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Our Prediction July Earn....tasman1 » Post #13

Tue Jun 30, 2020 09:25 in General Talk

This is the first month I hit a little over $50 so next month I hope at least $40 to $50.

Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin In Custody » Post #32

Fri Jun 05, 2020 21:44 in General Talk

I saw the 75 year old man pushed by police on TV and all the police just walked by him. I don't know who finally came to his aid. He is in hospital now. No regard for life at all. The back of his head was bleeding. By the way not everyone hates CNN.

Happy Mothers Day » Post #2

Sat May 09, 2020 19:44 in General Talk

Same to you. :D

Happy Easter to all..........tasman1 » Post #15

Sun Apr 12, 2020 17:09 in General Talk

Happy Easter to all. My kids brought me a yummy turkey dinner since we cannot be together. We keep our distance. Just had a nice video chat with some of my family. Have been watching church services over zoom which is neat and also You tube. :D

my first referral » Post #2

Wed Mar 18, 2020 19:07 in General Talk

Congratulations! :D :clap:

More TV time » Post #2

Tue Mar 17, 2020 15:32 in General Talk

I did two and was not credited this past weekend. I had always been paid before. Haven't tried it since.

Will They Buy It ????? ........tasman1 » Post #11

Sat Feb 15, 2020 10:12 in General Talk

I volunteered at a breakfast club here in Canada. They don't even want you to serve the kids juice since it is high in sugar. They go by Canada's food guide.

Happy Valentine's Day » Post #7

Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:47 in General Talk

Happy Valentines to all. :D

5 cent is dying , 10c will be next ......tasman1 » Post #19

Sat Feb 08, 2020 00:11 in General Talk

Just before I came to the cashier the incident of the bill melting did happen, Darkstar 2. Just keep your bills away from heat.

5 cent is dying , 10c will be next ......tasman1 » Post #15

Fri Feb 07, 2020 20:32 in General Talk

The change is just rounded off. I haven't had any trouble in Manitoba using change and dollar bills. However our dollar bills are plastic now. One guy was at Dollarama here and pulled his five dollar bill out of his pocket and it had melted. You cannot get this plastic money close to heat. They should have stayed with paper. I guess they thought the plastic would last longer and maybe so as long as it doesn't melt.

5 cent is dying , 10c will be next ......tasman1 » Post #7

Fri Feb 07, 2020 12:04 in General Talk

Yes, they are coins, no more paper $1 or paper $2.

5 cent is dying , 10c will be next ......tasman1 » Post #5

Fri Feb 07, 2020 09:50 in General Talk

Canada got rid of the penny a number of years ago. I don't even miss it. However we have a lot of coins. We have the lonnie ($1.00) and the Tonnie ($2.00). They have even talked about putting the $5.00 bill into a coin. I don't think that will happen though. So there is a lot of change here. The change gets heavy so I dump it into jars. I have cashed in over $500 in change in the past few weeks. Will help for a trip.

Tipalti payment processor » Post #8

Fri Jan 31, 2020 18:10 in General Talk

Finally was able to cash out. Fee was 2.92.

No Joke , WW3 IN PREPARATION ...tasmaan1 » Post #33

Wed Jan 29, 2020 19:21 in General Talk

No one will know the time or the hour. We just must always be ready.

Tipalti payment processor » Post #7

Wed Jan 29, 2020 02:16 in General Talk

Thanks tasman1. That isn't bad. I haven't been paying any fees here which is nice.

Tipalti payment processor » Post #5

Tue Jan 28, 2020 21:00 in General Talk

Thanks for the input. I have over $100 there and had no way to get paid. Didn't like any of the paying processors after Paypal left.

Tipalti payment processor » Post #1

Tue Jan 28, 2020 14:40 in General Talk

What do you think of this new world paying processor? There are many ways to be paid including Paypal. It is only .95 for the US but all other countries 20.95. That is a lot. Just wondering if anyone has used this payment processor.

How Many Surveys Have You Completed Here? » Post #28

Thu Jan 09, 2020 23:27 in General Talk

3,026. I don't get high paying surveys usually. Amount paid $1294.72. Rarely a dollar per survey. I only wish.

Happy New Year 2020 » Post #2

Wed Jan 01, 2020 21:44 in General Talk

Happy New Year to you. Have a great year.

New Privacy Policy » Post #3

Wed Jan 01, 2020 12:56 in General Talk

I really don't know what this has to do with Canada. I have read it. This seems to be directed to State of California and the United States. So what does this have to do with Canada?
My understanding is if you opt out you are off the site.
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