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Coronavirus baby boom or bust? » Post #4

Fri Oct 09, 2020 12:11 in General Talk

I have 3 children and 5 grand children, and 1 great grand child.

I think that is correct. Last I checked. Getting more difficult to keep up with the gang. :lol:

My oldest daughter has 2 children
My next daughter has 1 child
My son has 2 children and 1 of his children is much older than his second and she had a baby so he is a first great grandchild.

It seems really really strange to have a son that is a grandfather, not to mention me a great grandmother.

Time waits for no man....or woman. :shock:

Well it will be interesting to see what this pandemic time frame will result in regards to births, not
just deaths.

Speaking of deaths, in the USA, I would be interested to know the real or close to real percentages
of the ages of those that died from the pandemic AND what other if any previous health conditions
they had.

Coronavirus baby boom or bust? » Post #2

Fri Oct 09, 2020 07:03 in General Talk

I'm a baby boomer but that was very different back in the baby boom era than
it would be today.

Baby Boomers - Year Range, Definition & Facts - HISTORY

Baby Boomers Today

Today, the oldest baby boomers are already in their 60s. By 2030, about one in five Americans will be older than 65, and some experts believe that the aging of the population will place a strain on social welfare systems.

Selfies - Dangerous? » Post #16

Thu Oct 08, 2020 18:30 in General Talk

I really enjoy watching programs like that. It was several segments.

There's a lot of strange stuff going on these days, much you never hear about.

One has to wonder tho, with everyone walking around with cell phones and iPads, if there is
aliens on this planet, someone is sure to get some good shots soon.

Selfies - Dangerous? » Post #13

Thu Oct 08, 2020 12:14 in General Talk

@ Jose

I watched a documentary recently on Amazon Prime about that. I found it very interesting
and very unusual....kind of scary. I can't remember the name of it but it left me wanting
to see more but there was no more....hated when it ended. The name was something like
'when hunters go missing' or something like that.

What he was getting at, is that maybe some were alien abduction.

There was the one woman that was found curled up in a fetal position. Actually displayed
a photo of that. She did not have her shoes on.

There was the older man that knew the woods well, lived there all his life, knew everything
about hunting. He went hunting with at least 4 other men, and they had a routine to split
up, each knowing the others location. That way if a deer ran one way, the other would get
it and so on. Plus, they had phones or some sort of communication. They waited on his
return as they all designated the time to meet back and he did not show up. They thought
he may have been hurt so they walked to his position and he was not there. There was a
massive search and nothing was found of him, ever. Nothing.

There was that strange case, I think you were mentioning in which a young man went hunting
that did not return. They searched for him and could not find him so the search was called
off. Then a couple that lived in the area, saw a man with his backpack, sitting down across
the field on a hill. When they did finally approach, the man wasn't there, but his shoes and
socks were there and his backpack. I don't recall if his gun was there but I think it said it

All I could think of is, aliens need socks and shoes. :mrgreen:

PS. these are events that happen in very cold weather

Selfies - Dangerous? » Post #10

Thu Oct 08, 2020 07:14 in General Talk

And it, with this one, they found human bones after going for this body!
Probably someone that had fallen and no one new it. I'd like to hear the followup on those
bones as it very well may been someone from a missing person report.

You should always let someone know where you are going when taking off on an adventure.

Man, 25, falls to his death while taking photos on cliff at Arizona park

Photo of a Virus » Post #12

Wed Oct 07, 2020 21:15 in General Talk

No, I don't think I have ever noticed a water thingie in the dentist waiting room.

Establishments around here has bottled water, sodas, and juices. If you say you
want a soda, they hand you an off brand 6 oz can of something you never heard
of. If you want juice, they had you a little plastic thingie that takes an arm and
a leg to pull the foil off the top and then you spill it every where. If you tell them
you want a straw with your juice, you can punch a hole thru the foil, but then you
feel like an idiot chasing juice. If you want're likely
to be handed either a tiny little bottle in which the plastic collapses as you drink
it OR you will be handed a HUGE bottle as if you are preparing for a safari.

