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Do anyone advertise clixsense in TE » Post #8

Tue Jan 10, 2012 21:27 in General Talk

It's doubtful you will get a lot of referrals from a TE with 1000 views. One thousand views, is not very many.
You might get real lucky and get one or two.

Are other PTC's becoming jealous of ClixSense. » Post #14

Tue Jan 10, 2012 21:25 in General Talk

Well, I don't totally agree with that Eddie267. There are some very good, honest, and solid opportunities online that cost and cost a monthly fee. I'll use TrafficWave as an example since I've been a member several years. It charges a monthly fee. However the services offered is worth the monthly fee. Members can make money with it but there are members that don't care if they do or not, they want the services.

For the most part, I run from travel ops and communication ops and nutri ops. Some of those are no doubt solid and very good but I think you have to really want what it offers and willing to pay for it whether you make money with it or not.

That's the key right there. Would you buy it whether you made money with it or not? I think you really got to look at the price point and what is offered and then tie in the math in regards to the amount of profit you can make. If the product is high priced for what is offered, it's probably best to run in the opposite direction. :lol:

Are other PTC's becoming jealous of ClixSense. » Post #12

Tue Jan 10, 2012 21:07 in General Talk

At one time, I was a member of over 40 bux programs. I did not promote them all by the way, by no means.
I joined them primarily to see what they were, how they worked, and then I started using some of them for
transferring earnings to advertising. The problem was, most of that 40 disappeared before I could make enough
to transfer to advertising. :lol:

I'll tell you something about ME, wanting to make that clear because I am not referring to anyone else.
It is very very rare, that I do a refund or demand a refund. All the years I have worked online, I'd say
I may have attempted to get a refund, maybe 4 or 5 times. And all those times, were many years ago.
My thoughts is, about ME and I look at myself as an intelligent adult human being that takes my own
risks without anyone forcing me. If I pay into a program and it fails or it disappears, I say to self 'SHET!',
mighty loud too. :lol: That's about the extent of my misery and I chalk it up as my own bad decision.

About 15 years ago when the HYIP's lived at forums, I lost a bank load. I had made a good deal of
dough in a crazy fast cycler. I then went to an HYIP that promised some insane amount...something
like 125% return on investment. The forum was very exciting and people were posting how much
money they sent...all by way of e-gold by the way. I invested about five grand at first. Then I started
getting greedy and I invested another 5 grand. By the time the cut off date was growing near, I had
invested 25 grand. My God in heaven, that HURT when the cut off date went, and they went POOF!
$25,000 bucks POOF!!! I would not even tell anyone for years about that. I was so ashamed of my
being taken. Live and Learn and that is something I never have and never will forget. Supposedly they
had the FBI trying to track them down....that is what E-Gold said, but I always doubted it.

Never risk more than you can afford to lose. If I lose it, I just chalk it up as my own bad decision and
my own stupidity for making that bad decision.

My Stats » Post #2

Tue Jan 10, 2012 20:44 in Your Stats

Congratulations on your decision to upgrade .... and gaining referrals! :P

Another payment from this great site... » Post #2

Tue Jan 10, 2012 15:06 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your payout! :P

What would you buy with a $50 Best Buy gift card? » Post #4

Tue Jan 10, 2012 07:27 in General Talk

If your keyboard is ten years old, you might want to go with a new keyboard.
You can always store the old one just in case you need it later.

You might also consider a good surge protector if you don't have one.

There are other things too such as tv stands/cabinets. It's been some years ago but best buy had a nice tv stand with a swivel top, cabinet doors below and shelf on clearance for $25 and it was a $200 stand. I bought it and it was an excellent buy. Therefore, you might want to check out their clearance items as you may come across some items reasonably priced that you can use.

My first payment » Post #2

Tue Jan 10, 2012 04:12 in Payment Proofs

Congrats! :P

My first payment » Post #2

Tue Jan 10, 2012 04:12 in Payment Proofs

Congrats! :P

my 4t payment » Post #2

Mon Jan 09, 2012 22:34 in Payment Proofs

Congrats! :P

My payment,thanks admin » Post #2

Mon Jan 09, 2012 22:33 in Payment Proofs

Congrats! :P

My payment,thanks admin » Post #2

Mon Jan 09, 2012 22:32 in Payment Proofs

Congrats! :P

1st Payment » Post #2

Mon Jan 09, 2012 22:31 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your first payout! :P

Bill W - Thank you for the cross, very pretty » Post #1

Mon Jan 09, 2012 21:32 in General Talk

Hello Bill

Stopped at the post office on the way to town today and received the cross you sent.
It is very pretty. I love the color pink too. :P

Presently, I have it hanging on the wall next to my desk. It's so very pretty and the
metallic pink stands out. I think I will leave it hanging where it is because I can see
it while I am at the computer...and I am almost always at the computer. :D

Again, thank you, I love it!

my second payment » Post #2

Mon Jan 09, 2012 17:28 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your payout! :P

58th payout » Post #4

Mon Jan 09, 2012 17:26 in Payment Proofs

Yes it was nice. My dentist has been costing me a small fortune lately, to say the least.
He charges $99.00 to pull a tooth. :roll:
I'm the one in pain, why doesn't he pay me??? :lol:
He's got my tooth and my $99.00 from my ClixSense check! Someone ought to call the cops! :mrgreen:

58th payout » Post #1

Mon Jan 09, 2012 17:07 in Payment Proofs

I did not scan the check but it is as follows:

06 Jan 2012 02:40 EST Withdrawal Cheque To: Valerie Underhill Complete $1.50 $258.9900

Received check today, Jan. 9th.

Thank you.

Are other PTC's becoming jealous of ClixSense. » Post #7

Mon Jan 09, 2012 16:37 in General Talk

I don't think you can compare programs very well, no matter how hard you try.

A lot of what a program is, is due to the owners. When you have owners that function in a positive and professional way, yet maintain a caring relationship with it's members and customers, that is always going to rank high on the totem pole.

Add to that, a support system second to none. They reply to support tickets quickly. They keep members updated, always. The forum is also a great addition for support and much better than most out there. For starters, there is good moderators (if I do say so myself) that answer posts as quickly as they can and try to help everyone here. Sure, we might gently slap your hand once in awhile but that is rare and nothing compared to the snotty cold posts at other forums. Some forums you are afraid to say 'boo' because they ban you or give you the permanent boot.

It doesn't matter what NeoBux does because it is obvious to most that spambots are not people that are going to be active. And buying and renting of referrals is way over priced and ridiculous anyway. Most that are making money in NeoBux are far from being in profit. Most of the big earners, would probably not dare tell you how many thousands of dollars they have spent and are spending.

I won't say NeoBux is awful. I said, I won't say NeoBux is awful. I will say, it is absolutely 100% different than a REAL PTC. They can call themselves what they want. They should be calling themselves AN AT RISK INVESTMENT PROGRAM. Because it is not a real ptc. It's all about getting the members over there to shell out as much money as they can get.

They better be paying someone because they might run out of spam bots at some stage...then again, maybe not since spam bots just recycle themselves with new email accounts and ips.

thank you :) » Post #2

Mon Jan 09, 2012 02:33 in Member Introduction

You're welcome. :P

An Obituary printed in the London Times » Post #7

Mon Jan 09, 2012 01:48 in General Talk

It really is true. Someone posted that on my Facebook, and I thought I would share it.

first payment » Post #2

Mon Jan 09, 2012 01:40 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your first payout! :P
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