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Merkel won’t take AstraZeneca ...tasman1 » Post #9

Yesterday, 09:26 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: There is less and less and less talk about COVID since 2021 started

Who did tell us that will happen ?........Answer , Holly Man Trump

On what planet are you on ? It's all we hear day after day, COVID19 and bloody vaccines and VARIANTS, yes this is the year of the VARIANTS, the 1 word that will do our collective nuts in - I mean everyone was so excited about this vaccine, and now those variants have to ruin it, now the cases are rising again in Europe after more than 6 weeks of decline - This is an indicator of what's to come in the rest of the world for the lot that thinks the pandemic is nearing its end, including some incompetent doctors posting videos online. Vaccines won't save the day........why ? Because it would be impossible to keep up, only 2-5% of populations are vaccinated, that is not enough to make a damn difference, who knows how long it will take, meanwhile new variants are growing, and maybe by 2050, 25% of the population will get the vaccine......... They should remove the 19 from COVID, and call it COVID-X, the perpetual pandemic. Let's just say that it's time to put aside this POISON called the constitution and RIGHTS - it seems to be the only deterrent in the race against the pandemic - Once this whole pandemic is over, they can then resume the so-called constitution and "rights"....... It's funny, after 9/11 they didn't delay in taking harsh measures, why aren't they treating this g*******d pandemic like a war on terrorism ? Not a single politician would have the bollocks to do the right thing and take unconventional, unorthodox methods to get results - and no not even Trump, well he can cross the line and get results, but unfortunately, to him, the pandemic is a joke. Only in China did they take care of the pandemic, over there guidelines are not an option, you must abide by them or else.....China's economy is booming, whilst the rest of the world is in denial, and nearing a Great Depression. It's obvious now it is the calm before the storm and cases will skyrocket in the next months, stocks and markets have remained healthy for months because they are driven by the insane speculation that vaccines will save the day, but when reality kicks in, expect to see the REAL value of the market, similar scenarios to 2008-2009 or worse, all because of the generation of self-entitled and deranged youth that cannot follow rules - the generation of party goers, the generation that cannot look past their bloody nose, cannot make any sacrifices like the rest of the people.......Nope.

Remember if virus does not have any hosts, they cannot replicate......... I'll let you use your wild imagination :P

organic food stuffs- credible? » Post #3

Yesterday, 09:12 in General Talk

Question is does it really make a difference ? For most people probably not. Their lifestyles will kill them before the chemicals in the fruits & vegetables they barely eat anyway, and those veggie flavoured crisps they eat does not count :mrgreen: 2/3 of the population in Europe is obese, and it's probably more in North America - people are exposed to harmful chemicals and pollutants on a daily basis, far more harmful. So unless people are stuffing themselves with produce, which would be very unlikely, there might not actual be much benefits from organic in terms of health, but if your lifestyle is under control maybe in the long long run it can make a difference, it's hard to avoid 100% of chemicals anyway, we are breathing it daily, and we are eating them, they are present in the foods we eat, and don't get me started on tap water :D As to eating organic, I don't think it will make a difference for most people, those other factors will kill them first.......look at all the GARBAGE processed foods sold nowadays, everyone is in a rush and wants to eat on the go, so you have all kinds of these products out there, they are the worst kind you can eat, so there is one item people crave and that will kill them first, before the pesticides, it's called SUGAR....... & processed foods - people are having processed food for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, for snacks, and even whilst they are asleep, it's like the human body is 90% toxic chemicals and 10% common sense...... You know it's true what they say, we use only 10% of our brain, the other 90% is for stupidity :lol:

Merkel won’t take AstraZeneca ...tasman1 » Post #6

Wed Mar 03, 2021 08:56 in General Talk

Actually the vaccine may be the only hope left, because people around the world don't want to follow rules to help stop the spread of this bioterrorism virus :D If this is how people act towards a threat, I would hate to think what will happen if we are faced with a world war or future pandemic with a more deadly virus - we are doomed :D

So vaccines may help reduce mortality and hospital at least, whilst the virus keeps circulating and spreading, eventually I guess everybody will get the virus, and one day maybe before 2050, there will be herd immunity, the virus will die and we will all live happily ever after :P Meanwhile a vaccine is better than no vaccine - it's a matter of vaccinating as many test subjects, I mean population as possible to see results, just 10% of population being vaccinated is not gonna cut it.
SO let's wait until end of summer hopefully millions of people will have received their vaccine, if by the end of the year we are not run by zombies and crocodiles, then that is good news, it means vaccine works :D

03/03/21 super duper day » Post #2

Wed Mar 03, 2021 08:51 in Success Stories

Indeed, it happens, if only it could happen consistently, most days of the month ;) You see this is why one should never give up and never close doors, it is frustrating to earn low, but earning low is better than earning zero (see it rhymes :mrgreen: ) especially for those who do not have a choice like myself :P

