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Posts by valerie

May = $0 » Post #4

Tue Jun 02, 2020 08:40 in Your Stats

Thank you.

I'm here every day but I did take an earning break in May.

One point I would like to make is, if you get tired of taking surveys, don't quit, take a break.

Over 5000.00 from surveys ...tasman1 » Post #9

Tue Jun 02, 2020 08:38 in Success Stories

How many surveys have you done tasman1?

I'd like to compare your dollar figure to the number of surveys completed.

May = $0 » Post #1

Mon Jun 01, 2020 20:04 in Your Stats

I took a month long break from earning here.

Now it is June so back to survey land. :mrgreen:

Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin In Custody » Post #17

Mon Jun 01, 2020 16:12 in General Talk

I strongly believe in our second amendment:

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

If you don't have the right to protect yourself and your property, you don't have freedom.

Look at all the videos or looting, burning, destroying property, physically hurting people, to
say the least (Floyd). That's not a peaceful protest. Those people don't care about Mr. Floyd.
All they care about is stealing and doing as much damage as they can.

If I'm asleep in my bed and someone breaks into my house, what do you think I would do?
I would reach for my gun and I would not hesitate to fire. That is my right.

The American people will never stand for a Holocaust.

True, there are people that mis use their rights. Just like the people stealing and looting and
pretending to care about Mr. Floyd.

Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin In Custody » Post #15

Sun May 31, 2020 14:52 in General Talk

Well in that case Bill, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you fire on someone you did not
know if it was a life and death situation and you told the guy to keep his hands
up but the guy reaches down and puts his hand in his pocket? Wouldn't you care
about your own life?

The mistake in that case, was obviously the man. A deadly sad mistake.

Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin In Custody » Post #14

Sun May 31, 2020 14:49 in General Talk

NO the police are not trained to do what they did.

That's another reason why I say they should all be charged.

Police are trained in the USA to use the LEAST amount of force necessary.

Today WW3 Started U.S v China....tasman1 » Post #23

Sun May 31, 2020 14:44 in General Talk

Well like I've said, you can't believe everything you read and these days you can't
believe every image/video you see either.

Trump clearly looked at the doctor and ask a question that maybe they could find
something like disinfectant. I do believe people that have enough intelligence knew
exactly what he was saying. He was saying that maybe a blood transfusion or a
vaccination that worked on the body to clean it from the virus. He never ever told
anyone to drink disinfectant. :lol: But you see the news media likes to make a
big distortion out of everything he says.

Personally, I don't care what the president says. I don't care what the president
tax's are. I don't care who the president has slept with. There's not a ton of
morality left in the world any more and people will some day meet their maker.
What I care about is action.

Biden, same thing, I have no personal ill will and have no idea what kind of morals
he has. What I do know, is he appears to be in very bad health. He has gone
through a lot with his son dying. It's not that he stumbles over his words, it's that
he appears to have an onset of early alzheimers or dementia. Thats just my
personal opinion from what I see listening to him. I think who he picks for his
vice presidency is going to have a lot to do with whether he gets elected. We
always have to take a strong look at who the vice will be because if the president
dies, the vice is who we're stuck with.

Trump gives everyone a Nic name. I suppose he calls him 'sleepy' because Biden
does look sleepy.

Walmart May 28 - USA » Post #14

Sun May 31, 2020 10:42 in General Talk

The Shinning is a horror flick.

The family has some tough times making ends meet so they take on a
care takers job at a huge hotel/motel that is in fine condition but has
seen much better days. You could say the hotel is historic. There is no
guests at the hotel. It's abandoned or at least that way through the
winter. I'm not sure where they are, way up in the State of Main or
Alaska or perhaps Canada. It's winter time with very cold temperature
and deep snow. Once the family gets in, they can't get out, even if
they want to due to the winter blast. Turns out, the hotel harbors some
spirits of which some are evil. One such evil spirt inhibits Jack and he
goes off on the deep end, all crazy and evil. You could say, Jack really
'shines' in this movie within the roll he plays.

Even tho it's an old classic, it will still give first time watchers some
chills and thrills.

the winner takes it all » Post #33

Sun May 31, 2020 07:51 in General Talk

CNN? hahahaha

But what I read here in these forums some times about the USA, about Trump, etc,
does allow me to see how mis informed other countries are.

In regards to Miss Cooper (white woman in park) is an incident that has nothing to
do with the president.

Did you see any videos or hear any news of the city rioting, looting, burning, and
stealing everything in sight? Did you see the color of the people doing that? I think
I saw one white woman in the Target store stealing stuff. The point I want to make
here is......

