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Looking for Chocolate Chip Bread Recipe » Post #3

Thu Nov 17, 2011 21:23 in General Talk

I use to have cook books but they all burnt up when my house burnt up.

Does not matter because can find most recipes on the internet now.

I did see some chocolate chip banana bread recipes. I was just hoping to find that particular one.

If you do ever come across it, let me know.

Thank you.

iPod Touch 5G and iPods in general » Post #13

Thu Nov 17, 2011 18:28 in General Talk

In regards to security, your dsl company sets the security. At least mine does. As I have my dsl password, etc.

I live in rural west Tennessee. My property consist of 8 mostly wooded acres. It is also about ten miles to small towns USA. :lol: I'm fortunate in that there is a dsl connector or whatever you call it, near me and therefore, I was able to have dsl connection. The closest good size town is Jackson, TN which is about a 30 minute drive. It takes me about a 2 hour drive to Memphis and about a 2 hour drive to Nashville....give or take some minutes depending on traffic which of course, is a nightmare at Nashville.

I can tell you what I would do if I really wanted it. I'd order it and if it did not work for me or I did not like it, I'd send it back for a refund. Most places offer a refund when returned.

What I made :) » Post #2

Wed Nov 16, 2011 16:10 in General Talk

Oh look at that!!!

What a fantastic idea. :clap:

Freebies to Help You with CS - Can You Name Some? » Post #6

Wed Nov 16, 2011 15:58 in General Talk

Aw C'mon, you folks out there can name a whole lot more.

Do you use Gmail?
What about email?

Do you know you can set up a gmail profile friends page?
Do you know you can enter your CS ref url into your gmail chat so that everyone else that has contacted you by gmail, will see in their gmail chat list, your's clickable to them too.

Whatever email you use, do you a signature line set up?

Holidays = More Referrals for You » Post #1

Wed Nov 16, 2011 15:52 in General Talk

I like the major holidays for many reasons. Online, big holidays can result in more referrals for you.


There is lots of reasons such as economic hard times, being in the same low budget spot this year as you were last year, wishing you had more money for Christmas, etc.


Grab the eye with holiday images such as Santa headers, Christmas tree with packages under it, ornaments, etc.

Ask the web page viewer a question and/or several questions:

Wish you had more money for Christmas?
Spending less this year on presents?
Need more money for Christmas?
Got the holiday blues?

Once you've grabbed the eye with colorful Christmas header and thought provoking questions (PROBLEM), proceed to the SOLUTION...

Don't be stuck in the same rut next year. Start making money's free. I guarantee you, if you start today, you'll have a nice extra cash flow long before next Christmas.

Looking for Chocolate Chip Bread Recipe » Post #1

Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:08 in General Talk

It's driving me crazy as I cannot find the recipe. Maybe someone will see this and know what recipe I am referring to.

It's a chocolate chip bread recipe that uses yellow cake mix, chocolate pudding, canola oil, chocolate chips...and not sure what else is included in the ingredients or how much.

If anyone has it, I'd like to have it please. :mrgreen:

Freebie Tools - Can You Name Some? » Post #1

Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:57 in General Talk

I like Skitch at as it is now a free tool. It use to cost $30 or so dollars. I think it's primarily for MAC users. I love it and use it for screen capture. It's fast, easy, has editing, etc. It's very simplistic and just a wonderful tool. It's great for saving images, posting to your own web pages, for payout proofs and for simply explaining how an aspect of ClixSense works.

Can you name any free tools that can help members in promoting their ClixSense?
Remember, your referrals may see this topic and find some useful info to help them build their CS organization.

Freebies to Help You with CS - Can You Name Some? » Post #1

Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:52 in General Talk

You know what, there is lots of freebie resources out there that many members may not know about. If you can name some, it might not just help you by reading here but it may help your ClixSense referrals as well. Understand, this topic is not about promoting affiliate programs or biz ops. Here is some I can think of off the top of my head:


Why are some ads allowed? » Post #2

Mon Nov 14, 2011 18:33 in General Talk

Hi Jeffrey

It's not my ad but I viewed it and I think you may have misunderstood it.

