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Posts by valerie

Who is this guy? » Post #2

Tue Dec 13, 2011 08:05 in General Talk

Hmmmm let me guess....

It's your long lost uncle from Tasmania?

Or could it be...

Heyyyyyyyy wait a sec! That's my nephew that stole my laptop and ran off to Cuba! :shock:


My 1st Payment » Post #2

Tue Dec 13, 2011 07:48 in Payment Proofs

Please do not post payment proofs that contain your transaction id number and your email address.

This is for your security.

Edit out your email address and the transaction number.

Did anyone see Admin's message this morning? » Post #3

Tue Dec 13, 2011 07:37 in General Talk

Ya, always wondered how people even thought for one second that they can make an entire
dollar or more, for clicking and viewing one ad for a few seconds. I guess they could name it
DumDumBux. For dum advertisers and dum members.

Join DumDumBux where we pay you $10.00 per 5 second ad view. You get paid after you
make $150,000,01 in the year 2099 if man is still alive and if woman has survived.

Alrightie then, dur, I'll sign up right away cause I don't wanna miss outtttttt. :roll:

My First Payment » Post #2

Tue Dec 13, 2011 07:32 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your first payout! :P

Misplaced Focus - You Lose! » Post #1

Tue Dec 13, 2011 07:30 in General Talk

Gaw I just hate misplaced focus, don't you?

You know what I mean. It works like this, I join gobs of programs and the lights shine brightly in them first.
While I am looking at those, focusing on those, promoting those, then frowning when those hits me like a slap in the face.... MISPLACE FOCUS. Drat, I did it again!

Do you do that?

Ya got to start doing your research folks. Wake up. I can see many here at this forum that has woken up, promoting their ClixSense, gaining referrals, upgrading to premium, and realizing that they were inactive in one of the top and easiest by the way, money earners online today.

Don't come here boohooing about what another PTC did to you.
No point coming here asking why those other PTC's did not pay you.
No use in asking at these forums where those other PTC's went to.

It's not about the other PTC's.

It's about YOU and your MISPLACED FOCUS.

There is a light, tho. Fortunate for you, it's not too late. Get your focus on, right now.

MY first payment » Post #2

Tue Dec 13, 2011 05:33 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your first payout! :P

"Leave Page" Message » Post #2

Mon Dec 12, 2011 20:08 in General Talk

Click 'stay on page'. After the timer ends and you are credited, you can click it off.

Have you viewed the new phones that attach? » Post #1

Mon Dec 12, 2011 19:46 in General Talk

Have any of you viewed the new phones that attach to your mobile phones and computer?

They look like a regular hand set phone with the line curled line cord.
It says they eliminate 99% of static.
Says it works great for those that use Skype also.

Actually, I think it's a bright idea. Too bad I did not think of it. :lol:

I noticed them online at nordstrom for $29.00. They have them in various colors....I like the pink. :clap:

A handset inspired by the iconic 1950s Bakelite-style telephone plugs directly into most phones and computers to facilitate chatting via Skype, Facetime, Google Talk and other web-based communicators. The handset is fitted with a high-quality speaker and microphone along with noise-reduction technology.
Designed by David Turpin.
3.5mm jack accommodates iPhones and most smartphones.
Eliminates over 99% of absorbed phone radiation.
Full list of compatible devices at --------------------
By Native Union; imported.

My 1st payment » Post #2

Mon Dec 12, 2011 18:07 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your first payout. :P

o happy day! :) » Post #4

Mon Dec 12, 2011 15:24 in Payment Proofs

:clap: I'm happy for you. :clap:

mi primer pago » Post #2

Mon Dec 12, 2011 14:30 in Payment Proofs

Congrats! :P

how many awards are on Clixgrid? » Post #8

Mon Dec 12, 2011 14:28 in General Talk

I don't think it matters how it is done. The facts have been in since the beginning of the clixgrid and
the facts are, it does pay members. Members obviously win no matter where they are or what time
of day it is. It's just a random luck of draw you could say.

Also, if it really could be calculated like you say and all members informed exactly how much was there
to win each day, then they might as well delete the clixgrid. The point of the clixgrid is to give advertisers
their moneys worth. If members are going to say, oh they already paid out such and such amount so no
point in my clicking it today, then advertisers would stop advertising on it and members would stop clicking.

Everyone knows it pays out and everyone knows there are various amounts won each and every day.
That's all that really matters is that the advertisers are benefiting and that ClixSense really does pay out

o happy day! :) » Post #2

Mon Dec 12, 2011 14:23 in Payment Proofs

Wowser! That's a lot of new directs in one day.


how many awards are on Clixgrid? » Post #4

Mon Dec 12, 2011 09:29 in General Talk

How would you calculate how much money is in the pool?

Advertisers may purchase ads to be in the clixgrid one day and the next day there may not be clixgrid ad purchases.

how many awards are on Clixgrid? » Post #2

Mon Dec 12, 2011 09:02 in General Talk

I don't think you could calculate the chance of winning since the member number that participates at any given moment is different.

It's just random in regards to winning. The more you use it, the higher probability you will win.

What do you think About Tim Tebow Miracle Story? » Post #2

Sun Dec 11, 2011 21:21 in General Talk

I'm kind of tired of hearing about him, to be perfectly honest. :lol:

I guess every so often someone comes along that makes a big impact.
Maybe his prayers are doing him (and team) well. Who's to say that
God doesn't watch football.

News from Zorb » Post #2

Sun Dec 11, 2011 19:00 in Success Stories

Walnuts are good for you.

What is a Sponsor? » Post #8

Sun Dec 11, 2011 14:41 in General Talk

Well, you are doing better than I am. There is lots of words I can't spell and I've lived here all my life. :lol:

What is a Sponsor? » Post #6

Sun Dec 11, 2011 13:10 in General Talk

It does not matter if you were referred by someone or not.
You are a member and you can earn just like all members can earn.

By the way 'michael_dg', it is inappropriate to make fun of someone's spelling on here.
Sponsor, Sponser, whatever, we know what the member was asking. Just for the record,
many members do not speak/write English very well. In addition, some times people stress
different pronunciation when speaking which can result in mis-spelling. Also, it's easy to make
a typo when typing in a little box at a forum.

My decision » Post #3

Sun Dec 11, 2011 07:37 in General Talk

Congratulations on your decision to upgrade.

You know what... some times we spread ourselves to thin.
The more we do, the more we have to focus on.

Focus on ClixSense, use some traffic exchanges and various advert sources to promote ClixSense, and you'll gain referrals. You don't need hundreds or thousands of referrals at ClixSense to make good extra money.

It really is worth it to upgrade.
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