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How Far will a Cat go? » Post #2

Mon Dec 19, 2011 04:41 in General Talk

Miss Lucy (mom)

Pic of my wild pet raccoon » Post #2

Mon Dec 19, 2011 04:38 in General Talk

Don't YOU do this. You must know what you are doing.

Pic of my wild pet raccoon » Post #1

Mon Dec 19, 2011 04:35 in General Talk

This is a pic of one of my wild pet raccoons. It was very hot out and she found her a nice shady area under the truck.

Cat licking solution - Cat clothes » Post #2

Mon Dec 19, 2011 04:33 in General Talk

Mr Kitty a couple of years ago with blue thermal jacket on. :P

How Far will a Cat go? » Post #1

Mon Dec 19, 2011 04:24 in General Talk

A little stray cat arrived one day and I fed her. She looked to me to be less than a year old. Rather pretty cat with bright clear blue eyes and a washed out siamese looking coat. Then one day I noticed her belly becoming quite large so I made her a nice bed. She had 6 kittens, 5 male and 1 female. She was such a good mommy, training her kittens how to catch moles and bugs. She taught them how to climb a tree and how to back down a tree. It was interesting to watch her. I decided to take her to the vet so she would not have babies again...six is enough. When her one female kitten was old enough, I took her to the vet too so she would not have babies. Since there was 5 males, I did not take them to the vet. Mind you, these are outside cats.

One by one, the male cats have wondered off, never to return. Last week, there was 2 males out of the 5 left. Now there is 1 male left. Whereas once there was a total 7 outside cats, have now become 3 outside cats.

I decided to do some research to see how far a male cat will go in search of a female cat.

The answer appears to be 6 miles. In other words, a male cat can smell a female cat from 6 miles away.
It also says that some times the male cat never returns home, that he may claim a colony of female cats.
If no other male cat has marked the territory within the 6 miles, it's highly probable that your male cat will find his way to the female cat.

I live in a rural area and when I drive down the various back roads, and main roads, I find myself always looking in the yards of people, looking to see if I can locate any of the male cats that have gone missing. I've never spotted any of them. A six mile area, can be a very large area. There's not much telling where they have gone or in which direction.

In one sense, that was comforting to know they are probably still alive some where, hanging out with one or more females. Around here, some times wild dogs roam the woods and other predatory creatures.

If you don't want your cats running off, it's best to get them spayed and neutered. When cats are spayed and neutered, they tend to go no further than a block or two from home.

a small request » Post #11

Sun Dec 18, 2011 13:22 in General Talk

Yep, I know what you mean. They could do a redirect or even forward the url to another site.
I don't guess it matters what they do if they want to go to that much trouble to do it, unless
it's a page that has non-allowed content...and in that case, at the very least, they would be


Sun Dec 18, 2011 08:59 in Payment Proofs

Congratulations on your first payout! :D

My winning on clixGrid » Post #2

Sun Dec 18, 2011 01:39 in Success Stories

Maybe thank Santa too. :lol:

Finally reached 100 referrals » Post #8

Sat Dec 17, 2011 23:29 in Success Stories

You can't do anything about people that are truly not interested and make excuses.

There are always people that want to make money but there are not always people willing to read and work to get it.

There are of course, loads of active members in ClixSense. There is a reason for that. They know it's worthy.

You just have to keep on and you'll eventually get referrals that really use the system here and find the worthiness so many others have.

Greeting from Indonesia » Post #2

Sat Dec 17, 2011 18:38 in Member Introduction

Hello and Welcome to the forum. :P

a small request » Post #8

Sat Dec 17, 2011 17:20 in General Talk ClixSense anyway, they cannot edit their link. Once they have approved the ad, the ad is available for members to view. The advertiser can pause the ad.

My first payment » Post #2

Sat Dec 17, 2011 08:33 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your first payout. :P

Introducing myself » Post #2

Sat Dec 17, 2011 08:33 in Member Introduction

Nice to meet you.

Welcome to the forum!


Hello to one and all » Post #2

Fri Dec 16, 2011 23:37 in Member Introduction

Welcome to the forum! :P

I am ____? » Post #18

Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:36 in General Talk

The poll is just for fun and really is not important.

I try to spice things up a bit around here. :D

If a member is waiting around the forums for an ad to develop, they can read about my cat (making jackets). :lol:

Nice to meet you, snimbley. I guess you would fall into the 'work at home', if I had added that as an option.

MY first payment » Post #2

Fri Dec 16, 2011 07:53 in Payment Proofs

Congratulations! :P

57 Payouts » Post #7

Fri Dec 16, 2011 06:35 in Payment Proofs

The majority of your earnings, really do come from your own clicking and those you directly sponsor.

I'll take a screen shot some time of that.


The first number above is the total active members in my 8 levels.
The second number above is the total premium members in my 8 levels.

What would that be....a bit over a 10% upgrade percentage, which is actually a mighty high percentage.

Cat licking solution - Cat clothes » Post #1

Fri Dec 16, 2011 06:26 in General Talk

I have to make Mr Kitty clothes some times because he will find a spot on himself and lick it til he has made
it raw. I think once they do that, make a sore spot, then they try to make it better by continuing to lick the
spot. Of course that makes it worse.

A few years ago, I came up with a solution.

Thermal underwear.

Go to the dollar store or wherever but you don't need the expensive thermals. Just get the cheapest you can find.

Cut the legs out. Measure from the cuff bottom for the length of the cat and cut to measure....leave the cuff, you
want to cut at the other end. At the cuff end, you want to make two holes (not in the cuff as the cuff is the neck
area)...the two holes are for the cat's front legs.

Put the cuff end over the cats head, put his two front legs in each hole, pull thermal down over his body.

That will cover the raw licking spot so he can't lick it. He can still wash his face, his paws, etc.

The raw spot will normally repair itself over the course of a few days.
I take his 'jacket' off every day and brush him, then put it immediately back on.
Once the spot has healed, take the jacket off and leave it off.

I only put the jackets on Mr Kitty when he has licked himself a raw spot.
Cat's need their fur exposed as it is their fur that cools and heats their body. You don't ever want clothes
constantly on your cat. This is just a solution that works and you won't need to drag him to the doctor
office and pay a vet every time your cat makes a sore.

Also, it's best to choose the white thermals so dyes don't get in his raw area. :P

57 Payouts » Post #5

Fri Dec 16, 2011 05:23 in Payment Proofs

Yes, I've been paid 57 times.

I wish I had cashed out last Monday. If I'd cashed out last Monday, this coming Monday and the last Monday in the month, that would make an even 60 payouts before the new year. :D

a small request » Post #6

Thu Dec 15, 2011 22:31 in General Talk

I don't know why they do that. I've scratched my head about it more than once.

For example, in ClixSense you might see an ad that says :

The Greatest Cat Show On Earth
free cat videos

Then you click it, and it's a site selling shoes.

You're sitting there like.....wheres the free cat videos? :(

The only thing I can come up with is, they think you'll search their site longer or read more on their site.
You're searching for the cat videos amongst the shoes. :mrgreen:
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