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Paid Again By Clixsense » Post #2

Sun May 06, 2012 06:51 in Payment Proofs


How to lose weight and prevent disease » Post #4

Sat May 05, 2012 20:13 in General Talk

Yep Heather, and there is a lot of fun videos on youtube too. I mean some are so silly, in regards to exercising,
it would make any kid or adult want to do it. There was one I use to watch that was so hilarious and then I
found myself doing it too. :lol:

Well sure, nic338, you want to enjoy your food. But seriously, heart disease, (such as clogged arteries),
diabetes (especially type II), colon cancer, and many cancers, are all preventive. It's from eating a poor
diet rich in fat. That's what clogs things up. And it really doesn't mean you must restrict meat entirely
from your diet.

There's a large variety of foods you can eat that are not meat and are foods that are good for you, and
won't put the weight on.

Sure, you have to wash your veggies really good because if you buy them in the store, they've been
sprayed with insecticides and heaven only knows what else. There's not much you can do about the
way they are grown other than growing them your self.

I think it's very obvious what is going on in America. We use to not have all the obesity that we have
today. Rarely did you see an over weight kid years ago. Now many of the kids are over weight too.
It's from all the fast food, meat, sugars.

It's not hard, especially with the internet now to find cool recipes that are delicious. I'm always finding
good recipes on 'all recipes'.

Here's an example day:

Breakfast: orange, oatmeal, water
Lunch: green salad, apple, water
Snack: bran muffin, small lemonade, water
Supper: brown rice with veggies and perhaps a tad of soy sauce ( I make myself a big dish of this), water,
sweet tea (yep, I drink sweet tea but try and go low on the sugar), jello
Snack: watermelon or cantelope, or melon, or some type of fruit (I'm up late usually and always have to have
a snack or two). Some times I eat a bowl of cheerios with skim milk, no sugar.

There's lots of great meals you can make without meat and have a large variety of foods and meals.
I eat spagetti, chili, pizza, etc only I don't use meat. I like greens, most any kind, spinach, mustard greens,
turnip greens...I like vinegar and put vinegar in my greens. I can make a meal out of beets. I do eat a lot
of fish.

Just saying, it can be hard at first if you are use to eating large meals and meals in which there is always
eggs, sausage, bacon, hamburger, steak, chicken, etc. Start out by simply cutting back. Try something
different a couple of days a week. It won't be long, you will be enjoying the new way you are eating and
having fun eating something not so routine.

Don't forget to look at the Super Moon tonight » Post #1

Sat May 05, 2012 18:25 in General Talk

It's gonna be cool! I can see it already starting to make it's way up. Right at this moment, it's behind the trees.

The best time to look is at 10:35pm central or 11:35 eastern or whatever your time zone is in accordance to that.

How to lose weight and prevent disease » Post #1

Sat May 05, 2012 16:25 in General Talk

I know it seems difficult and when you are use to doing something a certain way, it's hard to make that change.
No matter what it is.
However, once you have made the change, you often wonder why you didn't sooner.

For Americans, one of the largest problems they have is processed foods and meat. That's why cancer,
heart disease, diabetes runs rampant in the USA.

I thought I'd share my eating habits with you.

-Eat as much whole foods as you can. Stay completely away from processed foods.

-Cut way back on your consumption of meat. ALL meat. Don't be fooled by white meat, it is meat, after all.

-Instead of juices that come in a bottle or frozen, buy the whole fruit. Eat an orange at breakfast instead of drinking juice.

-Stay away from dairy products. If you drink milk, cut wayyyy back on your consumption.

-Eat rice such as brown rice.

-Eat whole fruits and veggies...stay away from the canned and frozen, as much as possible.

-Cut back on eggs. Eggs are high in cholesterol. Learn to eat something else.

-Cut wayyyy back on sugar.

-Come back to water. Your body is made up of over 70% water. It's water that helps your digestive system, helps keep your body free of toxins. You've heard about all the toxin remedies.....drink water, it will work wonders for your skin, hair, and over all health.

Eat to live a long and enjoyable life.
DON'T live to eat because if you do, you are highly likely not to live long.

Even if you are suffering right now from disease, high cholesterol, etc, you can REVERSE the process.

If you need to take it in small steps, do.
If you're a big meat eater, simply cut your normal portion in half of what you usually eat. Just think, you'll
save money, give your arteries a break, and start feeling more energized. If you eat meat 7 days a week,
change that routine to special occasion time....instead, eat meat three times a week at half the portion you
normally would.

