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And You Are ......... » Post #13

10 minutes ago in General Talk

valerie wrote: Give the ape a banana!

Yes. I am the eliminator here.

If you are very bad, I may have you eliminated from the forums. :lol:

Incorrect, since you are not an admin technically you are not the eliminator, you are an intermediary, you are the communicator - not the direct eliminator, because the admin has the last word, therefore your vote is invalid :mrgreen:
There are forums where moderators also have partial admin access, where they can ban a member from forum, and even from site, I know a company like that which I won't name, they were lead by 2 corrupt and ignorant people who basically spared people who praised and kissed up to them, and banned others for silly things, this is why it's a bad idea to give moderators admin access :D except that on that company they "eliminated" their best workers, and spared CHEATERS, and gave them chance after chance.

Poll , Life Change » Post #45

12 minutes ago in General Talk

valerie wrote: I don't agree too much with the 'we write the script'.

That sounds like something Obama would say :) In a way I guess yes there is a portion of our life that we write, we do have free will after all, it's not all done deal for us, or is it ? hmmm, maybe the control we have is an illusion or it's just limited. Some people had everything in life and yet still chose the wrong path, and consequently, end up in the situation they are in.

I prefer to blame it on our parents and DNA. :mrgreen:

Yeah DNA :D it's our computer code basically, will you get sick, will you get diseases, etc, I think scientists believe there is also a luck gene :mrgreen: As to parents, it is very easy to blame parents, but it's not always the case, some parents have given everything for their children but the children turn up rotten because of peer pressure and hanging with the wrong crowd and making the wrong decisions. There are some cases where children from shit for brain, alcoholic, and drug junkies of parents turned out fine too, I don't know how often this is the case though, but statistically if you grow up in a bad environment you will usually turn out a mirror of that environment. Statistically if you are born to parents who were smoking the crack pipe every day and playing with their balls, statistically you may end up like that though not all the time. Nobody likes to brag in school that they have crack whores as parents :D

You know, how many here can say we decided what country we would be born into and
what education we would receive if any and so on and on.

Exactly you got it, you nailed it, we don't choose our life, we choose our decisions and actions based on the circumstances of the moment, we CHOOSE to have pizza with extra anchovies, we CHOOSE to vote for idiots who will cause Great Depression, we CHOOSE to NOT brush our teeth a given day because we are lazy and too sleepy.......
we CHOOSE a lot of things, but we don't choose where we are born, to whom with are born to and our environment - you only get to be free to choose these things once you are an adult (for most anyway) or if you get kicked out.

Here again, it's like John Lennon's mom that was killed. I dunno the fault in it but I am
mighty sure she did not write that into her life script. What about whom ever it was that
run her down and killed her? That was probably an accident and was not wrote into the
drivers life script.

Exactly, you got it, you nailed it, spot on - well said :lol: but this is the part of life you cannot change, there are many parts you can change and control, some theories suggest that life is predetermined, so for instance if a certain day you were due to die hit by a car, and you were to attempt to change the course by not going out that day, something else bad would happen, maybe a tree would fall on your house instead and kill you - there is evidence to suggest the counter effect - and this could explain why some people despite all the good and efforts they do are always getting bad, if you try to avoid or change what was DUE to happen to you, something else equivalent will happen to steer you back on that timeline - now this is a theory of course. But I agree with you, nobody just plans to say hey I think I'm gonna go drive a car and kill someone today (unless you are a terrorist!) BUT.........BUT........what about people who want easy money and don't want to work and wake up one day and say "Hey I think I'm gonna go rob a bank", this is an example of writing your own script, you can choose to lead a life of crime too.

What I am saying is, everything around us has influence on us. Whether it is in our DNA
or learned or not learned. Others we know, even online, may influence our thoughts, our
decisions, and even our subconscious.

EXACTLY !!! Everything has a ripple effect, we are all connected somehow, outside influence, environment, external factors and others can greatly change the course of one's life.....and your decisions and what you CAN control is limited within this "bubble" so to speak. I think my Celine Dion example was great, there are many more examples like that. Justin Beiber is another, without YouTube and virility of the internet and horny girls, he would not be where he is today, face it, he is popular not because of his talent, but because of his looks. The real people with talent are the ones undiscovered and struggling to find success, because we live in a life where popularity and looks take precedent, unfortunately. Who has ever heard those street performers sing or play, some are homeless, some have AMAZING talent, GREAT voices, you think to yourself, why aren't they signed up ? WELL, because of the stereotypes and judgments against homeless people. They try so hard to get out of the shitty situation they are in but nobody wants to give them a F chance, and this is the same for people with disabilities / handicapped, who are often discriminated against and not given a chance in life, they don't write their own damn script, they are in a hostile environment of rejection and ignorance - we lave in a world where people are judged by their skin colour, religion, penis size, money status and looks. Imagine a world where everybody is given a chance as EQUALS, imagine........script my arse !

Walmart in my area - TP = 0 » Post #30

44 minutes ago in General Talk

valerie wrote: I guess the USA has the best health care services in the world, or at least one of the best.
The problem is, it's expensive so people do need to have health care insurance.

Right, and health care insurance is very expensive, especially if you want a very high coverage. You may end up never needing care, but have paid hundreds of thousands in premiums, OR you may end up needing it - as far as USA being the best for health care, it depends, some people end up having specific surgeries in foreign countries, America is not immune from bad doctors and clinics, I guess it depends on the hospital / clinic / doctor. Doctors are often lured by big pharmas and drug companies to push their sales and pressure doctors in prescribing the medication, in exchange for gifts..... not a pair of socks, I mean cars, houses, travel, money, lavish lifestyles, anything they want. Luckily some doctors resist temptation, but some are virtually drug dealers for the pharmas :P

How many doctors are prescribing high blood pressure medication too early, instead of advising patients on changing lifestyle to reverse the condition, which is often possible when you are pre-hypertensive. I was pre-hypertensive for years, in fact there years where most of the time my BP was 135-140 / 90 systolic, with lifestyle changes and more activity I managed to sustain BPs in the optimal range <120/80 which is optimal normal range as per new guidelines, and at times 120-125/80-85 and maintained this for all these years, I did my own program. Doctors are too quick to prescribe anti-depression, diabetes meds, BP meds, etc instead of advising on lifestyle changes. Not saying that these medications have no use, they do, but often if you catch a condition early on, you can reverse it. There are people who have been insulin resistant and border line type 2 - they were able to reverse their condition through exercise and lifestyle changes. Not all doctors in the US are good, some are pure CROOKS and some hospitals are focusing more on their shareholders and board of directors, there has to be a certain number of tests, surgeries, prescriptions, etc, hospitals in America are not publicly funded so they need a minimum stream of income to survive, and teaching patients on prevention and self care won't cut it....... No doubt there are very good doctors and hospitals in the US, but there are very VERY bad ones too, and in Canada, even though our system is publicly funded, we have very very bad hospitals and very very bad doctors too - you are more likely to get better care in a good hospital in America, because they are not limited by a publicly funded budget, but you better cough up the money if you need care, some people have had their lives turned around from a hospital stay, and now they are in debt for their entire life struggling to pay a 6 figure hospital bill.

What a RIP OFF - it's almost organised CRIME over there, I mean hundreds of thousands for a short hospital stay ? Ridiculous, the medical industry is taking advantage and the prices are very unreasonable and abusive, I sometimes wonder how insurance companies put up with this. Ok equipment is expensive, but hospital execs are taking in HUGE salaries and some prices are way too high for the type of procedure. That person who spent a month in a hospital for COVID19, 1 million $ I mean come on, this is ridiculous here.

Next year my Medicare will kick in. That is presently about $145.00 per month for parts
A and B. That covers primarily hospital and doctor. It's more if you want part D which is
the drug prescription plan. I forget what part C is. I think there is more parts that those. lol

What coverage do you get for $145 a month in terms of hospital / tests / doctor ? is it unlimited or is there a ceiling, i.e. $1 million, etc. like insurance companies have a limit - In Canada health care is funded by the government (the public side anyway) through taxes, so the more you earn the higher your tax bracket, here we have both federal taxes and provincial taxes, and some provinces have a higher tax than others. For instance in one province if you earn past a certain amount, you would be paying 55% of your salary to the government, so for someone earning $50k a year they would pay half of it in taxes, that's way way more than $145 a month :mrgreen: and public health care covers hospitals and doctors, so if you go to the hospital you are covered, if you go to the doctors, clinic or hospital, all covered, of course travel by ambulance is not, you must pay. If you get local anesthesia for local procedures, you must pay the anesthesia. Of course drugs are not covered, you must pay them, though there is a public coverage with a franchise, for some meds which are eligible. So you see, a Canadian living in a specific province earning a good living year after year , could very well have paid over half a million $ worth in taxes in their working years. The good side though is people earning below a certain amount here, are exempt from paying taxes but they would be in the poverty bracket. Here in Canad < $30k a year is poverty :D What about people in America who do not work,
are they covered by something ? what if they cannot afford insurance or the $145 a month plan?

