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Hello » Post #1

Sat Feb 18, 2012 00:27 in Filipino

Hello. :P

سلام. خوش امدید! » Post #7

Sat Feb 18, 2012 00:25 in Urdu

سلام. خوش امدید!

No, I not know Urdu. Wish I need. Looks interesting. Just dropping in to say hello. :P

विवाद है । स्वागत योग्य है! » Post #7

Sat Feb 18, 2012 00:23 in Hindi

How you write like that?

Do they teach you to draw straight line first and then each little character on each line makes a word?

Anyway.... Hello! :P

Olá. Sejam bem-vindos! » Post #7

Sat Feb 18, 2012 00:20 in Portuguese

I don't understand a word of it. :mrgreen:

Just thought I'd drop by again and say 'Olá. Sejam bem-vindos!' :P

Hola. Bienvenido! » Post #9

Sat Feb 18, 2012 00:18 in Charla General

Hola. :P

Salve. Benvenuto! » Post #8

Sat Feb 18, 2012 00:16 in Italian

:lol: I don't know what you are saying. :mrgreen:

Wish I knew all languages. :kitty:

Bonjour. Bienvenue! » Post #13

Sat Feb 18, 2012 00:13 in French

Bonjour Bonjour :P

That's all the French I know. I'd like to visit France. :thumbup:

Walk Along - 10. - Creating Splash Page » Post #1

Fri Feb 17, 2012 23:39 in General Talk

Now that we have our free website, it's time to make a splash page. On our splash page, we are going to include a link to our free website. The more links you can have to your website, the better. Therefore, if you have other web pages, put your free website link on them.

There are services that give a free splash page maker. I'm going to use EasyHits4U dot com splash page maker. Ok let's go over there and log in...

1. After logging in, on the upper left navigation column, you will see 'Easy Splash Builder', click it.

2. As a free member, you can have up to 3 splash pages. So if you want to create up to 3, you can. We're just going to do the 1 here in our walk along. Scroll down the page and click the button 'Add new splash'. Now enter a title for your can be most anything you want. Uncheck those box's...unless you plan to add a custom header, etc.....I uncheck those box's.

3. Now we're at the 'Content Box'. Mouse over all those little symbols at the content box to see what they are. To begin making your splash page, you can type inside the content box. You can mouse over and click symbols to arrange your text, colors, sizing, etc.

4. I don't use splash pages often and I don't use these little splash page makers..they actually drive me nuts. :lol: So what I do is TYPE up my content first. That is what I suggest you do. Instead of sitting there playing with it for hours, go to word or notepad or whatever type of editing software you use, and type what you want your page to say. After you type it, you can simply copy/paste it into the splash builder content box. After it's in the box, you can then play with it, change the background color, font color, add banner/image, your ref links, etc.

I'll be back a bit later and type in some content here, in case you are needing some help with what to type.

What I'll do is create a splash page from scratch, I'm going to try and place meta tags in it. I'll do this on my own
server. Then I'll take the code and put it in the splash page maker and see how it turns out. If it turns out fine,
I'll place the code here, all you'll need to do is copy/paste the code into the splash page maker. If we can get the
meta tags in there, that will be better for you because you can link it to your weebly site.

Walk Along - 9. - Meta Tags and Review » Post #1

Fri Feb 17, 2012 23:12 in General Talk

Now that you have at least a 4 page website, it's time to enter meta tags for each page. And the great thing about this is, weebly does allow us to do just that.

1. Log into your weebly to edit. Make sure your 'Home' page is displaying. Go up to the top navigation and click 'Settings'. At the near bottom of the settings, click on the word 'seo'. Type in a site description and this is mine:
______ relays the best program to make free money online. Whereas ____ that is the title of my website.

2. While still on the 'seo' type in keywords....this is mine:
______,make free money,best program,clixsense,advertising,make money
Put about ten keywords in there. Ignore the rest for now and click to save the settings.

3. Do the same with each of your pages. Your keywords will be some what different from page to page.
As it says KEY WORDS. The main words that stand out on your page that people will search for.

