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Ayruvedic medicine is out for covid 19 in India » Post #18

Thu Jun 25, 2020 00:00 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: Its very bad,the virus has started spreading in the community and offices many Covid19 positive cases have been found in offices,employers have warned their employees not to talk about it outside,my uncle who lived on the other side of the city slipped in the bathroom and had a fall his daughter (my sister),and her son helped him out,in Mumbai hospitals don't take any non Covid19 patients whatever problem they may be having,no hospital was prepared to take my uncle he died athome my sister called me and her colleagues to help,we took him to a hospital and laid him on a stretcher outside the hospital a doctor came out and declared him dead only then the police approved his registration of death,next day his last rights were performed by his grandson,he was 84 and became a victim of a lockdown,similarly many people could be dying of various illnesses athome other than Covid19,lockdown could continue for months because numbers are still rising only businesses and essential services are functioning normally

This is very sad I am sorry about your uncle. The situation you describe if the same in many countries including here, unfortunately, not many people follow guidelines, though in Canada it seems to be less worse than in the U.S., look at Florida. Unfortunately U.S. is misguided by a leader who claims the pandemic is over and COVID19 has vanished.
Hopefully in Canada our PM will keep borders shut, not for 1 month but whatever it takes, years, we do not want people to come here, from countries who's COVID19 numbers are worsening.

What you describe is one sad reality, eventually hospitals will work at overloaded capacity, they will have a choice to make and only take COVID19 patients, and if there is lack of equipment they will treat younger folks first.

Major respect to people who work in these hospitals, what the have to put up with and work under overloaded capacity.

Densely populated countries like India, are having it really bad with this virus, BUT there might be hope, MAYBE eventually herd immunity can be reached, SADLY lots will die and be infected. But there are pharmas in India, hopefully a candidate vaccine is approved for production and used FIRST in countries with the most infections of COVID19 !

Stay safe, I think the biggest mistake was for world leader to ease restrictions too soon, if people accepted a big sacrifice and stay 2-3 more months on lock down, I think a surge and second wave would be avoided,
providing that during ease of restrictions strict rules are enforced.

BUT how can you enforce strict rules in densely populated countries ? It is very sad to see so many innocent lives being taken by this virus.

Hope ? Take China as an example, they have the so-called second wave under control.........How ? With STRICT guidelines ENFORCED.......If other countries follow the same path, within weeks they can help bring this under control. A second wave does not have to be worse than the first.

Given the attitude of Western world, I am pessimistic !

I am glad to say that I follow guidelines and distancing, and will continue to do so.
When the hell are people going to understand that you can have COVID19 without any symptoms, AND you can SPREAD IT to others, and never get symptoms yourself.

I STRONGLY believe that anybody who does not follow rules should be accused of 3rd degree manslaughter.

Buy Pulse Oximeter » Post #30

Wed Jun 24, 2020 23:46 in General Talk

No reply from Dutch yet, he might be still walking the 2.5 mile. Amazing. You are an inspiration Dutch, most people half your age don't walk a fraction of that......and with 2 serious conditions too........respect !

P.S. Fever is gone, no fever tonight, no symptoms, no pain. I can't wait for gyms to open so I can start working out again.

COVID Worse than WW2 ..........tasman1 » Post #2

Wed Jun 24, 2020 23:43 in General Talk

Fear mongering and propaganda, that's typical of the IMF and opposing politicians (fake news, democrats, etc.)

Did we learn anything new ? It's expected that the second wave will come and that the virus will continue spreading - no vaccine or treatment will stop the pandemic, it will only help keep people from going to the hospital and reduce mortality, but people will eventually learn to live with the virus just like the Flu and other viruses. Eventually the SARS-CoV2 will lose its power, and infections will be somewhat controlled, less deaths, less hospital visits, it can never completely disappear. Everybody should know by now that 2020 is a write off year, with the trillions of $ injected by the feds and politicians, this might help give a buoy to the economy and avoid a great depression - The IMF has dire predictions, BUT it has 2 scenarios, one of them is good recovery in 2021, where most of the surge will happen in fall 2020 and taper off in 2021.....The worst case scenario is for the 2nd strong wave in 2021........

The last thing people need is fear mongering and market manipulation by big money interests.

INSTEAD leaders should use whatever measure to IMPOSE strict guidelines, if every single person followed simple guidelines, keeping distance, wearing masks, avoiding high risk activities, eventually the spread would decline to such low levels and virus would weaken. UNFORTUNATELY majority of people don't care and are selfish, so .......who will be responsible for these dire outcomes ? PEOPLE !!! If people followed simple rules we won't have a second wave, third wave, fourth wave, etc.

I feel positive that a vaccine candidate can come out by new year - BUT I feel that it would take at least 1 year for enough of the world population to get vaccinated, so yeah 2021 will be a slow recovery...... EVEN if economy will likely be in recession for 2021, the markets are now reacting to good news, regardless, any hopes or news about vaccine or treatments, will cause markets to rise and fully recover in 2021, despite slow economy, why ? Because hope and future is factored into the market. So even though I think world vaccination will only happen in 1-2 years or more, the simply news about a working vaccine being mass produced and deployed gradually will be enough to raise sentiment.

I think a lot of the fear mongering by big money interests are a way to manipulate markets downwards to create a buying point, where some people can take advantage and earn millions of $ out of this, in my opinion all this is bs politics and sheer manipulation for monetary gains!

