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Posts by dutch1898

robotic age boon or curse.....? » Post #2

Sat Apr 01, 2017 22:39 in General Talk

At my age of 81 I am not going to worry to much about the robots taking over. :clap: :thumbup:

Today I won $2.50 at Grid » Post #2

Sat Apr 01, 2017 16:50 in Success Stories

Congratulations,nice catch. :thumbup:

ClixSense needs your input » Post #125

Sat Apr 01, 2017 14:08 in General Talk

About 650 voted. ClixSense members do not care? :roll:

ClixSense needs your input » Post #122

Sat Apr 01, 2017 13:55 in General Talk

I like old fashioned. :lol:

CoQ10 help ..... tasman1 » Post #12

Sat Apr 01, 2017 08:56 in General Talk

Good morning,I am using it daily one 120mg capsule a day. :thumbup:

Pet Behavior » Post #27

Fri Mar 31, 2017 23:01 in General Talk

Hi had for 13 years a female German shephard and during that time
got sadled with a female pregnant cat. When the kittens arrived
the dog took over the kittens after some big arguments with Mother
cat and the dog. After some time the mother just gave up and let the dog
have her way. Sadly the time came due to ill health I had to put my friend
to sleep. I cried for weeks and never have gotten the courage to get another
pet. Now our tiny place is not a place to keep pets. ;)

Superior money not working....tasman1 » Post #4

Thu Mar 30, 2017 22:26 in General Talk

Same here,only one time I earned a good amount with an
internet program and managed to take my wife on a 17 day
cruise from TampaBay thru the Panama Canal to Vancouver
with various stops along the way with the money earned at
that time. I am now involved in a journey with a very
exciting company involving the latest in transporting people
and goods. :thumbup:

Superior money not working....tasman1 » Post #2

Thu Mar 30, 2017 19:35 in General Talk

Easy money=PipeDreams.

Traffic Exchanges To Get Referrals » Post #11

Thu Mar 30, 2017 13:11 in General Talk

I gave up on TE's and trying to get referrals. I have one
semi active referral and given up on trying to get more. :thumbup:

wonderful,awesome and scintillating wednesday » Post #3

Thu Mar 30, 2017 00:28 in Success Stories

:clap: :clap: :clap: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Signed Up for ClixSense Two Years Ago Today! » Post #2

Wed Mar 29, 2017 22:27 in Success Stories

Been here pretty well from the start of ClixSense and will be here till I die.
Hopefully still a few years away. :lol:

Why people sign up Clixsense and never use it. » Post #23

Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:10 in General Talk

It took me almost 2 years before I saw the benefits of
being an active member and probably another before
I became a premium member. Just a slow learner I guess. :lol:

How much I can sell this » Post #9

Tue Mar 28, 2017 09:22 in General Talk

Congratulations,nice prize. :thumbup:

How Do You Manage Stress? » Post #61

Mon Mar 27, 2017 16:40 in General Talk

For stress relieve I go for a 4 or 5 k walk or
spend a few hrs playing table tennis.

people calling me bro on chat,haha! » Post #19

Mon Mar 27, 2017 07:57 in General Talk

Yes sometime it takes money to make money.
Right now I am spending $200 USD to make
money and laugh at the ones that think I am crazy. :lol: :lol: :lol:

ClixGrid » Post #2

Sun Mar 26, 2017 16:14 in Success Stories

Congratulations, :clap:

bring back » Post #19

Sun Mar 26, 2017 13:23 in General Talk

Your Oak tree reminds me of that song"Tie a yellow ribbon" :)

bring back » Post #12

Sun Mar 26, 2017 00:35 in General Talk

Here in BC Canada,even though we cut a lot of trees,but
we do plant thousands of new ones every year. :thumbup:

juhuuu wins today 1$ » Post #12

Sat Mar 25, 2017 21:48 in Success Stories

Congrats. :thumbup: :clap:

Time » Post #10

Sat Mar 25, 2017 16:55 in General Talk

And some centuries later someone will find your bones
and wonder what prehistoric animal it was. :lol:
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