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60 Best Zombie Movies » Post #16

Tue Dec 01, 2020 12:22 in General Talk

Covid-2020 The Zombie Pandemic

Covid-2021 The Zombie Pandemic Returns

Covid-2022 The Zombie Anti-Virus Does Not Work

2023 And the Best Picture Oscar goes to Mr Dry Blood for the movie 'How We Exterminated Living Humans'.
(Other movies nominate was 'We're Stiff and We Know It', 'Up Chuck The Gut', 'Love In the Morgue', and
'Zombie Vice Squad').

60 Best Zombie Movies » Post #9

Mon Nov 30, 2020 17:31 in General Talk

Well Nik, I would guess that probably in the not so distant future, they'll make a
zombie movie with the 'covid-19' in the title. Perhaps they'll call it 'covid-100' or
some such as that.

60 Best Zombie Movies » Post #7

Mon Nov 30, 2020 14:35 in General Talk

I watch zombie movies on Amazon Prime.

If you have never watched the 1968 number 1 zombie movie 'Night of the Living Dead',
watch it. Amazon prime has the color version.

People like myself, understand that movie more so than most because we grew up in that era.
In 1968, I was 12 years old. It was the Vietnam War era. Martin Luther King assassination.
Seriel killing of student nurses in Chicago. Busing. Black Panthers. Woodstock. Racism.
Jimi Hendrix. Janis Joplin.

The 'Night of the Living Dead' really had a lot of what was going on in our country, in the movie
and a lot of what was not going on in our country, in the movie. The movie cost a tad over
$100,000 to make. Very low budget. The plot was remarkable. Casting a black man as the
star, was also remarkable. The movie has gone down in history as one of the top horror films
of all time. The movie is in museums. Altho the actors were unknowns, dialogue was easy
to understand and the people were relatable. The clincher was the ending.

Walmart in my area - TP = 0 » Post #43

Mon Nov 30, 2020 14:23 in General Talk

Yes retired people may choose to work and receive social security too. Many do.

If you take an early retirement, you are receiving less per month than if you retired

60 Best Zombie Movies » Post #4

Mon Nov 30, 2020 12:44 in General Talk

Darkstar2, you are missing some very good movies. haha!

Train to Busain is really good and good acting.

Shaun of the Dead is hilarious.

It's cold and snowing here today so I cooked beans and cornbread.
Nothing better than to wrap up in a blanket on the sofa, eat, and watch a zombie movie! :mrgreen:

PS. 28 Days is good too

60 Best Zombie Movies » Post #1

Mon Nov 30, 2020 10:22 in General Talk

I decided to go on a Zombie movie adventure......well, sort of.
Many of the movies listed I have already watched but I noticed there are many I have not.

The other night I watched number 1 and last night I watched number 3.

Today I decided to look up the best Zombie movie list and that is where I located:
60 best zombie movies of all time | Entertainment |

Both number 1 and 3 including many others, I had already watched more than once.
But hey, they are fun to watch (just turn your head when they show gory stuff).

Trump officially concedes victory to Biden! » Post #3

Mon Nov 30, 2020 08:05 in General Talk

That's funny. They make it look so real.

Night of the Living Dead-Interesting Facts » Post #9

Sun Nov 29, 2020 22:06 in General Talk

Sounds like you were hungry.

Strange New Discovery in Utah » Post #29

Sun Nov 29, 2020 15:19 in General Talk

I've been hearing through the.....banana vine.....that an artist is in the process of
creating a large metallic banana tree. When completed, he is going to place it in a
remote Australian location. He did this once in Croatia but a lone large hairy creature
kept trying to eat it.

Strange New Discovery in Utah » Post #26

Sun Nov 29, 2020 07:01 in General Talk

That is so weird.

You'd think with all the commotion about it, some people would have saw the removal.

Maybe aliens came back for it. :lol:

Night of the Living Dead-Interesting Facts » Post #7

Sat Nov 28, 2020 21:29 in General Talk

You'd need to set an alarm for every 10 minutes. :lol:

Walmart in my area - TP = 0 » Post #41

Sat Nov 28, 2020 21:28 in General Talk

Social Security - People can retire at the age specified. In other words, people can retire at age 62 but if they wait until they are 65, they will get more. They can also wait to retire forever if they want. The monthly SS check will increase based on their benefit, each year they wait. That's because the longer one waits to retire, the shorter the life span, so the more money they give them (monthly). It's individualized because of how many years the person worked and how much they paid in over the years. I think the average SS check is approximately $2,000 per month.