Exposing Tasman1 - he berated me, I defend myself! » Post #6

Wed Jun 24, 2020 23:28 in General Talk

It's nice that you add humour to everything, nice stalling and evading the topic, go re-read your posts, your own which I exposed above - the very same stuff you called me out for. Nice diversion.

So it ends here.

FACT: I have made bad choice words and vented my frustration, I do my best to edit my post and remove the choice words.
FACT: You have made bad choice words and vented your frustration, directly insulted and disparaged the site, its sponsors, partners!

POINT: I will not take ANY lecture or THREATS form you. So stick to your topics and do not talk about my posts, my style, my words, you are the last person here who should do so, as I have proved above, you have had some choice words yourself....

The end.....

When things are serious, they are serious, but you take everything as a joke - I'm being serious now, if you can't be - that's too bad.

I will remind you next time you make a disparaging comment......

That said, I still like reading your eccentric posts, and Valerie's posts except for when the posts are about calling down members, you have a past history of bad posts and so does Valerie, one thing I do not appreciate is being called out from someone who is not an example. Valerie is a mod, you are a member, you are not an admin or member, keep your lectures on choice words to yourself!!!

I know exactly what you are trying to do, and I am at fault for feeding the troll, I admit my fault.

Exposing Tasman1 - he berated me, I defend myself! » Post #4

Wed Jun 24, 2020 22:58 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: ha ha , you are funny .... my recomendation to you , relax more , take yoga classes

And yeah once again .......IF [ but I am not] owner of this site I will ban you from forum but sad fact is I am not owner of ySense

Ops , forgot to add ... I am bad boy but girls like that

Well I exposed your posts too Tasman1, you would not last a day on most sites with your insults and disparaging topics, and you would be banned too. Proof is there, I added the links and screenshots, can't deny it !!! I won't deny the stuff I said and own up to them....why won't you ? You truly are shallow and hypocrite. Have I ever attacked you before in words ? Only when I am being berated by people who don't know better. 'nuff said. As far as banning you should be banned from forum and site, by your own definition you have insulted and disparaged this site as I showed in evidence above - so save me the lecture.

I am not as shallow as you though, if I owned the site I would not ban you, I would judge you based on your activity and overall postYs, not just the disparaging ones. before giving lectures to others, follow them, and look in the mirror.

You got exactly what you wanted, to stir crap up - good job - You had no business to get involved in my topic, to which I EDITED to remove the words, BEFORE anybody replied. Your actions come across as very low and malicious, I did not think this would come from you. Truly disappointed. Had I kept my post unedited then yeah, but I didn't, you KNEW very well that I edited the words, but you still replied and kept it that way because you KNEW I would react, and you knew you'd earn the respect of Valerie! Didn't expect this coming form you. Don't get involved in my style of posts and choice words, EVER, given your past posts, you should not, you are not the example to set. You've been insulting and disparaging towards this site, its sponsor, its partners, proof is there, don't deny it......So the last thing I want is a lecture from you. Try to post some of that stuff on that other site you earn from and see how long you last !

Here we have a moderator calling me out for using "gd" and attacking me, and yet you INSULTED the site with " this non paying site" and yet you were not told to change topic title or nothing, NOTHING, so you can get away with doing the very stuff you accuse me of. NOT COOL. and you have the guts to even say you would ban me, TRY saying that on NB, Fernando would not put up with this, he would ban you not only from forum but site, I have seen people there get banned for much less ! So you still want to continue this Tasman1 ? Or should I post more examples of your posts ?

See ? This is one of the reasons I edited my post, guess I was too late, I should have known better that it would be misinterpreted - and by none other than you - it's not the first time you pick a fight with me. Everything was going well, good topics good discussion, and you had to put the fuel on the fire ! I guess I am at fault too for feeding the troll, but I will not stand and get called out without defending myself.

Exposing Tasman1 - he berated me, I defend myself! » Post #3

Wed Jun 24, 2020 22:56 in General Talk

A quote from Valerie:
4. You truly do not have the right to come to these forums and consistently abuse everyone.
You say you take constructive criticism but you don't at all. You're on top of the world here
when you make $10 or more a day but if you make very little or nothing, you always take
out your anger on someone here and it's usually tasman1. So I am asking you right now, to

Really, show me. I get my anger out on the site, not on members, I have never blamed any member here for lack of surveys, if I did show me. I did not take my anger out on Tasman1 for lack of suveys, all I did was say that he earns better than I do and should not compare himself to me, just because I earn $10 in a day does not mean my monthly earnings are better, that was not anger, I did not say it to him in any malicious way, so your post is quite misleading!

Re-read some of his posts of the past, when things were going his way, he was praising the site, he was on top of the world, and when things did not go his way he was insulting and disparaging the site - funny how you are defending him and failing to acknowledge evidence. You are very much biased. I only attack directly a member who has attacked me first, I have made comments against the site, companies, politicians, but never another member directly unless I was attacked first, so you better post screenshots, I've never blamed a member here for my weak results and earnings.

You come across as an evil person trying to make someone look really bad despite all the evidence and arguments showing otherwise.

He attacked me first, I defended myself.