Get more of these good days. I've earned over $10 here only yesterday too - best day since January 1st :P

Merkel won’t take AstraZeneca ...tasman1 » Post #3

Tue Mar 02, 2021 10:00 in General Talk

beafuell wrote: The vaccine is a never-ending story in Germany. Currently only very old people are eligible to be vaccinated and a few groups of important professions. The AstraZeneca vaccine is currently only allowed to be given to people up to 64 years of age in Germany. And our Ms. Merkel is already 66. Even if she wanted it, she wouldn't get the vaccine at all at the moment.
I've read that only very few people in Germany want a shot from AstraZeneca. That is why the government gave away 15,000 doses to our neighbors in the Czech Republic yesterday ...

It's all the same thing in the end - all these vaccines have one common goal - rewire your brain so you become submissive to the one world order, and IF you are lucky, you may grow a horn or two, or transform into a crocodile, for more information, send your inquiries c/o Jair Bolsonaro :P

WOW!!! » Post #7

Tue Mar 02, 2021 09:57 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: Last time he was online here was 15th December 2020

online HERE...yeah. Hopefully he shows up again and gives more details, I won't say more as maybe he doesn't want others to know, if I see him again I will let him know people asked about him, so he can drop by and post :D

dutch1898 are u still here? » Post #10

Tue Mar 02, 2021 09:55 in General Talk

Well I have seen Dutch, but out of respect for his privacy I will let him post details if he wants to ....

The REAL Terror of the Pandemic » Post #5

Tue Mar 02, 2021 09:50 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: I call it..... COVID BLAME .
They did destroy world and for all shit they do they blame COVID

I better do not say what I think about , it will be to nasty and I will be ban

The whole COVID is responsible for society's decline is absolute and utter rubbish, this is just another thing to blame, just like every little problem is blamed on Trump - absolute and utter tosh. For starters, society and its values have been on a steady decline long before this GENOCIDE you lot call COVID19, it's just that COVID19 brings up to the surface what lied within - COVID19 did not create monsters, the monsters were just awakened. Just like people saying Trump is racist and caused racism to rise in America, which is absolute bullshit because people were racists and bigots and full of hate long before Trump came into power - when people see a figure they deem as role model, they will feel more at ease to bring to the surface what they always were.............Society has become NASTY and f* ignorant - people have lost respect for the elderly, for people with disabilities, etc, covid19 is hardly to blame, COVID19 only shows the true colour of the nasty m************ in society, the rotten apples, because they are contributing to extending this pandemic, and yet they are the first arseholes to cry foul and make up conspiracy theories, yet THEY are responsible for the MURDER - they ignore rules, contribute to spreading the virus and kill people as a result.

I share your anger Tasman1, I too won't go into details, because I'll go into Gordon Ramsey mode :lol:

One survey , few day ago ... question , how much will you pay more in tax if Govt can have total control over your privacy so that they can protect you better

Oh yeah I got that question too - talk about a loaded question full of heavy bias - these are the kinds of surveys that MANIPULATE user opinions, of course people will say YES, because of the last part "they can protect you better" which is absolute and utter bollocks ......the last thing politicians care about is your well being, but they care more about the well being of other planets and the distant aliens they are still looking for, lost in outer space :D

What our governments doing to help poverty, crime, people with disabilities, F*** all of these politicians they don't know better, they are corrupt monsters hiding under the veil of politics to perform their crimes.

SO.......................How's everybody's day otherwise ? :lol:

All together now:

If You're Happy | Super Simple Songs - YouTube

If you don't listen to this at least once every day, something is wrong with you :P

The REAL Terror of the Pandemic » Post #4

Tue Mar 02, 2021 09:40 in General Talk

valerie wrote: I wonder how many people recognize what is happening?

I don't think most people do, they are too fixated with conspiracy theories. It's hard for the corrupt and shallow minds to understand because to them, everything is normal and fine. It's like asking a turd if it notices anything different about itself, well a turd is a turd, to a turd, it is normal :mrgreen: Ask intelligent people, the ones who have been following the rules from day 1, they know...... Ask health care workers who have to deal with the nasty patients day and night, ask basically anybody in the customer service industry, or dealing with the public............

What I see is a huge change in society and I don't think it's good.

Really ? You think so ? :lol:

I see dying infrastructure.

Don't worry, Biden'll take care of that, few trillions here, few quatrillions there, no problem, he is in a giving mood :P

I see dying employment.

