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I thought I saw a ghost!!!!! » Post #4

Mon Dec 26, 2011 23:26 in General Talk

There's some spooky stuff out there. :lol:

I thought I saw a ghost!!!!! » Post #2

Mon Dec 26, 2011 22:25 in General Talk

That was funny. :lol:

I am sorry I had to edit it out. We've had some problems with hot linking and can no longer allow hot links.

Hi Everyone! Im from Philippines » Post #2

Mon Dec 26, 2011 22:20 in Member Introduction

Hello and welcome to the forum! :D

Hello everyone. » Post #2

Mon Dec 26, 2011 22:20 in Member Introduction

Hello and welcome aboard! :P


Mon Dec 26, 2011 09:28 in General Talk

I guess it depends on what you want.
There are members that want to win and want to support advertisers, so they do the clixgrid.
In addition, there are a lot of winners because members are winning every day.

An old saying of mine is: 'A Program Is Only As Good As It's Participants'
I think there is a lot to be said in that little saying of mine. You can have the most glorious program online,
but if you have no members, have no users, have no advertisers, you have nothing.

I read topics about 'ClixSense Teams' which I personally find, a bit hilarious to say the least.

ClixSense is in and of itself, one huge team. Think of it for what it is. If everyone thought like you, there
would not be a clixgrid since no one would be using it and therefore, no advertisers would be making purchases
and of course there would be no winnings to win since it would not exist.

I don't use the clixgrid a lot but I do use it as my time allows. I'm not trying to win anything when I view
ads in the clixgrid. I'm using it to support the advertisers and to support ClixSense and to support the members
as a whole. Besides, I do see some interesting stuff too.

New Years Resolution-What's Your's? » Post #1

Sun Dec 25, 2011 14:26 in General Talk

Do you have a new years resolution?

I'm not sure what resolutions I will make for the new year. I'll have to think about that.

Checking the scales after Christmas » Post #6

Sun Dec 25, 2011 13:43 in General Talk

That's a lot of eating! Don't get on the scales! :lol:

Whats for Christmas Dinner - Yum Yum » Post #17

Sun Dec 25, 2011 13:39 in General Talk

My Christmas dinner sounds very boring compared to yours oberder. Wow, all kinds of foods. Makes me wonder what all that food taste like. I love coconut, I'd probably enjoy those coconut dishes.

Here we had today, baked ham, green beans, whipped potatoes, potato salad, dressing, rolls.
We also have pineapple upside down cake, peanut butter fudge and chocolate fudge, and cookies.

Happy Holidays! » Post #12

Sun Dec 25, 2011 01:16 in General Talk

Ooooeeee that is pretty. :P :clap:

No sponsor » Post #4

Sat Dec 24, 2011 22:54 in General Talk

Your ClixSense referral link is in your ClixSense member area. There is also ClixSense banners.

You can get a free blog too. No one knows how to use a blog until they sign up to a blog and use it.
First time for everything.

No sponsor » Post #2

Sat Dec 24, 2011 22:34 in General Talk

It does not matter if you have a sponsor or not.

There are tips in the general discussion category in the forum here, that relays a lot of helpful info in gaining referrals.
Also, browse around the forum and you will locate more tips and discussions about gaining referrals.

Do you believe in Santa Claus? » Post #5

Sat Dec 24, 2011 22:31 in General Talk

Santa does a lot of good the world over.

Unlike the spider that sat down beside her, or the wicked stepmother feeding poor snow-white a poison apple, or the poor rock a by baby that falls from the tree top, or kissing ugly toads hoping for a prince, or the bad wolf that ate poor grandma or the poor pigs or ... :lol:

It is really strange when you think about it. I think there is almost something a bit deranged in those writers that came up with those stories. Perhaps, even something more deranged in us, that have noted them classic fairy tales and read them to our children.

One must admit, even the road runner is a mighty violent bird.

Santa is one of the few strong and one of the few good. Nothing wrong with Santa except him sneaking down those chimneys in the dark of night. :lol: Santa makes donations. Santa delivers presents to the poor and needy. Santa
feeds children and adults. Santa leaves money and often very big money, to charities. Santa visits the retirement
homes and nursing homes. Santa visits children's hospitals. Santa brings cheer, faith, and hope. Santa is everything
good in the world.

Always believe in Santa, no matter how old you get. He is one of the few we can count on. :P

PS. Santa also teaches good work ethics. :D

Making Money with ClixSense Surveys » Post #63

Sat Dec 24, 2011 22:21 in Success Stories

Because there is no surveys for Singapore residents. You might want to talk to companies in Singapore.

hello all » Post #2

Sat Dec 24, 2011 22:19 in Member Introduction

Hello and Welcome to the ClixSense forum! :)

Do you believe in Santa Claus? » Post #3

Sat Dec 24, 2011 20:02 in General Talk

Yes. :P

Did you know? » Post #32

Sat Dec 24, 2011 14:31 in General Talk

I got a kick out of that.... 'I'm coming Rudy'. :mrgreen: :lol: :clap:


Sat Dec 24, 2011 14:29 in General Talk

Merry Christmas!

It's fun to click in the clixgrid because you never know when you will be the next winner. :P

Hello All! » Post #2

Sat Dec 24, 2011 14:27 in Member Introduction

Hello and Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays! » Post #6

Sat Dec 24, 2011 13:38 in General Talk

Merry Christmas!

Whats for Christmas Dinner - Yum Yum » Post #14

Sat Dec 24, 2011 13:36 in General Talk

I had a good day. Most everyone ate something different. Most the kids ate pizza. I had shrimp. My son had country steak. I think my son-in-law had steak. They had long tables and pushed two together to make room for us all. It was nice and the restaurant was decorated, Christmas tree and all, so we had the Christmas spirit going. Most of them I had not seen in some time and it's always mind blowing to see how fast the grand kids grow in a relatively short period of time.

The weather was pretty nice also. Bright sunny day, in the low 50's. A tad chilly but I'm not complaining, no rain, no snow, a nice day for a drive too.

I was up in Northern Indiana, by Gary, Calumet City, Highland, etc. Went to grade school with Michael Jackson's cousin. :mrgreen:
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