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Quality and Numbers of Readers » Post #2

Thu Dec 10, 2020 15:01 in General Talk

Yeah I some times close one eye.

Trump officially concedes victory to Biden! » Post #23

Thu Dec 10, 2020 14:58 in General Talk

Don't you realize that is a joke video?

Archive - Movie » Post #23

Thu Dec 10, 2020 09:34 in General Talk

I think an Auggie could be very bad for some people. You see that in Felix. It really
hits him when he sees his daughters friend and also when his wife sees he is having
a relationship with someone other than herself, that is not real. Felix becomes very
confused. He had just told Auggie he loved her and she told him the same. Then all
hits the fan.

So I think some people would feel a sense of loathing. That is what I mean by addicted.
People that are addicted to drugs, often at some point have self loathing for what they
are addicted to. This becomes a circle. The more they loathe what they are doing, the
more they do it.

Where I lost you, I will give you a real life example....

I worked at a rehab facility for a short time in which 'wayward' teenagers were sent.
A teenager was a compulsive burglar. It wasn't enough that he broke into houses to
steal. Nope, that is not what he was doing per se. He would only break into houses
that he knew people were inside asleep/in bed. This is very high risk behavior, not
to mention very dangerous behavior. I ask him why he did this. He replied 'it's a rush'.
This is what I call misplacement risk. What he was doing was very very dangerous
to himself and to others.

What that kid needed, was that sense of excitement (rush). Instead of breaking into
houses after people went to bed, he needed a different and legal way to get his 'rush'.

There are lots of people in the world like that kid. They become addicted to something
that is not good for them or the people around them. This results in a lot of social issues
such as over crowded reform schools, jails, prison, high crime rates, etc.

That's what I mean.

Archive - Movie » Post #21

Wed Dec 09, 2020 22:34 in General Talk

The daughter had a friend that Felix subconscious used as his Auggie. Felix did not even
realize it until the recent visit with the daughter. Obviously, he had seen her before and
I think the daughter even says 'you remember......'.

There is the money thing. Remember they said here is your gift, it was very expensive.
Then it appears there is more things you can buy with Auggie. Obviously, those things
were expensive too. I guess he considered investing in some sort of partnership advert
agency but he got so wrapped up in Auggie and spending money on those pants. lol

Many years ago, a program was developed that aided people with serious issues that
were high risk. What they discovered was ..... well, what I call misplacement. I forget
what they called it. So what they did was take some of these people in their study that
were criminals, drug users and put thru a variety of tests. After they analyzed the results,
they paid those risk takers with productive risks. What they found was actually remarkable.
Some found a new calling so to speak, parachute jumping, mountain climbing, etc.

In school, they want to test kids but they test them on mental ability and learning. I think
they should focus more on figuring out what the kid likes and then put him in that. Yes
there is shop, band, some sports, but it's far from enough.

So that is what I mean. Felix got strung out on Auggie because he was lonely. He had
taken an early retirement because he was getting pushed out of his position anyway. Felix
even met a friend on the street that wanted to get together but Felix practically ran from
him. All Felix wanted to do was Auggie. He became addicted.

Dolls , Male Please do not enter » Post #4

Wed Dec 09, 2020 19:48 in General Talk

I made Texas brownies today. Here, have some (Valerie smashes brownies onto monitor screen).

Poll Santa REVENGE » Post #6

Wed Dec 09, 2020 13:59 in General Talk

I did not watch all of this. I watched it up to the point where the guy nerfed
the guy eating a nana and then he takes it and eats the rest.

Nerf War: Winter Battle - YouTube

Trump officially concedes victory to Biden! » Post #21

Wed Dec 09, 2020 12:14 in General Talk

@splat44 President Trump never said anything about Canada joining the USA. :lol:
If anything, it was the opposite.

Archive - Movie » Post #18

Wed Dec 09, 2020 10:19 in General Talk

I've seen it.

I don't remember it off hand, but I did see 'Her' some years ago.