In a way true, kinda, you should see there is dying interest in some jobs, some jobs have openings not being filled because nobody wants to do the jobs. There will also be more jobs requiring higher academics in the future, yeah I guess employment will take a hit since we are being replaced by automation, but some things cannot be replaced, and with Biden the Magician in power now, expect millions of jobs lost in America because of his Green Economy plan, green my arse ! I just can't wait for the Republicans to win back the Senate in 2022, someone has to stop the Democrats from taking the economy hostage, because when the US's economy is in the slump, so is ours :mrgreen:

I see dying schools. I see dying education.

Ahahaha education, what's that, you mean How to Fornicate 101, how to do drugs 101 and how to shoot with a gun 101, yeah, spot on, it's been dying for a long time, even before the pandemic. As responsible parents who want the best for their kids nowadays, who in their right minds would want to send their kids to school anymore, every single day you don't know if your kids will come back home to you or if they will be shot by their class mates !!! seems like there is a shooting every other day now, seems schools now are used as shooting range ! Then you have the issue of teachers being afraid, afraid that they will get punched by their students or shot, and they know they cannot even lay a hand on them or their shit for brain parents will show up and they will be the ones beating the teachers - lovely society we live in indeed. I see a bright future where everyone is home schooled, REMOTELY, no shootings, no nothing, teachers would feel safer that way. You should say instead PROPER education and PROPER schools are a dying breed. It doesn't have to be that way, bu the shit for brains who are running things have other priorities, you know, like finding aliens in outer space, or exploring Mars, as if we are going to go live there smh !

I see death of paper money.

It's becoming less popular but it still will remain the preferred choice for criminals :D Yes paper money is less popular because people want FAST FAST FAST convenience, just pay with your card and done deal, and with the credit crunch, people put everything on credit. Even in Casinos one day cash will be a thing of the past, you can just put your bank card in a slot machine and watch it eat away at your life savings!

As far as ATMs, not quite yet, it will soon be the only way to get cash because ATMs is what will replace bank tellers, ATMs will become more interactive and smart, bank tellers will be replaced by digital assistants, this is how ONLINE only banks work, they have no physical branches, but you can withdraw cash money using ATMs so I don't think ATMs will disappear anytime soon, they will just be transformed, in a future you will see banks replaced by ATMs, where you can pay your bills (not everyone will be able to afford internet and expensive computers), you will be able to withdraw or deposit bitcoins and other virtual currencies by scanning your wallet's QR code and money getting transferred to your bank, etc, ATMs have potential for future, not actual human beings, and that's a good thing because customers won't have to deal with rude customer service anymore, and customer service and workers won't have to deal with IDIOT customers who think they know better anymore, so it's not all bad - in a world of the future, the less human contact the better it will be because humans will be wild animals out of control so it's best that everything be virtual moving forward...........

Quote:I see the total loss of privacy.

ahahahaha the moment you install apps on your phone or connect to the internet, you forfeit any privacy - but privacy is subjective - some people make a huge deal out of it - your OS, your APPS, etc, collect aggregate information and track your preferences, they don't track your name, address, phone number, date of birth etc, I would not be worried about the internet, because as long as you are not an idiot to use too much information in your social media profile, there is nothing there to steal ...... the only issue is smartphones, people store all their contact info there, so some apps could technically gain access to your contacts. Some parents are absolute IDIOTS and will disclose the home address, post pictures of their children, where they go to school, etc, on facebook, some people post statuses of everything they do - when they leave the house, when they go to the toilet, etc, and then people have the nerve to talk about privacy :mrgreen:

I see a lot of changes.

Why stop there Valerie, you were on a roll :lol:

Do you see it yet?

I've seen it a long time ago and the biggest and most obvious change is with people. A lot of people have become so selfish and mean, it doesn't take much for someone to blow a fuse, when you are in public, nowadays it's road rage, people hitting one another, fighting, for STUPID things, a lot of people have lost their values, it's the era of the me-myself-and -F.... I and nothing else matters ....... Want proof ? 1 year later we are still in the middle of a pandemic that seems to have no end, and we won't likely see any end until late 2022......... It could have been over with since the end of last year if people showed solidarity and collectively worked together to help stop the spread of the virus instead of relying too much on shit for brains politicians who are bad examples and treat the virus as a joke !

Shootout in Wilmington Bowling Centre » Post #3

Mon Mar 01, 2021 10:10 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Shooting shooting shooting. That's all dumb punks know how to do these days and they are
all cowards.

about generations, Baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Z, this is more of what I call Generation D, D for Degenerates - and before those politically correct two faced people say "Oh it's not every people, our youth are decent", will they are so naive - I invite them to apply for a teaching job at a school, or bus driver so they can observe and be exposed to this lovely generation of youth. Once upon a time, showing off your skateboard skills was COOL, today, showing off your killing and shooting skill is trending - and no it's not the movies and videogames, that's the biggest lie. It's the influence of criminal gangs and organised crime and the shit for brains, CRACK HEAD parents smoking the pipe, with their balls dangling out and their few liquor bottles on the table, who once took the stupid decision not to wear a dozen rubbers when they were copulating, and could not possibly be competent to raise even a snail...... BUT what's disturbing is that now you have troubled youth coming from otherwise good parents, because of all the peer pressure around - and the criminals luring kids so young. So I guess that degenerate, waste of atom, decided that day it was more worth it to put a hole in something, than stay the F home and play GTA (game they probably have played 12 hours a day for the past 10 years but are now bored to death!).