First of all, it appears it uses that 'ajax' code or something like that because when clicked, it recognizes what state you are in. When I click it, it says ATTENTION TENNESSEE DRIVERS! :lol:

However, the ad is not condoning drunk driving....just the opposite. The ad is saying that we ALL as drivers pay higher premiums due to the high rate of drunk driving wrecks.

The ad goes on to more or less say to optin and it will tell you the one trick that will save you from paying a higher premium due to drunk drivers wrecks.

That is how I interpret the ad.

By the way, I am against drunk drivers and I am against any driver driving under the influence of anything whether that me drunk driving, drug influence, prescribed med influence, text messaging, and more. People need to be of sound mind and keep their focus on the road.

By the way, I have a brother that od from drugs (died) and a sister that drove drunk (died). Believe me, I know how you feel. Those influences should be within the house IF they are going to be done and NOT behind the wheel.

I may be wrong, but I do think you misunderstood the ad. :|

iPod Touch 5G and iPods in general » Post #8

Mon Nov 14, 2011 13:29 in General Talk

That was the first time I did a video with the ipod and uploaded it to youtube. I thought the quality was excellent especially for something such as an ipod. I did not dream that it would be that good. I have since did a lot of videos, mainly for home use you know. The other option might be to purchase a $2,000 video camcorder. lol

I don't know about cell towers. All I know is that it does connect to the internet most any where you are in which it picks up a signal. I have been riding in a vehicle down rural roads and it picks up. Let me look on it so I can tell you exactly what it is called...oh yes it does have voice memos.....well there is airplane mode but I guess it's simply called Wi-Fi...the Wi-Fi picks up the internet signals no matter where you are...unless of course there is no Wi-Fi signals where you are. Just about every where there is Wi-Fi signals and I have never been any where that it did not pick up.

You might go to apple or do some searches at google to find out more as I am sure you would pull up the info you are looking for. Probably a lot of feedback out there about the ipod touch 4th generation wi-fi and signals.

It's almost 4, do you know where your sponsor is? » Post #14

Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:40 in General Talk

I don't believe in paying someones way. I would not upgrade someone in anything. Most will never be active and never appreciate the upgrade.

I do think the option to upgrading a member is a good idea. It's good when say you have a close friend or family or someone you know that is going to be very active. Some times it can be handy if that person does not have available funds.

Bottomline, you should know the person/member before upgrading them.

iPod Touch 5G and iPods in general » Post #6

Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:47 in General Talk

See video quality this one a video I did of squirrels I saved and it was done with my ipod.

Ipod Video Quality

iPod Touch 5G and iPods in general » Post #5

Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:43 in General Talk

It sounds like the ipod touch may be a good choice for you. Do keep in mind, it is small about the size of a cell phone. So watching movies on it, you can but it is of course, small screen.

I live in a rural area. I do have wireless dsl as my internet service. However, when I am out, I still get internet access. It has the 'air play' OR it may be called 'airplane' .... whatever it is called, you automatically pick up the wifi service. Since you don't have the wireless service in your home, you MIGHT still be able to pick up the internet service due to that air signal. That is what a lot of people like about it. They don't have to pay extra charges and they can still get the internet service on it. But I cannot tell you for sure if it will pick up in your own home, my guess is, it probably will.

Also, that is what I was saying, many people that have an ipod touch, do not bother with a cell phone. That is because they can use the face time and skype. I also know many parents choose the ipod touch for their kids because it saves them from buying a cell phone and paying monthly fees, instead the kids can use the face time and skype.

It has calendar and all that so you can make notes/reminders.