I thought Auggie presents a lot of questions, especially in regards to relationships.

Would you divorce someone because they are having a relationship with their self? :lol:
In the case of Auggie, it might be a good basis for divorce EXCEPT where is the REAL basis?
Wouldn't the real basis be his wife since she had no time for him?

Then there was the daughter. Did she have the right to question her father? What rights
did she have to interfere with her parents relationship? The daughter being a grown woman
living with man, her parents did not question her.

How deep does one go with their own mind? Why are some people so alone, even when they
are not alone?

Do people really need other people to be happy?

Why are many people that are alone, very happy?

I think the problem with Felix is, he fell into a trap in which he became addicted to something
that was not real. Instead of finding happiness in life, he became addicted to non reality.

It makes me think about people that live their life that way. Instead of living life in a happy
way, they seek a non reality or a way that is going to do them much harm and even destroy

Artificial Happiness.

Poll Santa REVENGE » Post #3

Wed Dec 09, 2020 06:51 in General Talk

I like nerf guns.

Give that kid a nerf gun!

Mean o fat Santa. Bad Santa. Bad.

Archive - Movie » Post #12

Tue Dec 08, 2020 20:53 in General Talk

Another one that is different but AI is used is the movie 'Auggie'.

Auggie is about a man that is kind of pushed out of his job and takes retirement.
At the retirement luncheon, he is given an expensive pair of glasses. His wife takes
on an even more pressing job which consumes much of her time. Felix (the husband)
finds himself lonely and not knowing what to do with himself. His wife gets home late
and is tired, in no mood to talk to Felix. His daughter had moved out and in with her
boyfriend. Felix is lonely. BUT then, he puts on the glasses....

It's a good movie. Amazon Prime.

why delay paypal payment » Post #31

Tue Dec 08, 2020 18:46 in General Talk

It's kind of fun to look back and see who is still around and who isn't.

61st payout - $600.57 - Check | ySense Forum

No, my check image won't display because I probably loaded it to one of my servers at that time.
But that tells me they still had the check option in 2012.

why delay paypal payment » Post #30

Tue Dec 08, 2020 18:42 in General Talk

By the way, above I said 'first year' but it was much longer than that in regards to
check and PayPal.

why delay paypal payment » Post #27

Tue Dec 08, 2020 18:36 in General Talk

First year PTC at CS was once per month by way of check or PayPal.

01 Dec 2007 01:00 EST Withdrawal Cheque; To: Valerie Underhill; Fee: $3.00 $-79.2600
01 Nov 2007 09:23 EST Withdrawal Cheque; To: Valerie Underhill; Fee: $3.00 $-27.5400
01 Oct 2007 01:00 EST Withdrawal Cheque; To: Valerie Underhill; Fee: $3.00 $-40.5700
01 Sep 2007 01:00 EST Withdrawal Cheque; To: Valerie Underhill; Fee: $3.00 $-66.9300
01 Aug 2007 01:00 EST Withdrawal Cheque; To: Valerie Underhill; Fee: $3.00 $-49.9100
01 Jul 2007 01:00 EST Withdrawal Cheque; To: Valerie Underhill; Fee: $3.00 $-71.0000
01 Jun 2007 01:00 EST Withdrawal Cheque; To: Valerie Underhill; Fee: $3.00 $-10.0000
01 May 2007 00:59 EST Withdrawal Cheque; To: Valerie Underhill; Fee: $3.00 $-68.0000
01 Apr 2007 00:59 EST Withdrawal Cheque; To: Valerie Underhill; Fee: $3.00 $-46.0000

corona » Post #12

Tue Dec 08, 2020 14:20 in General Talk

Tell Scrawny I said hello.

Post = Weird? Oh noooooo. Very intelligent topic. :roll:

corona » Post #10

Tue Dec 08, 2020 12:10 in General Talk

No no no! You absolutely cannot play Zombie with your insects.

Family does not eat family. Remember that.

Training them to shop, is a great idea. It's always good to teach them when they are young.

