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Oh My, Dawn Wells dies of Covid » Post #13

Thu Dec 31, 2020 13:17 in General Talk

In the United States, there has been very little negative reaction to the vaccine.

After taking the vaccine, the person is to sit and wait 15 minutes before leaving.

Most of the reactions are simply a sore arm, brief headache.

There was one severe case of a woman nurse, that had a severe allergic reaction to
it and was hospitalized immediately but she did recover.

I take the flu shot every year. I never get the flu and I never get a cold. It wasn't
always that way for me because when I was younger, I did in fact get one or more
colds every winter and I would get a flu or virus.

The shingles vaccine left my arm rather sore for quite some time and that is a double
whammy because one waits and gets a second dose.

But I would have to say that a sore arm and or a brief headache is nothing like getting
a full blown covid 19 virus. When it becomes available for me, I will take it. With all
these new strains they say are coming out, I think it would be wise to take it as it may
help in preventing additional strains or at least not be so severe if you do catch it.

Happy New Year 2021 » Post #2

Thu Dec 31, 2020 13:09 in General Talk

Happy New Year!

The 5th Wave (@Valerie) - glimpse of future! » Post #10

Thu Dec 31, 2020 10:19 in General Talk

'The Wave' is a Norway film and I added it to my watchlist (free on Prime)
English sub titles.

'The 5th Wave' is on Amazon but it's $2.99 to watch.

'Koko-di koko-da' is on Amazon but it is $4.99 to watch.

The 5th Wave (@Valerie) - glimpse of future! » Post #4

Thu Dec 31, 2020 08:17 in General Talk

By the way, I prefer westerns but rarely do they come out with a new good one any more.

Leaving prime after today 'Once Upon A Time In The West'. One of my top fav westerns.
Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda, Jason Robards. One of the best westerns ever made!

The 5th Wave (@Valerie) - glimpse of future! » Post #3

Thu Dec 31, 2020 08:14 in General Talk

I think 'the 5th wave' is one I have not ever watched. I'll have to look it up.

Yes, saw 'catch me if you can'.

Oh My, Dawn Wells dies of Covid » Post #3

Wed Dec 30, 2020 21:25 in General Talk

Yes, every day of life matters.

When someone is old, every day is extremely important. They may live to see a
great grand child's wedding, a new great grand baby, a new site to in
travel offline.

It's very sad.

Oh My, Dawn Wells dies of Covid » Post #1

Wed Dec 30, 2020 16:27 in General Talk

Bye » Post #8

Wed Dec 30, 2020 09:05 in General Talk

@Darkstar2. I figured out that if I could keep you busy with discussions of stuff other than
ySense, you'd be a much happier camper. ;)

Seriously, it's good for people to have an outlet and some times getting your mind on something
else for awhile, is a relief.

I always believed the General Discussions sub forum was a good place for members to take a
break. A break from a lot of things. I always tried to instigate some activity here in this sub
forum if it was nothing more than adding a nonsense poll.

If they'd paid me a monthly stipend, I would have stayed. That is ok that they obviously don't
want to do that. It's long over due that I need to do something else. I have a few things in

Anyway, good luck to you and everyone. Happy New Year to All and I sure hope it is a better
one for everybody! :P

Massive Earthquake In Croatia » Post #4

Tue Dec 29, 2020 13:01 in General Talk

That's the thing isn't it?

I mean that with all the technology, if something goes wrong, it goes very wrong.

The days of 'minor' this and that is over.

Well at least it did not destroy the nuclear plant and set off a hoard of radiation.

Bye » Post #1

Tue Dec 29, 2020 06:31 in General Talk

Bye everybody! I wish you all much success, wealth, and especially great health and long life. :P

(I'll be moderating the forums until the end of the year (a couple more days).)

Before and After » Post #1

Mon Dec 28, 2020 21:40 in General Talk

5G Blow Up Literally ? » Post #8

Mon Dec 28, 2020 13:38 in General Talk

At this point, no one knows why he did it or at least no one has come forward that knows why he did it.