Now it's time to review your free website. Go directly to it and start at the home page. Is there anything you want to add or change? Maybe you want to try a different design? You can click on a different design, click publish, and see what the design looks like. You can always go back to the previous design. Review each page of your website. Click all links on all they open in a new window? Make sure they do. Review all images and banners. Make sure everything works properly. Check for typos. Test your contact form if you have not. Add more content to pages as your time allows. Review your meta tags again. Did you place a ref url behind words that needed?.... message board should have your forum ref link, payment proofs (of other members) should have your payment proofs forum link....advertising should have your advertising ref link.....make sure they are all there and correct.

Make your site, yours and no one else's. Add more content to all pages in your own words. Navigate inside weebly and see what else you might want to add...they do give some more free tools.

It's time to connect it with a splash page....let's go to Walk Along 10.

Walk Along - 8. - Add Pg 3 and Pg 4 » Post #1

Fri Feb 17, 2012 19:24 in General Talk

We need to add at least one more page to our weebly website. Return here a bit later for that walk along.

1. In the mean time while I'm gone, you can go ahead and set up a third page. Just go to 'Basics' then to 'Elements' then to 'Pages' and add a page, name it 'Advertising' or something else if you wish. Be sure to click the orange SAVE button to save it.

2. Then change your editing page to the new 'Advertise' page you created. Drag a Title icon to the start of the page and type in something like:
Free and Paid Advertising

3. By now, you should have the hand of weebly and dragging icons to create your pages. For now, I've kept this third page rather simple. This is what my third page says:

Free and Paid Advertising
With over 1.8 million members and over 30 million ad views per month, ClixSense offers outstanding affordable rates. Several advertising options are available to you and geo-targeting too. Even as a free standard member, you can apply earnings to advertising. Whether you are seeking a large targeted campaign or a small targeted campaign, you can't beat their advertising solutions.
Paid To Click Advertising
Many advertising options starting for as little as $2.40. Demographics filter and detailed statistics available, ads visible to non-members for free, strong anti cheat protection, only one click per member is paid and much more.
ClixGrid Game
Advertise on the ClixGrid Game for 30 days for just $17.00. Your site will receive thousands of views, averaging 15,000+ total views, that's less than $0.00113 per view! Great way to increase traffic to your site at a very low cost.
Read more about advertising by visiting the advertising information page at ClixSense.

Don't forget to edit those words to your ref link....such as the first paragraph place your CS ref url behind the word ClixSense. The last paragraph place your CS advertising ref link behind the word ClixSense.

Let's move onward to our 4th page:

1. Go to 'Basics' go to 'Elements' click on 'Pages', click on 'Add Page', type in 'Proof' or whatever you want and be sure to click the orange SAVE SETTINGS button.

2. Now that you have your 4th page, you can drag a title icon and type in something like: Payment Proof

3. You can then drag a paragraph icon under your title and type a couple of lines or so...this is what mine says:
Payment Proof
I've been a member of ClixSense for over 5 years. Although I am a member of many free to earn programs, I can tell you without a doubt, this one will make you the most long term money/profits. Don't be fooled by junk programs, scams, unsecured sites, difficult programs, and programs that never pay out. You can get loads of help from me, from their support, and even from thousands of members at their message board. You can view my payment proof below and to view thousands of others payment proofs, just visit the payment proofs section of their community message board.

4. You may also want to state ClixSense payout and payment options on your 'Proof' page.

5. Whether you have cashed out only once or twice, post that payment proof on your 'Proof' page. REMEMBER if you are saving payment proofs for images from your payment processor account, be sure to ALWAYS edit out the transaction/reference number and ALWAYS edit out your email address.

6. Finally, below your payment proofs on your Proof page, insert a CS banner with your ref url. ALWAYS make sure you check the box for the link to open in a new window.

Actually, it's a whole lot faster creating your website at weebly than my walking you through it. By now however, you should have the jest of how to create and edit your pages. It looks like you may be able to add more pages if you want to.
You can now go back to any of your pages, edit them, add more content, add more links, add images, etc etc etc.