Racism is not any where near as bad as it was years ago. Most people today are
not racist against color. They are racist against crime. But when you have a large
minority of people, running around burning, stealing, destroying a city, do you think
that helps people refrain from racism? Those people do not care about George Floyd
being murdered by a cop. All they care about is stealing, getting all the tv's, computers,
clothes, etc. Even ignorance is displayed by destroying the very area in which they live.
It's this kind of action that breeds racism.

Well in the USA, much if not all of covid cases is $0 cost. In other words if you have
covid, you don't pay.

Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin In Custody » Post #12

Sun May 31, 2020 07:30 in General Talk

I think it happen to a white reporter also.

It was said the ink was still wet and running on the bill.

BUT you know, you will read all kinds of stuff, some true, some not true, some inaccurate.

One thing is positive. Three cops held down George Floyd, even tho he was handcuffed
and even though he said he could not breath, one of the cops continued to put force on
Floyd's neck.

Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin In Custody » Post #8

Sat May 30, 2020 21:09 in General Talk

I don't know. Everyone hates CNN.

As for the reporter, he was white. They said they ask the reporters to move on
and they didn't.

Lockdown 5.0 » Post #11

Sat May 30, 2020 21:07 in General Talk

That doesn't look like Koolaid. Must be Maalox. :lol:

Today WW3 Started U.S v China....tasman1 » Post #21

Sat May 30, 2020 21:03 in General Talk

Yes I can see you now, slaving away in the banana fields. The hot sun scorching your
hairy fingers with each rip of a banana. Bucket loads of bananas, buckets and buckets,
day in and day out. No more pension. Only hard work picking and eating and picking
and eating, nana nana nana nana.

Today WW3 Started U.S v China....tasman1 » Post #19

Sat May 30, 2020 15:48 in General Talk

A lot is going to ride on WHO sleepy Biden chooses for his running mate.

He thinks a woman running mate will help him get elected. I suspect he
will choose a black woman. That may actually bite him on the behind.

Biden is weak and totally a patsy. He'll do whatever old Nancy wants
him to do. Sleep Biden, Old Nancy, and Stinky Shu probably all play
tidily winks together.

Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin In Custody » Post #6

Sat May 30, 2020 15:42 in General Talk

There was 3 cops holding him down. 1 cop was keeping the crowd at bay.

All 4 need to be charged.

the winner takes it all » Post #29

Sat May 30, 2020 15:36 in General Talk

Naw, it depends some what on the hospital and doctors, also in regards to cost.

I'm trying to remember when I had my gallbladder removed. I know I posted here
about it. I got sick really bad late one night, kept getting up to bathroom and puking.
I knew the signs and was rather sure it was my gallbladder. My husband was still
alive and he drove me to the ER. It was emergency surgery so I did not wait long.
They did their tests, introduced the surgeon, and off I went for gallbladder removal.

I think I was in the hospital two days, might have been three. My best guesstimate

Hospital stay and tests = $12,000
Surgeon: $8,000
Anesthesia - $1,700

I'm just guessing because I don't recall the exact figures but I do seem to remember
it being a total of about $25,000.

My husband, as you know, did not make it through his order and his total bill was
almost one million dollars.

Today WW3 Started U.S v China....tasman1 » Post #15

Sat May 30, 2020 11:55 in General Talk

Well, I keep telling you folks, nothing has changed for Trump voters. We're all still for him
because we don't want sleepy Biden.

Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin In Custody » Post #4

Sat May 30, 2020 07:55 in General Talk

What 19 year old?

A lot of theories going around so here is mine.....

IF it wasn't due to cops not being capable of controlling their anger, racism, then it might be .....

Dirty Cops. The cops knew they were being filmed by bystanders. It was like they wanted to
kill the man because he knew something on them. If they took him to jail, he might talk, tell
off on the cops. A counterfeit ring perhaps?

He was restrained so why didn't they put him inside the squad car and take him on down to
the jail? There was a reason why this man was murdered, but what the reason is, can only
guess at this point.

Former MPD Officer Derek Chauvin In Custody » Post #2

Fri May 29, 2020 20:18 in General Talk

They should all be charged with 1st degree murder. All 4 of them.

People begged them to let him up, to get off his neck, that he couldn't breath.
None of the cops said, ok lets get him in the squad car. They knew he was
dying. Everyone knew it.

the winner takes it all » Post #23

Fri May 29, 2020 20:13 in General Talk

Nikorj wrote: I give you that he created more jobs in mainly the construction and mining industry.

But The US still struggles with providing a better healthcare that benefits all, And i don't see it coming from any side soon.

Not true.

In regards to healthcare, I believe we have the best healthcare in the world.

The problem is, MONEY. Hospitals charge way too much (most) and doctors
charge way too much (most) and pharmacies charge way too much (most)
and insurance cost way too much (all).

So in regards to health care, it's mighty good. In regards to cost, everything
is over priced.
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