It sure sounds to me like he was mad at AT&T for something and knew he was going to die soon so he
wanted to go out with a bang but not take anyone else with him. Now he will forever be known as the
'Christmas Day Bomber' and the last thing that came out of his RV was the music:

Petula Clark ~ Downtown (1964) - YouTube

5G Blow Up Literally ? » Post #5

Mon Dec 28, 2020 09:26 in General Talk

PS. Maybe he just wanted to go out with a bang.

5G Blow Up Literally ? » Post #4

Mon Dec 28, 2020 09:24 in General Talk

I don't know if he really had cancer or not but he told his ex girlfriend he did.

Apparently he was a geek, smart with electronics, self employed tech, contracted work.

His aim wasn't to kill people. That's why he did it when he did it. Christmas Day when
people would not be shopping. He also had a warning playing thru a speaker from the

The only person he killed, was himself.

I don't think anything was said about 5G being responsible for his cancer. There was
some mention about people believing 5G will cause cancer and some people believing
5G caused the corona virus.

But who knows. Maybe he was mad at AT&T due to employment or work related some

No one really knows for sure why he did it. It was planned because he gave his car
to his ex girlfriend and signed over his house for free to someone in L.A.

It sounds to me like he really did have cancer and knew he wasn't going to live long.
But exactly why he did what he did, is only guessing.

5G Blow Up Literally ? » Post #1

Mon Dec 28, 2020 07:34 in General Talk

Only Cash over here in my part of the country » Post #13

Sun Dec 27, 2020 21:27 in General Talk

People don't like to think about their own demise which actually happens very quickly.
Life is short and extremely short for many people.

I think I told this before here, some years ago.

There was sort of a hermit that lived up in the Tennessee mountains. He lived in a
little two room shack of a cabin. He owned an old truck and would go into town about
once every month or two for supplies such as food. He lived to be very old, on up in
his 90's. He wasn't a church goer and he really didn't have friends but as the towns
people said, a nice enough fellow but kept to himself.

I don't remember now if he had electricity or not in his cabin and I don't think he did.
He did have an old wood stove that he used for heat and cooking.

After he died, some people went into his cabin to evaluate I guess. He didn't have
relatives so whatever he owned would go to the city. What they found was very

His cabin walls was lined with money. He used it as insulation. It was every where.
In his wood stove, they found ashes that they said was burnt up cash. They said he
probably used the cash to start the kindling.

I don't remember the exact amount they pulled from the walls but it was a large
sum like half a million dollars. It also turns out he was some kind of special forces
World War Vet. He was of high intellect.

They didn't find much in his cabin other than a bible, the stove, the bed, an old
photo album, food supplies and not much else.

People were so amazed at that. He could have lived in a nice house, had a nice
vehicle, etc.

I believe he was certainly of high intellect. For him, the money he received, did not
mean a whole lot to him. He knew life was brief on this planet. He had everything
he needed and I guess if he ever really did need something, he had the money for it.

People in general, go about their life as if they are going to live forever. When it gets
right down to it, none of us need any more than he did.

Only Cash over here in my part of the country » Post #10

Sun Dec 27, 2020 15:29 in General Talk

Well.......don't put the cash in a steal box and bury it.

My bad.

Put it in a steel box and bury it.

Hello everyone » Post #2

Sun Dec 27, 2020 05:52 in Member Introduction

Gingerbread Monolith with Icing » Post #5

Sat Dec 26, 2020 20:51 in General Talk

I guess they do it for fun and to give people something to think about and perhaps smile about.

I don't know if anyone mentioned it, but I would say to the kids, that Santa left it.

Only Cash over here in my part of the country » Post #7

Sat Dec 26, 2020 20:50 in General Talk

Yeah, it's easy for me to say people should keep cash on hand for emergencies.
Why wouldn't it be easy for me to say that?

It's not like I am forcing them to. :lol:

I have just given a perfect real life example as to why it might be wise for them to do so.

My sister still uses checks a lot. I guess many people still do. I don't. I probably wrote
no more than 5 or 10 checks, this entire year. Maybe less than that.

I guess if any company is losing business in the USA, it is the paper check business.

These days, people are better off digging a hole in the ground, placing their money in a
steal box, and burying it.
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