When I was a kid, if kids were mad at each other, even adults for that matter, they would
whoop ass, usually ending with a bloody nose and a couple of bruises.

Today, teachers have to wear anti bullet vests and carry a rifle - but nowadays you cannot even touch a student, if you do, you get prosecuted. Sorry to say this, but if kids want to act like adults they should be treated as such, I see no problem for an adult using ANY force necessary if their life or the life of other(s) are in danger, I do not feel sorry for any kid no matter the age being shot to death, if it means protecting the life of others - they should think about it before acting big and tough and using guns. All teachers in schools should carry rifles and not be afraid to use ANY force necessary against threats, if kids want to play cowboys, so be it....... it's almost to a point where schools should have armed guards at every hallway !!! I feel for all those teachers, I would not want to be in their position :D

Today, they are chicken shits so they grab a gun and eventually get to spend their life in
prison with other chicken shits.....cluck cluck clucking the rest of their chicken shit life.

Guess who's paying for their sentence, yep you guessed it, remember that each year when you file your taxes :mrgreen: In my opinion there should not be a 2 tier justice system, if you do the crime you should get the same trial as an adult - many of the shit for brains nowadays are aware and KNOW what they were they should be given t he same level of justice as an adult, because juvies sometimes get a slap on the wrist because the naive judges think they can be reformed or lead a better life, when most of the time they will grow up to be serial killers or gang leaders anyway. Everybody deserves a fair trial and depending on the crime deserves a chance to reform, but tried as ADULTS, always !!! and any minor who shoots to kill, F*** reform, they should get their dumb arse incarcerated for life with no parole - kids who kill have their whole pathetic excuse of a life ahead of them, BUT the family who's loved one they killed, doesn't have, and that family has a life long misery to think about it, whilst the kid "reforms" so to speak, and often show no g.......... remorse...........

So people can't even feel safe at a bowling alley now, or at a restaurant, or in school, so I have an idea, in order to free the prisons, why not take all these young criminals, put them in some remote desert and leave them there, all with guns so they can shoot one another ! they can wear their cowboy hats and shoes and play around in the sand !

They get lured into gangs, remember when we were discussing the problem of streets gangs, it's a BIG problem, in order to be accepted in gangs they must go through those initiations, which often includes killing of innocent people.

Survey Value and chocolate.....tasman1 » Post #2

Sun Feb 28, 2021 09:30 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: In this situation do I call survey value positive or negative???

Just finished survey and paid was paid 78 cent that lasted 40 minute
I that 40 minute I did eat block of chocolate that cost me 4.50

What is my real income from that survey ?????
Think will ask admin to pay us in chocolade in future

Define "BLOCK" Tasman1, because usually people eat a piece at a time or a bar, they sure make those chocolates expensive in Tasmania, or you imported them - what kind of chocolate did you have ? You are talking chocolate ? You forgot something important. 1) Cost of internet 2) Cost of bandwidth 3 Cost of electricity 4) computer maintenance 5) your own time. 78 cents for 40 minutes is an INSULT, because the company providing the survey is probably charging their clients $ xx per complete. When I used to work in the industry, I remember the rates were per question. Now the surveys online mostly have per complete or can have a combination of minimum fee + per question but usually or flexible rates. Routers are greedy and disgusting BUT you get MORE surveys through a router than you would from a direct panel. I am a member a few direct panels and surveys are above $1, but get much fewer. Just the other day I got a survey invite for $125, refused it because it involved group zoom. Another time I got a $50 survey for shopping 2 items, I took it and got paid promptly. 78 bloody cents for 40 minutes.... Yet sometimes you get 1 question surveys for $1, smh...........For one, it's all on you, I would NEVER even open a survey that is 40 minutes for 78 cents. you are only part of the problem if you encourage this behaviour ;)

Just the other day I got a $25 music survey through Yuno on another site, hosted on Quest Mindshare, 1 hour for $25, not bad, I am expecting to get paid within 4-6 weeks ........ In the old days $10-$25 surveys were a norm.

NOW you have 2-5 cents surveys, how disgusting - and these companies spend billions of $ on fraud mechanisms, they want data quality, well they can save billions of $ and pay honest respondents taking those surveys.

