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Posts by valerie

Payment Received » Post #2

Fri May 22, 2020 06:05 in Payment Proofs

Don't forget to remove your email address before posting.

Fruits from the market not safe » Post #10

Thu May 21, 2020 18:48 in General Talk

I put a little Seven Dust on my tomato plants to keep the tomato worms off.
Otherwise, would need to go out several times a day and manually pick the
worms off. The problem is the tomato worms are very difficult to see. If you
don't keep the insects off, they'll eat all the leaves from the plant and you won't
have tomato or very small poor tomatoes. AND those tomato worms are horrible
looking creatures. I put vinegar and dish soap in bottle, and if I see worm I spray
it and worm fall off and then I kill worm.

Fruits from the market not safe » Post #8

Thu May 21, 2020 11:01 in General Talk

HaHa! Makes me think of Zucchini. I love it but that stuff grows like no tomorrow.

There's lots of funny stories about zucchini and neighbors. I have done the same.
I'd put some on neighbors porches and a few days later there would be some on
my porch. You can't hardly give the stuff away because it is so abundant in the

What I would do with it....and actually I still do when I buy it.....I will grate it and
place in freezer bags. It makes a good pizza topping and most importantly, I
make zucchini bread with it.

I will grate 2 cups to a freezer bag. I do that near the end of the season. No
cooking or anything. Just grate it and put in freezer bags and freeze. Great at
Christmas time for zuchinni bread.

First time ever. » Post #12

Thu May 21, 2020 10:53 in General Talk

Not forgetting.

However, animals are my main concern.

First time ever. » Post #10

Thu May 21, 2020 09:17 in General Talk

Since I am in the USA I will say this in regards to USA only.

People eat too much meat. Cows, chickens, pigs, are treated horribly.

Anyone in the USA reading this, if you eat meat, please at least reduce your meat consumption.
It will be good for your health and good for your wallet and good for the animals.

Of course, right now there is a meat shortage and personally, I hope it stays that way.

Call to Man to help U.S.A......tasman » Post #5

Thu May 21, 2020 05:24 in General Talk

That wouldn't be an accurate article without abortion stats.

virus type 2 (RHDV-2) - Rabbit Virus » Post #12

Wed May 20, 2020 12:14 in General Talk

dutch1898 wrote: So happy I am in my twilight years and be lucky to die a natural dead in a few years.

I know what you mean.

After you get a certain age and take a good look around at what's happening,
death does not seem so bad.

First time ever. » Post #7

Wed May 20, 2020 12:10 in General Talk

No, rabbits have their own virus now.

The only survivors will be 'BigFoot' and bananas. tasman1 will rule the world. (heaven help us)

Fruits from the market not safe » Post #5

Wed May 20, 2020 12:04 in General Talk

When my husband was alive, I had lots of land so we always put out a garden.
Not a large garden. Just a small garden. It was not much trouble to care for.

It was more food then we would eat thru-out the year.

We planted tomatoes, zucchini, okra, green beans, corn, watermelon, onions,
yellow squash, and some times peas or something else.

In the State of Tennessee, it's in the South, gardens grow real well without a
lot of maintenance. Plow the garden spot real well, make your rows, plant,
hoe when needed, keep the bugs and worms off (a little Seven Dust works
well) and then eat when ready. :mrgreen:

Coronavirus Cure 100%....tasman1 » Post #18

Wed May 20, 2020 07:38 in General Talk

I want to back in time to the 1970's.

Worldometer - Yikes! » Post #3

Tue May 19, 2020 21:45 in General Talk

Nature does have a mean way of keeping the population from exploding.

virus type 2 (RHDV-2) - Rabbit Virus » Post #7

Tue May 19, 2020 21:44 in General Talk

I taught I taw a wabbit!

virus type 2 (RHDV-2) - Rabbit Virus » Post #5

Tue May 19, 2020 15:33 in General Talk

They say the Rabbit virus only affects the Rabbits.

But one can only imagine, how the wild rabbit came to have the virus to begin with?

Did they eat a bad carrot? :shock:

'Bunny' that is the name I have given a big fat wild rabbit that visits my yard, eats
the little wild strawberries and pears that fall from the big pear tree.

I think what may happen at some point is, not much of the food supply will be fit to
eat. Everything from animals to fruits and veggies seem to be more and more and
more contaminated with something.

virus type 2 (RHDV-2) - Rabbit Virus » Post #1

Tue May 19, 2020 12:29 in General Talk

Well now rabbits have a virus and is said it may wipe out the USA wild rabbit population.

Worldometer - Yikes! » Post #1

Tue May 19, 2020 12:04 in General Talk

Help needed » Post #2

Tue May 19, 2020 11:14 in General Talk

Sorry, links for donations are not allowed in the ySense forums.

Coronavirus Cure 100%....tasman1 » Post #15

Mon May 18, 2020 21:33 in General Talk

Yes it works kissing tasman1 photo. I am now 7 foot 9 and wooly with bad teeth in addition to craving bananas.

Happy BirthDay Bo » Post #20

Mon May 18, 2020 21:29 in General Talk

I tried to get him to wear socks but he refuses. :mrgreen:

Happy BirthDay Bo » Post #17

Mon May 18, 2020 13:54 in General Talk

Bo in pj's but he prefers to be nude.

BoinPJ — ImgBB

Happy BirthDay Bo » Post #16

Mon May 18, 2020 13:50 in General Talk

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