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DoomsDay Preppers - Anyone watch it? » Post #7

Sat Feb 18, 2012 18:01 in General Talk

I think I may have either watched the premier or the first couple of episodes it's first season.

Some times something else comes on and then I get interested in it, at the same time.

I noticed doomsday comes on right now but it's a rerun. :roll:

Oh crazy color wheel, please stop spinning » Post #6

Sat Feb 18, 2012 17:59 in General Talk

No, No.

Another clue....

the colors of the rainbow and more....oh please little color wheel, stop your spinning, you're not
suppose to keep spinning...

Oh crazy color wheel, please stop spinning » Post #3

Sat Feb 18, 2012 17:37 in General Talk


Guess again!

DoomsDay Preppers - Anyone watch it? » Post #5

Sat Feb 18, 2012 17:36 in General Talk

I'll check it out tomorrow night.

If it's not the first season, I might.....hey, maybe I have watched it.

Seems like some months ago I did watch a was as you said, a survivor type show where
I guess most all the people had died except for some groups of people. There was some military
left and I think they were in maybe California. Maybe I am thinking of something else because
I want to think it was aliens from Mars or something and they would take people and put something
in the back of their head/neck and turn them into zombies. It was a good show. :lol: I think I
did see the first couple of them. I'll tune in tomorrow and see if it is the same one.

Oh crazy color wheel, please stop spinning » Post #1

Sat Feb 18, 2012 17:32 in General Talk

Round and round she goes, where she goes, nobody knows.

Oh please little color wheel, stop your spinning.

What am I talking about?

How do you use your ClixSense Earnings? » Post #13

Sat Feb 18, 2012 17:22 in General Talk

That's very nice. Women love handbags/purse. :P I'm sure she will love it!

DoomsDay Preppers - Anyone watch it? » Post #3

Sat Feb 18, 2012 17:19 in General Talk

I said that show was new but I guess it's not....maybe I just saw the first in this season...not sure.
I keep missing it tho, never do keep up with what day and time it comes on. Guess I should set it to

I've watched the movie 'Walking Dead'...I think it was a zombie movie.

When does Walking Dead come on and channel? Is it a zombie show?

I use to like to watch ice road truckers. After a few years, got kind of burnt out on it.

How do you use your ClixSense Earnings? » Post #11

Sat Feb 18, 2012 17:14 in General Talk

Oh I don't know, just how you look at it I suppose....seems like I keep saying that. :lol:

I plan on going to North Carolina late in the summer to see a childhood friend I have not seen since
we were about 14 years old. She's a teacher and her husband which also was a childhood friend, is
a nuclear engineer. We happen to find each other on Facebook about a year ago. We're so excited!

For years as kids, she lived one house over from me. Every morning Monday thru Friday, I'd knock
on her door. Her little sister would be sitting on the floor right in front of the tv, watching Captain Kangaroo.
I always had to wait for her to get her coat, boots, gloves, hat on. We lived by the windy city (Chicago)
and at that time at least, kids walked to school. I should say, trudged to school. Everything snowy and
white and all one could see moving thru the snow in the early morning was little people trudging thru
the snow to school. It would be so cold that by the time we got to school, my eyelashes would fall out..
because the only exposed place to the elements would be my eyes. Always had eye infections, needless
to say.

In the summer, we'd ride our bikes, go swimming at the pool in the park, (got talked into diving off the
diving board before I could swim and almost drown in that pool), play jump rope and often sit in the
yard and play with barbie dolls. In the evening we would play softball at the corner of the block, in a

On Saturdays we'd some times go into town and walk from store to store trying to decide what to
spend our $5 on. We were rich if we had $5 to spend. I'd always want to go into the walgreens
and buy that cheap perfume....I think it was 29 cents a bottle...maybe less. I usually bought a skirt
some where for a $1. We loved going in Goldblatts because it was the huge department store...we
liked the ping ping ping of the elevators. Seems like maple nuts were only a dime or so a pound..get
those by the big scoops. We'd walk down to McMillians record shop and spend hours looking thru the
45's. Saw several bands there during what the town called 'Old Fashion Day'....saw the 'Animals'
and the 'Turtles'. Some times take the south shore train into Chicago, go to a museum or the

No wonder kids are fat today! They ride school bus's, they sit in the stuffy house, eat and play video
games. :roll:

I don't think kids have fun like we did back then. Every day was a big adventure....even if it was
colder than an eskimo's butt most of the time.

Anyway, guess you could even say my earnings are going for my vacation.