But now we're going to move onward to enter our meta tags for each let's go to Walk Along 9.

Walk Along - 7. - Dress it Up/Add Pages » Post #3

Fri Feb 17, 2012 19:10 in General Talk

When you paste the above html in to your second weebly page, it's going to display very nicely, in columns, just
like the standard vs premium membership info in your ClixSense site does.

8. Go to Elements and grab the 4th icon and drag to start a new paragraph under that last bit of info we put in. Copy/Paste the following or in your own words:
Keep in mind, STANDARD membership is 100% FREE! It usually does not take long after enrolling that members realize the strong benefits of becoming a PREMIUM member. If unsure, sign up as a free standard member. After enrolling and seeing how it all works, you can upgrade to premium any time...and even use your earnings to upgrade! Click on the image below to get started making money NOW:
Highlite that and go up to the top and click the B to BOLD it.
Then click PUBISH to save!

9. Let's go grab a CS banner and our ref link to put behind it. Once you get it, go to Elements again, click on the third icon to add a picture and drag it to the near bottom of your second page.....load in your banner just like you did before and enter your ref url and don't forget to check the box to open in a new window. Click publish and save!

Congrats! You now have TWO web pages completed and all for FREE!

Go to Walk Along 8.

Walk Along - 7. - Dress it Up/Add Pages » Post #2

Fri Feb 17, 2012 17:53 in General Talk

4. Now that we are on our second page and have our title entered, it gets a bit easier but a bit trickier.
Go to Basics, go to Elements, and make sure you are displaying the second page in your editing. Drag the paragraph icon to start the first paragraph under the title. You're going to copy/paste in this snippet from your ClixSense account:

There are many benefits that go along with being a PREMIUM member, like:

Referral signup commissions
Higher direct referral click commissions
More chances to win in ClixGrid
More ads available
8-Tier Affiliate Program *

Click PUBLISH to save.....

5. Now go grab your 'ClixGrid' link. Just go inside your CS account, click on ClixGrid and look up and click the chain link to grab your ClixGrid ref link. Take it back to your editing page, mouse over the word 'ClixGrid' hit that chain link in the editing, paste in your ClixGrid ref link and make sure you check the box to open in a new window. Click PUBLISH to save. Do the same for 'Affiliate Program', grab your affiliate program ref link and put it there by highliting 'Affiliate Program'.

6. Go back to Elements and drag the TITLE icon to your second page under what you just did. You might state something like this:
Standard vs Premium Membership
Click PUBLISH to save!