No, I don't have issues breathing. I may in the future at some point, that I don't know.

Well your condition can't be reversed, you have mild damage, you did the right thing stop smoking, so this can only but slow down progression of the condition, if you start smoking again it WILL get worse and faster, you will not reverse your condition by stopping smoking, but you will prevent further complications, luckily you can still breathe. Some people wait when it is too late and they are at a severe stage and difficulty breathing, they are diagnosed as COPD.

I am so thankful I never smoked in my life, one thing though, when I exercise vigorously I breathe hard and have a hard time catching my breath, I think I may have exercise-induced bronchoconstriction.

Here with insurance, we have an online chart. It relays our records and suggested tests
and physicals and vaccines, etc. For example if you are my age and have a past history
or present history of smoking cigarettes, it suggest the low dose ct scan. When it's time
for a flu vaccine, it relays that info. If it's time for a mammogram, it relays that. If I
want to have a face to face online visit with my doctor, I can do that there too. Altho I
never have had the need to, I simply go to the doctor in person. It's very neat to have
that because I can see all my test results, keep up with whatever tests I need to have, etc.

We have this system here too, you can look up your test results online, download, print them, etc.

Drug costs are very expensive. Not all, but many are. One drug I take is about $70 a
month. I'm anemic so I also take prescription Ferrous (iron) and it's only $4. I also take
high blood pressure med. All together, I'd say the cost for my prescriptions run about
$300 a month. However, I have insurance so I don't actually pay much out of pocket.

Yeah drugs are very expensive, companies make a huge profit and markup, when you consider that most are developed abroad.

Yeah, everything is plastic plastic plastic. Obviously the way the air fryers are made,
they don't emit fire to melt the plastic. I suppose the plastic that is used, is heat
resistant. When I remove the basket of food, it is hot but not very. The food is hot
but the basket not so much.

Hmmm I'm not familiar on how those things work, but hopefully it's not microwaves, because Microwaves are like that, the containers are not hot but the food is hot. I think the air fryers are more on the heat convection, there is likely a heating element somewhere just like an oven and a fan to circulate the air, but still, some of those can go up to 400F, is using plastics even safe ? Doesn't plastic leak toxic byproduct at certain temperature ? You can get a a good aluminum cookies sheet for your oven at the store, they are inexpensive, why didn't they use that. I can't imagine scorching hot food cooking at 400F sitting right on the plastic. I have NEVER used plastic for cooking, when heating or cooking stuff I have those tall cookie sheets made up of hard aluminum, or there are Pyrex trays made of glass.

Poll , Life Change » Post #43

Today, 13:57 in General Talk

josealvesjr wrote:

Not that there is any alternative to that (not yet). We all will and must face the music,

I agree, and we might already be facing the music in this life time because maybe in our past life we were very naughty :mrgreen:

over- complicate life. Life is easy but how to live it is complicated. It starts and ends with yourself.

Not all of it - we don't decide where we are born, there are people born in countries where drinking water and food are scarce and living conditions are abysmal, where people are skin and bones - there are billions of people on this messed up, F'ed up planet that have to live with this condition THEY did not chose and THEY could not control, there are conditions and circumstances in life that require resources and help from others.

Everybody is responsible for his/her own life story, no excuses.You write the script and make it as easy or difficult as you want.

True and false - there are circumstances that happen to people beyond control - some people have a string of bad luck over and over, they try to get back up and they fall the F down again, and no matter how hard they try they fail, yet you have people barely lift a bloody finger and get by, there is luck and circumstances and environment. Some people's lives have been RUINED by the actions of others. I don't think we make our script I think people have destinies, some people are lucky by nature, others are SHIT magnets, the idea is how we learn to live and cope with what we have and make the best of it if it is even possible - MONEY runs the world, and is often based on corruption - a lot of people want out of their shitty situation in life, but cannot do so alone, not everyone is fortunate to have a family, friends and good people around willing to help - are we going to blame those people ? Is it their fault ? Why did I say true and false, because yes it is true that some people do write their life, some people have put themselves in those situations by their action and their action alone, and thus are responsible for the crap they are in, but not everyone who has a shitty life has been responsible. The CHARLATANS, FRAUD ARTISTS and CROOKS who preach on TV and online through ministries, it's easy for them to spew all this bullshit because they conveniently take people's g money, it's no wonder they live in huge mansions, lavish lifestyles, luckily they get exposed. There are people who can take thousands of $ to spend hours in a conference teaching the story of life, all they see are dollar signs and thousands of gullible part with their money, many of those well known motivators and preachers were found to be FRAUDs - Look at Don Lapree as ONE example among many, for years he has held seminars to teach people how to be financially successful, etc, turns out he was a criminal, a big fraud, crook, criminal, and he killed himself. A lot of those motivational speakers live lavish lifestyle from preaching - not because they followed the advice they preach, so yeah, you are responsible for the most part for your life and your decisions and some of your decisions will influence your future for the better or worse, but this does not mean that everybody's lives are turned around by their own decisions.

Celine Dion was born in a shitty, poor neighbourhood, in the ghetto, she's not all that attractive, I don't think she is at all, and as to her singing and voice, well, in my opinion she is overrated, there are better singers than her........who was her saving grace ? Rene Angelil who gambled his life savings on her, if not for Rene Angelil, Celine would not be where she is today, and even Celine herself admitted it and said so publicly, somehow people come along into your life and have the resources to help you - in this case Angelil had the MONEY, something Celine did NOT have !!! and to get to the top in this industry you need MONEY and CONTACTS, she just had the easier path to success thanks to an old fellow who fancied her and thought she had potential and boy did it pay off for both of them, the guy could gamble millions of $ in an evening in a casino and still have enough money to feed an entire poor country !!!

Love yourself so you can love others

Makes sense, but what about people who love themselves and hate others ?

Trust yourself so you can trust others

Well you know the expression trust yourself and yourself only, I learned the lesson the hard way, all I did in my life is trust people, and each time I get stabbed in the back, betrayed and lied to, the very same people I have helped and had a major influence in where they are now, comfortably earning money from an opportunity I had suggested and made happen, whilst I struggle here doing surveys. Sometimes the people who stab you in the back are the ones you least expect it from and the ones you trust the most.

Poll , Life Change » Post #42

Today, 13:35 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
Darkstar2 wrote: Tasman1 you should apply for Britain's Got Talent, why put all the comedy to waste :lol: :P

Lockdown , [ jail ] in progress

B.T.W. , with all of his philosophy do you think that josealvesjr is maybe priest ?

Hmm, not all philosophers are priests and not all priests are philosophers, I will reply to his post, agree partially, the part I don't agree with is that you have full control over your life - there are things you can and cannot control, it's called circumstances. Some people are where they are right now because they were at the right place at the right time and had the right neighbours, friends, contacts etc, I do believe in a luck of the draw aspect, there is also an aspect you can control, is he a priest, I don't think so, why do you say that Tasman1, do you think priests are perfect ? :lol:

Poll , Life Change » Post #40

Today, 12:23 in General Talk

Tasman1 you should apply for Britain's Got Talent, why put all the comedy to waste :lol: :P

And You Are ......... » Post #8

Today, 10:40 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Guess.

Well it's not Tasman1 (shockingly) he said he was a manipulator - but there again it does sound Tasman-ish to vote eliminator, so you never know - :lol: so I voted creator, and tasman1 manipulator, then you have the silent members who do not post but answer polls, so I don't know really even to make a guess - if Biden was a member I'd guess Biden, he will eliminate the entire economy and hope for recovery :lol: and he already eliminated his adversary to a rigged election, but sine Biden is not a member here, I really do not know. A silent killer maybe among us, hopefully not Canadian :mrgreen:

And You Are ......... » Post #6

Today, 09:02 in General Talk

Your poll might trigger homeland security :lol: So who's the eliminator here ? :P

Walmart in my area - TP = 0 » Post #27

Today, 09:00 in General Talk

valerie wrote: I smoked about a pack a day for many years.