Instead of diffusing the situation you make matters worse, you should NOT be a mod here, I'm sorry, you remind me of someone I have in mind (a community manager in another venture, who instead of diffusing a situation made it worse and defended other members with bad behaviour, or any members that praised him/her........ You reached new lows with this comment or you misinterpret my posts. Why would I get it out on any member here when I have a bad day, unless I am insulted or attacked ? You reached NEW LOWS, when things are bad for me I will have something to say about this site, not about a member directly UNLESS that other member has made contradicting or attacking comments towards me, which is the case NOW.

Exposing Tasman1 - he berated me, I defend myself! » Post #1

Wed Jun 24, 2020 22:45 in General Talk

Valerie, I understand what you have to put up here, but there are MANY members here and on CS that have complained about you, I may also remind you some of the posts you made in the PAST that I have dug. Nonetheless, this topic is in my defense against Tasman1 who has berated me - You clearly have a bias towards some members misbehaving here, others too can see it, not just me, and I will prove it. You ask me to apologise to Tasman1 for calling him a hypocrite ? Well I have evidence to prove my case. I think before deleting or locking you should FULLY read what's to follow. I will own up to my sometimes wrong choice of words, but what I won't accept is for another member who has been doing the SAME THING, calling me out, I do not think I am unreasonable here. YES Tasman1 is entertaining and a well respected member, BUT......he has done exactly the stuff he has accused me of doing..... But here is what happened. I have nothing against you or tasman as persons but when I am called out by someone who does not know better, I should defend myself and expose them ! otherwise if I do nothing, then I am the bad guy and he is the VICTIM, this is what he is trying to do and you are enabling hm and making matters worse.

From Tasman1:
Blame surveys company not site

To be honest with you my friend ........If I own this site I will ban you , you can not talk every day that this site is cheating and scamming members here not to mention it is bad new member read that here

And less surveys ? it is nothing to do with this site , less surveys now are on all site and will be less in future and payments can go only one way , DOWN
Unpaid surveys - site issues - this has to stop ! | ySense Forum

#1) He should NEVER run a site.
#2) His remarks are hypocritical in nature, why ? Because that "other" site he is a member of would not tolerate
ANY of his posts. Neither Fernando nor Claus would have put up with his posts (the ones I will outline below) so by his own definition, Tasman1 would be long banned from that "other" site had he made the same kind of posts he made here, so I find it kind of hypocritical that he would come here and say something like that to me, and the fact that you as a mod failed to realise that shows your BIAS, I have seen your behaviour with other members here, in the same fashion - Right I would be banned too on that "other" site, the same applies to many members here, but I do not appreciate nor tolerate anybody giving me lessons and setting example when they are just as bad!

Here is why I called Tasman1 out for being a hypocrite, and I stand fully by my words: If someone can berate me on a public forum I have a right to defend myself, but you just leaving his posts intact and deleting mine shows how LOW you can be and unethically biased towards a member. I enjoy his presence here, but he should NEVER have gotten involved in my topic, as he is NOT the right person to be involved, given his posts.

NOW.......... Whilst he did not use the words scam or cheat, in fact in my initial post I did NOT say the sit was a scam, I said cheating and scamming in relation to the issues with unpaid surveys that are NOT external issues, I quickly edited the title and body before anybody even replied ! He had no business to make an issue after the edit, his intention was clearly to stir crap, if you cannot see it, it is because you are biased towards his otherwise entertaining posts. and BTW, given your behaviour on CS in some distant past, I guess it is reasonable to say that you too would be banned and some other admins would not have put up with your conduct, but you said it was the PAST right ? I will own up to my own stuff, but don't appreciate lessons from people who are not good examples !!!

ySense Forum

Disparaging and insulting a sponsor, use of the F word, so do you consider this an appropriate choice of words and a good example to new members ? Keep on defending him !

ySense Forum
Quote: "but I can not and will not reccomend this site to any person ever , bad , very bad site...."
One minute this site is the best, another this site is bad....He did not use the word scam or cheat, but he might as well, fact is many of his post had a negative vibe not necessarily too encouraging for new members. He did not use the word scam but all his posts about surveys not paying conveys the same sentiment!

ySense Forum

Disparagement and insult - So you think this is encouraging and a positive example to new members ? Literally suggesting others to try another site first.Disparaging one of the site's partners, using the term robbery, even if it was targeted at a router ! STILL - the context and sentiment is NEGATIVE! He has used the terms "F...-k" in a topic title, and "" and you ask me not to use "gd" in my posts, funny I have never seen you asked him to refrain choice words, therefore you clearly have a bias towards other members here in their misconduct, and BTW, it's kinda odd that he did not include the c... odd ! Is this an appropriate title ? The very same member who says he would ban me....Hypocrisy 101 at its best.