Spring in Brazil » Post #35

Wed Oct 07, 2020 21:08 in General Talk

Yes, it could be sold easily. That's why they stole it, no doubt, is to sell it.

Someone would give a hundred bucks for it, if not more.

They no doubt had a truck and perhaps even pulling a trailer.

They stole a couple of batteries also. Probably two people.

Meth heads, most likely.

Photo of a Virus » Post #10

Wed Oct 07, 2020 20:31 in General Talk

We don't have water bowls in dentist offices. At least, I have not seen one of those
since I was 7 years old.

Here we have dental assistants that use a suction to remove fluids from the mouth
while the dentist works in the mouth, such as extractions of teeth, fillings, etc.

I use a sonic toothbrush that has replaceable heads. I also use manual toothbrushes
also. However, I only have 3 teeth on the bottom. If I smile real big, I look like a
jack 0 lantern. :roll:

Car tire on the rampage hits house/ rings doorbell » Post #4

Wed Oct 07, 2020 15:22 in General Talk

I watched that one....rather dangerous place to live. Imagine if someone had been standing
out there or on the porch, a child or an adult. Could have killed someone.

I then noticed this one....very funny: Funny Bladeless mower lawnmower prank joke Brownwood Aaron Blade missing pissed upset LOL Bahaha - YouTube

Getting unordered seeds in the mail. » Post #5

Wed Oct 07, 2020 15:12 in General Talk

They are a variety of vegetable seeds. Varies on what you get.

They're sent from a seller that is trying to up his reviews game, I guess.
So they say it is something like that.

It is recommended to not plant them and to discard.

Hello Everyone » Post #6

Wed Oct 07, 2020 15:08 in Member Introduction

All you do is read and follow the directions.

Photo of a Virus » Post #6

Wed Oct 07, 2020 05:55 in General Talk

Maybe they should make bug spray for human use.

Every time a human comes within 6 feet of us, we can spray him with bug spray.
Plus, that would do him a favor, kill those mites on his face.

Is food really effects us.? » Post #12

Tue Oct 06, 2020 21:59 in General Talk

HaHa! :lol:

Photo of a Virus » Post #3

Tue Oct 06, 2020 21:58 in General Talk

Ya I thought it a very cool page. A lot of cool images.

The virus does look like a monster thingie.

Photo of a Virus » Post #1

Tue Oct 06, 2020 20:18 in General Talk

This is a cool page.

It is all on one page but if you keep going down the page, you can see what
a real virus looks like.

A Photo of an Actual Virus Taken by an Electron Microscope

Photos That Reveal the Hidden Side of Things - Obsev

Is food really effects us.? » Post #10

Tue Oct 06, 2020 19:57 in General Talk

Yep, my brain vibrates some times.

Spring in Brazil » Post #33

Tue Oct 06, 2020 19:50 in General Talk

Spring in Brazil » Post #32

Tue Oct 06, 2020 19:46 in General Talk

HaHa. :lol:

The rake is not cheap. Not that it is overly expensive but still cost a few hundred dollars or so.

It's a rake that attaches to a large lawn mower. Nope, I don't think it was copper.
I imagine it is steel.

I'll see if I can find a picture of one.

Spring in Brazil » Post #30

Tue Oct 06, 2020 17:12 in General Talk

Today was a beautiful day, in the low 70's and sunny. I did some yard work and washed
and wax'd the vehicle. I usually wax it before winter, by hand.

Talking to one of my next door neighbors, I was informed of theft in the neighborhood.
He has a large boat that he keeps under a port and it had a couple of batteries sitting
beside it. Someone stole them. He also has a large rake that he attaches to his mower
and in this time of year, he rakes his yard and also kind enough to rake mine too. Well
someone also stole his rake! We were all standing their flabbergasted. That rake is very
large and heavy metal. Anyway, they were telling me because if I had anything outside
but like I told them, I have security cameras all over my property and I do mean all
over. Also, we all laughed when I told them there was nothing outside anyone would
really want to steal unless it was my $7 hummingbird feeder. :lol:

If you want to be TORTURED click here » Post #7

Tue Oct 06, 2020 16:52 in General Talk

It would be pure torture either way!
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