:o I guess that explains it, I must have smoked the equivalent of several cigarette factories in second hand smoke :mrgreen: Some people smoke like chimneys and have no lung problems, go figure......

Why is relying on vaccines wrong? Do you realize the number of diseases and
deaths we would have if it not for vaccines? Polio in the 50's was a biggie and
vaccines eradicated that horrific disease. There is flu shots that no doubt save
many lives not to mention prevent people from getting sick.

Oh I should have been more specific, I am talking specifically about COVID19. The other vaccines you talk about were proven and effective and the conditions were contained a long time ago. In the case of COVID19 it is a HIGHLY infectious virus that is out of control, with vaccines that have been rushed with unproven methods and smaller trial samples with skipped phases. During a VICIOUS outbreak like the one the world is having, it is dangerous to rely entirely on the NEWS of vaccines, what it means is that people should not let their guards down (those who give a crap about rules), they should continue wearing masks and the population should continue stopping the spread, to bring cases down to a minimum, the danger of these NEW vaccines is people just easing out and figuring the vaccine will save them later, and this opinion is aligned with epidemiologists, CDC, WHO, etc. Yes I am aware that vaccines over the years has saved a lot of lives and ended outbreaks, but in the middle of a pandemic, people should try to stop the spread !!! and not rely strictly on NEWS of vaccines that were not even APPROVED yet and NOT EVEN DISTRIBUTED YET, the process is long, and increasing spread won't help - It's likely that people will have to live this pandemic for a long time to come, reaching herd immunity from the vaccines will take a very long time, meanwhile people should let their guards down - and should the vaccine prove to be safe, there needs to be a massive campaign to convince AT LEAST 75% of the population to get vaccinated, because this is what it will take to tame the pandemic, like the Flu, cases will not drop to 0 that is IMPOSSIBLE, but at least numbers will be so low that it won't be a public risk anymore, and once the vaccine proves effective in the REAL WORLD not just a small sample trial, then more people will get it, so the few cases going around won't be an issue anymore. Meanwhile, the vaccine is just NEWS, nothing more, people are too excited yet the vaccine was not reviewed and approved yet by the FDA. We should not rely entirely on the vaccine YET, it's too early, we should rely on the guidelines in place FIRST, and then once the vaccine is in play, OFFICIALLY, and distributed on a large scale, then it will be another story, I think that is reasonable, and this is NOT telling people not to rely on the vaccine when it is distributed.

Everyone will not get the vaccine on the same day. At least not in the USA. The
first people to get the vaccine will be healthcare workers and after that, nursing
home patients.

Which is reasonable, hospital and healthcare workers are the most vulnerable along with nursing home patients and elderly, with or without underlying conditions - you will know in time if the vaccine works as you hear less and less cases, this will be encouraging news that hopefully will convince the general population. Of course government, defense, military, they will likely get it next, and of course the rich :D RIGHT NOW recent polls are not encouraging. In Canada polls show that more than half will take it, which is not enough for required immunity in the population. In the USA even worse, less than half of Americans, again, shy of the 75-80% needed. Of course, this is subject to change, eventually people will be so desperate when they see dead bodies all around from this dangerous virus, they will eventually make the right decision - hopefully it doesn't have to come to that, hopefully people won't wait for the Zombie Apocalypse and half of American population taken away by this virus to act...........

Well, I don't know about dentists in Canada but I dentists are very good in the
USA are very good. The dentist I go to does not get paid per tooth. lol

Well, there are bad doctors too in both US and Canada, it's certainly not better in the US, or in Canada, both have their share of malpractice and big money interests - although here in Canada we have a public health care system funded by a budget, paid for by yours truly, the tax payers, so care is FREE here, and it comes with its downsides, people are waiting 6 month to YEARS to get needed tests, surgeries, treatments! but at least nobody here is footing million $ bills from hospital stay. In the US there is more bias for profitability, hospitals get a ton of money from insurance and from patients, even if they often settle for a reduced bill for patients who cannot afford the entire amount, they make tons of money - they often will run these places like a market, pushing surgeries, treatments, that are often not the best course for patients. There are certain areas here in Canada that are not covered by the public health care system, such as dentists, you must pay your visit, and on average for a checkup and cleaning session it can run you an easy $200 and above, or $260+ if you get xrays, and these sessions are less than 60 minutes! For fillings, it's usually in the $40-$50 per filling. My impact wisdom tooth extraction surgery would have cost me $75 at my regular dentist. It cost me $300 at the specialist, and surgery took 25 minutes and I was back home, only took Tylenol twice and that was it. Here in Canada healthcare is on a very tight budget, so this means doctors have quotas of patients, there are quotas / limits on surgery, etc, so hospitals have no interests to prescribe stay and surgeries, of course we also have PRIVATE clinics that are not funded by the government, and this is the place to go to when patients are in a rush for tests or procedure they would have to wait otherwise months to years for.

Example, if you need an MRI, for instance of your knee, good luck here you would need to wait a year, maybe 2, maybe more. You can go to a private clinic and get an appointment within 1 week, and pay a nice sum of $780 !

There was the story months ago about a person who was infected with COVID19 and was admitted to the hospital, spend a few months there in the US and the bill was around a million $ !!! This is a LIFE changer.

Yes in some air fryers you can cook most anything. Mine even has a 'bake'
setting. They are very easy to clean. Most have a basket and that is where
you place the food.

With holes at the bottom, I saw in a video (Pro Home Cooks channel) the guy put bacon at the top basket and sliced potatoes at the bottom, imagine, I watched those videos before bed time :mrgreen: Luckily I had my late night snack a few hours ago, apples, cinnamon and walnuts :D

All of them are plastic except for maybe a Ninja that has
a ceramic basket. All you do to clean is pull the basket out and either wash it

PLASTIC ???? How does that work out, with 400F temps that's a hazard, doesn't the plastic melt, or release toxins ?
I thought the basket was made of steal or the same material as a cooking pan / pot or aluminum but not plastic.

I also saw a video (from Pro Home Cooks) and he was using a pressure cooker air fryer combo, of course it's a much bigger unit, he roasted a whole chicken in one - I was impressed when he made banana bread, it looks delicious :D he also did fried banana chips....... one I liked is the apple pies he made, small, pop-tarts sized apple pies. As to fried Kale chips, I dunno, it's hard to imagine the taste.........

Walmart in my area - TP = 0 » Post #25

Today, 01:15 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Yep, PineCone gives you the boot very quickly if you don't go over and do
every survey they send you. If you miss a few in a row, they simply kick
you out. No goodbyes either.

That's quite disgusting, I was never told or even warned, what unethical practice, I've been with them for years and di every single one of their surveys, it's not like I am the only one doing surveys, if I skip a few, others will do them, they just pick other people at random, it's not like I skipped 100's, I skipped a few, it's ridiculous. Imagine ySense banning members for not doing ALL the survey invites :P

The scan was for lung but it does see the heart too. It's that new lung scan
that rotates the scan imagery. Yes, I am a former smoker.

That's it, you probably were a heavy smoker too ....... I consider myself lucky I never smoked once in my life, I tried ONCE in kindergarten or was it in primary school, i begged the teacher to try once, she made me promise never to ever smoke, I kept my promise, I am thankful I tried at least, never smoked. BUT unfortunately I was exposed a lot to second hand smoke, when I was working and there were no laws on smoking yet, people at my workplace were all smoking, it was like being in a chimney :lol: hopefully did it not do too much damage.

Lymph nodes are common on the lung but they should be small and not grow.
That is why I will have a scan in 3 months to see if it is growing. If it's grown,
that is bad news. The good news is, early detection is always best.

True, maybe you had a prior bacterial infection, condition that caused it, if every person did a full body scan in their life, they would probably be shocked by what they found, many people have benign stuff in their body, some people have benign growths on their lungs, kidneys, liver, etc, though lymph nodes growth is concerning, most of the time it's nothing, but the concerning part is that you've been a smoker, so yeah follow-up is the best policy.

