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Truth about referrals on Ysense - RECAP 2019 » Post #4

Thu Jan 16, 2020 09:18 in Your Stats

PS. And yes, availability to earn here, varies on country locale, a lot.

Truth about referrals on Ysense - RECAP 2019 » Post #3

Thu Jan 16, 2020 09:17 in Your Stats

Just because a ref is considered 'active' does not mean they do anything at all.

1. Unless something has changed in regards to ref activity from ClixSense to ySense,
all enrollees that complete profile/log in, are considered active for 90 days...even
if they never log in again.

You probably know that but I want to make it clear for those that read your topic.

2. The old ploy that marketing is a numbers game, is untrue. You could sign up
a million people and none of them be active or only active for a brief period of time.
Understand, I am not saying it is not worth advertising freely as you may gain some
earnings. What I am saying is, the percentages are never in favor.

3. I believe members will do far better by explaining with honesty, how ySense
works, the realistic amounts they can earn, how to do surveys, offers, tasks. And
if a member only gains ONE very active referral, they will increase their earnings

So I say, don't look at 'numbers' instead 'teach people'.

Was anyone a member of HP CSpace? » Post #9

Thu Jan 16, 2020 07:07 in General Talk

kaushik2018 wrote: Are You a member of HP Tech INsider ( C Space ) ?

No. I don't think I have ever heard of it. I am guessing it is more for 'techs'?

error while cashout paypal » Post #2

Thu Jan 16, 2020 06:57 in Payment Proofs

Please post in the correct sub forum.

Your name and email address must match exactly the same in PayPal
as it is in ySense. If your email is not the same, you can add your
ySense email to your PayPal account.

Was anyone a member of HP CSpace? » Post #7

Wed Jan 15, 2020 21:55 in General Talk

uzair_friends wrote: Yes, I was.

Just wondered if anyone was because they are closing.

Was anyone a member of HP CSpace? » Post #6

Wed Jan 15, 2020 21:53 in General Talk

I was only a member for two years.

I am going to miss it. It could be informing at times.

Worst First Half of the month ....tasman1 » Post #8

Wed Jan 15, 2020 21:45 in Success Stories


Always fun at the ySense forums!

Might make for a good ad....

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smile on your face!
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Was anyone a member of HP CSpace? » Post #1

Wed Jan 15, 2020 18:52 in General Talk

Was anyone here a member of HP cspace?

Worst First Half of the month ....tasman1 » Post #2

Wed Jan 15, 2020 14:23 in Success Stories

Oh gosh, pray Darkstar2 doesn't see this topic.

my avatar » Post #12

Wed Jan 15, 2020 06:44 in General Talk

I told Mark weeks ago, maybe months ago, about the upload not working for
our profile image. He said he would tell the 'developers' and have it fixed.

This program often reminds me of a self driving car.

my avatar » Post #6

Tue Jan 14, 2020 17:21 in General Talk

Actually I gave up trying to change it. I will try again but have my doubts.

If I still scare you, you'll know it didn't work.

my avatar » Post #4

Tue Jan 14, 2020 17:10 in General Talk

Booooooo Boooooooo Booooooo

One thing is for sure, I am all set for Halloween this year too.

my avatar » Post #2

Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:34 in General Talk

If it is not working for you, you'll have to wait until it is.

How much you have Poll .... tasman1 » Post #18

Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:30 in General Talk

The problem as I see it in regards to medical, is everyone wants to put the blame
some where else.

I worked in healthcare for many years and I know what they do. When I worked
in a hospital, I saw the prices they charged for many items.

Now mind you, that has been years ago. At that time, they charge something like
$10 for a tiny tube of toothpaste....good for about two or three brushings. They
charged approximately $25 for a plastic water pitcher that included a cup and
basin (worth about a buck in those days). In those days they had something
known as 'chux'. They probably still use them in nursing homes. Today they are
high quality, much different and heaven forbid if you looked at the price. But
even back then, they were awfully expensive. We would rush around with stickers
all over us. Every time we gave anything to a patient, incoming or additional,
we'd stick the sticker to our uniform. Then when we got to nursing station we'd
flip through the patience chart for their the stickies. They were
coded labels. When the patient was released, their records go to the records
department and all the stickies go to billing. Needless to say, how often do you
think busy nursing department as well as other departments in the hospital,
remembered who's sticky was who's? I might have twenty or more stickies on
me....I would have to imput some info in their charts and then.....wait......was
this sticky Miss Smith or Miss Jones? Well, it's gotta go some where!

Today, they have a much better way of doing that but my guess is, many smaller
hospitals, smaller nursing homes, in smaller towns/cities, probably have old ways
of doing stuff.

So that is just one point of the billing crisis in the USA. Over charged for
various services and items plus possible over charging for services/products
NEVER rendered.

