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Tamilians at Clixsense » Post #4

Thu Sep 26, 2013 08:33 in Hindi

Vanakam HemaSumant & pamaran its really nice to meet you people from where i am :D this is only the second occasion i'm interacting with tamilians in this forum :)

G'day from Australia!! » Post #2

Thu Sep 26, 2013 00:23 in Member Introduction

hello chileman, welcome to our :clixsense: family :clap: :thumbup:

Play-School - INDIA » Post #2

Thu Sep 26, 2013 00:13 in General Talk

nope, if a mom is well educated & also a home-maker then i feel there is no problem in raising the child herself & i also feel a child wont get a mom's care in play-schools.

but the trend now has changed a lot. both husband and wife now-a-days go to work due to our economy. in that case if no grandparents are there to take care of their child then one may consider a play-school.

Three figure earning » Post #2

Tue Sep 24, 2013 06:48 in Urdu

Congratulations Asim4321 :clap: :clap:

Finaly I won ClixGrid Game after 135 clicks. » Post #4

Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:30 in Hindi

prabhat0001 wrote:
SathishMagleena wrote: congrats on your win, kindly blur the links on your image & re-post it :)

now ok, Actually i'm new here so may be by mistake I don't remember this things.
Can you suggest me how to earn more and more???

yup now the image looks okay ;)

i will suggest you to stay active and watch out for opportunities :) i usually prefer someone to login thrice a day and see if tasks & offers are available. if yes then do them :) and also don't forget to click ads. they may seem slow but they add up in time.

playing clixgrid and referring your friends may help too. good luck :thumbup:

Finaly I won ClixGrid Game after 135 clicks. » Post #2

Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:17 in Hindi

congrats on your win, kindly blur the links on your image & re-post it :)

Just made my first $100 » Post #3

Fri Sep 20, 2013 14:30 in Success Stories

i remember myself making a similar post when i reached $100. its a special moment especially if you're new in making money online. Good job :) keep up the momentum & my best wishes for your future earnings :thumbup:

About task » Post #2

Fri Sep 20, 2013 14:17 in Hindi

it is because the task is not available.

to be more detail, the task which you are attempting has only 2 or 3 available which makes it extremely hard to get.

you are doing absolutely nothing wrong.

if you click at a task when it is available in many thousand numbers, surely you can get to do it and earn through it :)

Hallo !!! » Post #6

Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:39 in Member Introduction

Hello PIERROGER, welcome to :clixsense:

I received $119.00!!!! » Post #4

Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:35 in Payment Proofs

Well done bro.... :clap: :clap:

Enjoy the reward for your hard work :thumbup:

5 chances & $0.25 on ClixGrid today! » Post #5

Fri Sep 20, 2013 03:13 in Success Stories

Congrats on your win ptcscrutiny on both the occasions. yesterday i won a $0.10 surprisingly after clicking on the grid after a long time :D

It's All About Referring People » Post #10

Fri Sep 20, 2013 01:46 in Hindi

ptcscrutiny wrote:
SathishMagleena wrote: I can not see that quote anywhere in my account. May be its because i'm premium.
That information been recently added to this page - My Account: Premium Account - ClixSense

Check at the bottom (brown background).

oh.... yes i can see that now :) thanks for the info ptcs :D

it sure is a valuable piece of information there and nicely highlighted as well.

It's All About Referring People » Post #6

Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:44 in Hindi

shanumisra wrote: Thanks A Lot For You're Help Sathish Magleena Sir,
You're Checklist Snap Just Provided The Overview Of How Fruitful Premium Membership Can Be :$
Congrats For Your Clixgrid Win
Thanks Again For Your Help.

you're welcome shanumisra :) have a nice time in :clixsense:

It's All About Referring People » Post #3

Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:25 in Hindi

I can not see that quote anywhere in my account. May be its because i'm premium.

here goes a quote from FAQ

Quote:How many ads will I get or how much can I earn if I upgrade to premium?
This is a tough question. It all depends on many factors. The total amount of ads that come in to our system varies from day to day. As a premium member we guarantee a minimum of 4 premium ads daily. But it's usually more than that. One day you may see 25 ads and the next day you may see 10 or less. It also depends on if you actively promote with our affililate program. If you can promote others to our site then you can substantially increase your income. But again, how much varies.

you will get a guaranteed $0.01 ad as a standard member & if you upgrade you will get $0.01X4 = $0.04 worth ads daily.

this is what i earned today through ads.

Hope this helps you ;)

It's SURVEY time » Post #278

Sat Sep 14, 2013 04:59 in Hindi

Wow just now completed a samplicious survey in my mom's cell phone for $1.05. I was surprised to have completed a survey in cell phone for the 1st time :)

Hi There! » Post #8

Wed Sep 11, 2013 01:38 in Member Introduction

Hello Dentessa, welcome to our :clixsense: family :clap: :thumbup:

175 $ cashout this month :) » Post #2

Tue Aug 27, 2013 20:29 in Payment Proofs

Congrats bro that's a huge achievement :clap: :clap:

Happy earnings :thumbup:

Withdraw money from Clixsense » Post #8

Mon Aug 26, 2013 02:03 in Hindi

juneg519 wrote: Thanks Sathish, Sukam and tanmoy,
So I am adding my brothers Paypal a/c and will let you know what happens....
Btw, how can I add you guys in my Facebook and gmail a/c??

you're welcome :)

you can contact members through helpdesk, sharing personal info such as facebook & gmail accounts in the forum is not allowed so this is the best way to get someone's id if you want to chat outside the forum ;)

Withdraw money from Clixsense » Post #5

Mon Aug 26, 2013 01:31 in Hindi

juneg519 wrote: Thanks SathishMagleena and tanmoycha.
Yes my brothers name(surname) is different from me, actually he is my cousin brother and he does not have a clixsense account. So considering tanmoycha's point, is there going to be a problem if I use his paypal account because I cant open one now as I don't have a Pancard yet???
I have applied for a pancard but it will take time and I want to cashout now for the high exchange rate of dollars.

Absolutely not. The name in the Paypal account dosen't have anything to do with your clixsense account. they can be different hence there wont be any problem.

Withdraw money from Clixsense » Post #3

Mon Aug 26, 2013 00:30 in Hindi

Hi juneg519,

first of all congrats on your earnings :thumbup: i can see you earned more than hundred dollars in a span of few months.

Now coming to the subject, yes you can change your payment method from "International check" to "Paypal". it is allowed in :clixsense:

you can go to your Profile and Settings page and under Payment Details you can select
Paypal & enter the consecutive PayPal Email address.

yes you can use your brother's paypal account to withdraw money given that

*Your brother's paypal is verified with a bank account.

*your brother should not have entered his paypal email-address previously in :clixsense: to withdraw money (i.e one paypal account per user)

if in case you have any more doubts regarding your withdrawal process you can consult with Admin by sending a ticket.
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