7. Ok here comes the tricky part....let me see if this forum will display ..... well, let me see....

</span><td valign=top style="width:300px;padding-left:30px;"><div class=b1 style="padding:15px;margin:0px 2px 2px 2px;font-family:'Trebuchet MS',Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif"><span id=wtl></span><span id=wt></span><span id=wtr></span><span id=wl></span><span id=wr></span><span id=wbl></span><span id=wb></span><span id=wbr></span><div style="font-size:14px;margin-bottom:5px"><strong style="color:green">PREMIUM</strong> upgrade costs only <strong>$17.00</strong> USD, a fraction of what other PTC websites are asking, and is valid for 1 year.</div><div style=text-align:center;display:none;padding-top:7px id=buywait><img src="" /></div></div></table><table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 class=list_table style="font-size:13px;width:100%;margin:5px 0px 14px 0px;border:none"><tr id=r1><td style="font-size:14px;font-weight:bold">Upgrade Benefits<td style="font-size:14px;font-weight:bold;color:brown;text-align:center">STANDARD<td style="font-size:14px;font-weight:bold;color:green;text-align:center">PREMIUM<tr id=sep><td colspan=3><tr id=r2><td>Guaranteed Ads Daily<td align=center>1<td align=center>4<tr id=sep><td colspan=3><tr id=r2><td>Welcome Ads<td align=center>none<td align=center>100<tr id=r2><td colspan=3 style=padding-top:0px;font-size:11px;color:#555><strong>Note:</strong> Welcome Ads are given <u>only once</u> when you upgrade, and will be available to click until you view them all. These ads are NOT given daily like the guaranteed ads, only once!<tr id=sep><td colspan=3><tr id=r1><td>ClixGrid Chances<td align=center>25<td align=center>50<tr id=sep><td colspan=3><tr id=r1><td>Minimum Cashout<td align=center>$8.00<td align=center>$6.00<tr id=sep><td colspan=3><tr id=r2><td>ClixGrid Timer<td align=center>10 sec<td align=center>5 sec<tr id=sep><td colspan=3><tr id=r1><td>Pay per Click<td align=center>$0.001 to $0.02<td align=center>$0.001 to $0.02<tr id=sep><td colspan=3><tr id=r2><td>Pay per Referral Click<td align=center>$0.0002 to $0.004<td align=center>$0.0004 to $0.008<tr id=sep><td colspan=3><tr id=r1><td>Signup Commissions<td align=center>none<td align=center>$0.50 after referral earns $1.00 on PTC clicks<tr id=sep><td colspan=3><tr id=r2><td>Upgrade Commissions <strong>*</strong><td align=center>$2.00 per upgraded direct referral<td align=center>$2.00 per upgraded direct referral +<br />$1.00 per upgrade through 7 more tiers<tr id=sep><td colspan=3><tr id=r1><td>Sales Commissions<div style=font-size:11px>(Ad Credits and ClixGrid Purchases)</div><td align=center>10% up to $1.00 per purchase<div style="font-size:11px">limited at $50 per referral</div><td align=center>10% up to $2.00 per purchase<div style="font-size:11px">limited at $100 per referral</div><tr id=sep><td colspan=3><tr id=r2><td>Tasks Commissions<td align=center>5% per completed task<td align=center>10% per completed task<tr id=sep><td colspan=3><tr id=r1><td>Membership Cost<td align=center><strong>FREE</strong><td align=center><strong>$17.00 per Year</strong><tr id=sep><td colspan=3></table><div style="font-size:13px;font-family:'Trebuchet MS',Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif"><strong>*</strong> <strong style="color:green">PREMIUM</strong> members will get paid through 8-Tiers for referrals who also upgrade their accounts as opposed to only 1-Tier for <strong style="color:brown">STANDARD</strong> accounts</div>

Ok this forum took now then....go to Elements, and choose the Paragraph icon...drag it to under the last title you just placed in....then go to the 9th icon 'CUSTON HTML' and drag it down for your next paragraph copy the HTML that I just pasted above for you, and paste it in....Click PUBLISH to Save!

ONLY copy the html from above!!! This is very important because I have already edited the html for you.

Walk Along - 7. - Dress it Up/Add Pages » Post #1

Fri Feb 17, 2012 16:43 in General Talk

Ok we're still at weebly and we're going to be there for awhile because this is one of the most important websites you can have....your content website is going to work for you 24/7 and it's always going to be there. You're going to link everything up to it in order to get it every where in those search engines.

But now, we have to stop for a bit and dress up what we have so far.

1. Log into your weebly, go to 'Basics' go to 'Elements' and if you made these on your page like I did * or you entered some sort of bullets, color them. Mouse over them to highlite. Then you'll see the bar atop and choose the big A which is the color the big A and choose the color you want for those bullets *. Do that for all of them. Be sure to click PUBLISH to save.

2. You did do the earlier walk alongs, didn't you? Well I hope so. Because if you did, you already have your image ready and you understand how important recognition is. Now let me see....where is the best place on our web site to place our picture....Ok the best place I could find for my picture is the top left of the body page. After entering my picture there, I decided to move my first paragraph up beside my picture. It looks really good so to do this....Go to 'Basics' and go to 'Elements' and choose the second icon 'Paragraph with Picture' and drag it to the left side above your first paragraph. Click it and upload your picture from your computer. PUBLISH to save. Next, copy your first paragraph and paste it beside your PUBLISH to save...and finally, highlite that second paragraph since you now have it on their twice, and delete it...publish to save.

