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Prophecy On Bright side .......tasman1 » Post #15

Tue May 05, 2020 06:20 in General Talk

Has anyone viewed t-shirts and hats yet with slogans of covid?

Example: I survived Covid-19

Wrong move by PM » Post #12

Tue May 05, 2020 06:17 in General Talk

How can they buy it if they don't have job/money?

People ......................tasman1 » Post #3

Mon May 04, 2020 18:38 in General Talk

The elderly are history books. They have many interesting stories to tell.

Prophecy On Bright side .......tasman1 » Post #8

Mon May 04, 2020 14:46 in General Talk

I'll have a covid

Covid on draft please

Is that covid cold

I want a glass with my covid

Covid on ice please

Peanuts with my covid please

A round of covid for everyone!

forcast May earnings 2020 » Post #3

Mon May 04, 2020 09:16 in General Talk

dutch1898 wrote: And will be for a long time.Starting to arrange my life in case I catch it
and would not survive.Have in my will "No resuscitation" would not like
to come back.

Hey dutch, you need to have DNR in your directives, signed. I think if you look online, you can
find free documents to print out and sign for DNR. It's best to have DNR documents on file with
your doctor/hospital.

A Will is kind of after the fact.

Ysense sent me $10 thanks » Post #2

Sun May 03, 2020 14:14 in Payment Proofs

Remember to remove your transaction id before posting.

Canada’s first COVID-19 mobile contact-tracing app » Post #18

Sun May 03, 2020 12:42 in General Talk

Mine are too. I have all my laptops, computer, everything with a sticker over the
camera. There are people that can connect to ones computer and turn on their

Canada’s first COVID-19 mobile contact-tracing app » Post #13

Sun May 03, 2020 09:35 in General Talk

Humans keep getting dumber every day.

It makes me think of the Jewish invasion. It was bad to say the least but what if they
had the technology back then, we have today! How much easier would it been to track
people. Millions more would have died.

Lockdown Extended » Post #20

Sat May 02, 2020 05:56 in General Talk

I thought you ask about healthcare and benefits during covid-19.

They have given loans and grants to businesses.

Some States are locked down tighter than others.

Some States are opening businesses bit by bit and some have opened beaches and other
areas where people gather. Most wonder what the outcome of that is going to be...more
infection or what.

Lockdown Extended » Post #17

Fri May 01, 2020 17:43 in General Talk

That was the first approved stimulus check.

The senate has been out but were to be back May 1st. They are discussing a second stimulus
package. The monies discussed now is $2,000 for six months or 12 months. We won't know
until they come out with it. That is, per month.

In regards to health insurance, any cover-19 health related issue is covered by the government.
So in reality, those that don't have insurance are at least some what better off in that regard
because they won't have to be concerned with health care costs if they need to be tested for
covid-19 or get sick from it.

Keep in mind, there are various forms of health care in America. Even many jobs that are
part time, will have health care options that the worker can purchase. There is also Medicare
for those over 65 years of age. Also, State Medicaid is based on income for adults/children/families.

Lockdown Extended » Post #12

Fri May 01, 2020 11:33 in General Talk

A few things....

People in the US, always buy guns. Always. It's big sales and actually always has been.
The only time gun sales literally jump through the roofs is when people think the government
might restrict the sales. So, when the media states people in the US are buying guns, it is
laughable because people always buy guns.

Every adult in America received a stimulus check or bank deposit in the amount of $1,200.00.
Those with children, also received in addition, $500.00 per child. If you were a married couple
with three children, your total stimulus was $3,900.00. There is some exception to this such
as a person owing child support. If a person owes $1,200 in child support or more, that person
would not get the stimulus check.

Even if you are retired, such as myself, I received the $1,200.00 stimulus direct deposit.

In addition, if you are unemployed and filed for unemployment, you will receive $600 per
week, in unemployment. I have some friends that received $3,900.00 in stimulus and
the woman works at Walmart and her husband is unemployed receiving $600.00 per week.

The reality is, for many people, they are receiving more than if they were working.

Also, those on SNAP benefits have received more. At least one I know of received almost
twice the allotment as usual. SNAP (food stamps).

Many people in the US live beyond their means. Not everyone of course but many do.
Those that live beyond their means, probably have the toughest go of it during hard times
like these. Hopefully it is a wake up call for them.