I think the ONLY thing that is going to save the day is a vaccine.

ahahaha you see this is part of the problem, people are too reliant on vaccines, this is wrong, so do you assume that 75% of Americans will accept the vaccine because that is the MINIMUM it takes to MAYBE get herd you think 75% of Americans will be vaccinated in 2021, that is very unrealistic and very unlikely. Vaccination WILL start in 2021, but you won't get herd immunity anytime soon, not in 2021, and this is assuming the vaccine will even work - none of the vaccine trials actually tested against COVID19, and mRNA was never used in a vaccine before, so this is a HUGE gamble, this vaccine was RUSHED, all the trial proved is that the body generated antibodies to the engineered protein spikes, it proves nothing, can it actually protect against the real virus, well.........what about the 10% of people who still got infected, this is concerning, so you would likely need 85%+ vaccination to compensate.

You'll love this.... My neighbor was telling me his son said people are fearing
the vaccine because they think a tracking chip will be in it.

This is insane and makes no sense, if there were tracking chips they would likely be under the skin, NOT circulating in our blood, unless they somehow manage to create liquid chips, NOT a good idea to use chips in vaccines and why ? They already track people who are vaccinated anyway, and there are COVID19 tracking apps, this is just people listening to the bullshit conspiracy theories and propaganda they read on FB and other places online, the whole Microsoft created chip endorsed by Bill Gates, and all that garbage :mrgreen: If government wanted to track people there is technology for that, they can do so using drones, satellites from above, and besides people are on their smart phones, online, etc, no chips needed, it's insane that people worry more about chips in the vaccine than fearing for its actual safety :lol: say as in "Hey I'm worried taking a vaccine that took only months to create when usually vaccines take 10 years" type of ears, now THAT would be reasonable. Latest polls show only a minority would take the vaccine, NOT enough for herd immunity, so the vaccine will NOT be the solution - even Dr. Faucci said so, and even the WHO, the guy's name I cannot pronounce, said that at this point the vaccine alone will not be enough, you won't get herd immunity overnight, and vaccinating 75-85% of the population will take LOTS of time, keep in mind it is 2 doses, 21 days apart, initially it will be given to health workers and vulnerable - if it can help create immunity in health care facilities and hospitals first (staff that is) that would be great. They must obviously give it to the military, government, it won't take before the 2nd half of 2021 for the actual population to get it, and most people will want to wait to know that it is safe first, could trail on to mid to end 2022........meanwhile if people act like a bunch of idiots that they are, ignoring rules, the virus WILL continue to spread out of control. Creating herd immunity is very long process, people who think the vaccine will wipe the pandemic in 2021, are highly mistaken, and it is DANGEROUS to think so because now people are just going loose on restrictions and just ignoring everything thinking the vaccine as the Second Coming Of Christ :P The only reason companies were rushed to announce good news of a vaccine is conveniently to help boost their stocks (after all the whole think is politics and BIG money interest), so inflate stocks and increase the general market indices, but announcing such news WILL have a negative impact on cases that will rise because people think the vaccine will end the pandemic in January..........NOT good.

Yep, dentists are always busy. Tuesday is D day. lol

Yeah dentists are busy drilling holes in people's teeth that really don't need fillings, some dentists are quick to take the filling route, when most of the times you can catch decay early on and tell your patients to take care of their brushing in that area, and in time a tooth can actually mineralise and repair itself if the damage is not too deep.......but of course dentists would rather drill holes......often the early decay is small, but when they drill they drill big holes to fit in the fillings. D day as in DRILLING......drill drill drill, i cannot stand dentists, just the noise, even for a standard checkup and cleanup I am nervous, and to think when I was a kid I used to get cold fillings, without anesthesia, I was afraid of the needle, but my threshold of pain was great so much that I did not feel a thing getting teeth filled and drilled into. NOW, no way, even with numbing and I feel it...I changed dentists a while ago, new one is better and does not push fillings like a drug dealer :mrgreen: when there is sign of decay and it is early, it is placed on follow-up, no need for fillings yet, I once had an impacted and ingrown wisdom tooth surgically removed, it was below the gum, so went to a specialist dentist, did not feel a thing, did not even need sedation, just the standard shot and spray, he is a University Professor at a well established University, cost 3 times more but was worth it at the time, sometimes the dentist makes a huge difference, some dentists are so bad it's like you are going in the torture chamber :D

Air fryer, not small unless you buy a small one. Mine is 8 quart so it holds a lot.
Nope, no meatballs.

I was watching videos on YouTube, this guy making all kinds of stuff in it, ribs, bread, banana bread, crisps, even pizza :D Are these easy to clean ?

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tasman1 wrote:
Darkstar2 wrote: You have a very wild imagination, you belong in the "creator" category - P.S. Depopulator ? :lol: what is that ? :P
I voted for Creator.

Looks like we have at least 1 serial killer here......someone voted eliminator :D

Depopulator....a human who causes a decrease in population [ nice and gentle job :twisted: ]

lol - right........ You forgot 1 choice in the poll, exterminator :D

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You have a very wild imagination, you belong in the "creator" category - P.S. Depopulator ? :lol: what is that ? :P
I voted for Creator.

Looks like we have at least 1 serial killer here......someone voted eliminator :D

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tasman1 wrote:
valerie wrote: Silly ape, your head is full of nana's.

No joke , read here about current lemon price from govt

ATTENTION: lemon prices are very high.
With Australian lemons being a winter fruit we normally rely on imported ones from USA and Egypt to circulate this time of year....but with very limited amounts coming in it has really forced lemon prices up.
Prices are easily 3 times as much as what they would be normally!!

What I did write in above price was correct yesterday but not today

Back from shop , lemon price 19.99 per kg
.....and yes , we blame USA and Egypt , blah , that is sh.t,,,, cut it down US and Egypt or we will declare war

Interesting Tasman1, don't worry, Lemon prices are going down drastically, the Democrats won, so Lemons availability has skyrocketed, there is lots for the grabbing :P For American citizens, lemons are free, thank you Biden :mrgreen:

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valerie wrote: I'm more of a product reviewer and tester.

Understand, I am not knocking anyone that does the low paying surveys.
They do add up if you do enough of them.

Well it adds up to more frustration than anything else and lack of motivation seeing earnings drop month to month. If I had more opportunity I would take them, just like I did when one came my way in the early days, unfortunately it was cut short because of an incompetent, rude and corrupt community leader and new product manager. There is no product testing opportunities and big projects available in Canada like in the US. The only panel I was a member of where I tested products at home was Pinecone, but the amount of surveys was low, at most a few every month, $3 each, and $6 for product testing, but was banned permanently from them even though I had an account in excellent standing and was active for years with them, they banned me because I ignored a few survey invites, imagine the FILTH of a company they are, I was committed to a full time freelance + my regular job, I warned them in advance I would be unable to take part in surveys that month, I ignored only 2 or 3 invites and they ban me. Nowhere in their terms of service does it say anything about that, I tried to plead with them to reinstate me but their support became so RUDE over the year - there is 1 person there which I won't name, who does support, she is arrogant. It's a shame because I liked Pinecone. Imagine if ySense banned members for ignoring survey invites :lol: it makes no damn sense !!! Pinecone was added my shit list, I didn't expect that low blow from that panel to be honest, and what is worse is that nothing was in the terms that I needed to commit to taking ALL their damn surveys, and I even warned them in advance. I could understand if my account was inactive for a lengthy period, but ignoring only a few invites, that's so low and DISGUSTING, from a company that only sent me 2-3 if lucky, surveys a month, what do they expect, for me to stay glued in front of my computer expecting their e-mail ? I was earning 4 figures a month for crying out loud, Pinecone was the last on my list at the time.

So there is no choice for now to deal with the low paid surveys, though there are a few >$1 unfortunately they are mostly off quota. I've caught quite a LOT in July-August_Sept, in fact most were >1 during those months.

I cannot believe how Peanut Labs survey rates has dropped lately, majority now are under 50 cents, I cannot understand how the hell they price their surveys. I managed to take a $10 consumer survey some months ago, another $3 and $6 on consumer topics, short surveys, YET I see 30 minutes surveys for 15 cents, 25 cents, ridiculous, sometimes I think they use random number generators for determining rates - I managed to dig deep and find out that these survey publishers are paying sometimes in excess of $25-$50+ per surveys, and yet we are given CENTS, goes to show how cheap companies are -they demand data quality, but they are unwilling to PAY for quality, they want quality and pay cheaply......Luckily one can find higher paid surveys through Samplicious and YourSurveys (CINT).
PollFish, publishers pay STARTING from $1 per survey published. We get 8 bloody cents. If we had Poll Fish stand alone, we would be getting 25 cents or more. Surveys through offer walls is really REALLY bad.

