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What do you think of this? » Post #4

Wed Jan 04, 2012 21:33 in General Talk

PayPal can be very dirty alright. It does not take much for them to shut you down, almost doesn't take anything.
It just depends on what customer support person decides to look at your account that day and what mood he is in.

I know nothing about that site above, just giving my two cents on PP.

The Wind of change in ClixSense ~ » Post #5

Wed Jan 04, 2012 21:28 in General Talk

There is a total difference in ClixSense and anything similar, compared to programs like bux sites and neobux.

ClixSense is a REAL advertising network that pays it's members for viewing adverts.
They offer the premium membership which does a whole lot more than what members may first think about.
Advertisers want people that buy. I mean you certainly would not try and sell ice to an eskimo. He don't
need ice so he is not going to buy ice. Same goes with the premium memberships. There are advertisers
that sell something in which people must buy to get that the advertiser wants people that
are known buyers.

Bux sites and yes, even neobux, is not a real advertising network in the sense of the word.
They are INVESTMENT programs. Many of them charge a lot of money too in order to upgrade to the
worthy option. Then they sell referrals or rent referrals and it's like a box of chocolates...mostly stale
chocolates at that, you don't know what you'll get. Some members of these types of programs will
relay what they make but they don't relay what they spent in their adverts. There are people out there
that will spend thousands of dollars, maybe not all at once, but before they know it, they have spent
a lot of money for upgrades and when these people say they have made $10,000 that is
great, but did they spend $20,000 to make it? That is the question and that is the big difference.

Making Money with ClixSense Surveys » Post #78

Wed Jan 04, 2012 21:19 in Success Stories

Well, they are the same company buldan75. ClixSense owns ClixSenseResearch.
But they are entirely separate from the other and of course, entirely different.

How did valerie do it? » Post #12

Wed Jan 04, 2012 21:11 in General Talk

tasjon knows. Another long timer. :P

There will always be inactives. Always.

There is one thing that I have never been able to pin point in all my years working online.
I can guess, but I can't really pin point it down to a specific.

That one thing is.....why is it that people come online and want to make money, give up
so very quickly....why is it they will get up at 5am, shower, get ready for work, get in a
cold car, drive perhaps 30 or more miles to work, punch a time clock, leave 8 hours later,
get back in a cold car, drive back home, and then wish they could make some extra money...
wish they had a different life...wish wish wish...but then they get online, join everything
under the sun and give up before they even get started?

Well, like I said, I have it some what figured out and it is a bad thing in one big way.

People have a very difficult time being their own boss. They want to be told exactly what
to do, when to do, and where to do it. I see this at every turn online.

The bad part about that is, not everyone is going to be your boss online. Another very
bad part is, there is a lot of bad boss's out there.

Instead, what people need to do is be their own boss online. They need to be in control,
not have anything or anyone else online control them. They need to do their research
for themselves and read. Any questions they have, they need to ask and get answers.

When you go start a new job, usually you have a training period. You are shown the
building, the rooms in the building, where you will be working, what job you will be doing.
Often you may even have some new employee classes to attend. You may have several
weeks of training or more. In fact, many places will not allow you to go on their insurance
plans, vacation plans, various benefits, until you have worked there for 3 months or more.

Take that same person, put him online to make money, and he expects to sign up and
place an ad or two, and see the money roll in. It truly does not work that way, if you
want to make money and long term residuals, it is work, and you have to keep on
promoting, keep on referring, focus on those that do and not those that don't. It will
pay off for you and it's a whole lot better and easier, than getting in that cold car.

How did valerie do it? » Post #8

Wed Jan 04, 2012 17:38 in General Talk

I don't remember exactly what the pay was years ago.

Just like five years from now, we won't remember that the increase went from $0.25 to $0.50. :lol:

You can't just look at it and say well it should be this much or that much because over time, payments
and amounts have changed. A person on my second level might have joined 5 years ago, upgraded, and
canceled out the next year. What you are seeing there is 'active referrals' and the amount of earnings I
have made from the start 5 years ago. You're not seeing who has upgraded over the years or who has
canceled out, etc.

