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Congratulations Valerie ! » Post #3

Thu Feb 25, 2021 19:14 in General Talk


Where's the confetti?

Where's the cake?

Where's the balloons?

It just takes a little bit of smarts! :lol:

Support Changing Online and Offline! » Post #3

Thu Feb 25, 2021 14:30 in General Talk

Yes the 'press' this and 'enter' that is way out of hand. Like I said, support has gone out the window these days.

All this technology was suppose to make life easier but I don't it see it that way at all.
I think it has complicated life and contributed to wars, depression, to say the least.

It's almost impossible and often is impossible to speak with a real person.

Support Changing Online and Offline! » Post #1

Thu Feb 25, 2021 08:03 in General Talk

Know that I am in my 60's and very much aware of how support has been changing
online and offline.

When I was a kid, teenager, the customer was always right. Really. Truly.

I grew up in Chicago land and the support was readily attended to in all avenues I
was aware of. That is to say, department stores, small store, large store, train stations,
utility companies, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

It was the days before the internet. It was the days before Walmart.

Employees said yes ma'am and yes sir. Their main job in all these avenues was to
help the customer in a kind, appropriate, and quick manner. They were to resolve
issues before they became an issue.

I've experienced over the years how this has dramatically changed and the unfortunate
part of it is, people are accepting of it. Of course there is always the few that are not.
But as you see new generations, they are blind to how it used to be and how it should

It used to be: If you want my business, you best treat me with respect, as a fellow
human being, and look into any and all issues I may have, immediately.

Today it is: If you want to use our services, you better keep your mouth shut.

Companies online are very horrible in regards to support and offline is getting mighty
bad too.

It's only the smaller stores and smaller mom/pop stores that have more tendency to
treat their customers how they would like to be treated. BUT even not all of them do.

So, I don't know what is becoming of a world that lacks respect and ignore customers

What do you think?

Boris is dumb » Post #2

Sat Feb 20, 2021 13:46 in General Talk

Boris is dumb » Post #1

Sat Feb 20, 2021 13:43 in General Talk

Low Food/Water Stock in some USA States » Post #1

Fri Feb 19, 2021 21:26 in General Talk

I do keep plenty of food on hand but I did run out of milk, bread, and eggs, due to
the blizzard. I keep powered milk just for the times that I might run out of milk so
that was not a big issue for me. Eggs? Well, I am an egg eater so I was missing the

Today was still below freezing but the sun was out today and the highways were clear.
I picked my sister up because she lives on a back road that was not plowed. We went
on to Walmart and geeeeeee they were really crowded. First time people had been out
since the start of this cold ice snow ordeal.

Plenty of milk. A little low on some brands of bread. Low on eggs. There's a long isle
where the frozen pizzas are kept, it was practically empty. A lot of low stock on lots of
items. Can biscuits, luncheon meats, etc were low to none.

I imagine most will be back to normal in another day or so around here.

Many parts of Texas, stores are about out of everything but it should be warming up there
soon also.

Historic Winter in USA » Post #20

Fri Feb 19, 2021 21:17 in General Talk

I guess you have a different type of freezing where you are because here, it does
not matter how well your house is insulated, it can still have freezing temperatures

Off from my den, I have a large long walk in closet. I use it for storage and seldom
open the doors to go in there. When I do as of late, it is very cold and I hurry and
get back out quick. It's not freezing in there because my house does have heat but
that closet does not have heat and stays closed with the doors to it shut.

So my guess is, houses in Texas are very well insulated due to the heat they get
there. They don't get winters like this. I think they said back in 2011 was a bad
winter for them. This winter has been historic for many States.

People can in fact freeze to death in their homes any where when it gets down into
the single digits (Fahrenheit). The elderly, sick, and children are most susceptible
to it.

If you look at some of the videos and/or pictures of Texans waiting in line for the
grocery or for water, etc, take a close look at them. Many have blankets over
them. That's because in many areas of Texas, people don't even have a winter
coat. Many have very few warm clothes or blankets.

Me, I can tolerate the freezing cold. I went out and shoveled snow in single
digit weather. I was warm. I put on thick jeans, fuzzy socks, water resistant suede
boots, t-shirt, flannel shirt, puffer coat, gloves, thick pull over sweater cap, scarf
around my face, and my prescription sun glasses.

I do have a gas fire place but even if I didn't and no heat, I have very warm beds,
plenty of blankets and comforters, lots of clothes to put on.

BUT you know there is a lot of people out there that do not take precautionary measures
for themselves. I always have water, batteries, flashlights, food, and everything I need
to last a good while during an emergency. It's amazing the amount of people that do
not keep their self prepared.

Historic Winter in USA » Post #18

Thu Feb 18, 2021 19:39 in General Talk

Ya, shoveled snow again today and tonight will be 8 degrees.
The good news is, it may be the last of the snow and extreme cold. Tomorrow the high
is 28 and partly sunny. The next days are creeping above freezing and full sun.


With the melting snow comes flooding for many areas and many peoples home. There
are various bigger problems that can occur to homes in some areas, such as septic back up.
That is at least, something I don't have to worry about.