Then I had an appointment this month for a CT Chest low dose scan. Came back my heart is

Isn't that an echocardiogram for checking the heart structure ?

but shows I have mild emphysema and a large lymph node of unknown etiology. So
I have another appointment in three months for another scan to see if the lymph node is

Are you a smoker ? or were you a smoker ?

There were days my sister and I had to do some major shopping this month. That consumed
several days. In the State of Kentucky the spread is growing. Kind of funny because we went
thru McDonalds today for a coke, and saw a vehicle with New York plates. People are leaving
New York in droves and heading to the States with less covid. Unfortunately, not much safety
any where now.

This is VERY BAD and concerning - because this will contribute to spreading the virus and causing a surge across all states - this is exactly what the VIRUS wants everyone to do :) Someone needs to order restrictions to lock borders between states, it's NOT a good thing to travel FROM or TO hot zone states, this is so irresponsible and contributing to the spread. What happened in New York ? They were able to contain the spread, I guess the not so brilliant idea to re-open schools and not enforce or continue to enforce measures ...... I think America has crossed the point of no return, they can officially consider the pandemic out of control and no longer controllable - I do not think any vaccine will save the day, too many infections, the large number of cases will further delay this pandemic, even if a vaccine is given, it would have to be given to at least 75% or more Americans for herd immunity (assuming the vaccine even actually works against COVID19. It was not actually tested with actual COVID19. No vaccine trial infected volunteers, all they know is that their vaccine generates our immune response to the engineered spike proteins created by our cells through messenger RNA (mRNA), an unproven method, never before used in vaccines, so just because they got 95% success in trials, does not mean the vaccine actually will specifically protect against COVID19, so yeah, United States of America, all the resources in the world and technology and they were unable to control this g pandemic, it's sad, look at Canada with its lack of proper government, limited resources, it managed well, other than the 2 hot provinces, the number of cases per capita is a fraction of that of the US. Trump saved the economy by re-opening, BUT he should have taken the virus seriously and enforced restrictions to contain spread, just like other countries have, without necessarily shutting down everything, just like Canada did, unfortunately Trump had the silly idea the virus would disappear on its own like magic, poor Trump, so naïve, leave the MAGIC to the Democrat Biden, he is a magician, and only him can make the virus vanish (note sarcasm :D) sadly, I think his crisis management or mismanagement cost him the election.

The ONE good thing our government is going is keeping our borders to the US shut down to non essential travel, what this means concretely is that we don't want travelers from hot zones coming here, because travelers is what started the pandemic in the first place - yes it's hurting our tourism here, and it's hurting American tourism as well because many Canadians flock to the US in the winter as well, but it's a good decision for now.

As far as your lymph node, well, whenever a doctor says the word "unknown" is when you should worry, it means they don't know - Lymph nodes don't just grow like that for no reason, the first thing that goes through your mind is cancer, but there are other reasons too, maybe they did not find one, it's possible that you had a prior infection that has disappeared, sometimes lymph nodes will remain enlarged, as long as they do not continue growing. It's a good thing to follow-up on it though, hopefully it's of benign origin.

Next week I have a dental appointment to have my teeth cleaned and one filling replaces.

A rather busy month.

You sure are keeping the dentists busy during the pandemic :mrgreen:

The air fryer I have cooked fries, potato wedges, whole potato, sweet potato, fish of various,
dinner rolls, veggies, and more. I mainly like it for those items I listed, potato and fish.

Interesting of course it does not replace an actual fryer, and the quantity of food you can prepare at once is small.
I should consider that one day, it's a healthier alternative to frying or getting those frozen fries, they are per-cooked and soaked in oil I guess. Have you ever tried doing meatballs in the air fryer, fried meatballs mmmmm :D

Meditation » Post #7

Sat Nov 21, 2020 18:51 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote:
valerie wrote: I can't do it. I don't know how to clear my head.

Same here , my last chance is to drill a hole in my brain and empty all content in toilet

Lemon 17.00 per kg from 4.50 2 week ago

Onion 4.50-7.00 per kg from 1.50 per kg

:lol: :lol: :lol: no bananas ? :P

Meditation is not what I need, how about some regression therapy to tap into some past lives - how cool is THAT :mrgreen:

Movie sprouting - Banned in some countries » Post #5

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My review on the movie now that you've ALL been waiting for :lol:

Let's see, I was not going to watch this initially, I was afraid it was going to be yet another one of those low budget indie film crap, but I ended up watching it, I can see now why it is banned in some countries, it's called suppression of truth, there is a real problem, and this movie does a really good job at exposing this problem and this generation, but the the powers that be are trying to suppress truth. First, about the acting, some people say it is really bad, actually it isn't, the acting from the girls is spot on, this is exactly how kids that age act and talk, so they were acting the role great, the only thing that makes me angry is parts where 13 and 14 year olds are talking about oops almost wrote the F word, but in many places in the movie they refer to F'ing other guys, sucking on stuff, etc, kids that age should not be acting like adults nor talking like adults nor doing such acts, is this movie over the top ? NO !!! It's reality, I've been in school, and this is exactly how many girls that age talked - teen pregnancy is an epidemic, and kids so young start to talk like adults and act like adults, and UNFORTUNATELY they are pray to PEDOPHILES and sex predators - this is what the other movie with an inappropriate name on Netflix was trying to convey albeit with a disgusting title, but sadly kids DO act this way, and in the case of this movie they show 2 girls, but guys talk like that too - and when you have 13 year olds talking about going to party, to take hard drugs, DRINK and F guys, that's very disturbing. Great story though, Megan who is 14 was that popular girl in school, with a reputation of being a slut, going to parties, getting wasted whatever, she cared of her status and hung out with popular and cool boys, whilst her unlikely friend Amy, who is 13 is the more shy and reserved girl who gets judged by her looks, so she clings onto the friendship of the popular girl.

One part that really gets to you - you see the 14 year old girl as being that slut, but at one point you see a part where she talks about her difficult childhood, here is a scene that really makes you think........the part where she said that at 9 her dad F'ed her, and that it has been going on for 2 years, with her mother knowing but denying, etc, this kind of shit is so common today, it's sad, you could see the expression on the girl's face as she was documenting her story to the camera, really sad and disturbing, but I don't get it, if she was abused by her own pedophile, shit for brain father, why is she acting like a slut and looking for trouble ? You would think that if you are abused like that you would avoid such activity no ?

So yeah the acting from the girls was not bad, because they were in their role, that's how people that age talk, or most people :) I believe the bad actors in this movie were the parents, really really bad acting, and another disturbing one is when Megan was talking on the phone with Amy, in her room, not your typical conversation but she was telling her friend what that guy's you know what tasted like, and at that moment her mother came int he room to ask Megan to go to sleep. I mean seriously ? Some parents she has, no concern of what her daughter was doing, talking to or talking about, the same mother who did nothing when her husband was shagging his own daughter FFS !!! it's hard not to be upset when you see such scenes, but I guess that was the goal of the movie, to raise awareness, it did a great job.

There are however open holes and unexplained events in the movie - That guy Josh, you would think it was just some normal boy she met online, but it's funny, just hearing his voice and his creepy "hmmm" I knew right away this guy was trouble - it shows you girls at that age can be so gullible, this one area I think the writers failed - they did NOT show the scene where the girl went to the party and did not find Josh, but Josh was there just stalking at the distance. It would have been nice to include that scene for context - after all they DID include the 1st party scene, why not add the second one...... Another ridiculous scene they should have just deleted, because it served no purpose to the story, was the reenactment of the kidnapping - that was just a filler, it was useless to the story, they could have done without that.

and finally the last 22 minutes of the movie - people who are severely depressed, or anxious or are very emotional or sensitive should not watch this unsupervised or at all - maybe this was what got the movie banned - This is not really a horror movie, not a scary one, but a very VERY disturbing one. I guess the last scene was somewhat long and trailed on, but it really gets to you, in terms of raising awareness by provoking emotion and ANGER was the goal, you get to see finally who this Josh person was and treated the girls like his slaves. There is a rape scene, of course you only see focus on the girls face, very very disturbing and hard to watch, I cannot imagine what the actors cast for such role go through, do they get traumatised playing these roles, the acting, emotion and direction was spot on, very real and very convincing, and if this is what it takes to raise awareness, GOOD, sometimes it takes non conventional methods to reach to people - they should show this movie to all kids in school, even though I don't think parents would like that, BUT kids should be made more aware of the dangers of online chat or engaging in activities they should not be doing at their age - parents should watch this movie, CARING parents, not the shit for brains parents like the ones in the movie...... the scene goes on but it doesn't end there, the most disturbing part is after......the digging part was too much, they could have removed some of it, BUT I guess they intentionally kept you in suspense, was she going to escape, was he going to let them go, I guess the directors meant for this scene to generate feelings of anger, disgust and sadness, it worked, the girl was begging for her life trapped in a barrel, whilst that cold blooded stone cold criminal kept digging until finally she was buried utterly disturbing, and the movie ends....... Even more sad, Amy who tried exposing "Josh" got in the middle of it, and she was kidnapped too - they both ended up buried - the girl who was shown being raped was Amy, Megan but first Amy was shown her best friend Megan dead inside a barrel, now I know what politically correct people will say, that these scenes are very disturbing and not a good way to raise awareness, I say to that, BULLSHIT ! I think this is exactly we need to raise awareness, something that can really get kids' attention because otherwise if you tell kids not to chat online, or to be careful , they won't F'ing listen to you, but this kind of thought provoking awareness gets the attention of parents and kids.