I love the pic and video on my ipod. I use it for all my pic taking and I have done many videos with it too. It is HD quality. I have a digital camera but have not used it since buying the ipod. I guess I have had the ipod for about a year. I carry it with me every where and I have taken hundreds and hundreds of pics with it. You'll love the camera and video. There is no reason to buy a camera or video camera because the ipod touch is fantastic quality and better than my other cameras and video camera.

You can also access email such as gmail. It will display the most recent 25 messages.

It sounds like it is what you are looking for.

May 2007 » Post #1

Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:26 in Payment Proofs

I thought you might enjoy this. I must have ran like the wind to cash that first check without scanning it. :lol: However, I did scan the second check. Look at the date on the check.

May 2007 Second Check Received

10$ upgrade » Post #7

Mon Nov 14, 2011 09:35 in General Talk

Understand it is not ClixSense advertising everything. It is advertisers that choose their advertising package.

Today, with all the 'bux' sites and various ptc's implementing micro-ad packages, ClixSense must keep up as well and offer that type of package too. So understand, the 1 cent and even 2 cent ad options to the advertiser is still there. It is the advertiser that chooses and many do choose the micro-ads.

10$ upgrade » Post #6

Mon Nov 14, 2011 09:30 in General Talk

The level system increased for premium members. In other words, early on It was 5 or 6 levels.

Do the math. Because if you do the math, you will see how much money is going thru the levels out of that $15. Don't forget the payment processor fees that come out of every $15 ClixSense receives. In addition, premium members are not only being paid more they are being paid more thru the deeper level system. You can't take $10 and payout what ClixSense is paying out to premium members.

Before you cut your hair.... » Post #1

Mon Nov 14, 2011 00:32 in General Talk

My hair is down to my waist and it's time to get it cut. My hair will be donated to 'Locks of Love' which customizes real hair donated into pony tails for children. My hair will give several children joy. Many children do not have hair due to various reasons and primarily cancer/chemo.

If your hair is long, think about it the next time you get it cut short...have it braided first, then cut, you can mail the braided hair in for donation.

I'm sure there is probably various organizations perhaps in your country that does similar.

Please don't have your long hair cut and swept off the floor into the trash. A child is waiting.

It's almost 4, do you know where your sponsor is? » Post #9

Sun Nov 13, 2011 19:50 in General Talk

There are often good reasons why you may not hear from your sponsor. I never contact my direct referrals other than the message I have in there. Usually I put my contact info on everything anyway and if they contact me, I always reply.

Unfortunately, some sponsors ... well you know, they leave this world.

I guess that might be a good question to ask. What happens to the referrals a member sponsored but that sponsor is no longer here? I suppose nothing, I guess they just stay where they are. It would be nice tho if there was some sort of roll up so the referrals would go to the next sponsor upline.

For example, I had a very good friend that I met over ten years ago online. Altho we never met in person, we thought a lot of each other as good friends. We talked on the phone often. He joined me in many programs over the years and I him. Unfortunately, he passed away about one year ago.

So things happen in our lives some times that is beyond our control. It does pose that question tho as I have never thought to ask.

It's almost 4, do you know where your sponsor is? » Post #1

Sun Nov 13, 2011 13:37 in General Talk


Actually, do you know WHO your sponsor is?

Has your sponsor ever contacted you?

Tip - You may not realize this one » Post #1

Sun Nov 13, 2011 09:53 in General Talk

Did you know that ClixSense allows people 16+ years old to join?

Do you realize how big an organization you could grow from offline promotions?

You could make flyers, post them off line at places like colleges and areas where they allow postings in which kids 16 and older hang out. Can you think of some places? First that comes to my mind is gaming rooms, internet cafes, colleges, post offices, movie theaters, bowling ally, sports areas, cafes that cater to the older teen.

Just imagine if you created some flyers, explaining how they can make extra money just for clicking ads.
Do make sure you get a short redirect to place on your flyer or purchase a domain name that redirects to your ClixSense.

Remember, never post flyers on private property or places that do not allow such postings.
Look for bulletin boards in areas that allow postings.

You could make biz cards as well.
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