I hope so far you understand the point I am trying to make !

ySense Forum

The very same member who said I should not blame the site, blame the routers. I think I made a good case in my other post why the issue was ySense this time, and not the router. Another example of hypocrisy exposed. I said some stuff too I never denied it and owned up to it, always, but I don't go around like him calling others out on their post, that's the difference !!! If I did what Tasman1 is doing it would not be long before people call me a hypocrite - you being the first !You've been VERY rude to me when I joined CS, and with other members too, I could could easy say that I was turned off and would have not bothered with the site - I think new members can judge on their own, negative posts have little influence, people are joining some really bad sites despite the bad reviews !

ySense Forum
Quote: "No way to trust this site..... last one even not recorded [ YourSurveys
57655343 15 min .... they robing us here"

Hmmm, disparaging site, no use of word scam or cheat, but the context is the same, so he might claim he was referring to YourSurveys but someone reading could easily interpret it otherwise, I think you would agree that this is not positive sentiment and sending good vibes to new members! The very SAME member who is calling me out for poor choice words ! HYPOCRITE is the right choice of word I have for him and rightfully so.

ySense Forum
Disparaging - direct insult -
Let's SEE - he calls me out for using the word scam / cheat, yet he directly insults and disparages the SITE.....Non Paying SITE...using the F word.......The very same member you are defending for calling out my choice words.
The very same member who would BAN me if he owned this site - WOW, if you can't see the hypocrisy in this, then I am worried. He would be BANNED in an INSTANT if he had posted the same thing on his other beloved site or ANY site!!!

So you think this is an appropriate topic title ? Kinda odd he removed the c, it reads the same. Here he cannot DENY anything he used the word "SITE" non paying SITE. So is this a good example for new members ? The very same member who accuses me of bad choice words. Again hypocrisy 101, and yet you defend him all because he makes you laugh with his drivel! A moderator who has such bias towards specific members should NOT be a moderator! So here he is insulting the site, using the F word, and here you are asking me to stop using "gd", which is worse. Good job !
and yet this hypocrite tells me I would be banned if he owned site ? I'm not so sure Tasman1 would last a long time if he wrote that topic title on any other sites - He is the last person to point fingers, he is guilty of what he accuses of.

ySense Forum

Look at the date of the post, so because things are going his way, the site is the TOP, then a later post "F.... yS" and how garbage it is, dead, company dying, etc. Contradiction AND hypocrisy, again the very same member who calls me out .....

Sine you have locked my other topic AND left his posts intact, I think it is reasonable for me to defend myself and show Tasman1's true character, I will not stand for another member to call me out when the very same member has done his share of disparaging this site, company and its partners and set some negative tone!

Tasman1 I have just as much privilege to complain and have my opinions as you do, we both are long time members, but you don't have the right to lecture me or call me out, NOT YOU, when you are NOT an example and you have had your share of bad posts, so keep it this way in the future!

Unpaid surveys - site issues - this has to stop ! » Post #16

Wed Jun 24, 2020 21:01 in General Talk

satakas wrote: You contacted Once that is why they resolved your problem.

Exactly they reply fast because they have the same answer whenever i have raise an issue. It is just a copy paste book.

I sure would like to bring into evidence all the support tickets from ClixSense that were answered by people OTHER than Jim or Joao, in 100% of the cases, the response was irrelevant, inaccurate, misleading and incorrect, in ALL cases Jim took over and addressed my issues, THAT is support. and if I had access to these tickets, I could back up my complaints with hard evidence, I also could bring up many other members complaining about the support (or lack of) they received from other agents, I will not name names, but they know who they are.

Last time I contacted support, I was REMINDED how many times I received credits before for unpaid survey, I did not appreciate that at all and was offended, it's as if I was asking for a favour or begging !!! Since then I have stopped contacting support. It seems the only time one would get those so called credits is if Brian answers, otherwise you would get the same canned response that they do not see a record of our complete, but still did not appreciate of being reminded my attitude in the tickets and how many times they paid me - that's not a proper way to address in support no matter the frustration. I have never had ANY issues in addressing Jim or Joao in any of my tickets.

Unpaid surveys - site issues - this has to stop ! » Post #14

Wed Jun 24, 2020 20:56 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
satakas wrote: Complain is indirect form of saying the site is cheat or scam

when people get paid more, they praise the site and when they get paid less, they blame it.

How much you can rate the support team that works in ysense out of 10.

I would rate ZERO.

It is simple to say we are not paid because the survey routers did not paid them. why to have such routers in first place. Why they cannot follow up to get the issue resolved and get us paid for our efforts

I contacted ySense only once [ made some mistake ] they resolved my problem in few hours , Valerie is my witnes [ that was in time of my vertigo ]

In short they replay fast , they solved problem fast and I told ySense thanks

Again you are being a complete hypocrite, many members here including myself have responded to your MANY complaints here telling you to take screenshot and contact support, and you would ALWAYS reply that you can't or won't or whatever.

Here's the deal I will own up to my mistakes and choice of words, and accept criticism - What I do not take kindly to and have ZERO tolerance for, are members who berate me on the forum and point my mistakes and how bad influence my posts are to other members and new members, when the very same people making those posts have done exactly the same thing they accuse me of doing, that I do not appreciate that, and I will now your posts and choice words will be exposed so others can see. I own up to my sometimes harsh choice words, and I edit my post, I edited this one before anybody replied but you decided to stir shit up, so I have a right to defend myself when I am being berated by the very same person who has done what he accuses me of - you would say that I would be banned from your site for my choice words ? WELL some of your posts and choice words would have gotten you banned too - especially that other site you constantly are praising, and by its name as well, you would not last a single day there with some of your posts, so you are the last person to make comments like that. I did have choice words, but so did you, the only difference is you don't see me going around and giving lessons to people complaining around here and telling them that they should not post that stuff, etc..... I would not be the one to talk, and neither should you, you are guilty as sin.