THE problem with Texas is they tend to be too big for their cowboy hats some times. They
are the ONLY State with their own electric power grid. All the other States are on the Federal
back up grid system. Texas did not want to pay the tax's to be on the back up system. This
IS exactly why people are freezing to death in Texas. The Texas grid became overloaded and
in order to prevent a complete shut down of the system which would take months if not longer
to restore, they had to do time shut downs. The problem with that is, they are not so timed.
They have screwed up and screwed the people of Texas. They have also had water issues in
that the water is frozen for many and they don't have drinking water. One man was found
frozen to death in his recliner and his wife almost dead. A grandmother and her three grand
children died in their house fire due to trying to heat the house from a stove. A mother and
her child died of carbon monoxide poisoning in their car while trying to stay warm. It goes
on and on. Heads will roll.

New - Accessibility Settings » Post #1

Wed Feb 17, 2021 21:09 in General Talk

In case you did not notice the little man to your lower left bottom screen on your
account page. It's kind of fun. You can change colors too.

Historic Winter in USA » Post #10

Wed Feb 17, 2021 21:05 in General Talk

I shoveled snow the other day and was going to make a snowman but the snow is
too fine. When trying to make a snowball, it won't pack.

Tonight it is snowing again. I'll need to shovel all over again. :evil:

Amazon gift card as cash out » Post #4

Tue Feb 16, 2021 19:14 in General Talk

I almost always cash out by way of Walmart and Amazon.
It works just fine.

You're welcome.

Amazon gift card as cash out » Post #2

Tue Feb 16, 2021 06:38 in General Talk

It takes no longer than any other payment.

Generally payments are issued within a few days of submitting for payment.

You'll receive the email notice. Then click and enter your ySense password.
Then copy the gift code and enter it in your Amazon gift card account.

Historic Winter in USA » Post #6

Tue Feb 16, 2021 06:35 in General Talk

They're going to shut down the electric grid for some States.
So this means at times many in those States won't have internet access.

The Weather Channel

The agency that manages the electric grid in 14 U.S. states has told utilities to begin controlled outages.

Historic Winter in USA » Post #1

Mon Feb 15, 2021 18:05 in General Talk

By the way, today is Presidents Day so u folks probably are not seeing many surveys.

It's blizzard weather here. Even the State of Texas has 2 million without power.

Where I am in Kentucky, it's down to 6 degrees and I've been snowed and iced in for
several days. Tonight calls for several more inches and Wednesday is more snow and

If it wasn't so cold, I'd build a snowman.

I've been letting stray :kitty: in from the cold and snow.

I believe Prodege is in California so shouldn't have an issue with this website. Just
know if you are experiencing issues with some sites, even some surveys, it could be
related to the USA historic storm.


Payments » Post #3

Mon Feb 15, 2021 07:36 in Payment Proofs

He won't.

He's been displaying it for years.

Alien Moon - Delhi - and More » Post #6

Sat Feb 13, 2021 19:57 in General Talk

I saw that too. They said it might have been for therapy since the voltage was low.

That's what I have always said, people back then were no less dense than people today.
In other words, there were smart people and genius folks then too.

A lot of stuff they want to say came from aliens, is possible but also possible that it didn't.

There's a metal/iron disc that was found a long time ago that is suppose to be thousands
or millions of years old. I think it's called 'Schitts Disc'. lol. Something like that. They
cannot figure out what it could have been used for. It's very unique because it has turned
up metal sides, kind of like a child's wind toy. To me it looks like something that would be
on an engine.

Alien Moon - Delhi - and More » Post #4

Sat Feb 13, 2021 09:32 in General Talk

What the documentary was theorizing is that the iron came from the moon by
way of a previous civilization that came from the moon to earth.

Not that I believe conspiracy theories and after all, they are just theories. You
and I can create our own theories too. What I like about these type of programs
is that it does get the brain thinking of the possibilities.

There is another doc I watched about 'Ancient Artifacts' that is interesting too.
In one segment some people went to dig for 'gemstones' as was common for
them to do most days. I say gemstones but it could be other types of rock such
as hematite, etc. They dug some stuff up and took it home. As they were viewing
some of it, there was something deep inside on chunk. They said the rock was
millions of years old and there could not be anything recent inside. However,
what was found inside was a spark plug. Still a mystery today a how a spark
plug got inside a rock of so called millions of years ago. :o

Alien Moon - Delhi - and More » Post #1

Fri Feb 12, 2021 20:23 in General Talk

If you get the opportunity to watch the doc 'Alien Moon' it is extremely interesting
and informative. I watched it on Amazon Prime.

I didn't know the Moon is hollow. It has been proven it is. That is so insane!!!
A hollow moon. It is believed by some that it may have aliens inside it.

One point that really gets one thinking is the Iron Tower in Delhi India. It does
not rust. ALL iron will rust. BUT the Iron Tower in Delhi has never rusted!!!

It is said the rustless iron exists on the moon.

Go figure! :shock:

Gold survey dashboard » Post #18

Thu Feb 04, 2021 19:12 in General Talk

You have not posted the email headers.

You have not posted the from email address.

If you look at the email headers you will know if it's legit or not.

Old member » Post #10

Thu Jan 28, 2021 16:39 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: At 67 I am not even sure who am I :D

Welcome back :thumbup:


Ohhhhhhhh hahahahahahahaha

I guess we're on the same ship.
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