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Be Patient » Post #15

Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:58 in General Talk

All I know to tell you is the few Toluna surveys I have completed,
credited the earnings to my account immediately.

There have in fact been a few surveys I have completed (not Toluna)
that did not confirm the credit.

Some days ago I completed a PeanutLabs survey and got the smiley
face but did not receive the credit.

Even when we had CS and at other GPT's too, I have experienced not
being paid at times for a survey. It can be related to a number of things.

Personally, I think they're doing a fair job at getting things in order.
They are addressing the issues, it just takes time and no one around

Be Patient » Post #13

Wed Sep 11, 2019 09:54 in General Talk

You have no idea of what their deal entails and neither do I.
That is the point I am making.

You say they could have had a grace period. How do you know what they could have did?
You don't.

I do know one thing, If I am going to sell something, I am going to sell it and not offer
a 'grace period'.

Be Patient » Post #11

Wed Sep 11, 2019 09:03 in General Talk

I am glad they did it the way they did it.

Doing it this way, members for the most part, still can make some money.
Now before you go hollering that many are not making money, the fact remains, many are.

If you think about it, there is nothing else they could do but take the site down completely.
How many would be hollering then? How would you have liked it if you had clicked on CS
and nothing came up?

You see, that is the only option they had is what they are doing. Everything needed changed
over to their company. They have their own surveys system they use on their own partners.
A whole lot of the coding has to be rewrote. It's a ton of work.

When a company such as this made the purchase, what do you think they did? Do you think
they just handed the cash over to Jim? Obviously lawyers and paperwork is involved. Also,
did Jim solely own CS or did he have partners? Was the others involved in the sale and the
legalities of it?

I'm not saying things could have been done differently. I am just saying the agreements
they had and the time frame for the sale, is not obvious.

The final of the deal, is a bit obvious. It is now sold, here you take it, thanks and good luck
and goodbye. It is your baby now.

You can't allow someone access to your code unless you're outta your mind. You can't give
them the site and say here ya go, do what you want BEFORE you have money in hand.

All I can figure is people here simply realize things are not working the way they were and
they are not understanding what is involved in the correction process.

It does not matter the way the sale went down. The fact is it did sell and now someone
else owns it with different partners onboard, new coding and rewrites.

In regards to how they're handling this, I don't see any problem other than there could
be a little more communication. Even so, they probably know there will still be membere
complaining and posting the same questions over and over. The majority don't read,
they just post.

Wypłaty » Post #1518

Fri Sep 06, 2019 09:10 in Polish

Zolza1997 wrote: ja mam ten sam problem z przelewem z ysense na paypal nawet z innej przeglądarki mi nie działa.

Myślę, że mają dużo pracy i wydaje się, że idzie raczej powoli.

Mockery - Echolalia - Self Respect - Empathy » Post #1

Thu Sep 05, 2019 15:50 in General Talk

Unfortunately there are a few members that prefer to make a mockery of ySense.
Unfortunately there is at least one member that is very echolalia.
Unfortunately there is some members that display a lack of respect and lack of empathy for themselves and others.

Those of you reporting many of these topics, please stop. I am aware of it. ySense is
aware of it. Many members that never post here, new and old are aware of it.

If this forum ceases to exist, you can congratulate those few members.

The facts are obvious. This program is now ySense. Just like ClixSense, you work
under their rules or you don't work at all. If you go to your brick and mortar job
and make a mockery of the workforce and/or the company, you stand to lose your
job very quickly. If you consistently appear to have echolalia, you will most probably
lose your job very quickly or at the very least be put in a room to yourself. If you
can't display respect for others at your work place, you will likely be fired.

ySense is not a brick and mortar work place. It's a for profit online company that
allows people from many countries to make some extra money in their spare time.

Of course many are heartbroken that Clixsense is gone. You must accept change in
this tough world we live in. Not much is constant on this earth.

Flooding the forums with mockery and constantly repeating long sentences over
and over again, is not only unprofessional but speaks loudly about what kind of
individual you are.

Obviously there is issues that ySense is working on and issues they have not got
around to working on yet.

Any time I have ever belonged to anything, off-line or online, I support it whole
heartedly or I get out of it.

It's absolutely wanted to relay errors, bugs, and features wanted. Nothing wrong
with that and no doubt appreciated. But you few know what you are doing to
insult other members, staff, this company, and me. Since I don't like it, I have
a feeling many others don't like it either.

I've stopped deleting your hurtful topics and posts. I apologize to the good members
for not doing so but I leave them here to allow the company to easily see what
is going on.