To Valerie, please do not REMOVE what I am about to post, I think when another member who is GUILTY of the stuff he accuses me of starts to berate me, I have a right to defend myself. Tasman1 many of your posts in the past were FULL of contradictions, full of choice words against the site, you may not have called the site a scam or used the word cheat, but the context of your post could easily be interpreted as such, in fact, as I will show, as proof, many of your posts were bad examples to set to new members too - Remember and this goes for anybody, I am very good at digging DIRT, so if anybody wants to make comments against my post, my words, my style, you better have a clean record because I can dig through your past posts and expose them !

I have already done this with Raju when we had a fight here, he accused me of using the word scam and his post was nasty towards me - I quickly dug one of his old posts where he basically accused Jim of cheating and scamming people, just because his favourite router was removed !!! I posted a screenshot and LINK to Raju's post as PROOF, but of course Valerie REMOVED the evidence, she hates me, so she will side with the other people here and always try to make me look bad, but that user DID accuse JIM and I had PROOF, by your definition he would have also been banned from forum AND site !!! I hate the hypocrisy - if anybody wants to talk against me and give me the lessons, be sure you have a clean record, I won't take this kind of crap from people who are otherwise guilty of the same thing they accuse others ! I won't take that for one minute.

I should send you a bill for the time I took to dig your post, and I am sorry but I am not joking, I am very serious, you have pissed me off today, as much as I enjoy reading your posts, and you add some life to this site, I won't take SHIT from you as far as my conduct here, because you are guilty too of some bad choice words - so my advice to you, don't give me anymore lessons !!! Stick to your entertaining posts people like to read, it's no use trying to berate me any further .... If you want to continue going down that line, I can continue as well! Your choice. It either ends right here OR it won't. The buck stops here.

Unpaid surveys - site issues - this has to stop ! » Post #10

Wed Jun 24, 2020 19:45 in General Talk

satakas wrote: Complain is indirect form of saying the site is cheat or scam

when people get paid more, they praise the site and when they get paid less, they blame it.

How much you can rate the support team that works in ysense out of 10.

I would rate ZERO.

I agree about the 0 part, it was the same level of support on CS when ticket was replied by anybody OTHER than Jim or Joao. I've had to on several occasions re-open a ticket and ask for Jim / Joao directly because the other support person did not give a proper reply. If this site has the ticket database I can prove it .....

As far as complaining, nope, complaining is not a form of saying site is cheat or scam. I knew that my post would be misinterpreted so I quickly edited the topic title and body to remove the words scam and cheat, I did so immediately before any reply. Unfortunately Tasman1 the trouble maker is replying based on what he initially read. I'm sure people can understand CONTEXT.

It is simple to say we are not paid because the survey routers did not paid them. why to have such routers in first place. Why they cannot follow up to get the issue resolved and get us paid for our efforts

There are 2 issues, issues with 3rd parties and issues with site. I will never blame this site for an issue that is out of their control. Many complaints here have been 3rd party issues, like Toluna, although IMO site was at fault for keeping a faulty router live during months before it finally acknowledged an issue.

In my specific case here the issue was not router, why ? Because the survey was added to the history on the router and +1 to my score. If it was a survey or tracking issue, it would NOT be added to the router history and my score wold not go up +1. I confirmed this with an official staff at YourSurveys ! So in this case, MY case right now, the router is not at fault - Site will get paid for my survey, so what do you call that ? Not being cheated ? I have edited my post to remove those words, before you all replied!!! BUT the rest of the post will remain because it is FACT.

Unpaid surveys - site issues - this has to stop ! » Post #9

Wed Jun 24, 2020 19:40 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: ha ha , good luck in blaiming , and yes I complain and love to complain but never call this site cheat or scam

You have a big problem go get your eyes checked. It's FUNNY how you decided to reply to my INITIAL topic title,
you should have realised that I immediately edited the topic title, even before a single reply was posted, funny how you are replying based on the original TOPIC, you two faced individual! I edited the topic title and removed the reference to "scam and cheated", before pushing the gd reply button you should have taken that into consideration and edited your post, but you didn't, and that's your character, that's ok, war is on!

When I edited my topic title and post to remove choice words, nobody had replied yet, so before foaming at the keys, re-read the post and it's pointless to write a post based on a post that was changed before a single reply.

Unpaid surveys - site issues - this has to stop ! » Post #8

Wed Jun 24, 2020 19:36 in General Talk

sonyjmn wrote: yes very true

This site is not scam

it's the survey routers scamming us

Your surveys no credit

when we were in clixsense the balances from your surveys will credited after some days what happened ?

Your surveys ate all of those balances no credit till today

MY issue is not YourSurveys fault. When I completed the survey it registered and confirmed on router side,
quality score went up +1 and the entry was added in their history. If there was an issue with SURVEY, it would not appear in my history on the router, nor would the quality score go up by +1. Neither you nor Tasman1 understood my post, I was clear about that, the survey did confirm and register on router, there is no reason why it would not pay on this site. This site is ridden in bugs, many of which have been reported 1 year ago and not addressed yet, I've taken the time and effort to report many bugs, as others have.

Yes the site is paying, and on time, I was clear on the fact majority pay, but given the low earnings here, it is normal to feel cheated when unpaid for a survey especially when the issue is NOT the survey, the author or the router !!!!