I'd hate to have everything some people have and have the worry those people have.

Elon Musk and Revolution .....tasman1 » Post #11

Thu Apr 30, 2020 16:21 in General Talk

We're not forced to stay in our houses here.

My sister and I went to Walmart today and through McDonalds for a coke.
It was a nice sunny day, not cold, not hot. A lot of people were out and I
should say a lot was at Walmart. We concluded that many were out because
they had got their stimulus deposit and/or stimulus check, plus it being a
beautiful Spring day.

I live in a rural town, so I am in town but I do have yard, front, back, each
side. I sit out back on the deck when the weather is nice enough some times,
drink coffee, grill out, or simply watch the deer, squirrels, rabbits, birds. Some
times I sit out front or on my front porch. I wave at people that walk or drive
by. Here, some people drive by in golf carts. Some drive by on their lawn
mowers. Some times I take Bo (my dog) out walking.

There's lots of places to be outside around here, yet not around anyone else.
There is lakes, rivers, streams, hiking trails, etc.

My sister lives out of town, about ten minute drive from me in a very remote
rural area. Her closest neighbor is her step relatives and they have a lot of
open land where the kids ride their four wheelers. She feeds the deer and
birds, etc.

So for us, it doesn't feel like we are locked in at all. We still do most of what
we do anyway. The only difference is, we wear masks and gloves in Walmart...
and some places are not open such as hair salons. That doesn't bother me
either because I cut my own hair.

There is so much for me to do, right in here at my house that I have not felt
the least bit locked in. Not at all. I've got some fencing I need to paint. I
mow my yard so that is almost a constant chore this time of year. I trim the
shrubs, plant flowers, hand wash the car, got to caulk some windows, and
plenty to do outside. I am still working on cleaning up my office. I tossed a
huge trash bag full of papers and junk away this week. Still more to go thru.
I have two front doors that are white. I plan to paint those. Not sure what
color to paint them but something other than white. There's always clothes
to wash, floors to mop, movies to watch, computer stuff to do. There's hobbies
too, I do jigsaw puzzles.

I don't think it's too difficult on us country folks. People that live in large populated
cities where they live almost on top of each other and their pass time is going to
the zoo, museums, theaters, opera's, etc.....probably has a rough time for them
to stay inside.

Elon Musk and Revolution .....tasman1 » Post #3

Thu Apr 30, 2020 13:15 in General Talk

"Give me liberty, or give me death!" is a quotation attributed to Patrick Henry from a speech he made to the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775, at St. John's Church in Richmond, Virginia.

So those wanting to open everything up, will certainly get one or the other.

Coronavirus Cure 100%....tasman1 » Post #2

Wed Apr 29, 2020 15:01 in General Talk

I just smashed a banana into your face.

Trump suggects injecting disinfectants » Post #38

Wed Apr 29, 2020 14:52 in General Talk


He did not tell people to inject drugs.

Irrfan dies » Post #1

Wed Apr 29, 2020 06:35 in General Talk

Irrfan Khan, star of Oscar-winning movies including Slumdog Millionaire and Life of Pi, has died at the age of 53.

That is so sad. I really liked watching him and the movies he was in.

Weird Words » Post #4

Tue Apr 28, 2020 15:37 in General Talk

doodlesack: bagpipe

If you google that one, you'll LOL all week.

Thank You Thank You Bill........tasman1 » Post #6

Tue Apr 28, 2020 15:34 in General Talk

Wacky tobaccy will do it every time.

Weird Words » Post #3

Tue Apr 28, 2020 11:59 in General Talk

I may be wrong but I think it stems from people hollering across valleys.

Like today, someone might say 'give me a shout out' referring to get back to me about it
or call me soon. Whereas in the Southern States, even long before telephones, people
would holler across the fields or across the ponds, etc. So I would guess over time, low
lying places became known as 'hollers'.

Weird Words » Post #1

Tue Apr 28, 2020 09:09 in General Talk

In the South we use the word 'Holler' often. There are rural areas that have the
name 'Holler' such as a place I have known 'Shot Gun Holler'.


hollow noun A small, sheltered valley that usually but not necessarily has a watercourse. The term occurs often in place names, especially informal ones, as Hell's Holler (NC) and Piedy Holler (TN). [ DARE labels this pronunciation holler as “chiefly South, South Midland, especially Southern Appalachians, Ozarks”]
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