Just depends on how you look at it. :mrgreen:

Little confusion about the “Affiliate Program” » Post #9

Sat Feb 18, 2012 16:52 in General Talk

There is NO such thing here as a 5x5x5 downline. None. Nada. No.

If you upgrade, you can build an 8 uni-level organization.
That means 8 levels down, unlimited width.

Little confusion about the “Affiliate Program” » Post #4

Sat Feb 18, 2012 13:21 in General Talk

My Account: Premium Account - ClixSense

The above displays exactly what standard members can make compared to what premium members can make.

See on that page it says :

There are many benefits that go along with being a PREMIUM member, like:
Referral signup commissions
Higher direct referral click commissions
More chances to win in ClixGrid
More ads available
8-Tier Affiliate Program *

But do keep in mind, you also earn more ways on your direct referrals such as when they do tasks...ClixSense is
not just about clicking ads any fact, there is more ways to earn arriving very very soon.

Also keep in mind, premium is residual. Every year when a premium reinstates his upgrade, you are earning
again....yearly residuals.

Little confusion about the “Affiliate Program” » Post #2

Sat Feb 18, 2012 12:56 in General Talk

You only get paid on your direct referrals clicks.

You do get paid more if you are a premium member.....twice as much on your direct ref clicks.

As an upgraded member (premium) you do in fact earn down 8 levels on all upgrades...for example,
every time you sponsor a member that upgrades you would be making $2 and every time someone
in your 8 level organization upgrades, you make $1.

You can mouse over 'Affiliates' above and click 'Program Details' and go from there to see how much
standard and premium members earn and how, exactly.

A personal message for Valerie. » Post #15

Sat Feb 18, 2012 12:50 in General Talk

I got your message and I am some what already familiar with it.....some what.

In fact, quite some years ago, I joined something with the exact name. An online friend of mine (now deceased)
wanted me to join because it was a 'start up'. My friend said, they were giving away that currency for joining. I
was suppose to receive, I think it was 25 or 50 of that named currency in my snail mail box. He never received
any, I never received any. Over the years, I'd receive messages from them that I placed to my spam folder...had
stopped bothering to read them. Mainly, way back then, there was some word that Phil Piccolo had his hand in it.
That is when I really stopped taking note of it.

When I received your message, I did a search in my email. I could not find anything as it would no doubt, long
since been deleted.

I also went to your link and attempted login, sent for password, said I did not exist. Therefore, I have concluded
I have it confused with an older similar name program.

Haven't had time to check it out completely yet.

The first thing I always want to know is..... WHO OWNS IT. Usually, I don't bother to look twice at a program
someone sends me if they can't tell me who owns it.

From your post, you made it sound like you owned something and had been working on it for 9 years but that
does not appear to be the case....especially since you are not very old. :mrgreen:

I will give you my word, I'll research it and I may even join...but that does not mean I will promote it. 99.99%
of stuff I join, I never promote because 99.99% of stuff out there is BS.

PS....well I did find an email from Stan over in Australia that I have known online for awhile....he had sent me his
link to it back in 2009.

A personal message for Valerie. » Post #13

Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:17 in General Talk

Have I got you added Kreacher? I think I do.

Well all I know Heather is you go in there to that G+ thing and then you can go on over to your G site and
click on the 'Notifications' from the left column. If I'm not there, there is a search thingie and you can do a
search for my name and I will magic! :lol:

Personally don't have anything there yet but my profile and those I add.

A personal message for Valerie. » Post #9

Sat Feb 18, 2012 08:02 in General Talk

Ok. :mrgreen:

Just for the record, I rarely use Facebook.

A personal message for Valerie. » Post #7

Sat Feb 18, 2012 07:27 in General Talk

Yes I'm usually not too difficult to find. Just type my name in google 'Valerie Underhill'

Need help regarding refferal message » Post #2

Sat Feb 18, 2012 00:39 in General Talk

Wait just a little longer. They should have surprise soon.

Merhaba. Selamla! » Post #5

Sat Feb 18, 2012 00:35 in Turkish

Merhaba. :P

Hello » Post #1

Sat Feb 18, 2012 00:32 in Indonesian

Hello. :P

विवाद है । स्वागत योग्य है! » Post #9

Sat Feb 18, 2012 00:31 in Hindi

Because those characters already have a little line over them, correct?

I wish I knew some languages besides English. :kitty:

Hallo. Herzlich Willkommen! » Post #15

Sat Feb 18, 2012 00:29 in German

Hallo. :mrgreen:
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