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Tamilians at Clixsense » Post #190

Tue Nov 26, 2013 19:18 in Hindi

Thanks Rajan sir, that info greatly helped me. i was able to finish that survey too. Sukam sorry that happened. Try going to your browser history and click the last link where you did the survey (final question you took) it worked for me couple of times when i had problem with survey.

$50 FROM LAST 30 DAYS » Post #5

Tue Nov 26, 2013 09:43 in Hindi

Congrats muthubasha :clap: :clap: Nice job :xthumbup:

I didn't know till now that you are from puducherry. Juts now checked the messages(other folder) and found out your message in fb.

Hi from Graziella » Post #2

Tue Nov 26, 2013 01:07 in Member Introduction

Hi Graziella, that's a sweet name you've got :xwink: welcome to :clixsense: :xthumbup:

Tamilians at Clixsense » Post #186

Mon Nov 25, 2013 20:37 in Hindi

Glad it helped you Rajan sir :P

people don't bend you head to see that photo upside down. If you are using windows7 just hit ctrl+alt+(down arrow key).

i will never forget shortcut this when i accidentally pressed it and then went to show-room thinking it was a software issue 4 years back :xlol: :xlol:

maraka mudiyathu antha day va en life la

Tamilians at Clixsense » Post #183

Mon Nov 25, 2013 19:46 in Hindi

gvrajans wrote: Yes. I completed it. Credit of $6.00 is showing as pending. Today's bonus is showing as $0.30.


Please guide me on how I can attach a screen clipping. I don't know how to attach an image here in this post from my computer (without the external link of http).

I see you all do that. Please help me to learn it.


A big congrats to you rajan sir x:D :clap: :clap:

For attaching a image in forum first you need to take a screen-shot of the image by pressing the (print-screen) key in your keyboard and save it in your computer. Know the path for the image. make sure you save it somewhere where you will be able to pick it up easily.

Then go to

Choose your file(must be a jpeg image file) then hit UPLOAD button.

Solve the captcha.

Then choose the last link, select it and copy it

Then you have to paste it here

Hit insert image

That's it. try it out :xwink:

Tamilians at Clixsense » Post #180

Mon Nov 25, 2013 18:38 in Hindi

gvrajans wrote: Hello Friends,

There is a $6.00 survey on technology today.

Rush friends.

Best of Luck.

yeah i took that :P but unfortunately you are not qualified after few questions :roll:

were you able to complete that survey ? :xsmile:

It's SURVEY time » Post #432

Mon Nov 25, 2013 08:22 in Hindi

Had a $1.87 survey on board. It said maximum no. of participants reached when i clicked it :shock: :cry:

I upgrade my Referral » Post #2

Mon Nov 25, 2013 02:43 in General Talk

My hearty congratulations to both of you. It's very nice to see someone do this. Best of luck :thumbup:

Clean your computer screen - best technique ! » Post #12

Fri Nov 22, 2013 07:41 in General Talk

oberder wrote: :o Satish--

ClixSense has always promoted cats for so long -- Why? :lol:

@ Ob as valerie said in the best way ! but lets promote dog's for a change :xpuppy:

They also come with a screen cleaning feature :xlol:

Its Task Time » Post #259

Fri Nov 22, 2013 05:22 in Hindi

livinggod29 wrote: anyone did this tasks ??
21 available

Aesthetics in Film

Dear participant,

Nope didn't see it ! but i was able to do one of these :D

Anybody else ?

Clean your computer screen - best technique ! » Post #11

Thu Nov 21, 2013 18:53 in General Talk

valerie wrote: I've been using that screen cleaner for the past several years and I can vouch for the
high quality and fast results. :xthumbup:

You can always count on it :xwink: :xlol:

Toughest riddle ! » Post #6

Wed Nov 20, 2013 22:24 in General Talk

You must not add the balance :)

That is not the logic. Well lets make an exception and add them once :D

Spent Balance
20 _____ 30
15 _____ 15
9 _____ 6
6 _____ 0
50 _____ 51

:shock: :shock:

Lets make a justification here :D

Lets try deducing the spent part alone in descending order


50-6-9-15-20 = 0

Now lets try deducing the balance part alone in descending order


51-0-6-15-30 = 0

Riddle solved :xthumbup:

Lets look up another example,

I have $100

Spent Balance
1 _____ 99
2 _____ 97
3 _____ 94
4 _____ 90
5 _____ 85
6 _____ 79
7 _____ 72
8 _____ 64
9 _____ 55
10 _____ 45
11 _____ 34
34 _____ 0
100 _____ 814

Hence it is not logical to sum up the balance part as it would give highly unjustified results :)

Clean your computer screen - best technique ! » Post #2

Wed Nov 20, 2013 18:55 in General Talk

Ok after trying take it easy on me guys 8-)

Clean your computer screen - best technique ! » Post #1

Wed Nov 20, 2013 18:51 in General Talk

Very easy way to clean !! Wow Did you know that every 30 days it is necessary to clean the computer screen from the inside? Many people ignore this fact and do not know how. Manufacturers take advantage of this ignorance to increase their sales. My IT guy shared this and said feel free to share with my contacts this utility. To clean the screen from the inside, just click this link:

;) :P :xthumbup:

It's SURVEY time » Post #427

Wed Nov 20, 2013 09:49 in Hindi

lavaks wrote: i'm getting the surveys but i'm not able to do it says sorry you have not qualified

hi lavaks welcome to the :clixsense: forum.

Every survey is targeted, meaning only a particular band of people will be able to perform a survey after they go through the pre-screening questions. This may explain why it said you have not qualified for you. Don't get annoyed as surveys are added daily/regular basis. You may qualify for a survey anytime. Good luck :xthumbup:

It's SURVEY time » Post #424

Wed Nov 20, 2013 08:51 in Hindi

@sathishkumar90 congrats :clap: :thumbup:

It's SURVEY time » Post #421

Wed Nov 20, 2013 08:35 in Hindi

missed this $1.81 survey :)

Its Task Time » Post #236

Tue Nov 19, 2013 05:01 in Hindi

I'm here after 5 days and what a way to resume :clixsense: :mrgreen:

Easiest task ever. It asked me how i feel having a drink 'particular brand' after dinner :lol: :lol:

Tamilians at Clixsense » Post #172

Tue Nov 19, 2013 04:53 in Hindi

uzair_friends wrote:
Sukam wrote:
chennaimogul wrote: vanakkam tamila...

Vanakkam ............Anna :D

Well, its not anna.. She is female so Thangachi would be the right word :P

Correct Anna :D

Tamilians at Clixsense » Post #169

Tue Nov 19, 2013 01:05 in Hindi

chennaimogul wrote: vanakkam tamila...

நல்வரவு :thumbup:
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