So this movie really generates a plethora of emotions - initially anger because of the slut behaviour and the kind of discussions of these girls, and I know it is true because in school I heard the same kind of talk. Of course I was in the 1% of boys that was not like the boys portrayed in the movie, but nothing in the movie is over exaggerated it's real alright. So initially anger, then you get to learn about Megan's childhood, then you see the scenes of the party with the drugs, people all high and drunk, so anger and disgust, is that what kids feel they should do to be accepted by their peers ? then the last scene, anger and sadness - people who don't cry or shed tears easily would shed at least a few tears watching the last 22 minutes, unless that person is a pedophile, serial killer, sex predator, etc. it's hard not to have any reaction watching this highly disturbing movie - for a low budget, independent film, I think it did a very good job - but I am a big fan of film and art I was curious to see why this movie was banned, and I remember of how I was judged in school for not being into drugs, partying, and stuff shown in the movie. I did have one bad encounter with chatting online with someone, now some people say why girls ? this can happen to boys, well not exactly, I don't think you hear much stories of boys being stalked and raped by girls. I made once a big mistake of using my REAL name online and someone found my through the phone book and ringed me in the early morning on my g birthday, my heart almost stopped - I was LIVID, a lot went through my mind, and it turns out we developed some kind of friendship, we talked on the phone many times, she was telling me her life stories basically I was the one mostly doing the listening for a few hours and little talking :D it was never question of meeting me but she wanted to see what I looked like, and I kept refusing, so we talked and talked eventually I found out she was more than twice my age :lol: of course lucky for me, it turns out she was not a serial killer, but she did threaten more than once to show up at my door step and I kept begging her NOT to, there was one time she could not stop calling me and calling me over and over, I had enough one day and asked her to stop and told her off, ok it turns out it was innocent and her intentions were not bad, but I think she had issues, something was not right, but nothing too concerning, we shared a lot of things in common, but eventually as years went by we stopped talking - from that moment on I learned my lesson, never EVER reveal information online under ANY circumstances, she did end up sending me a picture of her, uhuh, more than twice my age, uhuh, she had a daughter, uhuh, I was very uncomfortable, all I was looking for was just chatting online, not meeting and not talking hours over the phone, though to be honest, I did enjoy the phone conversations, LOL I should have been a psychiatrist, I would have made lots of money, apparently I am a good listener, so yeah my situation could have ended up like in the movie, I was lucky, from that point on learned my lesson.

If this movie can be seen by teenagers and pre-teens, GREAT, it WILL generate very strong emotions, but that's what it takes to raise awareness, and watching these kinds of movies makes me more and more want to get involved in raising awareness.

As far as that other movie on netflix with the title starting with C, I don't think I'm going to watch it, the title is disgusting, and in terms of raising awareness, I have a feeling that Megan Is Missing did a better job, and with a better more appropriate title than that pedophile friendly title on Netflix.

So yeah overall, good one, nice catch Valerie, and this one was in colour too - this has to be one of the most disturbing independent film I have seen by far. I think ALL parents should watch it, they will get a look at what their kids do when they are not looking, how they act, what they say, whom they talk to, and what can happen to them if they act like that - but there is a risk - some parents might become over protective and forbid their children from ever leaving the house :D That would be bad - I think that is not the purpose of the movie, just raise awareness, be careful, don't chat up some random guy online just because he looks cute, don't meet up some random guy at the back of diners or in secluded areas, never do so ALONE, ...... also kids should be made aware, people can change their identities online, LIE about their age, some guys can pretend to be their age, PEDOPHILES and SEX PREDATORS use online platforms !!! kids should be aware, nobody can say it enough, this world is full of predators.

Another great initiative to raise awareness was that series to catch a predator, hosted by Chris Hansen, they had people act as decoy online to lure predators into a home where they thought they were meeting a minor for sex, and when the predator shows up at the house he was greeted by the crew and confronted, it's sad to think that this kind of shit happens daily, and making lots of victims, I think there should be more movies like that to be honest, again, nothing is made up in the movie, it's all real, this kind of stuff happens, parents, this is what your kids ARE doing and how they are behaving, yeah MOST of them yeah, at those ages they are not talking about their studies and what they wanna do in life :P

The actors they cast for the roles, are they really minors ??? I hope that they are using this opportunity to raise awareness to their peers, those 22 last minuets are bone chilling, it's a shame we don't get to see if this shit for brain "Josh" gets caught, but apparently in the real life those girls were not found yet ? They are likely dead, though events in the movie happen in real life, it's not exactly what happened in regards to those 2 girls, but these events were inspired by actual events. Good job for the director and especially the last 22 minutes, it looks very real, very convincing, and one part that really upset me is the scene where Megan's friends confront Amy and blame her for Megan's disappearance - how selfish, too bad Amy did not talk back to them, that part was very disturbing to watch, instead of showing compassion and empathy, these girls tried to lay on the guilt.

So what do you have for us next Valerie ? :lol:

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tasman1 wrote: Just to add a bit salt and hot chili on our wounds :twisted: :evil:

There is no another life once we are dead , dead is dead and we will never live again

Wow that is depressing - to think we are going through this life for nothing - so I guess you've been there and came back to let us know right ? :P I hate to break the news to you, but you are ALL wrong, I have the ultimate answer to what death is, and some will not like it, so be warned, sensitive readers you were warned.

When we die, we spend 350 years eating chocolate, all kinds of chocolates. We are in a hexagon shaped capsule that is spinning and we eat unlimited supply of chocolates, and to those who think this is a heaven, think again, imagine the implications of spending your entire time eating chocolate, after 350 years you are evaluated by the judge, if you are still not ready, you will be given another 350 years sentence but this time you'll be eating chocolates AND pickles, alternating between both...after which you will be given your final ultimate judgment, if you fail, you will be sentenced to eternity eating rancid meatloaf, if you pass, the gates of paradise will open for you, you need a score of A to pass, a score of higher than C+ (B) will get you reincarnated in Purgatory (Earth). I hope this clears all doubts once and for all.

One idea here is how to make it look that you will live much longer ,here it is
Do NOTHING for rest of your life , have a watch next to you , look it for min 16 hours a day non stop , do nothing , think nothing just look that watch , look it until your time come to die .... yeah , every single day will look like a year and it will look to you that you live for million year,,, try it now for only 1 year and tell me what is your opinion about that :evil: :evil:

and the Nobel prize goes to..Tasman1 for his brilliant ideas, best idea I read so far - cheers :D

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valerie wrote: FedEx does not have one box on their trucks. :lol:
The trucks are loaded with deliveries.

I know that obviously carriers have a delivery route for more than one customer :D I've had stuff delivered by them before, never groceries or very large items. The largest I have ever ordered are full computer upgrades, that came in large boxes, but nowhere as heavy as groceries, like I said my conveyor belt idea might be innovative, conveyor belts from all grocery stores directly to people's homes, no need for delivery - the store clerks just put items on the belts and they travel to their destinations :D

Items ordered at Walmart for delivery, usually come by way of FedEx. This includes grocery
items that are not cold food items. People can order cold food items too if they want to go
to the Walmart physically and pick up the order. When ordering groceries for pick up, you do
not go inside the Walmart store. You park in the pick up location, they come out and put the
groceries in your vehicle.

