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Dogecoin will make me very rich man in the future » Post #18

Sun Oct 01, 2017 22:06 in General Talk

I wouldn't laugh at crypto currency investments. Bitcoin 2 years ago was worth about $500. It is currently worth over $4000. You can exchange satoshi (fraction of bitcoin) for cash. That is a pretty good profit if you had bitcoin when it was $500. More places are accepting bitcoin as payment as well. Unless governments forbid the use of it making it have no value I see a lot of value in bitcoin. Not sure about all the other currencies of which there are a lot. Ethereum, primecoin, blackcoin, litecoin etc.

Paypal is coming back ?! » Post #33

Sat Jul 01, 2017 21:53 in General Talk

I earn higher payouts from surveys on other sites. Have zero interest in tasks. They give me a headache take a lot of time and pay very low. I have no interest in purchasing offers, receiving quotes, signing up for email spam lists or downloading apps I have no use for. So you tell me how I will benefit? I wont unless they have 1 click offers for cash instead of the ptc ads. And I mean 1 click not a 10 or more questions or pages slideshow.

Paypal is coming back ?! » Post #17

Sat Jul 01, 2017 13:23 in General Talk

Extremely profitable yet take away the main source of income for many members? That doesnt make sense unless you were losing money in the PTC section.

The final goal is immortality » Post #10

Sat Jun 17, 2017 23:47 in General Talk

We already have an overpopulation problem leading to food and water shortages. Until we are able to successfully travel between and terraform other planets perhaps we shouldnt be striving for immortality. End poverty and find a way to have enough food and water for everyone that they can afford are goals I would prefer.

Why wwe fans doesn't like Roman reigns » Post #3

Tue May 02, 2017 22:52 in General Talk

The storylines arent nearly as good as they used to be and wrestlers switch from good to heel and back to good far too often. I stopped watching due to this.

Mayweather vs Mcgregor PPV on Aug 26,2017 » Post #18

Sun Mar 19, 2017 00:01 in General Talk

I have a feeling this may end with Mayweather winning by disqualification of McGregor. This isnt a title fight for either of them so McGregor might if he is losing badly throw a few leg kicks, elbows or other MMA moves not allowed in boxing. I think there should be a rule if McGregor or Mayweather break the rues then whoever did so doesnt get paid.

I will agree I do not like how Mayweather fights, it is not the toe to toe in your face boxing that is entertaining. He is however 49-0 in his pro career. He lands enough punches to win the fight despite the excessive in my opinion clenching and dancing around the ring (running away some would call it).

If you want to see high action in your face matches I suggest you check out Mui-Tai kick boxing matches. Even more action then an MMA fight. Somewhat similar rules and action of MMA except they fight on their feet. No wrestling on the ground. No submission moves. Punches, kicks, and throwing elbows are all allowed.

What is your favourite music genre ? » Post #8

Sun Jan 01, 2017 21:57 in General Talk

Electronic dj dance club music. You didnt include the genre on your list.

Is Clixsense a U.S.A. based company? » Post #17

Sun Dec 11, 2016 21:44 in General Talk

The USA currency goes further in many countries then it does in the USA. In the USA $2 might get you a loaf of bread. In some other countries you can buy a lot more for $2.

Minimum wage in my state is set to rise to $15 an hour. That still puts a worker in the low income category. However in some other nations $15 a day would be a high wage.

This doesnt apply to all nations. The pound and euro for example are worth more then the dollar.

Who is your favorite Cricket player » Post #4

Wed Dec 07, 2016 22:18 in General Talk

Cricket wireless mobile phone service. Cricket isnt often played as a sport in the USA.

If i had a time machine......... » Post #27

Mon Nov 21, 2016 22:13 in General Talk

I would want to travel to the future. Find out if we have met alien life on other planets. Try to join the crew of an exploration spaceship similar to the Enterprise. Check out all the new technology such as the time machine they sent to the past that I could take it to the future :P

Dallas Cowboys » Post #4

Fri Nov 18, 2016 21:48 in General Talk

They had to come from behind to beat the Eagles in overtime but I give them a shot as they are the clear favorites to win the NFC East.

Things to Hate » Post #34

Thu Nov 10, 2016 21:35 in General Talk

That the USA is so divided we have been torn asunder and the politicians arent really doing much to bring us all together so I dont see that changing anytime soon.

