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Nice new little forum features » Post #1

Fri Jan 20, 2012 09:12 in General Talk

I like the new additions in the forum with the 'likes' 'Facebook' 'twitter' thingies. :P

What Modifications are on this phpbb forum? » Post #2

Thu Jan 19, 2012 00:40 in General Talk

This isn't a phpbb forum.

5 Letter Words » Post #10

Wed Jan 18, 2012 23:32 in General Talk


~*~What are you watching on TV~*~ » Post #3

Wed Jan 18, 2012 23:30 in General Talk

I watched American Idol. So far, I am rooting for Phillip Phillips.

How do you click on ClixGrid? » Post #6

Wed Jan 18, 2012 23:28 in General Talk

I make a cross and pray for $5.00. :P

The first time I made a cross, I won $0.10 and right after that, I won another $0.10
I'd never won before.

I guess the Lord did not see fit for me to earn $5 that day.

Hello World » Post #2

Wed Jan 18, 2012 23:24 in Member Introduction

Hello. Welcome! :P

A Big Thank you to "CLIXSENSE" » Post #2

Wed Jan 18, 2012 23:23 in Member Introduction

Thank you and Welcome aboard! :P

Anyone using CoffeeCup on MAC? » Post #4

Wed Jan 18, 2012 20:48 in General Talk

I've used CoffeeCup for many many years and I do like their html editor.

Once you buy a product, you never have to buy it again. You get unlimited updates on the new versions.

Their mac beta's are cheap prices. In other words, if I went with their beta and purchased now, I'd always
have it at that price and never need to pay the full price again.

With that said tho, I don't think it's fair that a user such as myself that has purchased almost all their software
over the years, should have to turn around and buy it again simply because they did not have mac versions.

I won't buy it but I can download the software that is windows based, any time to my windows based laptops
and netbook. I guess if I want to keep using it, I will just continue to use it on those machines.

I upgraded several old timers » Post #1

Wed Jan 18, 2012 14:51 in General Talk

I never upgrade anyone. And if I were you and thinking about upgrading someone, I would contact them first.

Today, I did upgrade several members that had joined back in 2007 and I could see, are still active. I did that
because I appreciate them being active all these years.

PS. It was also several that I could see had clicked today and/or yesterday, plus had done a lot of clicks over time.

Anyone using CoffeeCup on MAC? » Post #1

Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:21 in General Talk

I've been over there today and it looks like they have some software in beta for mac users. Waiting on a reply if I am suppose to buy it again. I'm not going to buy it again if that is what they are getting at. :mrgreen:

What do you use more? » Post #6

Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:06 in General Talk

Some times. Not sure why it is not all the time. I copy it anyway, just to be on the safe side so I don't have to type it all over again. :o I don't want a jaw dropping experience if it is not still there. :silent:

What do you use more? » Post #4

Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:43 in General Talk

Ok I chose 'both.

I truly believe I click more ads now that the forum is here. I have and do as a norm, keep ClickSense open 24/7...pretty much have done that for 5 years. Now that the forum is here, I tend to click ads more I think. I'll be browsing the forum and see that I have ads to click.

If I am in the middle of typing something when an ad appears, I'll copy whatever it is I was typing, go click the ad, come back and paste in where I left off. That is one reason you may see some of my posts edited several times....I run off to click ads. :mrgreen:

What do you use more? » Post #2

Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:37 in General Talk


Explanation of BOTS - FYI » Post #1

Wed Jan 18, 2012 09:56 in General Talk

I hear a lot of complaints that bux refs for rent are bots. I believe that to be for the most part true.

I don't know what everyone means by 'bots' exactly because there is several different types of bots.

The original term of bots was simply a digital approach to faking enrollments or faking hits. In other words,
it was all done electronically and not by a real person. Understand I am not talking about how bots really
became to be a word which relates way back to chat rooms and such. I'm explaining here now, to those
that use programs today such as bux programs and the similar.

There are also various software that people use to automate the enrollment process. For example in the big
ole days of enrolling to safe lists, people would purchase safe list automation software and some times safe
lists themselves, even gave away the software to their members. I have used it myself. The way the safe
list automation software works is, you download the software to your computer, you open it, and you see a
list of safe lists you can join, you can then join them all by automation or another means, depending on the
software. For example, the software may be so automated that you don't have to join each one individually.
You just enter into a place within the software, your sign up info and the software will automatically enroll
you to each safe list when you click 'go'. Like everything else, some safe list automation software was better
than others. You may ask why a safe list would give away the software to their members? Well because they
wanted members and they wanted as many members as they could get so it was a scratch your back thing.
You place my safe list in your automated software and I will give away your software at my safe list too.
Some of those automated safe list softwares had hundreds upon hundreds of safe lists listed. I guess they
are still out there today. Just for the record, they really did stink because most people that used them,
never purchased anything from the safe lists. All it amounted to was a number bragging count for the
safe list.

Another type of automated software can in fact generate fake user names. Scam programs and the like
can use such to pretend their program is larger than it is, or to in some way, make money from non suspecting

Back in the old days, we use to do anything we could to gain referrals. I had some software once that would
pull email addresses from every where on the internet. It was free too. I followed the instructions, went to
a classified ad site, hit the go button, and it pulled thousands upon thousands of email addresses from that
classified ad program. I never sent emails to those people. I was to afraid to. That would have put me in a
spammer class and I'd probably been booted from my ISP. I will say, it was fun to watch it in action, sucking
all those email addresses in just minutes.

