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Posts by Eddie267

Got 3 extended ads in a row » Post #1

Mon Dec 05, 2011 13:13 in Success Stories

Just randomly clicking and these extended ads pop out of nowhere hope other people were fast to get them :)

Dear Santa... » Post #3

Sun Dec 04, 2011 13:55 in General Talk

Hahah let it snow it sholud Monday and Tuesday.

Making Money with ClixSense Surveys » Post #48

Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:28 in Success Stories

csslink2 wrote: Hi I agree with the money making, but how do I get surveys, all I have managed so far is to click adverts and the grid

You get the surveys by going to log in, complete you account details to tell people about yourself so you can get more.

It's that time again... » Post #9

Sat Dec 03, 2011 00:19 in General Talk

I like Cookies and cream :D and most of the times I just buy a big tub of vanilla ice cream and pour the Hersey syrup and blend it in the Magic Bullet and drink it with my family.

Advance Merry Xmas & a Happi New Year! to ALL!^^ » Post #2

Fri Dec 02, 2011 23:03 in General Talk

Wish everybody the best, lets have another great year with ClixSense :D

hello and welcome » Post #2

Fri Dec 02, 2011 22:53 in Member Introduction

Welcome to the forum Mercedus.

bilge8408 Success Stories » Post #41

Thu Dec 01, 2011 16:31 in Success Stories

Great job on getting all your referrals and success wish you the best.

Where do most people collect referrals? » Post #2

Thu Dec 01, 2011 16:18 in General Talk

Well we really can't say what site we post at, but try to show members a review of ClixSense or use the special affiliate link and show them the Clixgrid or the payment proof section.

non-referrals » Post #9

Thu Dec 01, 2011 16:17 in General Talk

Jeraley wrote: Hi. I've been a free member for a while and just recently decided to upgrade in July of this year. I have no referrals as well, but since I've upgraded I've reached my cash out once and I'm just about getting ready to cash out again this week. I have the toolbar which is a great help since every time an ad is available it lets me know.
Congrats on your upgrade you will make it back in no time.

non-referrals » Post #7

Thu Dec 01, 2011 15:54 in General Talk

Okay so if your averaging $0.10 a day, and if you are upgraded you get the $0.04 everyday and other ads members advertise to Premium members, so the membership expires in 1 year so just on the $0.04 everyday you will get $14.60 by the time your membership comes to a end, not counting the extra ads or the money you get from the ClixGrid.

Please stop saying you started PTC craze » Post #3

Thu Dec 01, 2011 15:36 in General Talk

Was ClixSense a scam at any moment? if Jim wants to tell members that they can trust the site and not get scammed let him, with like most of the bux sites coming online won't last 6 months.

upgrading » Post #8

Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:50 in General Talk

Yes, upgrading is the best thing to do, getting 4 $0.01 ads everyday is the best of it if you have no referrals, and if you play the ClixGrid the timer goes down by 5 seconds and you get 50 chances!

non-referrals » Post #3

Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:37 in General Talk

Sine your in the States we get more ads verus most foreign countries and yes if you have active referrals it helps out a lot if you upgrade you get 100 ads and 4 everyday after you clicked all 100, im mostly on a $0.11 a day just from my referrals and 4are upgraded so once that expires if they upgrade I get $2.00

Good video recorder program » Post #3

Wed Nov 30, 2011 19:25 in General Talk

I don't know what he records with but I use HyperCam 2.0 and I think its okay if anybody else know whats better please let us know.

awie84 3rd On Time Payment » Post #2

Wed Nov 30, 2011 05:01 in Payment Proofs

Hey awie congrats.

Top Sponsor!!! » Post #15

Tue Nov 29, 2011 12:17 in Success Stories

WeeCash wrote: Congrats on your gained referrals.

When AdHitz theme is already touched in this post I think I can ask a few questions about the site, since it is sister site to ClixSense..

Let's assume I want to advertise banner with AdHitz.
Can I choose where banner will be shown?? On ClixSense or on some other PTC?? Or the banner will be displayed automatically on all sites which have AdHitz??

One more thing, which is closely connected with my first question.
If I add AdHitz to my website, will I get AdHitz ads on my site automatically or someone ( advertiser ) needs to place them there automatically??

The ads will be displayed once you put the code in.

Snowing » Post #17

Tue Nov 29, 2011 12:02 in General Talk

Im loving the cold weather here I like when its 55° and lower here because once summer comes it will 96° and above.

my 1st payment » Post #4

Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:57 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on the first.

Read First - Guideline for Posting Payouts » Post #5

Tue Nov 29, 2011 08:55 in Payment Proofs

Great maybe we will get less email addresses.

Hello » Post #2

Tue Nov 29, 2011 05:21 in Member Introduction

Hello and welcome ammy.
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