For legal reasons I am not allowed to post a video of my survey session or even discuss what the topic was.
Again, I completed the survey and it was confirmed and processed by the router, go read so many negative reviews online about this site and SB.......How many reviews did I write about this site ? 0 !!! None. But a few members here have and are still members here, so enough with the hypocrisy, both of you.

and next time any of you complain about something I will keep note and remind you if I need to.

I had better things to do than dig through posts, but both of you are forcing my hand !

Unpaid surveys - site issues - this has to stop ! » Post #5

Wed Jun 24, 2020 19:20 in General Talk

Tasman1 SHUT UP !
You are a hypocrite member here, I can dig out ALL your past posts about this site, you would be banned from day 1 too.
If you want I can dig up all your posts, like I did with another member here, don't be a hypocrite, and a tosser, you have been one to have choice words here - don't make me remind you.

And the fact is YES, I was cheated. You know nothing of the topic so don't bother posting any reply here.

I will blame whoever needs to be blamed, in this case it is NOT the survey company as I explained, you two faced little hypocrite. I already explained that YourSurveys confirmed the survey, it was tracked and confirmed by router, I got a confirmation from YourSurveys and the quality score up by +1 with a message that I will receive payment from my channel. What part of that didn't you understand ?

Fact is I completed a survey and was not paid by the site - I do business with the SITE not the partners, the site is responsible for paying no matter who's fault this is, I could fight this in court and win with enough evidence, but I won't, and neither have I written a single review about this site outside the forum, so before pointing fingers at me, look in the mirror, and quite being a hypocrite and two faced. Don't stick your gd nose into topics that discuss issues with the site, especially when you've been the one to write a lot of crap - I will remind you of all your posts from day 1 if I have to.
Please do not bother responding any further to this topic - if you want to get personal with me, fine, bring it on....
Otherwise don't interfere.

You are constantly complaining and comparing your gd stats with mine, and whining day after day, every gd time I post my success stories and my earnings, despite earning far more than I do here and in general, despite having consistent month to month earnings higher than mine, so please, lay off the bullshit - you have a right to complain, but don't put down others who have genuine complaints.

Unpaid surveys - site issues - this has to stop ! » Post #1

Wed Jun 24, 2020 17:18 in General Talk

So many people here complaining of unpaid surveys. First I'd like to say that majority of surveys pays as far as I'm concerned, but as a matter of principle I expect EVERY completed and confirmed survey to pay me my gd money, especially when the issue is on the site and not the 3rd party, and especially when the 3rd

I just completed a very interesting survey on YourSurveys, my quality score went up +1 after survey, so it means the router confirmed survey, I even saw the rate survey stars, and the green success banner when being redirected, BUT in the survey history it shows as "Clicked" - same thing is happening to other members.

This site should be liable for failure to provide the reward for service rendered.

// for the tools who cannot read and did not read my initial post, please FOCUS on the fact I did say majority of surveys pay, but when surveys go unpaid and the issue is NOT external, then it becomes an issue to me, I feel cheated of my time, I am reasonable enough to know when an issue is external and otherwise!

I can understand perfectly about issues related to 3rd parties, but clearly in this specific case the issue is ySense !

I don't care if this is intentional or not intentional you are responsible for site issues, nobody should pay the price for issues and a support that constantly writes back generic replies that they do not have track of a completion or an arrogant support person that reminds you how many times you have gotten credits before, as if we are begging for charity !!!

This was not even a duplicate ID ! I am going to report this to YourSurveys / CINT, enough is enough.
The survey was 87 cents, I expect to get gd paid !!!!!!

What the bloody hell is going on here ? Site is 1 bloody year old FFS, this should not be happening.
I like YourSurveys, and I have never had this issue before unless an ID was a duplicate.... I always check first.
I am really disappointed. You guys will get PAID for my survey, so I expect to get paid, no use contacting support, it is USELESS. I have complained to YourSurvey support - because according to their records the survey was confirmed and completed, so the issue is not 3rd party.

I am LIVID !

It's hard enough to get any gd surveys around here, let alone well paid ones.

I want my money ! From now I will keep screenshots and videos of everything. I thought I could trust this site after 1 bloody year, but apparently, you guys are exhibiting deceptive tactics, trust level has gone down a few notches. Even though majority of surveys pay, I cannot know now if a survey will pay or not, your site has created a very stressful and unpleasant experience. // Again for the ill intentioned trouble makers here, I DID say that most surveys pay,
As far as SCAM that was used in the initial topic, it was quickly changed afterwards, but ignorant that you are tasman1, you decided to reply based on the original topic title not the new one that I edited immediately after posting and before ANY replies to this topic. Don't start trouble buddy, I've been there, and I can fully expose your dirty self through your vile posts that you made on this forum, offending people, using the "R" word (an offensive word towards people with disabilities) and vile words against the site for all to see. I will not fall for your stupid games here, you WILL be exposed. You are not one to give me any lessons, not you anyways.

So let's quit it and leave it at that.

I still would like to say that yes, I do believe after 1 year, we should not be having issues with unpaid surveys especially when the problem is not 3rd party, I believe it is reasonable to be angry about it and feel cheated, as many members have reported here, and yes I do know the difference between an issue with survey / router and an issue with site. If there was better communication here there would not be posts like these. When there were issues with routers, Jim promptly paused them. I have never ONCE had an issue with an unpaid survey on CS, that was not external.....

