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Anyone do Canning? » Post #3

Fri Jan 27, 2012 14:49 in General Talk

If you love slaw you are going to love this and it's so simple. I found the recipe online and since it seemed
easy and had good reviews I thought I'd give it a try. The recipe is made with vinegar but if you don't like
the vinegar cole slaw, you can drain it off and add mayo too it when ready to use. That's pretty good because
I like both.

First you take :

1 medium head of cabbage
1 large carrot
1 sweet (bell) pepper (red or green...I used some of both)
1 medium onion
1 teaspoon of salt

Grate all that. You can also make it from mixture that is already grated.

After you have that mixed up, you let it sit for about an hour and drain off any excess water.

Second part :

You want to bring to a boil on a saucepan :

1/4 cup of water
1 cup of vinegar
2 cups of sugar
1 teaspoon celery seed
1 teaspoon mustard seed

I can tell you, you could cut back on the sugar because it is very sweet.
It would be ok to use 1 and 1/2 cups of sugar instead of 2. I used 2 as the recipe stated but next time,
I think I am going to cut it back by a half cup. Also, I did not have any mustard seed on hand and therefore
did not include it. Probably not enough difference with it to notice as it was great without it.

It did not say what kind of vinegar to use, I used regular white distilled vinegar.

Third :

After it comes to a boil, pour it over the cabbage mixture and mix it up.
Put it in your jars (makes 2 quart jars or 4 pint jars)
Put the jars in the hot water bath for about 15 minutes (I left mine in there about 20 to 25 minutes).

It is better than any slaw you have ate in a restaurant! You can eat it as is, or as stated, you can drain
off the liquid and mix with mayo for a creamy slaw. And it does stay crunchy too so no worries about it
being wilted. This slaw relish is great with most anything. Eat it by itself or as a side dish or on foods.
It's so good that you almost can't stop eating it. :P

I'll see if I can find the original site where I found the recipe and paste that to you if I can find it.
It's pretty simple so I did not bother to print it out.

Clixsense Tasks » Post #8

Fri Jan 27, 2012 13:07 in Success Stories

It all adds up! :P

Anyone do Canning? » Post #1

Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:08 in General Talk

Just wondered if anyone here does canning.

Yesterday I made slaw relish. It made almost 5 pints. The recipe said it would make 4 pints and I think
my head of cabbage was large so I got a bit more than 4 pints out of it. I put up the 4 pints and the
partial pint I put in the fridge to get cold. After it was cold, I ate it and man that stuff is so good! I'm
going to make a double batch in the very near future, as soon as I get to the grocery for more cabbage.

I have a recipe for 'Old-Fashioned Corn Relish' that I am also going to make very soon.

I like various relishes and the ones you make and can at home are so much better than store bought.

Buying/Renting Referrals » Post #20

Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:25 in General Talk

Nope, I never said all bux programs were unethical.

There are bux programs that don't even sell nor rent referrals.

Did you know I owned one? Yep, I did. In fact, I've owned a couple of the PTC's over the years.

The first one I owned was really bad. I mean REAL bad. :lol:
It was before there was 'bux' scripts.

The owner of LinkGrand, helped me with the script. It was all coded in some other language
that neither of us understood. My members over at MP, wanted me to launch a ptc and at
the time, that was my intention, to launch several programs that were simple, free, and help
them make some extra money. So anyways, the first one was a complete nightmare. Everyone
got paid that had commissions coming to them....even paid the cheaters because there was no
way to tell who was cheating. Plus, it became overloaded with CHINA members. And there was
no mass delete. I'd stay up all night deleting one by one by one. I did not sell nor rent referrals
and there was not even an option for it anyway.

I swore off I'd never launch another.

But I did.

At that time, I was torn between the 'bux' script and another script. Well I contacted both
places and each said the other stole their script. I did not know who to believe and I should
have said the heck with it. I went with the other script and I should have gone with the
bux script. Really. Same goes tho, there was the option to sell and rent referrals but I did
not. And I had one upgrade option which was $10 per year. That was it, free and $10 per
year option. Again, I entered into nightmare city. The thing would not keep the cheaters
at bay. I found my time was mostly spent on getting cheaters out of there. Finally, I took
it down. I paid everyone that had cash outs pending, and then I deleted the mess.

If you remember back when doublers started? I owned one too. Mine lasted longer than
anyone else's, I will say that. At that time, I owned a coffee company and my idea was
based on more coffee distributors and more coffee sales. What I intended was, to launch
the doubler, have a programmer go in there and program it so that members that reached
a certain threshold, would no longer be paid from the doubler, but would get free coffee
distributorship and free coffee. Well that all backfired in my face.

Here's the thing Kreacher...I'm no different than anyone else online that wants to make
money. But there are some things I won't do and some things I will do. I have a heart
and I don't scam people. I want people to make money just like I want to make money.
But I want it done in a legal legitimate fashion. It's just like business offline, if you open
a store, you want people to come into your store and buy, but some times no one does
and you fail. And just like offline, you need to work within the legal realm of the law
and practice good work ethics. Just because you fail, does not mean you scammed people.
There is a lot of reasons why someone fails. It's usually never one reason. The point I
am making is, that true INTENT to COMMIT FRAUD. When someone online launches a
bux site, are they functioning with a true intent for business and for people to make money
in an ethical manner? OR...are they truly functioning within that realm to COMMIT FRAUD?