Vaccine Dead in UK....tasman1 » Post #11

Sun Feb 28, 2021 09:21 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Over here, I think a lot of people are not taking it. Thus far, only 7% of the USA population
has been vaccinated. Over 14% have received the first dose.

The other day a couple had covid and so they quarantined their self in the basement of their
house. The woman had gone to the hospital but they sent her home. They had an eleven
year old daughter. One day the daughter came home from school and found both parents
dead. Her parents were 40 years old.

Wow7%, at this rate it will take 10 years to see results from community immunity :mrgreen: But don't worry Valerie, Biden to the rescue, he promised during his campaign that he will "crush the virus", his words - meanwhile he feels generous and wants to print $1.9 trillion new money, sure why not, print unlimited money, so yeah in no time the virus will be crushed and Biden will save the day :P who needs the vaccine when Biden said he will put on his cape and crush the virus, right ? :D

Vaccine Dead in UK....tasman1 » Post #10

Sun Feb 28, 2021 09:08 in General Talk

valerie wrote: The vaccine is not a sure bet against the virus anyway.

Try telling that to the millions of people who are already back to their normal ways after their 1 shot thinking they just received a magic potion :lol: Truth is NO VACCINE is a sure bet, but vaccines have saved billions of lives. Having SOME protection is better than none, and the risks of post vaccine complications are rare, probably less risks than getting a shot at the dentist or getting blood drawn anyway :)

One can think of the flu vaccine. I don't get the flu and I always get the flu vaccine BUT
that does not mean I am totally resistant to the flu. Many people do get the flu even tho
they received the vaccine.

The Flu vaccine only protects you against specific strains - they anticipate which strains will be predominant, so they make the vaccines for the Flu season ahead of time - so the efficacy of the Flu vaccine is quite less than that of the COVID19, yes you can still catch the Flu, but you will likely not get the severe form, the one that might send you to the hospital and possibly kill you............same for COVID19, you can and you will still catch the virus / be infected, but you should in theory be shielded against severe forms of the infection and hopefully for most people avoid hospital visits and death, that's why people should not put down their guards, t he vaccine only helps bring down deaths and hospital visits, NOT the actual virus spread itself or infections. I guess the same holds true for the Flu, the virus is seasonal and never disappears. We could have the same scenario for COVID, year after year, but with the vaccine, you won't have hospitals flooding with COVID cases...but that process relies on a large number of the population getting vaccinated.

The vaccine does not prevent infections - so yes you can get the vaccine and get the virus, but it's likely you will be asymptomatic or get mild forms of the infections, so if you go get tested you will test positive, you got the vaccine, but it does not change the fact that you can still shed the virus, test positive, and transmit it during that stage before your body attacks it, where they will know if the vaccine will work in the long run is when they see that hospitalisations and mortality goes down considerably, even though the number of infected cases remains table or goes up, that's the goal of the vaccine - the pandemic itself can only end on its own if people are a bit more patient and continue wearing masks, keep a fair distance and follow sanitary rules until community immunity is reached and the number of infections go down to a very low number and remain stable consistently. This won't happen with the vaccine alone, but what do you expect from most people who don't know how vaccine works, vaccines are not CURES, they *HELP* prevent complications that could send you to the hospital, requiring oxygen and possibly dying. Now with the variants, expect the cases of infections to surge - BUT this is where you will see the effects of the vaccine - hospital and deaths will remain the same or go lower.......this is how you know the vaccines are working - BUT if you see mortality and hospital visits skyrocket in the next coming months, we are f***ed and the vaccines are good for bloody nothing.

Even with variants the vaccine should provide you with protection, even 40%-50% protection is better than 0%, and eventually if there is a predominant variant strain they can easily revise the vaccine as needed, within weeks for the mRNA.

As far as doses, even 1 dose should give you a lot of protection, you could get as much as 80-85% from the 1st dose after a few weeks. The 2nd dose is a booster shot, with that you can achieve up to 95%, in theory. So to speed things up they could focus on the first dose and vaccinate as many people as possible, because even 1 dose offers high efficacy, it could be enough - there are tests to determine if a 3rd dose will increase even more, especially with the variants - so yeah at this rate, you will likely need 12 shots to get good protection against all the variants, the UK variant, the California dreamin' variant, the New York variant, the South African variant, the Las Vegas variant, the far left variant, the Texas variant, the Florida variant, the Alaska variant, the baby shark variant, and all 5000 new variants that are to come.......... :P

The case stated above is not a lone case in that there have been some listed that did get
the vaccine but then some days later tested positive for covid. This means they either had
covid already before being vaccinated or got covid after being vaccinated.

