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Posts by valerie

This blows my mind! » Post #24

Wed Aug 12, 2020 10:42 in General Talk

I don't have any knowledge about the homeless in Canada but the homeless in the USA
do not need to go to the bathroom on themselves. I think the only way they would do that is
if they are sick or mentally unsound. There are restrooms every where in the USA. There is
also accommodations for homeless in major cities such as free shower and toilet bathrooms,
church's and many accommodations for the homeless such as homeless shelters. In more rural
areas the same pretty much exists including the oceans, lakes, rivers, and bath houses in those
areas. Even plenty of rest stops have rest rooms and showers free use.

In the USA if you are homeless, there are accommodations and there is help for those that really
don't want to be homeless. That doesn't mean they are going to get a new house. It does mean
there are homeless shelters and people that will work with them to find them employment. We
have something called 'Half Way Houses' in the USA that are based on different situations such as
prisoners with no where to go/preparedness homes in addition to rehab housing that helps prepare
homeless people for jobs.

Homeless people in the USA comprise a large variety of people. Everyone from run away teens to
illegal immigrants. There are some people that have never worked a day in their lives but for the most
part that is not true of legal residents unless they are teens. Even so, like I said, the USA has a
variety of programs, shelters, half way houses, etc. Of course, if you have never worked, you would
not receive retirement benefits. However, you may be eligible for other funds.

I am not sure what you mean by try an experiment. :lol:
I am not a homeless person and I choose to not be a homeless person.
If you want to try your experiment, go for it. :mrgreen:

The funny thing is, Darkstar2, there is businesses right now screaming for help, wanting applicants,
needing workers. Walmart is hiring, fast food joints is hiring, Big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes
is hiring, every where I look, they are hiring.

You can look at it any way you want but in the USA, if you are a legal resident (and usually even if you
are not), there is jobs available. So unless YOU CHOOSE to be homeless, that is YOUR CHOICE. No
one can help you if you have chosen to live homeless.

A lot of people in America that are homeless, have chosen to be homeless. Those that want a home,
they go out and get a job, they work, they seek help, they save, they eventually get an apartment or
become a room mate, there are grants and scholarships and educational opportunities about....there
are business screaming for apprentice workers, roofers, construction, and tons of jobs in America.

See Future in few words.....tasman1 » Post #33

Wed Aug 12, 2020 07:25 in General Talk

There's a lot wrong with some of the statements in this topic.

Vegans: Most vegans do not march in the streets, nor write articles, not shame people. I don't eat meat but my family does and I don't shame them. I do tell people how I feel about it IF they ask. I don't classify animals with vegetables and I don't classify animals with trees/paper. Those are completely different subjects.

Main Problems with Eating Meat: The main problems with eating meat is the production and over indulgence. What most people are eating in regards to meat, is animals that have been abused and fattened with steroids and various chemicals. There are people that consistently eat meat many times per day. Dare I mention the fast food joints. One in Three people get cancer in the USA at some point in their life time. Many people eat to eat. They no longer eat to live.

People are killing this planet. Mass producing animals, abusing animals, slaughtering animals, and destroying themselves bit by bit in the process.

In regards to Jesus time, they mainly ate vegetables, breads, beans, figs, fruits, fish.

This blows my mind! » Post #22

Tue Aug 11, 2020 08:56 in General Talk

PS. Homeless people even get covid-19 stimulus checks.

This blows my mind! » Post #21

Tue Aug 11, 2020 08:54 in General Talk

Yes, there are people that prefer to be homeless. They tend to be antisocial, prefer solidarity, and
do not want to be confined.

Just because people are homeless, does not mean they don't take a shower and it does not mean
they wear the same clothes every day.

You're placing all the eggs in one basket.

Yes, of course if you are retired on social security and you are homeless, you still get your retirement
check. It can either be direct deposit to a bank OR it can go on a card. The card can be used at ATM's
too so you can get cash if you want the cash and you can use it in stores, etc.

Physical checks are not sent by social security. You have the option of direct deposit to your bank account
or direct deposit to the card.

In regards to homeless, some sleep in cars. Some have tents. Some have bus's or other types of vehicles.
In places like New York, many set up areas in old subways and there are many that have access to homeless
shelters for sleep, showering, and even to have a place to collect physical mail.

When you own a house, you have obligations. You have property tax to pay in most States. You
have upkeep to the house. In city areas you have neighbors to contend with. Although many
people cannot understand why anyone would want to be homeless, there is in fact many that prefer
it and would not have it any other way.