We have this in Canada as well, there is something called curb side pick-up. Most people here go in person though, in the first wave there were strict measures, nowadays, a lot of stores are slacking on the restrictions, people don't wear masks or fewer wear masks, people are just fed up, some grocery stores have better measures than others.

FedEx, USPS, and other delivery services do deliver heavy items. That's why they have
dollys in their trucks. If something is too heavy, they put it on the dolly. In regards to
throwing packages, I'd say most do not do that. The FedEx and USPS delivery guys and
gals in my area, never have thrown packages.

It's difficult to throw boxes of groceries, unless you are incredible hulk :lol:

I like my air fryer. Depends on what brand you get. I have an 8 quart Gourmia. Normally it
sells for approximately $120.00 but was on Black Friday deal at Walmart for $49.00.

Wow $49, that's a really good deal, so what do you do with your air fryer, I never tasted fried air before :P
Let me guess, the first thing you tried are french fries :mrgreen:

work great. For foods such as fries, the first time I simply put them in their after peeling.
They were brown, moist inside, and chewy outside. I realized I need to put some oil on them
so after that, I pour about a teaspoon of oil in a bowl and mix the fries in the bowl along with
lots of salt (I like my fries salty). They came out perfect, crispy on the outside.

I don't have the habit of adding salt to food, but there 2 things I like salty, fries and eggs :D

Ya, I know what Costco is, we just don't have them around here. I am not sure why but we
don't. We have Sams Club stores. Similar to Costco in that there are products sold in bulk.

Exactly, I guess maybe that is the reason there is no Costco.

No, I meant lightning. Yes, I meant lighting. When I bought this house I went to Lowes and
purchase several new fixtures, not to mention other items.

What ever happened to getting off one's butt and flipping a light switch on / off to control lights, now there is a new craze called Smart Bulbs, yes, wi-fi ready, now you can control your lights through an app on your phone, you can even control the colour of the bulb. Great, what an amazing generation - next thing you'll have an app to flush the toilet for you :lol: I'd hate to think what comes next :P OK this kind of stuff is very useful for people with mobility issues, who cannot walk, but NO excuse for healthy people to use it, there was a time where people actually needed to get up from the seat to get the remote, now you can control your entire house through your phone :D

This is the only forum I have ever NOT been paid to moderate. I've moderated a few over the
years, not just GPT or PTC and yes, even those I was paid a monthly stipend. I've never known
any not to pay their moderators a weekly or monthly stipend. The exception might be a ma pa
GPT/PTC or family run something.

hmmm I see..... so I guess ClixSense / ySense are UNIQUE in the industry, or you were just lucky, or maybe in old days the mentality was different than it is now. I remember in the days there were forums that paid to post of course you had to post useful, interesting and within some parameters, I made some $$$ there, it was one of those earning potentials, this was an industry specific forum, luckily a topic I was extremely familiar with, unfortunately it ended, I don't think PTP (Paid to Post gained much traction - eventually all those paid to post, paid to surf were replaced with PTC, as these old programs were heavily abused and cheated - there are lot of CRIMINAL members who go around scamming legit site owners, their actions are causing harm to the honest contributors who are genuinely looking for a way to earn online. I even remember a program where you got paid to create surveys not just take them but create them too, good stuff, times have changed, now PTC is pretty much dying, and before people say otherwise, a lot of what people think are PTC are just ponzi schemes disguised as PTC, mainly all the fly by night BUX sites that open and close after few months. Now GPT is also on the bubble, more and more publishers are switching to in-app and target non icent traffic, to get better data quality and less fraud, there might be a shift in how online market research works over the next years, some routers have shut down over the years, the best who knows what GPT will be like. I think the international non tier 1 countries will suffer the most, because tasks are moving towards automation through AI / ML the aim is to eventually have over 95% of the tasks automated.

I didn't say I couldn't earn more than .5 cents. I was saying I have not been motivated this
month. I've had a lot to do offline and else where. Some times one has to prioritize and this
month, spending time on surveys that may be a dupe, kick me out, not apply the reward, was
far from priority for me. One day I clicked on some low centers in the ySense Offers and that
was as far as my motivation carried me. :lol:

Wow that's serious stuff :P If I am able to see high paid surveys on my list for sure you must have some, I have done a few advertising proof of concept studies, evaluating packaging, there are recurring surveys on that, for sure US members must have these, and some of these pay more than 50 cents :D Some are lower paid but 1-2 minutes, a few questions. I've taken also some surveys where there were only 3 questions and paid $1.25, rare, but sometimes it happens, when there are good days, it brings your motivation back UP - when there are back to back crap days, my motivation goes down the toilet - and when I get back to back Off Quota after 50% through the survey, that is a motivation killer - there are days when I get half a dozen or more straight off quota it is very frustrating... but I did notice ySense now carries SHORT LUCID campaigns, they are generally very short surveys under 5 minutes, of course some of them are low pay but they are short .....Don't dabble in offers, those are motivation KILLERS :D You should see the Pollfish ROUTER in Revenue Universe, it brings you to a page full of surveys, in the range of 2 to 5 cents each :lol: If every your motivation is super high and you want to lower it - that's the place to go to :P

Meditation » Post #4

Sat Nov 21, 2020 15:29 in General Talk

Meditation should be mandatory for all members here, especially after a session doing surveys :mrgreen: It's hard to meditate when there is so much on the mind, and this genocide of COVID19 we are going through, I mean meditating and then what, back to the reality of the Zombie Apocalypse. The next best alternative is finding something to keep the mind busy and distracted ;)

Walmart in my area - TP = 0 » Post #18

Fri Nov 20, 2020 22:51 in General Talk

valerie wrote: Delivery through Walmart is usually by way of FedEx. It is one delivery person per
truck unless they are training another person, then it would be two. I don't think
they are allowed to take tips. There are people that may hand them a bottle of water
or something like that but really no need to.

Yes during the hot summer months :D Though now with the pandemic deliveries are contact free.
But imagine if you place a large grocery order, I would think they would be shipped in boxes, not typical grocery bags :D FedEx has a reputation of hurling boxes on your property - OK I know you have cameras so that might deter them :P but if it is one person (the driver) I would think he would need several trips to deliver the boxes, if there is more than one. It would be nice if future properties had underground conveyor belts with a trap door above, the delivery would simply just slide in the grocery items on the conveyor belts that lead directly into your kitchen :mrgreen: OR in the future drones will just drop the packages down the chimney :lol:

The products are shipped in box's. Nothing different really then anything else you
would order. The other day I ordered two large packages of TP and an air fryer. It
all came in the same large box. Some times the order may come in more than one
box or even on separate days. It depends on the warehouse that is shipping that
product. Items are some times packed with crumpled paper or air bags.

But aren't these boxes HEAVY ? I see people order 60 inch TVs online, these are quite heavy, how does 1 driver carry these heavy boxes alone down the property, up the stairs, etc. As to air fryer interesting, I am researching that thinking about it, let me know if it is worth it, is it all hype ? safe ? etc.

Here is a real example for you. The past few days, at both Walmarts I went to, they
did not have a 9 volt rechargeable battery. I told my sister, I'll just order it online.
In this case, I might order the battery from Walmart online and I would order some
other items as well, to at least meet the $35 free shipping fee. Maybe vitamins, maybe
q-tips, maybe shampoo, maybe Kleenex, maybe maybe maybe. Whatever else I need
at the time. I don't need to touch those items in order to know what they are.

Whatever you do don't order those batteries on Amazon :D There is a lot of counterfeit crap there, guess where they come from ? Yep you guessed right :mrgreen:

By the way, I have never been inside a Costco. We don't have Costco in my area.

It's a club warehouse type of store, it's huge, you can buy basically anything there from food groceries to electronics, everything, and some items are much less expensive. With Costco you can buy larger version of items at lower prices than you would buying them individually elsewhere. For example, toilet paper packages are bigger. Detergent containers are bigger, if you like nuts, you can get bigger jars of nuts, then you have Costco's own brand Kirkland. For Kleenex you have a huge pack of them rather than buying them individually or small packs. They have a pharmacy, concessions, etc, you can make a big shopping trip at Costco it will cost you $$$ but you will have a bigger quantity, and it would cost you much less than buying the same quantity have to be a smart shopped though because it doesn't apply to all items.