I think I am about through here. I moderate eleven forums and some times the
Polish forum. It's a lot of work. It really is a lot of work. I have to read the
topics, threads, reports, and so on. Not to mention focusing on replying to those
that legitimately need help. Taking my time to read a bunch of trash, takes a
way from those that need help.

So those that are reporting those posts/topics, I do know.

Wypłaty » Post #1511

Thu Sep 05, 2019 10:43 in Polish

kibelel50 wrote: Witam,
przedwczoraj, tj. 03.09 zleciłem wypłatę 10$ na PayPal. Oczywiście otrzymałem maila, że 10$ jest w trakcie wypłacania. Chciałbym się dowiedzieć, kiedy mniej więcej otrzymam wypłate na PayPalu?

Probably Monday or Tuesday.

How to link paypal account? » Post #7

Thu Sep 05, 2019 05:29 in General Talk

listna wrote: hello
I want some clarification .
what is the purpose of this gift card.?
I don't want to do online purchase or payments. Is it possible to transfer cash to my bank account using this gift cards. I have an account in paypal.

Yes. It's not a card.

Best Gift Ever .............tasman1 » Post #2

Wed Sep 04, 2019 05:10 in General Talk

HaHa that is a funny one....sort of. :shock:

Ankiety » Post #13286

Mon Sep 02, 2019 15:15 in Polish

Dot Us Hmmm? Co? :o :? :oops: :mrgreen:

Figure Eight - tasks » Post #4

Mon Sep 02, 2019 15:10 in Polish

Zapraszamy. :P

Duza Zmiana » Post #294

Mon Sep 02, 2019 13:42 in Polish

Holiday weekend Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon.

Weekend wakacyjny pt., Sob., Niedz., Pon.

Surveys » Post #3

Mon Sep 02, 2019 07:31 in General Talk

That's it....TIME.

If you don't have much time to be at the computer, then you will probably be out
of luck in regards to completing surveys. Some members focus on gaining referrals.

Of course, you've been here since 2007 so I don't think I need to explain anything to you.
You weren't 69 in 2007. You were also much younger when surveys were implemented.

I'm in my 60's and I complete surveys every day. However, it does often take quite
a few tries to complete one.

I also know some members here that are in their 70's and 80's that complete surveys.

They might implement some videos and more slide show type offers with time.

speed disquals and time burning » Post #8

Sat Aug 31, 2019 19:20 in General Talk

barehunter wrote: Ever since clixsense became ysense the amount of instant disquals has increased. tonight along I have burned through 6 hours of nothing but disquals just trying to get my 2 a night in. Most times I click on a survey, the new tab pops up and immediately goes right to the survey select screen again. Not every survey can be a winner? tonight there are no winners! Also I actually completed 8 surveys all the way through, only to be told at the end that I was disqualified or the survey was closed. This is so frustrating. And I have money "earned" but since there are no more checks or paypal, I have no idea how to get it. I'd quit if I didnt have that money sitting there.

Always check the holiday schedule. It can be difficult to get surveys during the holidays.
Sat, Sun, Monday may be difficult due to USA Labor Day weekend.

I had a tough time getting two today. I did finally get one. Then tonight, a bit ago, I did
one that was an hour long but I got the .92 cents.

Today really was a very tough day for surveys and tomorrow and Monday may be too.

However, I predict Tuesday will be BOOMING.

Figure Eight - tasks » Post #2

Sat Aug 31, 2019 14:59 in Polish

Niektóre zadania są dwa na jeden. Innymi słowy, musisz zrobić dwa, aby otrzymać płatność / kredyt.

Thank You YSENSE » Post #2

Sat Aug 31, 2019 07:23 in Payment Proofs

GREAT BIG payment! YAY! :P

Awwww thank you for the thank you. :clap:

Did you know? » Post #589

Fri Aug 30, 2019 19:13 in General Talk

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The best tips for creating surveys? » Post #6

Fri Aug 30, 2019 19:11 in General Talk

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if you ever have an opportunity to use Skrill » Post #5

Fri Aug 30, 2019 19:10 in General Talk

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PayOut Time Frame » Post #18

Fri Aug 30, 2019 18:59 in Payment Proofs

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Duza Zmiana » Post #286

Fri Aug 30, 2019 18:48 in Polish

Prześlij zgłoszenie do pomocy technicznej ySense dla każdego napotkanego problemu i podaj pełne szczegóły. Mogą zastosować kredyt, którego nie otrzymałeś. Zawsze zapisuj numer ankiety przed jej wypełnieniem, abyś miał ją na wypadek błędu. Nie wiem o zadaniach, możesz skontaktować się w tej sprawie z F8. Powiedzieli też, że będą umieszczać więcej ankiet.
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