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I have been SHOCKED today! » Post #6

Sun Jan 15, 2012 19:37 in General Talk

Yes you get paid again the next year when that member upgrades again.
Every time a member upgrades, you earn the upgrade commission.
If a member pays for two upgrades, you get the commissions twice.

And yes, that is another reason why there could be more commissions showing for less referrals.
Some may drop out and no longer display as active or become inactive but also as you said, some
upgrade every is yearly residuals on each member that upgrades again, year after year.

Not getting my referrals clicks! » Post #2

Sun Jan 15, 2012 19:28 in Your Stats

You don't have any referrals if it shows 0 referrals.

What I did to build an 8 level organization » Post #9

Sun Jan 15, 2012 14:12 in General Talk

Hahahahahahaaaa :lol:

EasyHits4U is a good traffic exchange. I prefer it over most.

You should be able to find me on google by typing in Valerie Underhill

What I did to build an 8 level organization » Post #7

Sun Jan 15, 2012 13:49 in General Talk

Which traffic exchange have you been using?

I have been SHOCKED today! » Post #3

Sun Jan 15, 2012 13:23 in General Talk


You forget, I've been here 5 years. Some members come and go.

Some may have upgraded one year and not the next. Some may have stopped working online.

The above image is an image of my present active referrals and the total amount I have earned over time.

For example, tomorrow I might have 409 active on my second level but my total earnings for that level, remain the same...unless someone else upgrades.

What I did to build an 8 level organization » Post #5

Sun Jan 15, 2012 13:11 in General Talk

Someone here posted asking me to explain what I do. I told that member it would be very long. :lol:

Text Ad Exchanges....up next.

Hi everyone! » Post #2

Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:27 in Member Introduction

Hello. Welcome aboard! :P

ClixGrid » Post #14

Sun Jan 15, 2012 12:06 in General Talk

Yep, that is something else, Kreacher. In regards to advertisers purchases. If there is only one advert on the clixgrid, then certainly could not get many prizes out of that. :mrgreen:

So it's got to also be based on the number of adverts/funds available from purchases divided and multiplied across the grid in regards to the percentage of prizes versus the funds received.

What I did to build an 8 level organization » Post #2

Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:39 in General Talk

Traffic Exchanges: Some say you can't get referrals with traffic exchanges. Well look, where can you get referrals without spending money? I am not going to guide you into something I have not done. I don't spend money out of pocket to promote ClixSense. You want to spend money, well no point in reading this because I am not guiding you to that. You can in fact gain referrals using a traffic exchange but you got to do something else first. You can't get around it or you're going to be wasting your time. If you go to a traffic exchange and log into it, place your ClixSense link, then surf some sites to gain credits, I can just about guarantee you, you will NOT get referrals from the traffic exchange...unless you are just very very very lucky. So let's do this the RIGHT WAY so you WILL gain referrals from the traffic exchange and so you won't waste your time.

We've got to first make some decisions. Which traffic exchange do we use? How many do we use? How are we going to get credits? Are we going to surf all day for credits? What page of ClixSense do we promote? Do we create a splash page first? Should we put a video on the splash page? What if we don't know how to create a splash page? Do we use a blog?

Go get a hat and a marker. Write 'COMMON SENSE' on it. Because that is the type of marketing I do. Common Sense Marketing. Don't ever throw your common sense out the window. Now let me ask you, which would you prefer when it comes to a traffic exchange:

- You surf one site and you get one credit? Or you surf five sites and you get one credit?
- You can add contacts of others you see in the TE? Or you cannot add contacts of others you see in the TE?
- You can create a splash page with it's splash page maker? Or, it does not have a splash page maker?
- You can geo target? Or, you cannot geo target?
- You can win credits? Or, you cannot win credits?
- You can earn money? Or, you cannot earn money?
- You can trade earnings, for credits? Or, you cannot trade earnings for credits?
- You can get credits for referring others? Or, you cannot get credits for referring others?

Since you may not want to join every traffic exchange online, then it might be good to choose wisely. Choose the
Traffic Exchange that is going to give you the most bang. If you find a traffic exchange that gives you a 1 to 1 surf ration, has a member to member contact system, includes a splash page maker, has a good geo target range, gives you a way to earn some cash, allows you to exchange the cash for credits, has contests in which you may be able to win credits, etc....and if it has been online a long time with a large membership base...then it is probably going to be more common sense to utilize it. Don't ya think?

Now let's go on to discuss why those features can be important and how to use them.

