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Here Say Goodbye to ClixSense.......tasman1 » Post #2

Thu Aug 01, 2019 19:28 in General Talk

Very sad.I enjoyed it since 2012 but it looks like this is the end.

Welcome to ySense....tasman1 » Post #61

Thu Aug 01, 2019 14:16 in General Talk

Hideout TV missing and lost 28.4 C by sending to Clixsense during transfer to ySense.

Has anyone got the following message? » Post #1

Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:52 in General Talk

I got this email and part of it is below here.

You signed up to take surveys through ClixSense Research. Since becoming a member, the surveys you received have been powered by ClearVoice Research. ClixSense and ClearVoice Research hope that your experience has been enjoyable, informative and rewarding.

Effective July 18, 2019, your membership will be part of ClearVoice Surveys since the ClixSense Research name is being retired. All of your information, including your password, surveys taken and your rewards, will be moved into your new ClearVoice Surveys account.

I have heard or seen anything from ClixSense so far.

Australian Rich ???....tasman1 » Post #10

Wed Jul 17, 2019 18:04 in General Talk

I consider myself a rich Canadian,because we have no debt,no mortgage
and the bills are paid every month. :lol:

This is big ha ha haha ha haha..tasman1 » Post #9

Sat Jul 06, 2019 22:09 in General Talk

The 2 credit unions I deal with have a golden seniors account and do not charge me any fees at all.
A little benefit of getting older.

Happy 4th of July » Post #1

Thu Jul 04, 2019 08:22 in General Talk

Wishing all our neighbors to the south and where ever they
are across the Globe a very happy and safe Independence Day Celebration.

Skrill free? » Post #8

Wed Jul 03, 2019 18:16 in General Talk

CS is the only cheque I receive and put in my bank account.
It is easy with the branch a block from my place,so as long
as the cheque method still works there is no reason to change
btw My credit union does not charge me for doing that. :lol:

Skrill free? » Post #6

Wed Jul 03, 2019 14:31 in General Talk

I'll stick with cheque option for ClixSense withdrawals because
that has worked great for me,even though these days it takes
a lot longer to accumulate enough due to fewer surveys I qualify for.

Happy Canada Day » Post #1

Mon Jul 01, 2019 13:18 in General Talk

To all Canadians here,Happy Canada Day.

Disapointed in Mobile Device ....tasman1 » Post #2

Thu Jun 27, 2019 20:18 in General Talk

Glad I am staying away from mobile devices,they would totally
scare the life out of me if they started moving.Good 10 year old
desktop serves me well.

Do you have Deer, Animals eat flowers and shrubs? » Post #3

Thu Jun 20, 2019 08:19 in General Talk

Place a few small trays with beer around the lettuce.
It works

I am curious. » Post #1

Wed Jun 19, 2019 18:22 in General Talk


Walmart will start delivering grocery your fridge » Post #14

Sat Jun 08, 2019 15:18 in General Talk

My joy 3 or 4 times a week is to walk 5 k and with my Presidential Choice Superstore right
on my return leg picking up my groceries is no chore at all. :D

Grey Day .....tasman1 » Post #8

Fri May 31, 2019 23:47 in General Talk

about 10000 shekels.

Grey Day .....tasman1 » Post #6

Fri May 31, 2019 19:56 in General Talk

Every new day I am blessed by awakening and pulling daisies rather than pulling them.
Remember behind those grey clouds the Sun still shines. :D

Which year was the most favourable one for you » Post #10

Mon May 27, 2019 22:46 in General Talk

Thank you. 8-)

Which year was the most favourable one for you » Post #7

Mon May 27, 2019 16:24 in General Talk

Dec 2017 was when I became a partner in Skywaystringline
and secured my financial future.

Our bitcoin baby is back » Post #49

Thu May 23, 2019 21:00 in General Talk

Can someone tell me if bitcoins are backed by real assets?

Nostalgic time in 40 years time .......tasman1 » Post #8

Thu May 23, 2019 15:55 in General Talk

The Carol Burnett show with Tim Conway,but like Valerie wrote
I will be long gone to ashes.

What did you do this week? » Post #3

Sun May 19, 2019 19:52 in General Talk

Mon left home at 7 am to go and play table tennis.It takes 2 buses and a skytrain
travel m time about 50 min.Got back home about noon in time to make some lunch.
Afternoon divided between TV ,PC and trips to the 7/11 where I collect cans and bottles.
Get there before they empty the bins.
Tues went for my 5 K walk and stopped at the A&W for coffee and a hah brown patty
stopped for some groceries at the Superstore and later took in my 5 bags recycling
which involves getting a shopping cart bring it home load it and go to recycling place
about 1 k away. Had to make 2 trips but netted about $50
Wed like Mon.
Thurs Like Tues minus the recycling.Day to relax after 5 k walk.
Fri like Mon and Wed
Sat.go to my Naturopathic for accupuncture and laser treatments for ankle and neck
joint pains. Thanks to using LifeWave cell regeneration patches those pains are gradually
minimizing. Maybe will end live pain free.Rest of Sat watch minor league baseball in the park across
the street and collect the empties there.
Sun, Start with 5 k walk A&W,Superstore and watch baseball and collect more empties.
Each walk around the park is about 1.5 k and do that about 4 times.
There that is my week.
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