3. Ahhhh very cool....I just tested the contact form and it works great...came in immediately! So cool! Go to 'Basics' go to 'Elements' and choose the 7th icon 'Contact Form' and drag the contact form to the bottom of your body page, left side. Don't do anything can place something like this above the form like I did 'Contact Me Any Time....just drag it down there and click PUBLISH to save. Now TEST IT. Go to your site and add your name in the first and last field, your email address, type 'i am testing' in the comment field and then click should receive it almost immediately. It will say: New Form Entry: Contact Form and it will contain your email and everything you submitted. So this is a very nice feature in which visitors can contact you without seeing your email address. Cool!

Ok that's it for our home page for now. We don't want to over do it but we will most likely come back to it later to add a little more content. What we have is our picture, some info about our website, some info about how to earn money with CS, two ref links that go directly to our CS main page, one ref link that goes to our advertise ref page, some advertising info, a banner with our ref link, and an email/comment submittal form.

Now lets think about what else we want them to know for our other pages. Let me think on that....

-maybe a page about the CS forum
-maybe a page explaining more about how to earn with images
-maybe a page explaining more about advertising with images
-maybe a page explaining tasks
-maybe a page explaining ad views
Let me go see how many pages we get....Ok, I don't know how many we get but we'll make two or three more.

1. SAVE your page. It's best to always save your work to a doc. If you use a MAC you probably have 'Pages' and you can open a blank page, go to your weebly site, highlite your entire home page, and paste it into a blank page. Save it by naming it something like 'CSweeblyhome'. If you use a pc, you probably have something like 'Word' or 'Notepad' the same, go to your site, highlite the entire site, and paste to your word doc and name it. If you use an html publisher, you could paste it into it and save. sure and SAVE IT to your puter. If you have hosting, you might want to create a file, and save it to the file. The REASON you want to save it is several.....IF you decide to create a site else where or you decide you need some ads, or whatever, you'll have this info to go by...and it will save you TIME. Most importantly, you are creating a FREE website and should something happen, weebly walks, there goes your site....POOF! I don't think that is going to happen because weebly has been online for years and they are making a lot of money, so I don't see them going any where. Just for the record, they make money more ways than one....for example, if members upgrade to the paid service, they make money...if members put adsense ads on their site, weebly takes 50% of the commish! Those folks are making bookoo bucks. Still, ALWAYS save your work. You can even PRINT out the page and that's not a bad idea either.

Ok I don't like two name web pages and stick to one name so that makes it a bit more difficult to think on but it's better
and looks better. I'm going to call my second page Money. You could call it Earning or whatever you want. But this second page is going to explain in a bit more detail how to make money at ClixSense.

1. Go to 'Basics' go to 'Elements' go up to top navigation and choose 'Pages', click from the left navigation 'Add Page'. Type in the box the name of the page and I have typed in 'Money' and click the orange SAVE SETTINGS. You may not see the page name immediately on your website but it will show up in a bit.

2. Now go to 'Basics' go to 'Elements'. On your page editing you will see the name of your pages 'Home' 'Money' or whatever you named from inside your editing on that second page 'Money' and now you can begin to place content on it.

3. Go to 'Elements' and choose the 4th icon 'Title' and drag it to the left side top body of your second page (remember, we are no longer on the home page, we're creating our second page). I typed for the title:
Making Free Money

Ok we got our title and now it's time for supper break. :lol: Be back later...

Walk Along - 6. - Content Web Page » Post #2

Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:37 in General Talk

Ok let's get started. Keep in mind, I will have to break as my time allows. Just return here any time to check for more steps to get our free website created. Ignore blog and all that for now. Ready....let's go...