ACTIVE is what you are seeing in the image.

Reality is, my organization is much much much larger than that if you were to count inactives.

How did valerie do it? » Post #6

Wed Jan 04, 2012 17:15 in General Talk

And if you look at the very first part of my post up there, you will see I posted my earnings for the day thus far...since typing that, my earnings for the day are now : Commissions today $8.6456

How did valerie do it? » Post #5

Wed Jan 04, 2012 16:26 in General Talk

Ok lets look at what I have earned so far today and the day is not over :
Commissions today $7.5844

By the way, I am sure I am not the biggest earner in ClixSense.
Another point you made, you don't see me on the top sponsor list, do you? Nope ya don't.
In fact, some of those top sponsors may not be earning as much as I am whereas others may be earning more.

Now I'll go grab my direct stats....

Referrals active 96 total 1,100 premium 32

As you can see from the above, I have 96 active members and I have sponsored a total of 1,100 members with 32 actives being premium.

I'll show you something else before I get to the nitty gritty...

Take a strong look at the stats image above.
Where is the most earnings?

If you said level one, you are correct. Look again at my first level direct referrals and my upgraded direct referrals and think about the fact I have sponsored over the course of almost 5 years, 1,100 members.

There are a couple of big sponsors in my organization of 8 levels. One member I sponsored has sponsored over 4,000 members but of course they are not all active.

I keep telling everyone, you DON'T look at INACTIVES. If you focus on in members you sponsor that become inactive, you'll go nuts. The money is NOT in inactives so why bother to even think about it let alone waste your time dwelling on it? You ask what I do so I am telling you, I don't give a hoot about inactives. If they don't want to make money, that is their option. If they don't have the time, that is their choice. If they can't see the forest for the trees, that is their problem. I keep on keeping on and THAT is the KEY.

Sure, I've gotten busy doing other things over the years. I do have a life. I also have my own programs at times that I have to focus on.

The referrals are going to yoyo. It's a constant weed out process. The good part about that is, you don't have to weed them out, they do a good job of that themselves.

I've never looked at ClixSense as a way to make a living. I've never said, I am going to make $10,000 with ClixSense.
I might set small goals for myself here in ClixSense from time to time and setting small goals is good.

Some times people will sign up and never click the first ad. Who knows why they signed up? I don't know. Maybe
they checked it out and decided a cent was not good enough for them. Some times people sign up and will be active
for months, maybe even upgrade, maybe be active for years....and then the next thing you know, they are no longer
active. People's lives change. People do other things. Maybe they get a better paying job. Maybe they pass away.
Maybe they get married, have children, spend their time else where. But you can't look at that. That is not the
way to be successful.

Some times I look at my stats and think, hey, the directs are getting a little low, guess I'll go out there and
place some ads and when I do place ads, I almost always gain referrals.

Some of my direct referrals have in fact been active for 5 years. Some of my direct upgraded members have
been active for almost 5 years. There will be those that continue forward for years, just like some of mine have.
The majority, probably won't. And that is why you have to keep on keeping on.

There is no such thing as build it and forget it. Nope. That is a line of bs. Take a strong look again at my image
stats....again, where is the most money and where is the least referrals? It's level 1 isn't it? YES it is my OWN
EFFORTS. Let's just say that I did not do anything over the course of 5 years after referring some members...
how much money would I have made? And what if I did not click ads daily? My guess is, I'd made a whole lot
less.....perhaps thousands less. Because when YOU sponsor people, some of them are going to sponsor people.
And even if that one you sponsored becomes inactive, the ones they sponsored may stay active.