One thing I use to do that still nets me credits today, is join a good list of solid traffic exchanges. I'd have a list of about 20 or more. I'd then list those on a page (which can possibly be a page you make with a traffic exchange splash maker), I'd give a tad of info about each one. Then I'd promote that page in a few traffic exchanges. I almost always got sign ups. This in turn, gives me credits to those exchanges I promoted. If you create a good page listing the traffic exchanges, with your own domain name, it will go in the search engines. This may give you auto sign ups from time to time without your doing anything further to gain credits. And for years and years! That's also another reason why it's good to list solid traffic exchanges that will most probably be around for years.

Decide on the page you are going to promote in the traffic exchange. Enter it. You might choose to use the splash maker and point out the benefits of ClixSense. Be sure to point out the advertiser benefits because people using traffic exchanges, want advertising. OR you might want to choose a page at your ClixSense to advertise. You might want to advertise a different page like the payment proofs page of the forum. Target your web page to the correct medium. Save it. Set times and days that you can surf for credits. Maybe you only have 15 minutes a week to surf. That's ok, just do it. You might gain some earnings which you can trade for credits. You might even win a contest. IF you gain just ONE referral from a traffic exchange, that ONE referral might upgrade, sponsor others, and so on. You could have hundreds or even more than hundreds simply because YOU GAINED ONE referral.

Remember I said 'CONTACTS'. There is one traffic exchange that allows you to add member to member contacts. I never add them. THEY add me! All I do is kick back and let em go at it. They can add me day and night if they want. I simply click the notification to accept the contact. Now what? Well if you said most of them are going to promote the sun and stars to me, you are correct. That does not come to my email by the way, that goes into the contact message system within the traffic exchange. I'm going to watch that very very closely. Ok, I am opening a message, it says bla bla bla join me at bla bla bla....I don't reply, I go to the next message, bla bla bla join me at bla....I go to the next message, it says 'I saw you are promoting ClixSense and I have been seeing a lot of ads for it and looking for a sponsor... BINGO! I reply...thank you for taking interest, I'm the sponsor for you.... :mrgreen:

What I did to build an 8 level organization » Post #1

Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:45 in General Talk

This is going to be rather long. :mrgreen:

When the internet was young, it wasn't long and people began looking for ways to make money online.
Free to earn programs were extremely abundant. They became so abundant that a downline club launched
by the name of GhostSurfers. I always thought that was such a cool name. In fact, not many years ago
I looked up that domain name and it was for sale...but at a very expensive price. Anyway, at the start
GhostSurfers was pretty good. It focused on free to earn programs and listed some. It also had a nice
little chat area in which members could chat in real time (chat rooms were still rather unique in programs).
As time continued forward, GhostSurfers listed more and more free to earn programs. It truly became
impossible to join them all. In fact, members were spending more time just joining the programs than
they were using any of them. Furthermore, the majority of them were junk, short lived, did not pay
any where near enough to be worthy. There were some very good programs listed, altho few, they
were solid and did pay out some bit of worthiness. Still, I saw the mistakes the owner of GhostSurfer
made. It wasn't totally his fault. As stated, the internet was still young and free to earn programs were
just starting up and becoming abundant. Therefore, he had no way to know what would last and what
wouldn't and what would turn out to be great and worthy. Unfortunately, after some years of GS being
online, it was taken down. I guess the owner was shelling out more money on hosting then what he
was making, not to mention his time spent listing all those programs every day. It's kind of funny when
I look back because a LOT of big players came out of that one simple free downline builder. Some went
onward to launch their own programs, some became big newsletter publishers, big bloggers, big safe list
owners, and some has made not just thousands, but millions online. And it all started for them, at
GhostSurfers. Rather remarkable.

In or around 2004, I had purchased a lot of domain names. One of them I decided to use for a program
I intended to launch. In fact, I set up the hosting for it, created the index page, and put 'coming soon'
on it. My intentions were to create a hub for people that wanted to buy and sell ebooks and downloadable
digital products. I was busy with other things at the time, so that was as far as that got. I kept trying
to get back to it, looked around at some scripts, nothing suited what I wanted. One day, as I had joined
a program that was free and in prelaunch, I kept thinking about how the free to earn had really gotten
so much better than in the old days. Well, that free to earn program that was in prelaunch, had over
a million members in no time flat. Unfortunately, after months of waiting on it to launch, the owners
came onboard to tell us they were closing, their programmers could not do what needed to be done
and they were out of money.