I do suggest if you have ants, train them to shop in the pastry isles of the store or simply send
them to the local bakery for donuts. I hear they can tote a bag of sugar, easily.

The whistle is every parents most needed item. Good you know that. Saves the throat from

PS. You may want to get a magnifying glass or binoculars.

corona » Post #8

Tue Dec 08, 2020 09:25 in General Talk

Next time your insects come out to visit, shoot a shot of spray paint on one.
A different color paint on another and so on. That way, you can name them.....


Get to know your insects. Be pals. Be a family. It's the right thing to do.

Archive - Movie » Post #10

Tue Dec 08, 2020 09:21 in General Talk

I did not look up anything about the movie producer, budget, etc. In fact, I may have
assumed it was a made for Amazon flick. Well you know, some movies don't do much
in regards to advertising. The main actor, I think is rather well known to some but I
was not familiar with his name. I can't say that I have or have not saw a movie with
him in it before this one.

If there is a movie I am really interested in watching, I don't do jigsaw puzzles at the
same time. :lol:

Often I will turn on a movie that I don't think I will like much while I do work on a jigsaw
puzzle. For a real example, 'The Dead' and 'City of the Dead' gosh do NOT watch
those movies! The only good thing about 'City of the Dead' was the main character as he
was a rather famous actor many years ago. There is absolutely no way that I could sit
and look at that movie. I listened to it, that was it.

Same goes when I turned it on 'Archive'. It wasn't anything I had heard of and I wasn't
sure I would be interested in it. Plus, it was a slow moving movie. No consistent action.
No real apparent drama. Just a guy running around making robots.

I guess the ending a few minutes before the ending of Archive. It flashed back so many
times of the car accident, I thought 'I bet it is him that is dead and not her'. It was a
super cool ending!

Yep, my same thoughts. The guys that did the visit 'Melvin' and someone else, must
have actually been the funeral directors!

He had invented something that I think he referred to as the 'box'. What it did was
allow the dead to stay alive for a short time after their death. The foolery here was, they
did not state 'how long' they would live after death. We know from the ending, he was
alive in the artificial state, for approximately two or three years. We know this because
after death, she was carrying his child for 9 months, and holding the child at the funeral.
The child looked to be maybe two or three years old. Perhaps as long as 4 or 5 years
he was kept in that state of existence.

The charade of Melvin visiting is confusing. Also, the case he was told not to open but
only when necessary. This all seems to have something to do with state of being and
the near ending of it.

I understood the robots to an extent. The one that drowned itself, was jealous. But,
here again, there was the robot that had the mentality of a child. So here again, it
makes one look back and wonder since his wife really did have a child after his death.

It was also confusing about the human looking robot. I guess he had perfected her
to take on the role of his wife but she did not have the entire mental capacity. He
then had to kill off her brain box (lol) and put the complete brain box into it. :lol:

I guess everything he was doing, was not reality. Kind of like being in a dream state.
And the real clincher is, he created it himself.

Archive - Movie » Post #8

Mon Dec 07, 2020 17:41 in General Talk

It's been some years since I watched it but yep, I liked it.

It's not anything like 'Archive'.

Alien Autopsy - Fact or Fiction - 2020 » Post #9

Mon Dec 07, 2020 11:44 in General Talk

No, I don't think it suggests anything about living on another planet unless you
want to call the planet 'Heaven'.

That's kind of the way I look at it, Heaven as a planet or a door that leads to the
other side of the universe. I think about things I read in the Bible and try to put
it in more of todays perspective. An example is the Gates into heaven. That's
always been displayed as a huge tall gate. But could it really be a gate as in a
different dimension?

In regards to the autopsy video, that is what the documentary relays, that it is
not a prop. They have the top movie people in the business that create that kind
of stuff. They say they can't create what is displayed in the autopsy.

Archive - Movie » Post #6

Mon Dec 07, 2020 11:35 in General Talk

Yes, I have watched 'Source Code'.
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