1. log into your weebly
2. You'll see a small navigation column on the left. Click 'BASIC' from the top left column.
3. From the top menu above the icons, click 'DESIGN' and choose a design for your website...try and choose a simple design, one that is free from images in the middle of the page. You want as much open space as possible on the page design you choose. Remember, you can always go back and edit at any time.
4. After you have chosen the design you want, look to the upper right and click 'PUBLISH' and publish your website...ignore the 'register' slots you see on the publish page. When you click 'PUBLISH' that will save it. You can open a new window/tab and enter your weebly website address to see how others will see it, as you move along adding content. Remember, you can change the design any time.
5. Click from the top navigation menu 'PAGES'. Ignore the box's on the 'PAGES' page and type in 'Home'. Click 'PUBLISH' from the upper right to save. Remember, always click PUBLISH to save your work....very important.
6. From the upper navigation menu, click 'SETTINGS'. You'll see your free website address. You'll then see 'Site Title'...type in a title for your website and place a check mark in the box below it to show site title at the top of all your pages. (site title may be something like ... 'Best Advertising' or 'Free Money' or all caps 'EARNING WITH CLIXSENSE' or any title you want). Be sure to click the SAVE in that box. We'll be returning to the 'SETTINGS' later to enter meta tags so ignore anything else there for now.

Already, in these simple steps, you've got a website! :P
Let's take a lunch break and come back in a bit and move forward adding content to our first web page.
Ok, lunch break over. :D Time to start our first let's talk about that first....

Your first paragraph should state what your entire website is about. Is it about making money? Is it about advertising? Is it about both? Whatever it's about, you need to summarize it into that very first paragraph. A bit hint for you too, is to put a link in that first paragraph. I don't know how much space weebly is going to give us on that first page so we'll just have to take it from the start and see how far we can go. You can copy what I type here but I also advise if you are going to type what I have here, to at least change some words around, sentences around, try to type in YOUR own words, not mine exactly. Your page will do much better in regards to the search engines if you don't type in an exact copy.

Ok, let's go back into weebly.....

First Paragraph:

1. Click 'BASIC' from the left 'Elements' from the top menu.
2. Click on the 5th icon at the top 'Paragraph'....drag with your mouse, the paragraph to the left upper body of your page.
3. Click in the body of your page the 'click here to edit' and this is where you will either type in your first paragraph or paste in the content for your first paragraph.
4. First paragraph content: (when you click on 'click here to edit' a little menu of symbols will'll see the B for BOLDing a word, a chain link for adding your link, etc. To bold words, highlite the word with your mouse, then click on the B. To enter your link such as ref link, mouse over the word and click the little chain link image...when it opens, paste in your ref link and ALWAYS check the box to OPEN IN NEW WINDOW.

The solution to making the best free money online is always about choosing the legitimate, ethical, stable, longevity programs. Anything less, sets you up for failure. (PUT YOUR SITE TITLE HERE AND CLICK THE B TO BOLD IT) explains one simple free opportunity that can net you money and results in more ways than one. When searching for ways to make free money online, this is the best, bar none. When searching for advertising online, this is the best period, and I'll explain how to get it free also. After all, making free money online and getting quality advertising, goes hand in hand. Discovering how you can locate the best free money opportunity, is not always easy when you go it alone. Fortunately for you, (PUT YOUR SITE TITLE HERE AND CLICK THE B TO BOLD IT) is here to relay all the information you need to get started making long term free money online. That's money you can count on, bank on, spend on whatever you want. I'm sure if you are already a ClixSense (highlite the word ClixSense, click on chain link, enter your ClixSense ref url) member, you are in the know. If you're not already a ClixSense (highlite the word ClixSense, click on chain link, enter your ClixSense ref url) member and want to sign up right now, before reading further, you're welcome to do so by clicking the program name in this paragraph. You may want to continue reading through this website to know how it all works, how much money you can make, how you can get free advertising, how you can build an organization into the thousands, how you can utilize tools to make more free money, how you can win cash prizes, how you can get paid for completing simple tasks, how you can earn for viewing websites, and all in just seconds a day. (CLICK PUBLISH to SAVE)
(end of first paragraph)

You may think it's time to go on to the second paragraph, but not quite yet. Let's analyze our first paragraph. Whether you copied the above or wrote your own, it's always a good idea to read it over, make sure there is no typos, bold words correctly, make sure all links open in a new window and go to your site correctly. Finally, we want to grab our keywords from that first paragraph:

-Your website title is a keyword
-free money
-free money online
-long term free money
-free advertising
-cash prizes
-simple tasks
-viewing websites

So there is a few keywords in that first paragraph. Also notice, you have two links in your first paragraph...both of those going to your main CS website.