So when we see that bux programs may be selling or renting referrals that they KNOW
is bots and crap leads or junk leads or any time of referral they are selling that is NOT
the real deal, what do we know? Well we know there is that INTENT TO COMMIT FRAUD.

It's like the kid with the hand in the cookie jar after mom tells the kid, don't get in the
cookie jar.

If NeoBux or any program out there is selling bots and junk fake refs, what are they doing?
They are intentionally committing fraud...and it is that INTENTION OF FRAUD that legally
deems the entire program a SCAM. You're making money off people that are told they
are getting real people but you know you are selling them fake junk. That's a scam no
matter what country you are in.

You tell someone to send you $10 for a horse, they send you $10 for a horse, and what
you get is a jackass in return, something ain't right. :lol:

So there are no doubt good people that own bux programs and manage them to the best
of their ability and focus them in a legit manner. Some work out and most don't.

But that is the difference in CS and bux programs that sell referrals. The selling of referrals
is a game that I have never entered and never will and I believe CS feels the same way.

hi all the clickers » Post #2

Fri Jan 27, 2012 09:45 in Member Introduction

Hello Wayne, welcome to the forums! :P

Clixsense Tasks » Post #2

Fri Jan 27, 2012 09:45 in Success Stories

Great! :P

Good Morning Everyone » Post #2

Fri Jan 27, 2012 09:04 in Member Introduction

Hello old timer! Welcome to the forums! :P

my payment » Post #2

Fri Jan 27, 2012 09:02 in Payment Proofs

Congrats! :P

Changed my user name » Post #2

Fri Jan 27, 2012 09:01 in General Talk

Alrightie then. :P

WOW! Ron Johnson joins JCP as ceo » Post #3

Fri Jan 27, 2012 09:00 in General Talk

I've been saying for a long time 'I AM SO SICK OF THE BEST SALE OF THE YEAR EVERY DAY' lol

I think it actually belittles the consumer because we know that the actual price of items are always
going to be marked down or always going to go on sale every other day or we're always going to have
a discount code or coupon.

I laughed when I saw their commercial of the mailbox opening with thousands of coupons/sales flyers coming
out of the mailbox.

There's got to be a large cost for printing all that junk. So why not just set the price at what it should
be instead of all the other junk they do in regards to big sale day and coupons/discounts codes, etc.

My referral stats & Clixgrid » Post #2

Fri Jan 27, 2012 00:19 in Your Stats

Congrats on all your winnings! :P

Buying/Renting Referrals » Post #18

Thu Jan 26, 2012 22:33 in General Talk

Ya, I think they NeoBux uses bots and junk leads. They no doubt have people that visit there site without a
sponsor at times, and those would go into the referral packs too.

Actually, I was one of the first people to join NeoBux on the day it launched. :lol:

I think ya get me a bit wrong Kreacher in what I am saying here and what this topic is about.

I never received the confirmation link from NeoBux when I enrolled. I contacted them, and they
replied in a very cold manner to say the least. They never sent me another confirm link or anything.
They said my gmail account was bouncing. Well, maybe so. I said the heck with it as I don't like
arseholes and that is what they sounded like.

About a year ago, I went over and joined and real funny because I got the confirmation link to my
bouncing gmail account. I logged in and I clicked ads as a free member til I reached a little over
$1.00 in earnings. I'd have to say that IF they had allowed me to make purchases immediately,
I would have. It wouldn't have matter to me if I had lost my money or not. I just decided it was
time to check it out and see exactly what they were doing. After I reached over a dollar in earnings,
I had enough. I didn't like it. I didn't like their forum either. I didn't like what I read on their
forums and I did not like how they were conducting business, so to speak.

What YOU want to do is your business. It's not anyone else's. What opportunity you choose,
what investment program you choose, what ever you decide to spend your money on is your

I've purchased refs and I have rented refs at bux programs. That's why I know how they work
and that is how I know what they are doing.

Well Kreacher, I can't tell you all about the online laws or the country laws. It does get confusing.
Personally, I think adults are responsible for what they do and what they choose to do. The problem
comes in when adults act like children. Ohhh boohoo I lost a dollar.....Ohhhh boohoo I paid $20 for
referrals and none of them are active......Ohhhhh boohoo I invested in an HYIP and it disappeared...
Ohhhh.... :mrgreen: I'm sorry but I just don't have sympathy for those adults that do that.

When you are online to make money, it is you as an adult making that decision to join or not join
something, to buy or not buy something. You should never risk more than you can afford to lose.
It's like going down to the corner store and buying a lotto ticket, not winning, then raising cain with
the store and the state that sold you the ticket. You should never expect to make money but work
to make it. You should do your research and use good old fashion common sense. Therefore, no
matter what you do in the money making world, you have no one to blame but yourself, win or lose.