If you are homeless, you go where you want when you want and you have no obligations to society
or to your family or to yourself.

Sturgis Rally - Rut Ro! » Post #30

Tue Aug 11, 2020 05:34 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: Think Valerie was hippy in her prime time in 70s or early 80s

Pretty much. :lol:

This blows my mind! » Post #18

Tue Aug 11, 2020 05:32 in General Talk

What many people do not realize here in the States is many of the homeless, prefer to be homeless.
Many are on social security retirement and or disability checks. Many also get food stamps. Many
actually live very comfortably. Not the kind of comfort I would want but I am saying, they prefer
the way they live. Absolutely not true for all homeless people but for many it is.

Sturgis Rally - Rut Ro! » Post #27

Mon Aug 10, 2020 22:08 in General Talk

These are the ones we always watched at bike rallys. Not the globes.

Wall Of Death - YouTube

Sturgis Rally - Rut Ro! » Post #26

Mon Aug 10, 2020 22:06 in General Talk

No, was never a monster truck fan.

This blows my mind! » Post #16

Mon Aug 10, 2020 22:02 in General Talk

I can't speak for elsewhere but in the USA, most everyone has a card or can get a card
if they don't have one. If you have a bank account, you have a debit card. If you are
retired on SS you either have direct deposit or a card the deposit goes onto if you don't
have a bank account.

But yep, if you are young, homeless without a bank account or any means of funds, then
you would not need to concern yourself with it. It's the soup kitchens and donations that
would keep you afloat.

Sturgis Rally - Rut Ro! » Post #23

Mon Aug 10, 2020 18:48 in General Talk

In the globe to stop, they begin slowing down their speed and decent to the bottom.

The one's I have watched live, there is a door at the bottom in which the bikes come in and leave.
As they make their way back to the bottom, one goes slower than the others and so on. The result
is one reaching the bottom first and leaving thru the door, then the next one and next, etc.

It's one thing for an event to last one to three days. It's another for an even to last ten days.

So you see what is also happening is bikers coming and going and some leaving and returning.
There's lodging and hotel rooms and no doubt many reservations made long in advance. Another
thing about the money is 'refunds' so if they canceled, all those places would need to submit refunds.

We've gone to rallies and have left to go over to another town, out some where special to eat, then
we would go back to the rally. A lot of that is no doubt going on in Sturgis too. A big reason why
the Sioux have their area blocked off. It's a constant flow of traffic for ten days.

The Daytona Bike Rally, same thing. We went to those often because we had friends that lived in
Daytona. We'd go down town where all the street traffic is, then we would leave and go on down
to Sea World or some where else, come back to the street events, go back to the friends house,
leave and head to Jacksonville, and so on.

What I am saying is, it's not just being at the rally. It's the getting to it, the leaving it, and the
coming and going. All the people they come into contact with along those paths.

Sturgis Rally - Rut Ro! » Post #11

Mon Aug 10, 2020 14:35 in General Talk

Oh and also, normally the Sioux allow traffic across their territory but it's said during this
rally they are not allowing delivery trucks or any vehicles to pass thru. Perhaps they would
allow an ambulance, but not even sure about that.

Sturgis Rally - Rut Ro! » Post #10

Mon Aug 10, 2020 14:33 in General Talk

That's what it's all about, money.

Actually, the Sioux Indians blocked them from coming in across their territory. So, you got
to hand it to the Sioux for their caution. However, there is of course other routes to entering

South Dakota is a State that has a low pandemic count and they do not enforce masks, etc.
They did not close businesses. Much of the country has looked at South Dakota, wondering
how they have done such a great job of a low pandemic count compared to every where else.

The Sturgis Rally brings in BILLIONS of dollars. Not millions. BILLIONS. To cancel it would
be a be big disappointment to their money bags. It is said the council members of Sturgis
voted against having the rally. But as everyone can see, they are having it anyway.

Sturgis Rally - Rut Ro! » Post #8

Mon Aug 10, 2020 11:46 in General Talk

I think it is that 'it won't happen to me' and 'I won't die if I do get it' type of thinking.

One large problem with that type of thinking is people don't know what conditions they may have
or how their DNA will react to the virus when they do get it.

It's always amazing to see bungee jumpers and tight rope walkers and mountain climbers and so
many people seem to live for a thrill. Those types of thrills can kill you and as far as I know, you
don't come back. You have one life to live and I think many people are not cautious with that gift.

Life is a precious gift that we can't afford to toss away but unfortunately many people do just that.