I use Walmart pharmacy for my prescriptions. It's mostly covered by my insurance.
Some of my prescriptions are out of Canada. Walmart gets cheaper pricing from
Canada mostly on generic drugs. A drug for high blood pressure might be $100
for 30 and that same drug through Canada and Walmart will be $4. HUGE
difference and goes to show how much the Pharm industry is ripping people off.

In regards to nursing homes/long term care, you have good insurance than fine.
If you don't have good insurance, and you have anything at all, they take every
thing you got...your house, your land, etc. And if you are totally broke and have
nothing, you may still end up in the nursing home on State aid. If you are on
State aid, you most likely won't get as good a care as the rooms on the other
hall that have insurance or self pay.

Yes, $347 for my office visits. I am in a small rural town that takes me two
minutes to drive to my primary doctor. So, I am not sure if office visits would
generally be higher or lower in a regular/large city. My primary doctor is the
only doctor in this town. My last visit just recently, he looked at me and said
your blood pressure is up, I am doubling your lisinopril from 10 to 20. I said
ok. He said any problems? I said I am having some joint pain and he said
I'll prescribe you the best there is for arthritis but they cause ulcers so don't
take them every day. I said ok. He said bye, have a good day, I said you to.
$337.00. HAHA :lol:

Well I don't know in regards to not being able to pay the hospital bill. Some
hospitals in the USA are owned by ..... not sure how to say it..... Protestant
religions. For example I was born in a large catholic hospital outside of
Chicago. Where I presently live with have 'Baptist' hospitals. Some hospitals
are named after Saints. There are of course hospitals that are simply named
of the city or county. Some hospitals, have an indigent fund pool (for lack
of a better name). They may cover some or all of the medical procedures
and/or hospital bills. Mostly people simply go into debt owing that money
that is placed with credit bureau reporting. I'd say you'd be better off not
having anything because if you do have something, they'll take it to help
cover what you owe.

We had good insurance and my husband was retired, older than I. So he had
insurance and medicare. He had to check into the hospital that month for
about 3 days to go through many test before the actual heart surgery. A
couple of weeks later, he went in for the surgery. The surgery lasted about
6 hours. He was then in the intensive care heart surgery recovery area
for 12 days until he passed away.

Life is tough!

New country is born! Welcome AP (wherever you are) » Post #3

Tue Jan 14, 2020 07:56 in General Talk

Asia/Pacific Region

Atrazine ....... Gay Frogs........ » Post #2

Tue Jan 14, 2020 07:54 in General Talk

Wouldn't they be.....transgender? :?

Well, the entire subject makes me feel jumpy!

Movie - Joker » Post #6

Mon Jan 13, 2020 09:20 in General Talk

proadco wrote:
valerie wrote: I rented it on Amazon prime for $5.99 and you know they charge tax on renting?
I never bothered to look until recently and I noticed they charged &0.50 cents on top of the $5.99 for tax.

The rich keep getting richer! :mrgreen:

Yep, I've read some reviews of people that did not like it at all.

I won't go so far as to say I loved it but I thought it was really really good.

Not sure why these sites exists, but you could of watched the Joker free at

I suppose the best way to watch free movies to use a VPN

Many are illegal and many are scammy, have viruses etc.

The biggest issue is in regards to one's own isp, cable, etc. They can ban you from their
services forever.

Not to mention fines and jail time.

Message for Valerie about one of your Topics » Post #11

Sun Jan 12, 2020 09:44 in General Talk

Ask me that question over there....I unlocked the topic.

Message for Valerie about one of your Topics » Post #9

Sun Jan 12, 2020 07:14 in General Talk

dokyoung wrote: Hello everyone
Pls do you all have access to your survey profile because I know I used it but since the changes made I can see my survey profile.
Pls I need to know CU's I have tried lots of surveys since august and not even 1 was successful. I is strange CU's I have made more money from surveys then suddenly for 5 months= 0 surveys successful

ySense does not list a survey profile like ClixSense did.

For the most part, as you do surveys, they keep a profile about you.

Some routers such as 'PeanutLabs' you may see an option to complete a profile.

However, most of these routers will ask profile questions and they keep a record of it.

Message for Valerie about one of your Topics » Post #5

Sat Jan 11, 2020 21:25 in General Talk

I'll be unlocking the topic. I had to lock it as I posted the tips or some might have
posted before I could complete my tips.

I tried to make it very clear what I do and that it is MY tips based on the way I do the surveys.
That does not mean everyone will do the same as I do. It does not mean that someone else
does not have a good strategy for their self. It simply means that I have shared my strategy
with everyone as to how I do them. It's ok if you do something different if that is what works
for you, thats great.

The main reasons why I created that topic is due to members new to surveys. Most members
never post at the forums. Some people are shy to ask questions. Hopefully it will help some
members. People work hard to gain referrals and some times refs simply leave because they
don't know where to start or how.

I ignore Sample Cube too. :lol:
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