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More than 100 million members » Post #7

Sat Aug 17, 2019 22:19 in General Talk

Not sure about the other 3 websites but I would estimate Swagbucks has a couple of million active members these days (though I could be grossly over-estimating!), though I guess it depends on how you define "active"...does active mean logging in every day? Once a week could still be considered active. I would definitely say that the number of active users on Swagbucks is dwindling

What was your first impression? » Post #20

Sat Aug 03, 2019 22:58 in General Talk

Literally, the first words out of my mouth (I talk to myself a lot, especially when I'm peeved about something!) were "Seriously? What the hell? Why?" (I have edited it to remove the expletives), when you think about it, the new name makes sense as a lot of people will just be going "why??".

Of course, then I saw Prodege at the bottom and the "why?" turned into "nooooo!" (a lot more expletives edited out). My first impression was of a decent website layout made worse for no reason, seriously reduced ways to earn, even with an increase in surveys. Overall, my first impression was that I would be leaving soon but, despite my concerns that things will get worse not better, I will give it time and hope Prodege surprise in a good way for once

ySense, Questions, Compliments and Complaints ... » Post #19

Thu Aug 01, 2019 21:30 in General Talk

Arvind9 wrote: Its a weird situation things comming and disappearing,they should have kept the site off line for longer to make it in working condition,as it is everyone is not very keen to stay online in the present situation.

Yes, well, my experience of Prodege's main site (Swagbucks) makes this not at all surprising....things disappear then reappear on that site quite regularly with no explanation or apology. Prodege is all about earning money, not user satisfaction so bringing the site back up before it's even remotely ready so they can profit off the new site is not even slightly surprising

it's not clixsense! its ysense now. » Post #36

Thu Aug 01, 2019 21:19 in General Talk

Personally, I think that the new name is, frankly, just plain stupid....the name Clixsense was well known and well-regarded in the industry whereas the new name is not known and evokes least the name "clixsense" gives you some idea about it whereas "ysense" tells you nothing.

I do not find this surprising given it was, presumably, decided by Prodege as they have a history of making the wrong decisions. Ultimately, the name change is going to do nothing for the site as it will just make it unknown....taking an established brand and then making it unknown just makes no sense

Welcome to ySense....tasman1 » Post #41

Thu Aug 01, 2019 07:29 in General Talk

Went looking around to find out what happened to (presumably it will return soon as they roll out the various things missing)....

Then, to my absolute horror, I see that Clixsense has been sold to Prodege!! I could live with most companies taking over but Prodege is not one of them. Their main site (are we allowed to mention it seeing as it is not a rival anymore?) has been deteriorating at a rapid rate of knots for the last 3 or 4 years and has seen earning opportunities decline, as well as rates of guessing we will see this once great site deteriorate as Prodege have zero interest in user satisfaction and have absolutely no respect for it's users either.

Will see how things go but I have zero patience or sanity to deal with 2 declining websites. And as for the new name, I have no words....

What/Where would you like to see/go in America? » Post #25

Mon Jun 24, 2019 23:10 in General Talk

There are a few places I have wanted to visit:

The Grand Canyon, can anyone not want to visit such an iconic landscape?

Niagara Falls, for the same reason

Ground Zero: Having seen so much footage of the attacks and the aftermath (both immediate and long-term), I have wanted to visit the site to pay my respects and to get a more personal sense of it all.

The Bonnneville Salt Flats in Utah. As a massive automotive fan, I would love to be able to visit the site of so many Land Speed Records (even if there isn't much to actually look at)

I'd also like to see any forest that has Giant can't really understand the size of those trees without seeing them in person.

What is your FAVOURITE SUBJECT » Post #24

Tue Apr 16, 2019 21:22 in General Talk

For me it is English...I got a B at GCSE level (16 years of age exam for those not from the UK) which was the highest grade of the 9 I took. I have always had a natural affinity with the language and, at both college and university, I used to proof-read the essays of my classmates and my friends gave me the nickname of "the human dictionary" as I could always come up with a better word as well as being able to spell words I had never come across before.

I still love the English language, although I don't get to fully exercise my skills much these's more just reading books (I read 50+ a year), though I do still sometimes like to impress people with long words, especially early in the day

I love UK Parliament system » Post #8

Sun Mar 24, 2019 22:56 in General Talk

wildbillhickok wrote: I follow the news online in french and english and the Brexit and how they can't reach an agreement with EU is always on the headlines.

The UK parliament is very interesting in the way it deliberates and is organized... The brexit, on my opinion, is a bad deal because it seems to me that they want to leave EU and still keep some advantages that they are granted for belonging to EU block. Do they really want to leave? Is it really advantageous for them?

It will never be a 100% split from the EU as we will always have ties and some laws governed by them. What Brexiteers want is more freedom in how we run our country, as well as deciding our own trade deals etc. Currently, a lot of our laws are decided by the European Union, not by our courts and Government, we are restricted to some extent on immigration and a lot of people think we pay the EU too much every year (not sure on the exact figures but it is in the 10s of billions).

Do we really want to leave? That is the question.....the 2016 referendum on it was for Brexit but not by a huge margin (52-48% or something like that). The problem is people seem to have forgotten we had the referendum and are calling for a referendum on Brexit, not to mention the petition calling for the whole thing to be called off (currently has 5 million votes and counting)

The biggest stumbling block (and why no deal has been reached) is because of the "Irish Backstop" is related to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland) and, partly, relates to goods tariffs, as well as other things (look it up online if you want more detail as I still don't fully understand it). If it wasn't for the backstop issue, it would have been decided long ago

I love UK Parliament system » Post #4

Sat Mar 23, 2019 22:40 in General Talk

We have to be careful as this is bordering on a political discussion.