I don't feel any government should interfere with the internet but they do! There is still people today
TO DO IS SEND ME $5000 FOR TRANSFER FEES AND ...." . Who is to blame in that junk? I mean
my gosh. :lol: It's not that I don't feel sorry for people that go for it but I must say, they are
adults and they should in fact have enough common sense to know better.

I don't think the SEC or the FBI looks at small time junk. It would be impossible. That's also why
there are gazillions of small time junk programs online. But when they see MILLIONS of dollars
coming thru payment processors, you better believe they know it!

can I share affiliate links? » Post #2

Thu Jan 26, 2012 22:09 in General Talk

Advertising is not allowed in the forums.

I got my first payment :) » Post #2

Thu Jan 26, 2012 22:08 in Payment Proofs

Congrats! :P

Buying/Renting Referrals » Post #15

Thu Jan 26, 2012 15:24 in General Talk

Well don't be mad at me Kreacher. I have enjoyed our little discussion here. :P

Focusing on Ads. » Post #3

Thu Jan 26, 2012 15:23 in General Talk

What do you mean, are you looking for that update?

It just means the timer will stop if you move around off that window.
That may result in opening another tab or even moving around on your desktop, it will stop the counter.

Buying/Renting Referrals » Post #13

Thu Jan 26, 2012 14:50 in General Talk


There really is a big difference in the 'invest' and the 'op'. There is a difference.

When you invest, you are expecting some sort of gain. Since we are talking about
bux programs in general, we can say that if you invest $20 for referrals, you are
expecting a monetary cash gain. Wouldn't you agree with that?

Now let's look at CS. It is not an investment. Because you are not
investing in anything. You're not buying nor renting referrals expecting a return
on your investment. Instead, you're paying $17 per year to be an affiliate period.
This is called an opportunity. The opportunity to make money. The opportunity
to build an 8 level organization. The opportunity to make stipends from those
you sponsor and/or those in your 8 levels. The opportunity to work to view
ads and make money.

Because you are not investing, expecting high returns. You have the opportunity
to refer advertisers, to refer standard affiliates and premium affiliates. You earn
a stipend according to the activity you produce and if you are a premium member
you may be leveraging by building an 8 level organization. This IS an opportunity.

The big difference between the two is really that service of renting/selling referrals.
There is no downline structure per se. There is no focus on work to gain. It's about
as close to a ponzi scheme as it gets. Do nothing, buy referrals/rent referrals, make

Some of the larger bux programs out there, if they were located within the USA and
pulling in millions, you can believe the SEC would have already got involved.

Think of the surf for cash programs, as an example. Those were not opportunities.
Those were investment programs. Well ok, what was their product? It was
advertising. The SEC walked in and shut them down.

Bux programs run the same length as the paid to surfs.
They are not opportunities because they are not legally legit according
to the legal term.

It's not semantics. It's the difference between a legal and ethics and illegal and

Buying/Renting Referrals » Post #11

Thu Jan 26, 2012 13:46 in General Talk

I don't know. I don't pay to advertise CS.

But no, there is no investment at CS. I suppose some might call a $17 yearly affiliate fee an investment but in
reality it is not. It's an opportunity. Whereas bux programs are not an opportunity, they are investment programs...
which tie right in with HYIP's, DOUBLERS, FAST CYCLERS, that sort of thing.

Blood Type - What does yours mean? » Post #13

Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:00 in General Talk

That is funny. You found out your blood type just two days before I posted this topic. :mrgreen:

Buying/Renting Referrals » Post #9

Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:56 in General Talk

I disagree with you on your statement that at the base, all PTC's are the same.

There's a very big difference.

For starters, a PTC originated out of the focus of advertising. That is the base.
If there is no advertising, there is no base and therefore it is not a real's a game of investment.

From the start of CS, the base has always been the advertiser and it still is.
There is no selling of bots or using bots or crap leads in any way whatsoever.

Furthermore, over time, CS has implemented more for the advertiser. More affordable options, more
targeting, etc.

The majority of Bux programs and understand I am not talking about Neobux, has No geotargeting.
About the most you have for targeting your ad is paid member or free members or both.

Another big issue with bots, is the fakeness of the real membership base.

If you claim you have 1 million members but half of them are bots, how many members do you really have?
Therefore, advertisers are often fooled at the so called bux and/or ptc programs into believing their are a higher
membership number than what there really is.

This topic is not about risky business per se. It's up to each individual to do whatever he chooses
to do. This topic is about the WHY CS does not rent or sell referrals. Every so often, someone posts in
these forums 'Where do i buy the referrals?' or 'Will you sell referrals?'. CS is not an investment program.
It really isn't. NeoBux and most the bux programs out there, ARE investment programs.

You also say you are renting referrals at Neobux. So you are investing in Neobux. Whether you are
spending money out of your own pocket or using what you earn to rent the referrals, it is still a risky

There is no investment at CS. There is an opportunity at CS and that is the opportunity to upgrade
to an affiliate premium level for $17 per year (Feb) and thereby earn on affiliate sales down 8 levels,
not just 1.

So if you compare CS with Neobux, there is no comparison.

CS = affiliate program
NB = investment program
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