Social Security Disability - People that become disabled, may collect disability.

Pension - Many people have pensions. When my grandparents retired, my grandmother worked an extra two years in order to get her pension. So when she retired, she received two checks. Her social security check and a pension check every month. My sister's husband receives a pension. He receives a pension check at the first of the month and his social security check at mid month.

Retiring at age 62 is known as early retirement.
Retiring at age 65 is known as full retirement.

That's the jest of it. There are other forms and benefits based on work, etc.

Biden wants to change retirement to 60. The odd thing about that is, they keep talking about social security running dry by 2035. Of course he has a plan but still seems odd to reduce the age.

Night of the Living Dead-Interesting Facts » Post #5

Sat Nov 28, 2020 21:08 in General Talk

On average people have over 50 dreams a night.

The only dreams they tend to recall is the ones they had right before they woke up.
That's why those that want to keep a record, is to have a pen and paper by the bed.
When you wake, you can write it down, otherwise you might forget it.

Night of the Living Dead-Interesting Facts » Post #3

Fri Nov 27, 2020 18:31 in General Talk

My husband was always amazed at how fast I went to sleep.

There are rare times that I toss and turn but very rarely. Usually I fall asleep within five minutes
of my head hitting the pillow.

Nope, not even horror movies keep me awake and if I dream about them, I don't remember it.
The only dream I may remember is the one immediately before I wake up.

She smoke for 95 years » Post #6

Fri Nov 27, 2020 18:22 in General Talk

He's got a few years on me.

Night of the Living Dead-Interesting Facts » Post #1

Fri Nov 27, 2020 16:49 in General Talk

Last night I watched 'Night of the Living Dead' in color on Amazon.

Not that I watch it yearly but I have watched it many times. I am not sure if last night
was the first time I watched it in color.

The movie came out in 1968. I think the first time I saw it was at a drive-in theater in
or about 1971.

Although a low budget film, it was a good thriller and it started the whole 'zombie' movie
click. If it wasn't for the movie, programs like 'The Walking Dead' would probably not exist.

Ben is the main character in the movie. I decided to google him. His real name is Duane Jones.
He was the first Black man actor to ever be the star in a horror movie. His life was very interesting.

He died at age 51.

Duane Jones - Wikipedia

Strange New Discovery in Utah » Post #18

Fri Nov 27, 2020 13:28 in General Talk

It's difficult to get good paying jobs these days. :roll:

why delay paypal payment » Post #5

Fri Nov 27, 2020 07:46 in General Talk

Well here is the thing....

He cashed out on Sunday, he said. It has not even been 5 days. So why he would even
bring it up, is beyond me. Just because you may get paid in 2 or 3 days, does not mean
some thing is wrong 4 or 5 days later.

Be sure to read the FAQ. It plainly states payments go into the q and are generally paid
in 5 to 7 days. If you do get the payment sooner, that is nice but you should not expect
it that soon since the FAQ states 5 to 7 days.

When and how will I get paid (Cashout)? – ySense

Strange New Discovery in Utah » Post #16

Fri Nov 27, 2020 07:38 in General Talk

They said it's been there about 5 years. The reason they know that is due to Google maps.
In 2015 the area was blank. In 2016 Google displays it is there.

Lots of people have been flocking there to look at it. They've been able to find the location
due to Google maps.

I don't know about interlaced video. I just know that my mobile phone does the same thing
if I don't turn it side ways. Usually I take videos and photos with my iPad. I don't know what
kind of camera they used but it doesn't matter. It is a real video and the object is real.

Some were stating a particular artist that made monoliths but he died in 2011.

They said it is common for sculptor artist to place those things in isolated areas.

I was actually hoping little purple mean would come out of it. Nothing is fun any more. :mrgreen:

Strange New Discovery in Utah » Post #14

Fri Nov 27, 2020 05:55 in General Talk

Nothing and Something.
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