There are more people who carry the virus than what the numbers show - probably 20-50x more, most cases are asymptomatic, which is driving the whole spread, so the numbers you see everyday in the news are only from people who actually get tested, and people usually go get tested if they feel like shit and want to know if they have the damn virus - so what is happening is out of the millions getting the vaccine, there could be many of those who never got tested but got infected with the virus but never showed symptoms - so it could explain these cases, but the vaccine itself does not give you COVID19, because the vaccine does not contain the virus or the instructions from the virus, it only contains instructions for the SPIKE alone, and this spike does absolutely NOTHING because it does not carry covid19 instructions - so you can't get covid19 from a vaccine - QUESTION NOW remains, could the vaccine be causing unwanted effects for people who already have the virus dormant in them (asymptomatic cases), that would be worth looking into. If the vaccine caused COVID19, you would see catastrophic numbers right now, instead numbers are going down in most states and in most parts of the world.......and nobody has transformed into a crocodile, zombie or bearded woman yet :lol:

The thing is, everyone needs to take the vaccines. They also need to continue wearing their
masks and social distancing.
It's only then that we might be able to eradicate this or it be
no worse than a common cold.

They need to put huge banners everywhere so people can finally get this into their deranged minds once and for all.....instead of the air heads out there saying "OH I took the vaccine so I can do anything I want now", they are the ones spreading the virus now - herd immunity is science fiction at this point, it's unrealistic to expect that 75-80% of the population will get the vaccine, at least not anytime soon - but somehow we might be able to reach some form of community immunity, but it's going to take TIME and it's not with fornicating around, partying and not looking farther than one's nose should start to sink in once and for all. In China, they know how to end pandemics (just as well as they know how to start them :mrgreen: ) but they took measures to stop the spread, long before a vaccine came out, SO..........this is PROOF that the only end game is masks, distance and avoid activities that can transmit the virus. If people want to fornicate and party, let's set up FEMA camps somewhere in remote areas of the world so they can party all day and night, and stop spreading their snotty virus across the populations of people who are fed up of being locked up whilst these knobs party.

Vaccine Dead in UK....tasman1 » Post #2

Sat Feb 27, 2021 19:03 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: 48-year-old father has died from coronavirus just weeks after receiving the Pfizer vaccine jab.

Father-of-four Chris Moore was vaccinated on January 2 at the University Hospital of North Durham in the UK after returning to his job at the National Health Service (NHS).

Chronicle Live reports Mr Moore began to show coronavirus symptoms just two days after he received the first dose of the vaccination, and tested positive to the coronavirus.
After the diagnosis, Mr Moore was rushed to hospital on January 9 as he struggled to breathe and his condition began to deteriorate.

After battling the virus for more than 30 days in hospital, he died on February 10,
After 36 days in hospital, Helen lost Chris, her husband of 21 years, and Rebecca, Daniel, James and Thomas lost their dad.

Both Chris and Helen have given a lot to their communities working in healthcare most of their lives. Helen in pharmacy and Chris an NHS administrator.

So what are you saying Tasman1 are you drawing conclusions about the vaccine from this ? Are you suggesting that he got COVID19 from the vaccine ? If so this would be absolute and utter rubbish. If you understand how Pfizer vaccine works, you are not receiving the virus - you are are receiving messenger RNA, basically like software code that is inserted into your muscle cells, and provides temporary instructions for your cells to manufacture protein spikes, ONLY the protein spikes, these protein spikes are NOT harmful and are NOT the virus and cannot make you sick, these protein spikes cause an immune reaction and helps your immunity learn about the structure of the virus and build immunity and memory immunity for a potential infection. It's physically impossible to get COVID19 from a vaccine Do we know the entire story about this person ? He could have already had the virus in him, he could even have been exposed to the virus after the vaccine. If he got days after the vaccine I am not surprised, the vaccine won't do anything in such a short period of time, the efficacy of a vaccine is seen several WEEKS after injection, it takes TIME for your body to build immunity, you won't get it right away with the vaccine. You ARE vulnerable to COVID19 after getting the vaccine, for several weeks !!! It's possible that he thought the vaccine was the magic pill and that he stopped applying sanitary measures thinking he was immunised by the vaccine...but it's definitely not the vaccine that killed him, those protein spikes created by your cells are inactive, and the replicating code of the mRNA is temporary, these instructions are shredded inside the cells, and the vaccine is FULLY effective after a second dose, no vaccine is 100% effective, so this is another story of someone who was exposed to the virus and sadly, got the bad version, he was definitely not immunised yet, the vaccine could NOT have had time to work in days.