And again I remind you that I did state in my post, that part was never changed, that majority of surveys pay.
But even one unpaid survey when it is not a router's fault, is one too many. This is NOT the first time this happens Tasman1 and you know it, you are always reporting issues with unpaid surveys here and constantly touting that other site - Get a grip and lay off me - you are not the example here in that department. You are an esteemed member for other stuff, but not giving lessons to others about choice of words, because boy I can show you some of yours!!!!

Buy Pulse Oximeter » Post #28

Wed Jun 24, 2020 10:27 in General Talk

dutch1898 wrote: Darkstar,as one of the few Canadian members here,don't you dare leave us.It would make
really a minority here.If I at 84 with respiratory and Congested heart failure can keep on
ticking,you need to stick around. BTW just returned from my 5 k morning walk,something
that used to take me 50 to 60 minutes now takes me 150 min. and it takes another hr.
sitting here catching my breath. :lol:

:o You would be at a VERY high risk, you are in a class where you would be at a very high risk of complications from COVID19, would be a good idea to be extra careful. 5k morning walk ? :o :o :o I'm sure even some fit people don't do even half that - are you sure it's a 5k ? How do you manage that with respiratory and congested heart failure. I'm normally a very active, fit person who works out and plays individual sport 7 days a week, but since the pandemic, I chose to stay home and protect myself from the virus, I have not even gone out for a walk :D :D :D Too risky, especially considering people don't seem to give a shit or follow the 2m distance guidelines or wear the gd masks, look at what is happening in Florida and other parts of the world, people don't give a shit, people seem to think that COVID19 is just a small cold ! Well it is KILLING now both young and older folks. The mortality average world wide is 5%, but in Canada it is 8%-9% !!! almost double.

You are an inspiration though, if at 84 with severe health conditions you manage to do 5k daily walks, that's quite amazing, just be safe - You are in Canada, and unless you are in one of those maritime provinces or provinces with low numbers, you should remain careful. Even in some parts of the Maritimes, there are new cases now.

Buy Pulse Oximeter » Post #27

Wed Jun 24, 2020 10:06 in General Talk

josealvesjr wrote:
valerie wrote: You should go to the doctor if it does not stop very soon.

There's a ton of different things it could be and self diagnosis is not a good idea.

It could be nothing more than something you ate or a light case of food poisoning
or bacteria or a flu virus cold virus.


It could be something more serious like a tumor, hernia, or something else.

Always best to catch things early as possible.

I agree he should visit a doctor more regularly but he has to use full facial camouflage.

LOL ! :lol: I'm not going in a hospital unless I am provided with a full body HASMAT suit - and like I explained above, unless my symptoms are severe and my vitals are of concern and need immediate care, I would still be a level 5 triage, and likely would just be sent back home. I sure hope those full fledged HASMAT suits have built-in air conditioning :lol: :lol: :lol:

Buy Pulse Oximeter » Post #26

Wed Jun 24, 2020 10:04 in General Talk

valerie wrote: You should go to the doctor if it does not stop very soon.

Even if I wanted to go, I can't, the situation here is still critical. Hospitals are at 160%-180% to 220% capacity, and will not accept any new patients unless absolutely necessary. Do you think that if you receive a positive COVID19 test here that you will be rushed to the hospital ? NO. You can only be admitted if you are a severe case or when your lungs function is impaired. Many surgeries, tests, etc, are postponed, hospitals here are focusing on COVID19 for now and preparing for an upcoming second wave, if there is one.

It could be nothing more than something you ate or a light case of food poisoning

I'm extremely careful on what I eat, and no, it is not food poisoning. It was likely a very mild lower GI upset,
I've had viral gastro before, it was much mcuh more severe, with spending my entire days on the toilet with the runs, which was not the case this time, it was just some intermittent short bouts of sharp pain radiating from my right side to my left side (smell intestines to large intestines) - no bouts of "runs" so if anything it could be a mild upset and it should resolve on its own within 1-2 days, and should I have episodes of the runs I am prepared, I can replenish my electrolytes with a product I have for that effect. My vitals are fine, BP is < 125/85, pulse <99, and fever was at 100.6F, nothing to panic about, but it's normal for fever to be higher in the evening. Today, temp at 98.5F, which is normal......NO more lower GI upset, occasional very mild pain, but I'd say on a scale of 1-2 out of 10, much better than yesterday. I'm not gonna go spend 48 hours in the ER waiting my turn and risk catching COVID19 only to be told it's nothing :/

or bacteria or a flu virus cold virus.

Definitely not a flu virus or cold virus :) I'm at home all the time I have no contact with anybody, and the only time I go out is for essential (groceries), the last time I've been outside home is more than 2 weeks ago, so I am within the 14 days incubation period. And last time I checked, you needed to be exposed to an infected host to catch a cold, or covid19 or the least that is what they taught us in school :/ But yeah food poisoning or other conditions is a possibility, but in my case, it appears to have likely been a temporary upset, though the temporary fever might suggest
a bacterial infection or otherwise, but I would not worry, it was mild and now I am feeling better. Maybe this heat wave going on does not help. I'll know later tonight if my fever comes back and symptoms come back. If I get worse and cannot do anything on my own, I will definitely go to the hospital through an ambo, that's the only way to get admitted if you don't want to wait your turn, anywhere from 14 hours to 48 hours wait. As a nurse, you know about triage and the standards, in my case, given my symptom, I would classify as an ESI level 5, you DON'T want to be a non COVID19 patient in an ER on a level 5 triage - not during a pandemic :D I'm fully conscious and responsive, my vitals are healthy and normal, no need for a hospital or doctor for now.