Stay away from fast food places. Especially if you eat meat.

Losing weight and being healthy is not about all the potions, vitamins, and energy drinks on the market.
It's about changing the way you eat, eating healthy, and doing a little exercise daily.

Speaking of exercise, you don't need to jog or run a marathon or lift weights. Just move. Take a walk around
your house every day. Do some gardening. Clean out your closets. Dance. Jump up and down.

What did you have for dinner today? » Post #29

Sat May 05, 2012 16:06 in General Talk

I had fried fish, corn, and hushpuppies. It was oil city. Good, but greasy.

Have you ever watched the documentary 'Forks Over Spoons'?

I finally made it to forum » Post #4

Sat May 05, 2012 16:05 in Member Introduction

No you don't anything to do this.

You click ads by refreshing your clixsense ads page thru-out the day.
You can also do the offers which include the daily surveys.
And you can do the tasks too.

So in essence there is several ways you can earn at clixsense.

about more adds » Post #2

Sat May 05, 2012 14:20 in Member Introduction

And how would they provide them?

Pull them out of thin air like they do on bux sites?

Just won $2.5 at clixgrid. Thanks to clixsense and » Post #2

Fri May 04, 2012 22:34 in Success Stories


India/Pakistan - What are they saying? » Post #16

Fri May 04, 2012 13:13 in General Talk

:lol: If you're dogs only knew what you were reading. :lol:

Yes, that is the show, I am sure, 'I Shouldn't Be Alive'.

Only thing I wondered about that tv show, is in the Amazon, I would think there would be all sorts of creatures to kill
and eat. Seems he could have found himself a snake. A giant bug. Something besides his own dog. Him and the
dog had been separated at some point early on. Then one day the dog showed up....the dog had tracked his master
and found him...only to be killed by the master he trusted. I'm mighty sure I could not have done that and would
not do it. I'd just have to say, my life is over now, I'll be in a better place soon.

Yes, I know ptcscrutiny that in your country, the cows are sacred. You do know that most Americans think that
is very ridiculous, don't you? We are told stories of how India people will starve to death and put their own life
in jeopardy before harming a cow. That India believes that cows are reincarnated from people, their ancestors.

Personally, I don't believe in reincarnation. However, I do believe all animals are sacred in their own right.

India/Pakistan - What are they saying? » Post #13

Fri May 04, 2012 11:39 in General Talk

I can remember my grandmother telling me how they use to ride a cow to school.
She said it was a pet cow. It was several miles to school, they lived in very rural area, and her and her sister and brother, would get up very early. They'd take turns riding on the cow all the way to school. Leave the cow tied up outside until school was over. Back then, it was a one room class room so all the kids, no matter their age, were in the same class.

Then one day, near Christmas, times got very hard. In order to survive, they had to....yes.....and she said it broke her heart that her father had to kill the cow, but even worse, that is what she had to eat too.

I never forgot that story...unforgettable!

One day not long ago, I watched a tv program about a man and his dog lost in the Amazon.
Eventually, the man was so desperate, nothing to eat, out of desperation, he killed his dog....but what he had not given thought to was, he was on the brink of death, and his stomach would not handle anything he put into it, so up it came.
What is even worse, in less than one hour, he finally came upon civilization. His dog was a pet he had for many years so it was horrific that he went to those means.

I know you can't say what you would do in circumstances like that, but I sure can't see ever eating an animal I was attached to. I really believe, I would starve first.

Who Will Win American Idol? » Post #9

Fri May 04, 2012 06:24 in General Talk

Ya, I was thinking vip typed the 'off topic'. :mrgreen:

India/Pakistan - What are they saying? » Post #10

Fri May 04, 2012 06:21 in General Talk

What about a cow ride? :mrgreen:

Who Will Win American Idol? » Post #4

Thu May 03, 2012 18:36 in General Talk

Skylar was good but I'm not much on country music.

Holly is good but thus far, I have not liked any of her music.

Jessica has a beautiful voice but for the most part, it's not the kind of music I listen to.

I really like Joshua a lot, but every song seems to have screaming in it, and I'm not into hearing screaming in every song.

I've been sorta rooting for Phillip since the start. He's very entertaining to watch and I like the rock n roll, bluesy style.