Nothing is dead........I believe in science and logic, not bullshit - YES I have my concerns about mRNA vaccines, but the claims that they give you COVID19 is bollocks, it's physically impossible. What I also fear about this vaccine is people thinking they can act normal again thinking they are protected, BIG MISTAKE, you are NOT protected after getting a vaccine, not for many weeks!!! and you are never 100% protected, if people treat the vaccine is a magic pill we are big f trouble :D

Covid19 Vaccine? » Post #20

Fri Feb 26, 2021 20:24 in General Talk

Madison91 wrote: Now I can't find any statistics on how many people in China have been vaccinated, but very few anyway.The vaccine can be given to people over the age of 59, but it is not recommended at this time. Because Chen Wei's team did not have a sample group below 18 and above 59 for their vaccine test. The inactivated vaccine is not as effective as the rna vaccine, but it is very safe. I do hope that the first use of the rna vaccine will be successful, though, as that would be a breakthrough in medicine.

It would however keep in mind mRNA has been studied for the last 20 years, it may be new for vaccines, but the method has been studied - so in theory it should be safe, as far as China's viral vector vaccine it is a proven method, it is safe but these vaccines have always been less effective - whereas mRNA in theory would be more effective, I guess we'll see, if there are a growing amount of Zombies you'll know why, I have watched Michael Jackson's thriller many times so I can learn the choreography of the Zombie dance at the end, just in case :mrgreen:

In theory both viral vector and mRNA should produce similar results, the China vaccine uses an inactivated virus to carry the instructions, and the mRNA uses your own cell to manufacture the spike proteins, it works along the theory that the compromised cell will eventually be stopped by the immune system so you don't produce those spikes in an endless loop, BUT what if something goes wrong - I mean in theory it cannot modify with your genetic code, but can it cause complications like autoimmune disease or something else, we'll know in a few years I guess, I don't trust big pharmas, and vaccines that took only months to create where they could not test long term efficacy is risky, especially with a method never used before. mRNA is not new, but its use in vaccine is a gamble, if it fails, then we have a big problem, it will be chaos ! world will go into a deep depression, unless of course China and other vaccine makers are ready to supply the rest of the world with non mRNA vaccines :D

The good thing with mRNA is that these vaccines work better with variants, and can easily be adapted in a matter of weeks, so if variants become a problem in China, you'll need the mRNA vaccines, but I'm guessing since community spread is so low, you probably don't have dominant variants anyway.

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rajukurup wrote: I will never agree that yo are lazy . You are the most hardworking person here even in this old age. young People should make you their role model :)

What's that you say, old :P ? Tasman is in his 60's, by today's standards he is still young :mrgreen:

Also don't forget it's not about being lazy, some people simply don't have any surveys, you gotta have stuff in order to work.........Otherwise you are in empty space starring at the stars and distant galaxies :D

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Madison91 wrote: I've had the vaccine last week, after Chen Wei's team published the data from the third phase of the trial. In China, the recommended age for the vaccine is 18-59. The vaccine is not a magic pill, it is only a preventive measure, and wearing a mask and washing hands after the vaccine will still last for some time.

EXACTLY, unfortunately people in the rest of the world don't seem to understand that, that's why the pandemic may last a few more years in other countries. But what about older people in China, is the vaccine any less effective ? It's surprising that China has the lowest efficacy on vaccines, I would have believed that they would have released a vaccine with the most efficacy - I guess the population really doesn't need the vaccine since strict measures are applied, unlike this part of the world ;) I wish people all across the planet could understand that the vaccine is not the magic pill that will end the pandemic - I think wearing masks and distancing should be a new normal now, everywhere, :P

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josealvesjr wrote:
tasman1 wrote:
valerie wrote: My appointment for the vaccine is March 16th and for my second dose is April 6th.
It's Pfizer.

You are lucky . here we do not have choice , our govt say we are very poor and can afford only small number of Pfizer for govt and some important people [ rest will get cheapest garbage Astra Zeneca ] they say it is good enough for Australians

Tasman1 (which is synonym for negativity), why should you worry about which vaccine is available, you have stated many times you are not going to be vacccinated. You consider it as an intrusion in your privacy.
By the way the Oxford/ AstraZeneca is just as effective as the Pfizer.

It's complex, it is less effective by a much bigger margin with variants compared to Pfizer, and much less effective for moderate cases, and even severe cases, less effective, so far 2 doses of the Pfizer and Moderna have the highest efficacy of the vaccines tested.

