your friend signed-up for clixsense without a sponsor and now wants to be your referral ?

Help Please for video task » Post #2

Sat Jan 11, 2014 19:40 in Hindi

Think this is a rip off task.

I tried doing it, initially it took me to a video(1 minute approx) and then after that they made me go thru a set of questions on what's my views on the video.

it was like few questions. Finally at the end before hitting the submit button i was made to check a box saying

"Check this box to verify you followed the instructions and completed the task as outlined here"

i tried to check that box but it returned the same answer in the red color pop up "Looks like you missed a step" even after i have done every step correctly.

Scam sponsor for the task or Cf ripping off people for 7 cents lol. Haven't done a single bloody task since the new year and this happens to me at last.

Its Task Time » Post #511

Tue Jan 07, 2014 04:46 in Hindi

Sukam wrote: it happens usually a person ask too many question .. actually these type of person just wants to have someone with whom they can pass their time ... Happened to me 3-4 times .. So i just refer to my blog and block the user :xlol: x:D

I don't even care about adding them to clix or redirecting to my site. One in every 100 reff's work out to be active so i stopped trying that long back.

The thing is now-a-days people are trying to sell their products by creating sympathy. which is very bad. There are lot's of thing i didn't add in my post since that would be too much off-topic. Really frustrating.

Its Task Time » Post #507

Tue Jan 07, 2014 04:34 in Hindi

A little off-topic.

One guy today contacted me thru a social networking site and tried to join me in crowdsourcing site. I asked for info and he told you need to do catcha work and get paid for it.

I was like okay sounds good. We have some experience in Cf :D

Then enquired further details. He replied if you solve 1000 catpcha you will be paid $0.55

I was like :shock:

He also added he use to do it 12 hrs a day since he has no job. 12 hrs of work = $2.5

I felt sorry for him and wanted to help him to some extent with :clixsense:

But again, he tried to sell me some junk software which does the captcha entry work for itself for $100.

End of story. Report-unfriend-block.

Just shared to let know how people are greedy. Beware guys. i was chatting with him for about 3 hrs. Waste of time. I never do that but i felt for his condition & tried to help him. But finally found i wasted my time with someone who tried to sell some junk.

Its Task Time » Post #506

Tue Jan 07, 2014 04:19 in Hindi

dreamwarrior12 wrote: there is task worth 0.06$ go for it guys :)

There are tasks for 6 cents. Not worth for 6 cents.

Yay ClixSense!! » Post #3

Sun Jan 05, 2014 11:08 in Your Stats

Congrats mate, have a great year ahead of you in :clixsense:

buldan75 - Yearly Stats » Post #13

Sun Jan 05, 2014 02:28 in Your Stats

Congrats mate, i was hoping you would unlock this topic and would update. Keep going :xthumbup:

My best wishes to you and your team :xthumbup:

Tamilians at Clixsense » Post #307

Thu Jan 02, 2014 04:21 in Hindi

dreamwarrior12 wrote:
SathishMagleena wrote:
HemaSumant wrote: Did a SSI survey on Korean..

Great !

Just completed a survey on privacy. Keep hitting the survey button you may get it :D

Thank a lot Satish if i had not seen your this post i would have not completed it thanks for the hint samjho sab :)

That's cool bro.... congrats on your survey complete :xthumbup:

Tamilians at Clixsense » Post #305

Thu Jan 02, 2014 03:49 in Hindi

HemaSumant wrote: Did a SSI survey on Korean..

Great !

Just completed a survey on privacy. Keep hitting the survey button you may get it :D

2013 Journey » Post #12

Wed Jan 01, 2014 21:57 in Hindi

Great job as always Sukam :clap: :clap: any new member must seethis post for getting motivation.

Good luck for 2014 :thumbup:

नव वर्ष की शुभकामनाएं » Post #5

Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:11 in Hindi

Ok who's the new guy here wishing us here in the forum :!:

Oh i see it's our good old IE

Think he has to convey his wishes.

here he goes...... ........... ....... .... ... .

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