I could see what was around the corner. It was very plain for me to see it. More department stores
online. Cash back shopping. More free to earn programs in which members really could make some
payouts every month. Advertising becoming more and more abundant. I said to self, why not change
my plans for that digital products site I had in mind, to a downline club. Not just any downline club.
A downline club for people that wanted to make extra money without shelling out money. And how
about not making the mistakes GhostSurfers made. What could I do to avoid his mistakes? I would
do my research. I would not list thousands nor hundreds of free to earn programs, I would list only
the best, only the ones that has a longevity factor, only the ones that are legit, only the ones that
really pay out. I'd do my best to keep it at no more than 30 programs. If a person could make just
$10 per month in each of 30 programs, that would net them a free income of $300 per month.
Could I do that? Could I really help people that are down on their luck, make at least $300 per month?
I wouldn't know unless I tried.

In early March of 2007 I launched my downline club. Now the funny thing about how things work
out some times, is of course, before I launched it, I was researching to grab the best free to earn
programs. It was in Feb. of 2007 that I joined ClixSense...just weeks before I launched my downline
club. When I saw ClixSense, I did my research on it just like I had with the other free to earn programs
I was listing in my club. I knew who owned it and I was some what familiar with the owner and what
he had done before. The PTC industry was virtually unheard of. Sure, there was another program that
was a PTC before ClixSense came along but it was far from popular at the time. I also knew how popular
StormPay's little advert clicks were. It did not take me long to realize that ClixSense had the longevity
factor and might, just might, become a very good way for people to make free money online. :mrgreen:
Timing was mighty good you could say. ClixSense had just came launched and my downline club had
just launched a few weeks, or less, later. Couldn't have been better timing if I had planned it.

Did my downline club, give me an edge on building my 8 level organization?


I'm not going to go into great detail about my club. I want to just say that, the way my club works,
is the member must work. I did not place my ClixSense link in it and say ok everyone join from my
link because it does not work that way. I had to work my club just like I would promote any thing
else with an affiliate link. So NO, I did not sign up thousands of people to ClixSense just because I
owned a club. But it did give me an edge to get some sign ups in there right away. It also gave me
an edge in building further down some levels. Remember, back 5 years ago, it was not 8 levels. I
did not go out of my way to promote ClixSense. I was promoting my club. Which in turn, helped
me to gain sign ups to ClixSense. Over the years, it also gave some that was in my club, that edge
as well. Some are still very active today in ClixSense that joined 5 years ago thru my club. Many
are not. Some are no longer on this earth. Some went on to do something else. Peoples lives change.

Altho I have done a lot of things over the years besides ClixSense, I stayed here and my club still
exists today. ClixSense and I are almost like siblings. We grew up together. :lol:

I really did not start going out of my way to promote ClixSense other than thru my club and listing
it on a few of my sites. That was about it. Over time tho, I would promote ClixSense as a stand
alone and I mean by that, promoting it in a traffic exchange or something similar. When I would
see my direct referrals some what dwindling, I'd go out there and promote it for awhile and bring
in some more directs. That's pretty much the way I have always done it.

Now I am going to give you some more detailed hints about how to gain referrals to your ClixSense.

Greetings! » Post #4

Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:20 in Member Introduction

'BestPayingSite' I must say that is a very poor way to welcome aboard a member.

I sure wouldn't talk if I had a crazy looking creature that looks like it is jumping over a pile of dodo. :mrgreen:

My First Payment » Post #11

Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:15 in Payment Proofs

Congrats on your payments! :P

Did anyone saw that!! » Post #6

Sun Jan 15, 2012 08:44 in General Talk

She suffered from cardiac arrest after an epileptic seizure which damaged her brain on December 22, 2011 and was admitted to Lahore's Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in critical condition.

Did anyone saw that!! » Post #5

Sun Jan 15, 2012 08:37 in General Talk

What happen to her to cause her to go into a coma?

ClixGrid » Post #9

Sun Jan 15, 2012 08:07 in General Talk

Ya can't have a sequential rotator in a game. Otherwise everyone would know when the winning ticket would come up. :mrgreen:

Did anyone saw that!! » Post #3

Sun Jan 15, 2012 08:02 in General Talk

How very sad. It's always sad when a child passes away, no matter how intelligent they are.

Premium Membership? See Proof Here » Post #12

Sun Jan 15, 2012 07:57 in Success Stories

It is not impossible to do that now.

Not sure why a few of you seem to think that nothing works and/or it's impossible.

Why would it be impossible?

Ammadd, you've only been a member since July. Not sure why you would spend a thousand dollars to promote.