Now we want to start giving a break down of how they can earn and advertise at ClixSense. We won't go into a lot of detail because a lot of our detail is going to go on our next pages too.

Second Paragraph:

1. Go to 'Basics' go to 'Elements' go to the first icon 'Paragraph with Title'.
2. For the second paragraph we are using a Title. Type into the Title field something like:
How To Earn Free Money
3......paste in, change around to your own words....

*Earn money as a standard (free) member: You'll earn money for viewing advertiser's websites, completing tasks, winning in the clixgrid (daily cash prizes), referring advertisers that make ad purchases, and more ways to earn too. For every member you sponsor, you'll earn 5% on their completed tasks. Plus, you're always guaranteed ads to view daily.

*Earn more money as a premium (upgraded) member: Only $17 per year. You can even use the free money you earn as a standard member to upgrade to premium. You'll not only make twice as much on your referrals website views as standard members, you have the opportunity to earn 8 uni-level's down. This means, you have unlimited earning potential. For every member you sponsor that upgrades to premium, you'll receive a $2 commission. Not only that, you'll also receive $1 for every member that upgrades to premium through the entire 8 levels. Even on the members that don't upgrade, you'll receive $0.50 sign up commission as soon as they complete viewing 100 websites...and this is in addition to the referral clicks commissions you'll be making. For each member that completes tasks, you'll earn 10%. You're always guaranteed ads to view daily. In addition, you have twice as many chances to win in the glixgrid every day. You can earn free money, every day!

DON'T forget to click PUBLISH to save!

4. Go to 'Basic', 'Elements' and choose the third icon 'Picture' and drag it to the center of the page below the last paragraph. Then go to your ClixSense member area, grab a banner image.....just the image link and put in the image make take some minutes for the image to actually display.....then you can add your home page ClixSense ref link behind the banner. Be sure to make the banner click to a new window and click PUBLISH to save!

How does your page look so far? Make sure your links and the banner link, open in a new window and that your ClixSense main referral page opens correctly.

5. Next paragraph below the banner. Go to 'Basic', 'Elements' and choose the first icon 'Paragraph with Title' and drag it to the left side of your page below the banner. Click to edit the Title and type in something like:
How To Advertise For Free

6. Now click inside the page below that title to begin editing the next paragraph. Type in something like this:
*Advertising is easy at ClixSense: Purchasing advertising is of course always an option and for not much more than $2 you can get geo-targeted advertising. As an advertiser you can choose from many options such as micro, mini, standard, extended ad purchases. You may also choose the country location and if you want to target your ad to standard, premium, or both member types. Another advertising option is the clixgrid. For only $17, your web page will be displayed in the clixgrid for an entire month! It's a great way to get traffic to your website. With over a million members, the advertising does not get any better than this! YES, you can also advertise for FREE too. As a member, you can accumulate earnings and apply your earnings to advertising, thereby, never spending a cent out of pocket.
Be sure to click PUBLISH to save.
Now then, after you have that saved....

7. Go into your ClixSense and click on 'Advertise'. See the chain link on the ClixSense advertise page at the top, click it, grab your advertise page referral url (u can leave the slot above it empty, just grab that url). In your last paragraph if you stated the word 'ClixSense'....mouse over it and click the chain link to add your advertise ref url behind it....make sure you check the box to open in a new window. Click publish to save!

Congrats! You've just made a nice website! But we're not finished yet. :lol: Oh and if you're not doing the walk alongs, your really going to miss out! Go to walk along 7.

Shared card for PREMIUM upgrade » Post #13

Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:17 in General Talk

Yes your sponsor will get the upgrade commission.

Top Sponsors From Bangladesh! » Post #2

Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:42 in Success Stories

There ya go!