⚽ Euro 2016 ⚽ Congrats Portugal⚽ » Post #18

Thu Jun 09, 2016 23:06 in General Talk

As an American when I see football I always think of the NFL. What you call football I think of as soccer. I do admit I once saw European Football scheduled for tv, turned it on and was surprised what I saw. I wasnt expecting a soccer game. :lol:

Do you support Universe Basic Income? » Post #17

Sun Jun 05, 2016 23:24 in General Talk

I would like disabled people who are unable to work to receive this. Social security pays people less then $1000 a month in most cases unless you are blind. A decent percentage of people who receive it are homeless due to cost of living. In some cities it can take years to acquire a housing voucher. Thats if you get on the list at all. Even share rentals can take half your income for rent. I dont think the certified disabled should be below the poverty line. Should at least match a full time minimum wage job in my opinion. Currently it does not.

Snake in a Tree O:) » Post #12

Wed May 18, 2016 00:02 in General Talk

That tree might be a crab apple tree. Grew up with one in the front yard.

Donald Trump reveals new nickname for Hillary » Post #24

Wed Apr 20, 2016 17:08 in General Talk

How does mass deception become MSM and how does it apply to any of these stations? Maybe you made this up maybe you didnt.

I suppose all your news comes from Trumps campaign page since you dont trust any televised source and I doubt you watch MSNBC which is far too liberal biased for my tastes and quite likely yours.

You are convincing me that you are mentally unstable therefore I will no longer reply to you on this topic.

Donald Trump reveals new nickname for Hillary » Post #22

Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:00 in General Talk

MSM media doesnt exist and if it did I probably wouldnt like it given as I stated I watch Fox News Channel and CNN. Bill Clinton was President not first lady Hillary therefore he has a lot more to do with NAFTA then Hillary. I already stated I will not vote for Hillary. Part of my support for Kasich is due to all the polls which show he is the candidate who would prevent Hillary from becoming President. Then again she could very well be indicted. There is still almost 6 months until the general election therefore those polls could most certainly change. Chris Christie and Ben Carson appear in my opinion to be seeking a cabinet post far more then Kasich. Also have stated is in my opinion 90%+ probability Trump will be the nominee.

I saw this morning the registration of Trumps private jet expired Jan 30th. Given all the paperwork involved in his vast business empire I will give his staff a break for it being lost in the shuffle and I am certain it will be renewed in time before the 3 month deadline to keep the number of the tail fin of the jet.

I live in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans almost 2 to 1. The state congress both house and senate recently had a Democrat super majority under a Democrat Governor. My non vote wont change anything in the general election for the outcome of who becomes President.

Your post count allegation is incorrect especially considering you stated last 24 hours but I will let that slide as sarcasm.

Americans, facts don't care about your feelings » Post #4

Wed Apr 20, 2016 09:42 in General Talk

Overall the fastest growing particularly among millennials is atheism. They may believe in moral values and/or spiritualism but not a God.

Unfortunately it only takes 0.0001% if that to cause problems in our country while the rest live here peacefully as do the overwhelming vast majority of Muslims abroad. We absolutely need to make it more difficult for them to immigrate here given the circumstances of today's society however I am not sure we should ban them from entering entirely including tourists and those visiting family members who are citizens of the USA.

Donald Trump reveals new nickname for Hillary » Post #19

Wed Apr 20, 2016 00:01 in General Talk

It is disheartening that out of a field of 17 candidates only 1 appeals to me. Dont blame you one bit for not being inspired by any of them. Honest and Politician are two words that dont pair well together at all. Long as Republicans and Democrats view each other almost as if they are mortal enemies and fail to work together for the greater good of our country and vote for what their constituents desire we will in my opinion have a divided country led by a failed political system. One side doing everything they can to block the other from passing anything substantial and vice versa is non productive far as I am concerned.

Donald Trump reveals new nickname for Hillary » Post #16

Tue Apr 19, 2016 23:24 in General Talk

Cant resist. According to fact checker the most dishonest and/or inaccurate in facts candidate based upon speeches and debates has been Trump. The candidate with the highest unfavorable rating is Trump. Still waiting for the video of the thousands of muslims cheering in New Jersey when the towers fell. He stated he lost hundreds of friends 9/11 but when asked couldnt name one. Would also like to know how he saw with his own eyes outside of his big screen tv the 2nd plane hit and people jumping out the window from over 4 miles away. Could go on and on but I have other things to do. I doubt you can resist replying. This can go on for months, years, as long as you wish or you can accept fact that I will not budge in my position. He is not receiving my vote. That is non negotiable and final. Just like your support for him is.
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