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Walmart May 28 - USA » Post #3

Thu May 28, 2020 15:59 in General Talk

Many of the meat plants closed down due to the virus.

They've euthanized many animals (mainly chickens thus far) due to not having
the processing plants open to process them.

Walmart May 28 - USA » Post #1

Thu May 28, 2020 11:49 in General Talk

Walmart in my locale has most everything in stock. I noticed they still run low on

toilet paper
cleaning supplies
hand sanitizer (null)
some food items but most all in stock

Meat is almost null and what is there is priced high. Almost hilariously high.
Also, products that have meat in them, such as can tamales, can meats, I
think are very low to null.

help paymet paypal » Post #2

Thu May 28, 2020 11:43 in General Talk

It told you why.

Your NAME and your EMAIL must match.

How Tall r u? » Post #1

Thu May 28, 2020 06:25 in General Talk

What is the tallest race?

Dutch people are the world's tallest, with an average height of 175.62cm (5 feet 7.96 inches.) Dutch men are an average 182.53cm (5 feet 11.86 inches) tall.

I'm 5 foot 7 inches.

This is interesting:

I cant change my country » Post #4

Mon May 25, 2020 22:23 in General Talk

Did You Marry Vampire.......tasman1 » Post #19

Mon May 25, 2020 20:31 in General Talk

Yes don't take that vaccine because it will cause your teeth to fall out
and if you do turn into zombie you will have to gum people and I don't
think you'll get much to eat in either case.

Who owns Hong Kong .....tasman1 » Post #21

Mon May 25, 2020 20:27 in General Talk

Topic Locked

I cant change my country » Post #2

Mon May 25, 2020 20:24 in General Talk

Moderators do not have access to member accounts.

You'll need to submit a support ticket.

Pay No 32 for 2020 Paid ,SUPERFAST ...tasman1 » Post #2

Mon May 25, 2020 20:22 in Payment Proofs

Don't forget to remove your transaction id before posting.

Did You Marry Vampire.......tasman1 » Post #14

Mon May 25, 2020 12:58 in General Talk

Yes, very serious discussions here in ySense forums. :?

The best zombie movie ever is 'Train to Busain'. I think I spelled that wrong.

Now then, we know from all the zombie movies, that they are very difficult to
kill since they are already dead or diseased with deadly virus. Guns won't work!

If we could come up with a vaccine to prevent us turning into zombies, that would
be our best bet.

The solution would be to find out what zombies won't eat, and then develop a
vaccine from that food.

I've heard that zombies do not eat rhubarb. Therefore, someone needs to make
a vaccine from rhubarb. In the mean time, to be safe, carry rhubarb in your pockets.
Also, a good idea would be to make a necklace of rhubarb to wear around your neck.

Did You Marry Vampire.......tasman1 » Post #12

Sun May 24, 2020 15:44 in General Talk

Yep parvo is a serious virus. But there is vaccine for it, altho not always preventable.

That's why I don't like stray dogs running around in my yard. I walk my dog outside in the yard
and I don't want him getting infected by another dog. Even tho, my dog gets routine
check ups, vaccines, and takes his heart worm and flea meds.

Who owns Hong Kong .....tasman1 » Post #12

Sun May 24, 2020 15:37 in General Talk

Don't even try to fool us tasman1. We know you are ape man.

Hong Kongians own Hong Kong, of course.

Go drink some warm banana juice and go to sleep.

Did You Marry Vampire.......tasman1 » Post #10

Sun May 24, 2020 15:33 in General Talk

Don't forget to get tested for 'Skunkaloopie-1234567' disease.

It's said if you have Skunkaloopie-1234567 disease, you will walk on all fours, have
a strange desire to smell cat butts, and you will give off a foul odor.

There is not a vaccine for Skunkaloopie-1234567. However, there is help if you have
the Skunkaloopie-1234567 disease. You'll need to bath daily in tomato juice and stay
away from cats.

Who owns Hong Kong .....tasman1 » Post #2

Sat May 23, 2020 20:11 in General Talk

with the ong

Peanut Labs » Post #2

Sat May 23, 2020 12:25 in General Talk

You would need to ask PeanutLabs.

ClixSense to ySense Transtion » Post #2

Sat May 23, 2020 12:24 in General Talk

I wouldn't call it suddenly but a deal was made and ClixSense was sold to Prodege.

Payment Received » Post #2

Fri May 22, 2020 06:05 in Payment Proofs

Don't forget to remove your email address before posting.

Fruits from the market not safe » Post #10

Thu May 21, 2020 18:48 in General Talk

I put a little Seven Dust on my tomato plants to keep the tomato worms off.
Otherwise, would need to go out several times a day and manually pick the
worms off. The problem is the tomato worms are very difficult to see. If you
don't keep the insects off, they'll eat all the leaves from the plant and you won't
have tomato or very small poor tomatoes. AND those tomato worms are horrible
looking creatures. I put vinegar and dish soap in bottle, and if I see worm I spray
it and worm fall off and then I kill worm.

Fruits from the market not safe » Post #8

Thu May 21, 2020 11:01 in General Talk

HaHa! Makes me think of Zucchini. I love it but that stuff grows like no tomorrow.

There's lots of funny stories about zucchini and neighbors. I have done the same.
I'd put some on neighbors porches and a few days later there would be some on
my porch. You can't hardly give the stuff away because it is so abundant in the

What I would do with it....and actually I still do when I buy it.....I will grate it and
place in freezer bags. It makes a good pizza topping and most importantly, I
make zucchini bread with it.

I will grate 2 cups to a freezer bag. I do that near the end of the season. No
cooking or anything. Just grate it and put in freezer bags and freeze. Great at
Christmas time for zuchinni bread.

First time ever. » Post #12

Thu May 21, 2020 10:53 in General Talk

Not forgetting.

However, animals are my main concern.
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