Just being truthful, I would not spend a dime to promote ClixSense. Oh sure, if I was making $10,000 or more
per year in ClixSense, I might do some paid advertising to it from time to time. Otherwise, I can't see any point
in paying to advertise ClixSense. There is wayyyy too many resources one can use out there to promote. There
are loads of free programs in which you can transfer points and/or earnings to advertising, without spending any
money out of pocket.

I don't know what you mean about a secret and legendary referrals. :lol:
There are some good promotors in my downline and hard workers. No doubt about that.

Premium Membership? See Proof Here » Post #9

Sun Jan 15, 2012 01:22 in Success Stories

Eh, this might be interesting. Take note, I am rounding it by adding dollars, not cents.

Withdrawls made per year (not counting funds transferred for advertising)

2007 - $500 ----- here it looks like i transferred some earnings to adverts but not much
2008 - $540 ----- here it looks like i transferred about $100 or so....which would really have made that $640
2009 - $540 ----- about $75 transferred here so this would have been more like $600
2010 - $725 ------ about $120 here so that would really be more like $850
2011 - $1,370 ---- not much here, about $20 which would be more like $1,390

Premium Membership? See Proof Here » Post #8

Sun Jan 15, 2012 01:14 in Success Stories

Yes I could. It would be very long. :D

Premium Membership? See Proof Here » Post #6

Sun Jan 15, 2012 01:00 in Success Stories

Maybe I should show you some of 5 years ago, 4 years ago, 3 years ago, 2 years ago, 1 year ago. :lol:

Allow me to address your posts but first understand, I am truly not showing off. I am proud of my earnings
but my intent is truly to help members realize what can happen when they take action. In so relaying that
info, it should help you.

Ammadd - I don't know how you come to the conclusion that all my earnings are from one legendary referral. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since being a member, I have personally sponsored over 1,000 members. I did not purchase sign ups. I did not trade for sign ups. I did not pay to promote to get sign ups. Just the other day, I transferred some earnings I made in a program, and gained a few referrals. Out of those few referrals, one upgraded. From that one that upgraded, he/she has sponsored at least 28 members which of course went on my second level. That is the point I am trying to get across to you. Sure, you can click ads as a free member and you can make some extra money. However, if you upgrade, place forth focus and effort, stop worrying about who is inactive and what others are not doing, you will go much further. I won't kid you at all. There are members that become inactive. There are members that never even do that first click. There are members that sponsor others and then that sponsor drops out. Who knows why people don't stay active or give it a go. I don't know and I don't concern myself with it. The above image is for 7 days only. From day one that I joined ClixSense, I've made a very decent profit. Anyone can easily see my earnings, I don't hide it. And the total earnings was not made in 7 days. It's certainly not get rich money but it is a good sum on a small outlay. Some times I get direct sign ups, some times some on my second level get direct sign ups, some times those on my third level get direct sign ups, and so on down 8 levels. Some people work at it, some people don't. Can't say I have any 'legendary' people in my organization but there is in fact members that do work it...just like I work it. Stop buying junk sign ups. Stop making ref trades.

vilasbonde - You are right. It is my hard work. If I had not upgraded, If I had not promoted, I would not have an 8 level organization. Well, you only upgraded 2 days ago. But what I strongly suggest is to get out there and promote. There is so many ways and so many places that you will never run out of places to put your ad or spread the word. Link everything up as much as you can to each other. If you were to go to google and type in Valerie Underhill you will find me.

rlutia66 - You think it's a special time for me because there are some members upgrading before the slight increase takes place. Well, maybe it was a decent week because of that, I don't know. But last week was a decent week and the week before that was decent and the week before that and so's been decent for 5 years. Some weeks are better than others. Some months are better than others. I might just have to do a year search to see what I made 5 years ago, 4 years ago, etc. Of course, one would think that their earnings would increase over time. Well, I guess I could create low expectations. I think anyone with any common sense would know that you can upgrade and do nothing which will net you nothing. Upgrading is not going to automatically make you money. However, by upgrading and placing forth effort to sponsor others, you can start building an organization which of course, is going to net you greater earnings.

I know there must be others in ClixSense that have made and are making, much more than I am. I've been here 5 years. $4,000 over the course of 5 years. That is far from a lot of money to me. The flip side is, it's might high profits for such a small outlay. There's been times I have been busy else where and offline too. I have not been here 24/7 for 5 years. Not like you got to wear yourself thin promoting. Just do what you can as your time allows.
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