All I will say is that this Brexit fiasco (personally, I voted against it as the benefits don't outweigh the negatives) has eroded what little faith I had in my country's system of Government (too many people looking after their own interests instead of the people's).

As for Trump standing in a session regularly to answer questions, he would love it as it would be the same as his ramblings, whines and lies on Twitter but it would erode the reputation of the Presidency even more than he already has.

Chocolate eat , pigs way ....tasman1 » Post #9

Mon Mar 18, 2019 22:40 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Not sure why but in last 6 hours I did finish 3 block chocolate each 250 gram

Tell me I am pig and I do not care , toblerone is good and in any case I will not live another 100 years

Ahhhhh ,. so gooooooood

That is so spooky....I just read your post then looked at Hideout videos to see what was currently playing and, unbelievably, it was a video about Toblerone :o

What book are you reading,( if you dont mind)? » Post #14

Mon Mar 18, 2019 22:37 in General Talk

Nikorj wrote: Also the resolution in books are too low. sounds to me as if you are only buying the standard definition really should be looking for high-definition books, or even ultra-high. Of course, the best books currently are the 4k ones, though they are still a tad expensive even though the prices are decreasing somewhat! ;)

What book are you reading,( if you dont mind)? » Post #12

Sat Mar 16, 2019 23:23 in General Talk

Fellow wrote: Just finished Robert Ludlum's The Sigma Protocol.

Best author of the few authors where I own their entire collection (takes up 2 1/2 shelves of one of my bookcases, just over 50 books, including the Bourne books written since he died)'s a good book but I prefer his earlier books personally

What book are you reading,( if you dont mind)? » Post #9

Fri Mar 15, 2019 23:05 in General Talk

I read every day and usually manage to get through 5-6 books a month, sometimes less depending on how long the books are (I am reading the entire Tom Clancy series, over 100 books total, and a lot of his earlier books are well over 1,000 pages).

I am currently reading 2 books:

Executive Orders by Tom Clancy

Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson (the first in a trilogy about the first colonists to go to Mars and the political and social issues they have while establishing the colony). This one is an ebook but I prefer books as part of the experience is feeling the book in your hand

After those two, it will then be Line Of Sight (Tom Clancy's latest book), the other 2 Mars books as well as alternating between Tom Clancy's books and Dale Brown's (nearly 50)

nigerians » Post #124

Wed Feb 20, 2019 22:32 in General Talk

Tobiwoby wrote: I've done over 100+ tasks on Figure Eight, with good accuracy across the board, yet I'm yet to level-up. I'm a bit confused about it all.

It depends on whether the tasks you have done count towards the level statistics as a lot of tasks don't count...on your FigureEight homepage there is a checklist of Levelling requirements (number of tasks, accuracy etc) to let you know what needs to be done....if, however, it just says "something else is preventing you from levelling up", it usually indicates you have been expelled from too many tasks and/or you have flags on your account.

[4 ] [4,2,4 ] [4 ] what a heck...tasman1 » Post #2

Mon Feb 18, 2019 21:45 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: I see more and more young folks back is not ok but bent very much , think evolution gone wrong and we are going back to walk on 4 only again

It's nothing to do with's all the time they spend sitting on their sofas/chairs, hunched forward with arms on knees either playing computer games or trying to get closer to the television screen, much like a lot of coal miners used to have curved spines due to the amount of time they spent bent over in the mines

Can You survive without coffee...tasman1 » Post #2

Sat Jan 19, 2019 22:17 in General Talk

That's like asking if I can survive without oxygen!! Sure, I'll be fine for a minute or three but then I'll be struggling

not my fault because of intermittent signal » Post #8

Thu Jan 10, 2019 22:50 in General Talk

Sometimes I go into the browser's history and re-open the survey page from works occasionally but it depends on how the survey is set up...a lot of surveys are setup so that interruptions terminate the survey no matter the cause

My experience buying on Amazon US from Brazil » Post #8

Wed Nov 28, 2018 22:14 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote: support is horrible.

My experience is the complete opposite...I have always found Amazon support to be top notch (maybe the UK arm is better than the American one when it comes to support or they are less busy perhaps?)...they always respond quickly and deal with my issue quickly and without fuss. They are even good with a product that needs replacing outside their 30 day return window....a few years ago, I bought a PS3 game from them which, 6 months later, stopped working and they replaced it without question.

Anyone watched the Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody? » Post #5

Sun Nov 18, 2018 21:47 in General Talk

Haven't watched it yet...while I want to watch it, I'll probably wait till it comes out on Blu-ray and watch it then. It has had some good reviews so am hoping it lives up to expectations

Told You , Justice in world is fake..tasman1 » Post #5

Mon Oct 29, 2018 22:36 in General Talk

I have no problems with this...a 2% tax on top of what companies with £500m+ revenues already pay will bring more revenue in. Downsides are that it may drive businesses away from the UK or they will resort to even more creative accounting than they do now to avoid paying what they should. No doubt the money raised, however, will find it's way into the pockets of MPs and others through increases in pay or into the pockets of the businesses involved through business rebates etc thus negating the tax to begin certainly won't find it's way to those who need it
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