It could be something more serious like a tumor, hernia, or something else.

I checked for Hernia, none visible, none found. For tumor, I would need a colonoscopy :P You can't just ask for it.
Right now the priority in hospitals is COVID19 and extreme emergencies. There are other symptoms of tumors<
and such, it's not something one can diagnose without tests, and these tests are on hold for now whilst hospitals take care of the damned COVID19.

Always best to catch things early as possible.

That's true - Very true :) Unfortunately Mr. Coronavirus Version 2 is running the show right now, he's doing his thing, once this shit is over, hopefully things can resume, though I'm assuming that hospitals and clinics will be overloaded for a long time post pandemic, to catch up with the backlog of appointments, tests and procedures :D

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Wed Jun 24, 2020 09:43 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:

you are in panic

Who the hell said I am in panic ? I did get a very strong case of the Flu some years ago, with extreme fever, could not move a muscle, feel like I've been run over by trucks, etc, pretty much sure it was in line with covid19 symptoms at the time.. Then I have gone through acute strep + flu + cold + sinusitis you name it many many years ago, I felt I was dying. So no I am NOT in panic - I would feel nervous if I had to go in a hospital and share space with others, because here once you get in a hospital, 80% chances you get out with a few new diseases and infections, or don't make it out at all - it's no joke !

, I go to the doctors once in 10 years only or something real bad hapen like last year cyst operation , and hi I am close to 67

Same here, I only go if it is absolutely necessary, I have all equipment, but I cannot self prescribe meds, and I rarely have to take them if at all. The few times I needed to go to a doc was for prescription of antibiotics, but that is if absolutely necessary as I am not strong on the use of them in the first place, and the last time I needed a prescription of antibiotics was for the acute strep - not taking antibiotics at the time would have placed me at risk of post strep complications that could be permanent and damaging.

Why are you scared to die ? It is not painful and once we are dead we do not remember that and nothing will be ever important again , it must be like holiday forever and it is free for all , worry free for eternity

I don't recall in my post mentioning that I was scared - though what I do not look forward to is coming back in a new womb and reliving life, OR being suspended in a pitch black void like some claim. I do believe in consciousness after death - I do not believe our brain dies at the moment of death - I know for a fact, as per my studies, :) Cells do not immediately die - the process begins, but our brain cells are more resilient than one might think. I mean sure, technically, you will go unconscious once you flatline, or so they say, BUT it may take several hours for cells to completely die if not more - and during that time these cells might fire / go haywire, and this might explain the NDE some people have, or does it ? Could you still retain some form of consciousness inside your unconscious state ? I do believe so - During that time where you are pronounced dead and when your cells start firing, is the time you might "see" stuff or have access to ALL your senses, kinda like in a lucid dream state. Or you may just be conscious inside the darkest black you have never seen, darker than pitch black state, but point being, your body dies, but not your brain and its consciousness, that may continue on for a while before all your cells are completely "dead". Thing is Tasman1, nobody looks forward to death, some don't care, but some are just concerned, when it happens it happens, I do believe we are meant to be here and that death will not relieve us from our duties, or I'd be dead long ago !

Buy Pulse Oximeter » Post #20

Tue Jun 23, 2020 21:04 in General Talk

suraraj wrote: May be its is related to gastro. But I would suggest to see a doctor. All doctors are not corrupt. There are many efficient ones too. Take care and wishes for a speedy recovery.

I am my own - Besides there are many false positives. I will only go get tested if I have relevant symptoms. I have no cough, no loss of smell / taste, no loss of lung function, basically all the symptoms I have are aligned with a mild viral gastro, though it's odd, I have not had a fever in years, not been sick in 2 years, and I have not been in a vulnerable situation exposed to spread.......So far my fever is at 100.6F and lower GI pain intermittent. If I develop further symptoms I will get tested, but most people with COVID19 survive anyway but with my shitty luck in these kind of things, I don't think I would :D

Buy Pulse Oximeter » Post #15

Tue Jun 23, 2020 18:59 in General Talk

My time on this earth might be coming to an end......

Woke up this morning with severe, intermittent lower GI pain, doesn't appear to be full fledged gastro but similar symptom, intermittent very sharp pain coming and going and going from right to left....... Later during evening I developed fever and general fatigue, muscle cramps, odd because I was not exposed during the past 2 weeks and I take precautions.

SO...........this may be my end - symptoms are worsening, no cough or difficulty breathing yet, so I'll ride it out, if it's Corona, then f*** it, so be it, sayonara ! If it's not, then it probably is mild viral gaastro, and should resolve within a few days. No use going to the doc, they are incompetent and corrupt here. So far my vitals are normal, so at this point in time I will just leave it up to faith.

I might absent for a few days to rest OR because I'm dead, whichever :mrgreen: Despite all the headaches, I will always remember this place and it's been nice knowing you all, good conversations, so just in case I don't make it, take care all and stay safe ....
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