I always enjoyed going to the big biker rallies. They have some amazing and fun events. One such
event is almost terrifying to watch. It's the 'Globe of Death'. The one's I have watched is not enclosed
at the top.....makes it even more dangerous because anyone could drop something down into the circle.
Several experienced bikers ride at excessive speeds criss crossing each other until their speed is so fast
they are actually riding on the walls. It's always a main attraction.

Sturgis Rally - Rut Ro! » Post #5

Mon Aug 10, 2020 10:50 in General Talk

Unless one has had their head buried under a rock this year, everyone is aware of the

The majority of people that get the virus now, is people that were very much aware of it
and aware of the precautions. If they get it, it's most probable due to their lack of taking
necessary precautions. It doesn't matter what country you are in, you should be aware of
what you need to do to protect yourself. I know all people can't go the extra mile, but the
point is, they are aware, they do know what they need to do for protection.

Just like all the half million or more people at Sturgis. They are alll aware of the pandemic.
They all know what they are supposed to do to protect themselves and others. They are
determined to ignore the signs, hop on their bike, head on to Sturgis, bumper to bumper
butts in the streets and bars, coughing, sneezing, peeing, pooping, yelling, screaming,
spitting, sweating, drinking, drugging, and all that wonderful stuff that comes with a big
biker party. Dare I mention 'sales'. Touching touching touching t-shirts, handbags, bike
equipment, and so on. What about age, young? Noooooooo! Young and Old go to the
biker parties.

I think it's gonna be bad. I really do. I think in a few weeks, we are going to see a huge
rise in cases.

This blows my mind! » Post #14

Mon Aug 10, 2020 10:35 in General Talk

Isn't that cute..... loonie and twonie. :lol:

Watch the new series on Netflix 'Connection' or maybe it is 'Connections'. You'd like it.

I canceled my Netflix due to expire the 19th so I need to finish watching Connections and
several others. 'Immigration Nation' is another I am watching.

Usually I cancel Netflix at Spring around April and resubscribe in the Fall around November.
I seem to be watching more tv this year.

Well I deposited my $1 dollar bills today. It was a little early for me to do so but I did since
things are getting very weird these days. Not in my area but some areas Walmart is not
accepting cash!!! I can't confirm that, by the way, but my sister told me that so who knows. :lol:

See Future in few words.....tasman1 » Post #14

Mon Aug 10, 2020 07:16 in General Talk

Eat some beans and bananas.

Sturgis Rally - Rut Ro! » Post #3

Mon Aug 10, 2020 07:15 in General Talk

No. Sturgis is welll known for black hills gold.

It has a rather long history. It started in the late 1930's with a few friends getting together
and riding Indian Motorcycles. Soon, they began having contests, who could get from point
a to point b first. Eventually it grew and became known as 'The Black Hills Rally' (due to the
black gold in the Dakota mountains).

In the late 40's a guy opened a bike store/shop in Sturgis. His nick name was 'Pappy'. He
is considered the founder of the Sturgis Rally.

Pappy rode an old Indian (well at that time it was not old). Over time the rally grew and grew.

Now every year in August, people from all over the world visit Sturgis, South Dakota for the
Harley Bike Rally. Old Indian bikes are welcome too. Whatever you do, don't ride a crotch
rocket to the rally! :lol:

Generally, over half a million people attend the big Sturgis Rally.

It's a ten day party fest where most anything goes.

My husband had a super glide (Harley) and we went to many rallies across the country. We
never made it to the big Sturgis Rally but they also have one called 'Little Sturgis' that is in
located in Kentucky. We went to the first 2 rallies at Little Sturgis. I guess now it's going on
20 years or more and has grown.

I think there are one or more other towns name 'Sturgis' that mimic the big Sturgis rally in
S. Dakota.

Hello everyone! » Post #10

Mon Aug 10, 2020 06:44 in Member Introduction

Admin stated you did "successfully verify their pin on 04/08/20"

Glad you got it worked out with the ticket system.

City of Joy, India - Om Prakash Puri » Post #1

Sun Aug 09, 2020 22:46 in General Talk

Is there such a city in India?

Om Prakash Puri was a very good actor in that movie.
(died in 2017)

Sturgis Rally - Rut Ro! » Post #1

Sun Aug 09, 2020 22:43 in General Talk

I guess we'll see in a few weeks how many come back home with the covid-19 virus.
Of course, we won't ever know how many spread it to others across the USA....

....BUT.....don't forget......harley riders from all across the world go to Sturgis!

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