There's a lot more I could tell you about how spammers do things but I won't. Because I don't want you to
know. You don't want to get into that, by no means.

The point I am making to you is, there are a lot of ways for people to try and cheat systems, automate
things in a bad way not just a good way.

So we can now say that one form of bots, is automated software that may be bad in that a program may
generate fake referrals. They might of course, get some real referrals thru traffic or someone not going
to a direct member site, and sign up under the company/program site. We also know that some people
will have software that automates the enrollment process so they can join many sites of the same nature
so they can enroll quickly to many by using one process....just like the safe list software I used as a real

The Double Whammy: Or whatever you want to call it, is related to the program that uses bots. Some
programs will relay their database member number whereas others won't. Why and Why? Well some
will relay their member numbers because they want everyone to see how big they are. But are those
numbers real? Well, if they are selling referrals and they have extreme high numbers, this could very
well be a strong precaution measure you should take. What if they don't display their database member
numbers but they are known to be very again, proceed with caution because they don't
want you to know how many members they have since it could be, they are using bots to sell or rent
referrals to their members. If a program ALWAYS has lots of referrals for rent/sale, best proceed with
EXTREME CAUTION...and here is why...

YOU may be into internet marketing, YOU may be into making money online, BUT did you know that
the majority of users online, are NOT. In fact, it is a very small percentage of marketers online compared
to the number of users online. Let's use our COMMON SENSE for just a moment at least....

Look at Facebook, linkIn, MySpace, Shopping Sites, Medical Sites, and all the thousands of other sites
out there. WHAT IS IT that PEOPLE ARE DOING? They are looking for information and fun. They are
NOT all looking to make a dime. Some times as marketers we get caught up into thinking everyone
is looking to make money online and in this little sector of ours but that is not so at all.

Now that we know that, we can do our math if we want to. How many people use the internet?
Ok out of those users how many are actually in the 'we join stuff to make money programs'?
Ok once we have those numbers we can do some subtraction and then we can ask ourselves...
how many of those people that are in the make money online sector, are actually going to dish
out large sums of cash on risky stuff? Do a little more subtraction. Alright now then lets ask
the question how many people are going to spend money on renting or buying referrals???

The numbers are large but they are not as large as you may think. After all, when we get down
to the very nitty gritty of subtracting Nutrition programs, Domain name programs, Cash back
shopping programs, Communication programs, Travel programs, and so on and on and on of
those types of programs that pay their members in some sort of affiliate or mlm fashion....oh
did I forget to mention AFFILIATE programs like ClickBank, Ma and Pa stores, and so on....all
these places that give people a way to make money.....we now subtract all of those and then,
we look at the BUX INDUSTRY.

Did you do the math? Well, if you have your COMMON SENSE hat on, you really don't need
to do the numbers. Common Sense will tell anyone that it IS a mathematical impossibility
today, for many of the BUX programs out there to SELL or RENT the number of referrals
they are renting/selling. IMPOSSIBLE.....only if those referrals are REAL.

Now lets take this one little bitty step further. It's called 'do nothing' mentality. People
every day join things for free but do nothing after they join. The number of do nothingness
becomes higher with the program that charges LARGE FEES in order to make money.
We can again look at BUX sites in that many people join them because they don't have a
lot of money to invest on RISKY programs. After they join, they may click ads as for awhile.
Of course, why not, see how much free money you can make. After a few days, they say
'hmmmm I've clicked ads every day for three days and I only have 2 cents'. They get to
looking around to see how others are making such big money with the program and they
find that they need to pay $90 to upgrade or more, that they need to pay a monthly fee,
that they need to get hundreds if not thousands of referrals and all this is going to cost
a LOT of money. You know what happens next don't you? They become an inactive member
or they drop out. And, it might have been a very good thing they did.

Let's look at ClixSense. It's been online 5 years. It's success is proven. They display their
member base on site in plain sight. Their numbers make sense don't they? Yes. It's not
an outlandish number for being in business for 5 years. Ok what else? Well, do they RENT
and/or SELL referrals? NO. Ok what else? Do they charge monthly fees? NO. Ok what
else? Can free members truly earn enough money to cash out? YES. Ok what else? Do
they charge high upgrade fees? NO..a one time low yearly fee and it's ALWAYS been low.
Even the puny $17 per year upgrade fee that takes affect Feb 1st is extremely low.

Well, what about all those people that are making big bucks and constant payouts in BUX
programs? Do you know how much PROFIT they have made? And how many of them are
in BIG PROFITS. How many are not in profit? And how many months and or years did it
take them to net some profits? Also, how many are telling the TRUTH of how much profit
they have made?


ySense Forum Moderators » Post #22

Wed Jan 18, 2012 00:15 in Member Introduction

Oh I need to edit yours.

Sponsor and Referrals? » Post #13

Tue Jan 17, 2012 13:36 in General Talk

I'm just the opposite. If I see something I want to join, I make sure I am signing up under a member.
I want that money in the members pocket, as I know the owners always have their profits anyway.

Clicks Odds » Post #7

Tue Jan 17, 2012 13:32 in General Talk

Purchase advertising.

That is the way the winnings are calculated.

my first wining on ClixGrid » Post #2

Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:13 in Success Stories

Congrats! :clap:

Wikipedia preps for blackout in Wednesday » Post #2

Tue Jan 17, 2012 06:48 in General Talk


my first payment » Post #2

Mon Jan 16, 2012 22:17 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your first payout! :P
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