Every year, they say it's the best group. :lol:

I will say I have enjoyed some past shows far better than this one.
Actually my favorite part of the show is in the beginning at interviews. This year, I don't think they spent as much time showing the interviews on tv. I like XFactor better than American Idol. I think XFactor is more interesting since they have various talents on there, not just singing.

India/Pakistan - What are they saying? » Post #7

Thu May 03, 2012 13:04 in General Talk

Maybe I will visit some day, never know.

I want to ride a camel. :P
Have you got a camel and have you ever rode on one?

What is your future thinking about the your life? » Post #9

Thu May 03, 2012 13:02 in General Talk

You can do it, Heather.

I did. Actually, I quit school my senior year to get married and start a family.
A year later, I took a test and got my GED. I think that was the first year they started GED. :lol:
I did not have to study for it. I recall taking a series of 4 or 5 tests which ate up half the day or more.

Some years later, after three children and a divorce, I went to college and got my AA in general studies.
It was a 2 year program as you know most AA are. It took me more like 3 years. After that, I went onward
to get my BS...and what should have taken only two more years, took me more like 3 more years.

So what your average college kid would do in 4 years, it took me 6 years. It was hard because I worked
midnight shift at a hospital and did a lot of over time at that. It was hard to schedule classes because I
worked so much and it was not a regular 5 day a week job. I took night classes when I could...this would
give me some day time sleeping hours.

My oldest daughter had scholarships but tossed them to the wind to marry and start a family. After awhile tho,
she took online classes for medical transcriptionist. She got her degree in a year or less. So she works at home
online in an entirely different area than I do. She is now a manager and over sees some of the other online
med transcriptionists. She makes very good money, gets vacation days and the whole nine yards just like
someone that worked an offline job. It's been great for her.

What is your future thinking about the your life? » Post #5

Thu May 03, 2012 11:44 in General Talk

Thanks. It was for a little $15 dollar contest and thought I'd give it a go.

That is how I feel. It's wise to plan for your future and the things you want to do along with how you want your life to be.
But don't be disappointed as you grow and find there are things you did not get to do or things did not turn out how you planned. Just remember, you grow and it is with that growth that you become who you are.

What is your future thinking about the your life? » Post #2

Thu May 03, 2012 11:33 in General Talk

Here is something I wrote yesterday for a little contest. I know it's corny but it's what came to my mind so I wrote it:

I'm not the person I wanted to be.
I'm the person I grew to be.

I've made a lot of money online.
More than most, I suppose.

I've helped a lot of people make money online.
Not as many as I would have liked.

Over 15 years of working online.
Burn out may eventually arrive.

Now I focus on making free money online.
I focus on helping others make free money online too.

Not everyone is willing to do what it takes.
Some will, some won't.

One thing is for sure.
No one gets hurt in the free to earn industry.

We rarely become what we think.
All we can do is strive to be the best at what we do.

I'm not the person I wanted to be.
I am me the person I grew to be.
I am me, Valerie.

India/Pakistan - What are they saying? » Post #5

Thu May 03, 2012 11:29 in General Talk

Bharat Mata ki Jai which means "Victory for Mother India".......Oh ok. I just wondered what the crowd was chanting.

I think it's a very entertaining tradition. I found it humorous but sobering at the same time.

I guess 'daxserver', what it is saying in wikipedia is that some parts of the ceremony are over the top, a bit too aggressive in nature, maybe should be quieted down a bit in the soldiers actions or perhaps in the crowds actions as well.

I thought it a very interesting video and never realized they had such a ceremony.

India/Pakistan - What are they saying? » Post #1

Thu May 03, 2012 08:42 in General Talk

What is the crowd hollering?

Do they do this every day?

How the border between India and Pakistan is closed, every day. [VIDEO]

what does My Campaigns do ? » Post #2

Thu May 03, 2012 07:57 in General Talk

Campaigns allow you to track your advertising of ClixSense.

For example, lets say you want to advertise your ClixSense referral url at a classified ad site.
You can create a campaign for it, use that referral url, and then check the campaign stats to see if and how many have clicked on it.

It can kind of give you an idea of what is worth doing and what is not.
For example if you want to advertise several places, you can set up a campaign for each one, which will be a separate ref url you can track for each one. So if you see you get 100 clicks from A, and 0 clicks from B, you know that B is probably a waste of time.
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