The big concern now is the NEW variant discovered in New York (will they call it the New York variant ? :D) this variant is the worst found so far, and they claim could be the most resistant - no problem, people should not start to panic about variants - mass hysteria won't make things better - new variants CAN be managed, they did it in the UK, so they can do it elsewhere, just more discipline is all, and Pfizer can adapt their vaccines to new predominant variants, no problems there - the more people get the vaccine the better, before the storm of variants - the lower community spread, the slower it takes for new variants to form. Even if the vaccine efficacy is lower with variant, ANY protection is still better than no protection, and in most cases protection will always be above 50%. Pfizer is studying now the effects of 3rd dose against variants, ahahahaha great, just what we need, 3 vaccines, my arm feels sore just writing this :P

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Arvind9 wrote: No slowing people are getting aware that we have about 7 Variants of Coronavirus and the Vaccine that the government is giving will not be effective against all of them,actually states within our country are imposing restrictions on our own citizens from crossing boundaries from one state to another they want that people should have a negative Coronavirus test taken 48 hours before arrival a vaccine will not be recognized its becoming more of an political issue,in my city Mumbai no one from another state is allowed without the test because numbers are rising again and state governments feel its comming in from outside there can be no end to it unless some strict measures are taken

It's up to the mRNA vaccine makers to move their arses and start developing vaccines for the new variants, it would take them around 6 weeks to develop the new vaccines. Yeah sounds like fun huh ? People having to go over and over to get new shots to adapt to new variants, yeah I'm sure people will be eager to get a dozen vaccines - nice ! :D

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valerie wrote: Anyone here had it yet?

No, there are priorities here they are giving it to the older folks first, those above 70 and 80, for the younger ones it will have to wait. Our muppet of a PM said all Canadians will be vaccinated by September of this year, if lucky :lol: So translated to proper English this means by end 2022 all Canadians will be vaccinated, so to speak of course.

I'm not in a rush to be honest, I am concerned about the vaccine, it's not just about not liking the feeling of being stabbed with a 12 foot needle in my upper arm, it's the fear of being injected something that was made in a few months where normally a vaccine is made in years and is tested for long term effects. This time around they skipped this step - so no telling what the long term adverse effects will be, only time will tell. Besides, I am following ALL rules, so no danger for me to spread any virus because I am very strict, as to catching it, again, it is a risk I will live with, but I am extremely careful and avoid ANY situation where I can be exposed to the virus, so I will wait. For now I think those who should take it are the high risk population (health workers, elderly) and the people who have a social life :lol: people who cannot spend a bloody minute without being in a crowd, with people, or in situations where they can catch or transmit their snotty little virus. I know that mRNA has been studied for the last 20 years, but it has never been used in a vaccine before, so I am worried a little, it has nothing to with those stupid, silly, senseless conspiracy theories, I am just concerned about any effects, what if mRNA messes up your system. I studied biology and all, so I know how it works, but I am still concerned, you know even though there is a tiny % risk - given my luck, I would probably be the tiny % :mrgreen: also I am concerned of those adjuvents or whatever the hell they call them, other ingredients used alongside the vaccine, if they can cause cancer, neurological diseases or other - so yes in my studies I learned about cells and all DNA etc and that the mRNA does not modify your core DNA, but still, life can surprise you, what if something goes wrong.............

and no I don't believe we will turn into Zombies or Crocodiles or bearded women, but there have been people who have ended up with permanent health problems after vaccines, it's documented, albeit a small %, but again given my luck, I would be that small %. If only I can be lucky in winning money :P but nope that's not how it works.

Also pharmaceuticals have a history of deceit and safety issues / recalls. For pharmas, the bottom line comes first, they don't give a shit about anybody's well being, all that matters is keeping their stock prices attractive for shareholders and their own pockets, even if it t urns out that there are issues in the long term, they will pay a few billions of $ in settlements, and they will still be trillions of $ in profits, so before someone stabs me in the arm with a few months old vaccine, I want to find out first if it's safe and if it actually works..... So far there doesn't seem to be any indicator that it works - cases have not significantly dropped, and now the new shitty variants coming up which will once again create a surge in cases. Might be best to wait for revised vaccines base don the new variants.

For those who are working in health care or caregivers or students or people who are social or engaged in activities exposing them to a risk, SHOULD get the vaccine - because their risk of not getting it far outweighs the risk of getting the vaccine. That said, even if you take the vaccine, you can STILL shed and spread the virus.......

I'm guessing that you took your vaccine Valerie, be careful, this doesn't mean that you can go back to normal, not only does a vaccine take a few weeks to be fully effective, mask wearing and sanitary measures will need to be continued for a long time, in order to prevent a surge and continued community spread. The vaccine can be a good thing and a bad thing because people might think that the vaccine is the holy grail and that we will return to normalcy......yeah fat chance, nobody should expect anywhere close to normal for at least until mid 2022.

There are several vaccines, it seems Pfizer and Moderna are the most effective with some of the variants.
AstraZenicks is only 62% effective for moderate cases. And the vaccine from China (Sinovac) is said to be similarly effective to the Astra one, that's not much, the FDA only requires a minimum of 50%. The one from China uses a viral vector method, whereas the Pfizer/Moderna uses mRNA - it's interesting that the one from China uses proven methods yet less effective, hopefully the mRNA proves to be safe long term, this will be a MAJOR advance - it means future vaccines can be easily developed for any future virus / pandemic China or other countries send our way :D
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