If you don't mind buying in bulk and bigger packages, then Costco is a good place, it can save you frequent shopping trips. Cooking oil comes in a bigger package, if you buy salt, it comes in packs of 3, comes to less than buying individual. You can buy lettuce in bulk, produce, fruits, vegetables, and they have a fresh bakery section, cakes, pies, bread, a frozen section where you can buy boxes of breaded fish, chicken, chips, ice cream, even fruit cake, :D anything you can imagine ! We have many Costco here and Walmart as well, I think we have pretty much everything.
Costco makes money on volume. Costco also has a generous return policy of 90 days on most items.

You have to stand outside at Lowes during a thunder storm. Once the lightning
strikes you, you have to pay Lowes for the hit.

I'm sure you meant LIGHTNING instead of LIGHTNING :lol: see I did the same typo :P Let's try again. LIGHTING ! :mrgreen:

I believe in good support. I really really really believe that ALL businesses should
have excellent support in place. I also believe any and all issues that arise, should
be fixed as soon as possible.

Company sites with paid mods I believe are companies where the forum is an integral part of the company and used as a support capacity. This is not the case here and on GPT, forums are just a perk, an addon for members, not an integral part of a company and not useful to a company, but it does not have to be this way, I think ALL GPT sites should make a forum an integral part of their business.

The way it has been handled around here since the take over, has been extremely
poor. I don't know why.

I'm surprised you wrote this - this is typical of acquisition Valerie. When you go from a mom & pop business or one man business into the realms of big business multi site operator, you will see day and night. Prodege is not unique in this, the horrible end-user support is an issue with a lot of businesses. Can't compare the service you get from a mom and pop business vs. big business, and even less a multi site operator which likely are using the same developers and support people for ALL their sites, so what you get is GENERIC support, if you can even call it support. I am not surprised as at all Valerie, I've gone through A LOT of acquisitions in my time online, and in ALL of those I have seen the same thing, things getting WORSE, not better - it gets better for the company ACQUIRING and of course the seller, but not at all for the company being acquired and its end users. I've been a member of Greenfield Online a GREAT survey panel in the day, before they were acquired by Toluna, support was top notch, surveys paid $5 minimum, most of them $25 or more. I won $100 twice in sweepstakes. I participated in many $50-$75 1 hour focus groups.......When Toluna acquired them it became garbage, Toluna's own panel was plagued with ridiculous policies, a $50 minimum cash out, POINTS, weeks to months to receive points after a survey closes, HORRIBLE support, very low paid surveys, I quit the direct panel eventually. Another example, Opinion Outpost, one of the best, $3-$10 surveys or more, great support, they were acquired one day by SSI, where things went downhill, horrible support, surveys most of the time < 70 cents....... There have been MANY acquisitions in the industry, I have not seen ONE worthy where I could say the site became better. As far as ySense vs. CS, yes the support is horrible, I do see very few improvements though, the survey to complete ratio is much higher here, as much as 4x, sadly, this does not translate into higher earnings, just less time going through survey invites, but the rates here are very low. The other improvements are PayPal and FAST payments, Unfortunately as far as surveys things are not CONSISTENT here, and everyone is not on the same playing field, it was more uniform on CS, here you are likely to have a few good months and the rest just horrible. I've had some of my best months here in the summer, really impressed, but I KNEW it would be short lived, unfortunately the rest of the year is bad generally, survey rates have gone lower and lower over time here. One thing though, things in the first few months of launch where better than I expected, despite the issues, it was frustrating to see that things got worse and worse over the months. If I had to compare ALL acquisitions I have gone through, I would say that ClixSense to ySense is the least of the worst - why because other acquisitions I have experienced have DRASTICALLY changed policies, look and operations. In the case of ySense they have retained a lot of CS's policies, looks and opportunities, with even some improvements in some areas, unfortunately, support is not one of them, in fact, support here is just as bad as what I have seen elsewhere, and unfortunately here earnings are not consistent month to month, too many off quota and junk invites lately, day after day, YET usually at this time of year I would have my best month, so far this month low 2 figures. So yeah on the positive side, CS to ySense is not as bad as other acquisitions I have seen BUT as far as earnings and surveys it has consistency issues and has more to go, a good balance of good and bad months is ideal, but when you have 3-4 good months and the rest is horrible, it means overall things are bad........those few months do not make up for all the bad months. On CS, year after year things were consistent, BUT on CS it took MORE clicks to get completes so MORE time - but higher earnings, though I have seen some very bad months on CS too, especially in 2019, things were getting really bad on CS, and I would attribute this to the site focusing on acquisition and may have already integrated some of it.


You know how much money I have made here this Nov?
I think I've done $0.05 cents worth. It's a turn off. Plain and simple. There is too
many errors for me. My motivation has been null in regards to doing surveys/offers
here. Why? Too many errors. Dupe ID's. Dead Surveys. Boots. Bad Track.
Low Reward. No Reward. Incorrect Reward.

Wow I am shocked, do I have more motivation and will to work through the hard times, impossible, what's wrong ? :lol: Seriously working here on a daily basis is a major headache, motivation is destroyed when I go through the JUNK here, I would have quit ages ago, but something keeps me trying, because I have gotten many GREAT surveys lately, and the dupe IDs has never been an issue for me, it's just time consuming and annoying, and it's ironic but I had higher earnings with the dupe ID bug than I do now, it's just so annoying to scroll through 500 duplicate sand sift through all the off quota crap. I perfectly understand what you mean by loss of motivation, but still you should be able to earn more than 5 cents :D I would be shocked that Canadians are earning more, US have a lot of opportunities here more than anybody, yes a lot of surveys are low paid, but there are usually some higher paid ones on the list, I see a few of them from Samplicious and YS, PeanutLabs, etc, as far as dupe IDs the issue seems resolved for the most part now, dead surveys, yeah, not the majority, MORE so this month, but luckily not most, boots yeah even on CS it was an issue, bad track, hmmm, extremely rare lately, I've had issues with 2 unpaid surveys recently but again this month has been hectic, previous months were good. The amount of off quota and bad surveys are higher this month compared to previous months. As to low reward, I've had a few months of mostly high rewards surveys, did a few $10 surveys in the past months on consumer / shopping / specific topics, which was a shock. As to incorrect reward, the only time I have seen an incorrect reward here was Opinion World. That's why I said there is inconsistency here, you can see a few months of great results followed by months of pure crap, I think the HOPE of a good cycle is what keeps me here, that and I have nothing else - one thing that also keeps me here is the interesting surveys I take, I have taken many interesting surveys lately where I judged different packaging on food and beverage, I don't know if this site partners with a provider, but I see many of these kinds of surveys here that I did not see on CS, and they frequently release surveys, unfortunately, not enough to maintain high 3 figure earnings for 12 months :D But I always enjoy answering those surveys, I just wish to see more consistency in pay rates and the off quota surveys removed from the list.

This month has been busy for me offline and online with other things. But I do what
I say I will do and moderate the forums every day. I'll continue to do so until next

Don't forget to drop by and tell us about your Walmart experiences or share some stories, insight, to keep discussions alive :P

Yeah if I find a better opportunity, like I did in 2016-2018 freelance, 4 figure a month, I would definitely focus my time elsewhere, BUT I never completely closed the doors to CS, it's just I was not focused into tasks and surveys, and posted less frequently on forum, but still did, glad I did not close the doors, I've been seriously hurt and betrayed by the company I helped and worked for for 4+ years by 3 evil people, people should never close doors, sometimes the grass may be greener on the other side, but it may hide some nasty snakes.

My main goal is to find better earning opportunity and REMOTE work, but I will always be on this site to some capacity for nostalgia, but I want to somehow shift away from ALL focus on surveys, I don't know how things will evolve around here, will things get better or not I am slowly losing hope, they keep adding ridiculous earning opportunities, I mean offer walls with ridiculous offers, one time offers, low pay, and this new 5 cent for receipt thing is not something that is too interesting, unless someone is a frequent shopper and has loads of recent receipts, but if you have the kind of money to shop A LOT to get loads of receipts to earn well, you would not be here. The lack of new routers is the issue, many good routers went out of business (LiveSample was one of them) many routers stopped delivering surveys through survey networks (GlobalTestMarket), these 2 were some of the high paid routers. $1.25 x4 times daily for GTM, and $1 x 2 daily LiveSample......I expect in coming years other routers to fold and new acquisitions, more lower rates, etc.

I am honestly not shocked to see members here earn 5-6 figures, or who earned that much since day 1 of CS........certainly not from tasks and surveys, those are top affiliates, if people could earn $100k from surveys, many would quit their day job)s) :P
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