In my book, $4,000 over the course of 5 years, is not a lot of money. However, where I sit, that is a mighty
high interest rate earned on $10 or $15 or even $17 per year. I always do the math. And I always look at
a 90 percent drop rate. Then I figure what the program earnings possibilities are within sound judgement
of what can truly be achieved. Then I go for it or I don't. Mostly I don't because most the programs out
there are full of bologna on their math and what a person can truly achieve.

Read my tips I posted. Place ads whenever you can and utilize free sources as much as you can too.
After all, ClixSense is free and it is the free people too that are going to help you earn when you directly
refer them even if they never upgrade. Click every ad you see in ClixSense because it does add up.
Don't focus on inactives. Relay your earnings to others whenever possible no matter how small. Let
people know how it works. Use eye grabbing subject lines. Keep a signature line in all your email accounts.
Join a social network or two and really try to make friends. Post free classified ads, join webrings, use
a traffic exchange or two, use meager earnings in other programs that you can transfer to advertising.
Create a blog and keep it active.

There is an unlimited amount of resources out there. It's never ending actually. You can't do everything
at once but you can start doing something and take it forward from there. As time moves forward, you'll
be glad you did. If I had not done anything, I'd be an inactive and I'd be less $4,000.

Congratz Valerie !!! » Post #8

Wed Jan 04, 2012 16:21 in General Talk

You are very welcome and thanks for the thanks and congrats too. :P

Valerie's balance! » Post #9

Wed Jan 04, 2012 16:20 in General Talk

I don't have many direct referrals. I never have many direct referrals. I don't have many upgraded direct referrals either. I keep telling you folks, you don't need a lot of directs, course the more the merrier.

Survey Payout » Post #4

Wed Jan 04, 2012 16:18 in General Talk

No there is not. You can go with payoneer or choose the amazon gift codes which is what I choose...or the
dinning dough.

Survey Payout » Post #2

Wed Jan 04, 2012 15:22 in General Talk

Because it is two separate programs and two separate databases therefore they cannot be combined.

At ClixSense, advertisers and members make payments.

At ClixSenseResearch, companies pay ClixSenseResearch.

first payout » Post #2

Wed Jan 04, 2012 14:53 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your first payout! :P

Valerie's balance! » Post #7

Wed Jan 04, 2012 14:17 in General Talk

No I have not heard anything about needing more moderators but no doubt at some point he may post for more and since you have been wanting the position and very active, my guess is you would get it.

How did valerie do it? » Post #3

Wed Jan 04, 2012 14:15 in General Talk

I'll explain in just a bit. I've got to get up and get supper ready. I think I am going to make french fries with CATsup.

Valerie's balance! » Post #5

Wed Jan 04, 2012 14:12 in General Talk

Moderator views don't count. If I view a post that has 0 views, it will still have 0 views after I view it.

Valerie's balance! » Post #2

Wed Jan 04, 2012 14:00 in General Talk

Yes I add those cents to my balance consistently because my cash out has not gone thru yet.
I chose check for payout this time and it takes a bit longer than Monday for them to send out checks.

You have to keep focusing on referring others. That is it in a nutshell. Eventually you will refer
some members that can refer a lot of members, and it just keeps growing from there. But you
always need to keep working towards sponsoring new members. That's why it is good to have
some auto-pilot systems in place.

There will always be members that are not active or become inactive and you can't rely on what
your downline does. Focus on gaining referrals....always.

Cats have invaded » Post #11

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:52 in General Talk

HaHa! That one's much better and if you look at it just the right way, with your eyes closed of course, you will see a cat in the cup. :D

7th payment » Post #3

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:50 in Payment Proofs

Congrats! :P

Cats have invaded » Post #8

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:48 in General Talk

Oh whew! You scared the catchananigans out of me mutchy126! I had just hit submit and the next thing you know there is big ugly teeth looking at me. :lol:

Cats have invaded » Post #5

Wed Jan 04, 2012 13:47 in General Talk

The point was the member saw two advertisements after clicking the CATcha and both ads were web pages that had kittens on them. Kind of ironic or CATsendental.
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