Congratulations to you! :P :kitty: :$

Shared card for PREMIUM upgrade » Post #11

Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:26 in General Talk

Ya, I edited that after I went and looked to see exactly how much it is now.... $15.

That member is so close to $15 and that is the easiest solution. Perhaps could do some tasks,
keep playing the clixgrid, to make that $1.50 needed, faster.

Shared card for PREMIUM upgrade » Post #9

Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:22 in General Talk

I have an easier solution.

Log in to your ClixSense account and upgrade the member yourself.

I see you have $13.50 accumulated. It's $15 to upgrade a ref so you only need $1.50 more accumulation.

Walk Along - 6. - Content Web Page » Post #1

Fri Feb 17, 2012 00:57 in General Talk

Some times the first thing people do after joining something is, look for banners, splash pages, and promo links.
That's not what I do.
I review everything, see what others are saying on their forum if there is one. Determine if I think it is something
truly legit and will last a long time. If I determine everything is still great and I really like it, then I go create a
content page. Not a splash page. Not a blog article. CONTENT IS KING.

After I have my content page, I can create splash pages and everything else under the sun, and put the link to
my content page. In so doing, I help my content page get listed in more and more places in the search engines
and drive more traffic to it.

NEVER delete your content page.

If you have hosting, you can name a file and create your content page then put the link on your index page.

If you don't have hosting, no problem. I'm going to locate a free web page service, and we'll use that for our
content page. Once we have our service, we can create our content page by utilizing all the information we
have walk thru in walk along 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...and even some more. We want a LOT of info on our content page.

Our next step after we've completed our content page, will be to enter meta tags. Altho meta tags are not
looked at by the spidies so much any more, it's still a good idea to have them. Meta tags will be walk along
7. So I not only need to locate a free web page service, I need one that allows us to enter meta tags too.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind:

1. Don't copy the exact format and words as mine on the page you see. Switch things around a bit.

2. DO put a CS link in the first paragraph

This is going to be a little tricky since I have to follow the forums rules here. But I think I have it worked
out so there will be no problem. I won't give you my link to my content page. I'll just tell you where to
go enroll for a free web page. Then I will give you the content and walk you thru how to do it at that
free web service.

Ok let's choose Weebly for our content site. WAIT! Keep reading first here first.

THINK of a good user name for your site because the link to your weebly site is important too. Try and
make it something EASY to REMEMBER not just for you, but for everyone. Your weebly link to send people
to is going to look like this:

http:// of course it starts with that. Then it's going to be THENAMEYOUCHOSE dot weebly dot com

Ok here if your first steps:

1. Go to weebly dot com
2. Watch the video on the site if you your computer has that function for you to see videos...if not, no worries.
It's the video that says 'Watch how to create a free website' if it you can.
3. Enroll and choose an easy simple name for your free website.
4. Look around inside but don't do anything yet
5. You'll notice you can also attach a blog (another reason I chose weebly)

Then return here and watch for the future steps I place here for creating your free website.

Walk Along - 5. - Words To/Not To Use » Post #1

Thu Feb 16, 2012 21:08 in General Talk

There are words that I don't like to use when creating a page for content. That's all I can do, is tell you what I do and what I don't do. So, bottom-line, it's up to you what you do and how you do it.

The 2 Main Words I suggest Not using is:


Also, try to stay away from the words:


Do Use:

-message board
-now, you

Another thing is to be honest and a certain amount of hype is ok if you understand how to use hype.
If you don't understand how to use hype, don't use it. An example:


Sign up right now and start making $1,000 a month!


Sign up right now, the sky is the only limit!

I think you can understand the difference in bad hype and good hype by the above example.

Can you see now how maybe you have not been very successful in gaining referrals? Could it
be you did not collect the info explained in Walk Along 1, 2, 3, 4, and now 5? Believe me, it's
fun to grab some fast referrals but not so fun when they don't do anything. Instead of doing
backwards marketing, go forward the right way from the get go...and that's what we're doing
in the walk alongs.

Now it's time to put what we've learned so far, into a good content page that is going to slam
into the search engines like a magnet. :P And, we're going to do it all for free.
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