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Posts by valerie

Buy Pulse Oximeter » Post #4

Fri Jun 19, 2020 13:44 in General Talk

I think the devices are pretty good as long as you have a good brand.

Well of course, I think common sense would tell anyone not to rely on one tiny
device to determine their well being. Just like taking your blood pressure at home,
you don't rely on that totally. Those are aids to relay to your doctor the results you
have been getting.

I actually like these little devices for pulse output more than the oxygen output.
My heart beats too fast some times.

Buy Pulse Oximeter » Post #2

Fri Jun 19, 2020 08:48 in General Talk

I have several of these.

They're rather cheap but work very well. I do suggest buying a good brand.

Generally they take 2 size AAA batteries that last a very long time.

My suggestion is to use in a resting state. In other words, when you are sitting
and relaxed. Insert your index finger. It will relay your heart rate too. I like to
do a little comparison and switch from right index finger to left index finger to
see if it displays the should display at least closely the same.

My oxygen level generally runs around 94. My heart rate in resting state around 68.

Great day » Post #19

Fri Jun 19, 2020 07:03 in Success Stories

No they won't ban you.

"The Room Where It Happened" » Post #5

Thu Jun 18, 2020 21:21 in General Talk

There is only one major thing that will make a difference in the election.
That is who Biden chooses for his vice presidency.

I have some good and some bad news..... » Post #6

Thu Jun 18, 2020 21:16 in General Talk

iamhell123 wrote: How did you developed your remote viewing? How did you start developing your paranormal abilities?
Thanks for the info :)

He's from the dark star and is all knowing.

Great day » Post #17

Thu Jun 18, 2020 21:13 in Success Stories

Thank you.

Great day » Post #15

Thu Jun 18, 2020 15:38 in Success Stories

@tasman1wannabe change your avatar please and if you don't, I will report it to admin.

It's really not right at all to take someones user name the way you did as it truly is a
display of self loathing. I'm not sure why anyone would want to put their self down
like that.

So now you have taken the avatar that truly has been unique to said other member
for years.

I hope you are not contemplating taking over his account too!

Change the avatar!

Thank you.

Great day » Post #14

Thu Jun 18, 2020 15:35 in Success Stories

tasman1 wrote: you can not have my avatar , what is wrong with you , firs my name , now avatar , next my account here ????

I will say there is a very strong lack of originality.

That's to say the least.

Great day » Post #12

Thu Jun 18, 2020 12:23 in Success Stories

I think Tasmanian's are expanding. Can't tell them apart but you can wave
a banana at them or a survey, and they'll be peaceful.

War is going to Happen » Post #29

Thu Jun 18, 2020 12:21 in General Talk

If you can't have a respectful intelligent adult conversation without cussing, name
calling, abusive language, then the topic will be locked and warnings will be sent.

"The Room Where It Happened" » Post #2

Thu Jun 18, 2020 12:08 in General Talk

Probably not.

War is going to Happen » Post #24

Thu Jun 18, 2020 07:12 in General Talk

All I know that Jesus ate while on earth is bread and drank wine.
Obviously he ate more than that.

There are places in the Bible that say you can eat anything that is good
because God created everything and everything God created is good. So
I guess as it is with much of the Bible, it is how you interpret it.

Jesus may have ate fish because He did say 'I will make you fishers of men
if you follow me'. But He also said in various places in the Bible to not
eat certain types of fish such as shrimp.....that was in the Old Testament.

So there is a lot of passages in the Bible but it also depends on how you
interpret them and whether you go with the Old Testament or the new.

At any rate, I don't think God would appreciate how we raise and treat
animals today.


Thu Jun 18, 2020 06:49 in General Talk

1. The fake app has been removed from the play store

2. A new official ySense app is now available at the play store

3. Prodege LLC is the company that owns ySense and Swagbucks and several other companies online

War is going to Happen » Post #15

Wed Jun 17, 2020 08:08 in General Talk

I'm on India's side in this......all the way!

War is going to Happen » Post #13

Wed Jun 17, 2020 06:39 in General Talk

People should stop eating animals, period.

If you really think about it, really truly think about it, it is nothing short of HORROR.

In addition, the animals are over populating the world, causing harm to the ecosystems, to say the least.
Animals such as cattle.

There's plenty to grow and delicious food without murdering and slaughtering defenseless animals.

Plus, your health is much better without eating meat.

Covid-19.......I some times think this is God's way of telling us to STOP eating animals.

Nuclear Arms Spending Priorities » Post #10

Tue Jun 16, 2020 14:00 in General Talk

I think China's goal is to take over the world, road by road.

Sanitizers -Are they really safe » Post #4

Mon Jun 15, 2020 12:11 in General Talk

Hand sanitizers that you may see in the store that looks like a gel, is not much
more than good old rubbing alcohol.

Just buy rubbing alcohol at your local discount store. Wash your hands with a
good antibacterial soap if you have it, rinse, then douse some rubbing alcohol
on your hands.

My hands are old. They've seen better than 60 years. They get dry and itch
easily. So what I do is at night before going to bed, I use Gold Bond Hand Lotion
for Diabetic hands
. It's the best hand lotion I have found and no you don't have
to be diabetic. It's kind of expensive but a small amount works wonders.

During the day, I use various hand lotions. I wash my hands a lot so I don't use
my best hand lotion until bed time.


Medical Bill and sick US .........tasman1 » Post #11

Sun Jun 14, 2020 17:58 in General Talk

@josealvesjr People know the general price of ambulance transport according to where
they live. They also know according to their insurance policy, how much coverage they
have for ambulance service.

Medical Bill and sick US .........tasman1 » Post #8

Sun Jun 14, 2020 13:40 in General Talk

I did forget to mention Health Clinics that are mostly free in every State.

Medical Bill and sick US .........tasman1 » Post #7

Sun Jun 14, 2020 13:38 in General Talk

That's not entirely true, Darkstar2.

Healthcare is expensive. That is a fact.

But the costs associated with healthcare, varies greatly, from State to State and from
hospitals and clinics.

I think often what people in other parts of the world hear, is big city hospitals in New York and/or
Chicago, or John Hopkins. There are plenty of other hospitals in those cities too but in general,
you'll only hear from politicians or news about some sort of big thing that happen at those places.

The employed do generally have insurance which is mostly if not all, covered by their employer.

The unemployed and low income people, generally have medicaid. Medicaid varies from State
to State and the Insurance agency. It pays for most doctor and hospital bills. It pays for most
all children's health needs including dental and eye.

Those seniors at age 65 may apply for Medicare. Medicare pays a lot but there is some co-pay.

There are hospitals owned by religious organizations and other organizations that are run primarily
on donated funds.

There are also in most hospitals, applications that can be completed for indigence and many of
these hospitals have funds available to cover all costs of hospital stays.

In regards to vaccines, they are often free or low cost based on the above.

My insurance covers vaccines but I think the flu shot last year was about $30 or $35 at Walmart.
I get my vaccines at my doctors office.

I believe America has great hospitals, doctors, equipment, etc. But it is too expensive like most
everything else these days.
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