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I've got a banana to pick with you Ape Man! » Post #1

Mon Aug 24, 2020 14:49 in General Talk

What is going on with the bananas these days?

I think I know.

I have noticed the banana peels are thicker and weigh more than normal.

Since in the USA, bananas cost by weight, I suspect genetically engineered peels.

When the nana peels weigh more, they cost more since they weigh more.

Sum body cheating the nana eaters! :evil:

Hi everyone. » Post #2

Mon Aug 24, 2020 08:56 in Member Introduction

Since you are in Vietnam, you probably won't see a lot of surveys.

All you can do is look consistently and do them when you do have some.

You might also want to look in the Offers categories because some of those list
surveys continuously.

There is also 'Tasks' but those are a bit short on supply when new to them.

Welcome aboard!

HaHaHa - Now an Asteroid is headed to earth! » Post #1

Sun Aug 23, 2020 16:16 in General Talk

NASA: A truck-sized asteroid is headed toward Earth one day before the November election

Geez! I would like to hear no news. No news is good news.

Guess we better save our survey money for a helmet. :?

The Flat Earth Society » Post #23

Sun Aug 23, 2020 14:14 in General Talk

Fires are very common in California.

The Flat Earth Society » Post #17

Sat Aug 22, 2020 22:56 in General Talk

I think tasman1 you are referring to chem trails.

Well when it gets right down to it, I don't care if anyone was on the moon or not.

I guess if this world holds out long enough, it may become very important.

For me personally, it is not the least bit important.

The Flat Earth Society » Post #13

Sat Aug 22, 2020 19:59 in General Talk

I watched it live and it was not fake.

The Flat Earth Society » Post #6

Sat Aug 22, 2020 15:42 in General Talk

I forget the psychiatrist name that theorized many years ago, only one brain exists.

He believed no one existed but one brain. That one brain, gave us all life in his brain.
In reality, none of us exist.

I can tell you one thing absolutely positively for you age, time goes by faster.
It truly does. It's very weird but true.

The Flat Earth Society » Post #2

Sat Aug 22, 2020 11:22 in General Talk

A lot of people do believe the earth is flat.

There was never images of the earth until more recently

Something I have always found odd is 'perfectly round'. Why would it be? Why would all planets
be round?

A planet is round because of gravity. A planet's gravity pulls equally from all sides. Gravity pulls from the center to the edges like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. This makes the overall shape of a planet a sphere, which is a three-dimensional circle.

So they say. Still, I tend to wonder if there is not planets out there beyond our vision that may
be shaped differently.

This blows my mind! » Post #36

Sat Aug 22, 2020 10:06 in General Talk

Yep, I love my dentists also.

It's a very modern facility, all top of the line equipment. Plus, they play rock n roll music. :lol:

There are many reasons why a tooth may need extraction. It could be due to a disease such as
gingivitis. It could be due to another disease entirely not to do with the mouth but affects it just
the same.

Chipped and Cracked teeth can often not be capped or filed and therefore need extraction.

Some teeth may protrude in a way that will affect other teeth (this was the reason for my upper
tooth extraction. It was mostly filling and protruding outward from the gum).

Infection of one or more teeth may result in extraction. If infected teeth are left in place, the
infection can result in gum disease, bone loss, and even affect other parts of the body.

A lot of people tend to think old people are going to have bad teeth. That is not necessarily true.
Heredity has a lot to do with your teeth as it does with most everything else.

Right smack in the middle lower front, I had teeth that were becoming more and more loose.
It was best to get those out before they became infected.

My sister that is about 5 years older than I, she does not have any teeth at all. She has dentures
but does not wear them.

It is very important to take care of your teeth. We can't do anything about heredity but we can
do our best to keep them clean and have regular dental visits.

In regards to multiple dental visits in my case, there is no additional fees. They don't charge
office visits. It's important to allow the gums to recede before taking impressions. It's also
very important to make sure the partials are correctly fitted. Many dentists do not take that
kind of care and that is why many people have ill fitting dentures/partials.

This blows my mind! » Post #32

Sat Aug 22, 2020 07:05 in General Talk

PS Good time to have teeth removed due to pandemic. Wear a mask and no one
knows you have teeth gone.

This blows my mind! » Post #31

Sat Aug 22, 2020 07:02 in General Talk

I had 4 on the bottom removed. 4 in the front.
I now have only 3 teeth left on the bottom.

I had 1 removed on the top near the back.
Now I have 8 left on the top.

The top looks ok. I have all the front teeth.

It's fun to look at myself in the mirror and make vampire faces. :roll:

No, it didn't hurt and takes very little time to actually pull them out.
They insert numbing medication (novocaine or something similar) into the

I've got about 6 more trips to make. I go back for teeth cleaning and to
remove an old filling and place new filling. Then I go back for an impression
to be made for partials. Then I go back after the impression comes in to
make sure it is right. Then I go back for the partials when they are ready.
Then if anything is not right with the partial, not comfortable, not look how
I want them to look, etc, they send them back for any changes. Then I go
back and finally get them.

It will probably be next year before I have the partials.

I'm getting the 'flex partials' and those they must wait til the gum swelling
goes down before making the impression. My appointment is not until mid
November just to do the impression.

This blows my mind! » Post #27

Fri Aug 21, 2020 19:56 in General Talk

I had 5 teeth extracted today.

Not mind blowing but I now look like a vampire. :oops:

The jelly bean challenge..... » Post #18

Thu Aug 20, 2020 14:19 in General Talk

wildbillhickok wrote: Almost everything I know I learned using internet. :thumbup:

All I have to say about Jack and Jill problem is: why would not Jack wait for Jill?
Did they had a misunderstanding? Were they on a race, competing with each other?

Did Jack purposely untied her shoes to win this hypothetical race? See how he doesn't stop for her. Of course, assuming that they know each other.

It wasn't that Jack wasn't waiting for Jill.

It was Jack busy watching Spot run!

The jelly bean challenge..... » Post #5

Mon Aug 17, 2020 20:52 in General Talk

tasman1 wrote: None , I ate rest

Tell him 0.

Pasta Sauce explosion ........tasman1 » Post #9

Fri Aug 14, 2020 14:06 in General Talk

I don't grow veggies any more but my sisters family grows a lot on their farm.
So in the summer months I get a lot of veggies given to me from them. Tomatoes,
cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, beans, etc.

Pasta Sauce explosion ........tasman1 » Post #7

Fri Aug 14, 2020 13:14 in General Talk

Glass pasta sauce jars have a flat screw lid. It's actually one of the easiest types to open.

I wouldn't order items that may result in damage, especially in the hot summer months.

Yes, food items can burst or explode easily in this heat. Say it is 110 degrees outside and
then add to that the heat inside the package and add to that the heat inside the delivery

Fifth payment » Post #2

Fri Aug 14, 2020 12:27 in Your Stats

Your post is not pertaining to Stats so do please remember to read the forum rules
and post in the correct sub forum.

webcam surveys safe or not » Post #8

Thu Aug 13, 2020 21:35 in General Talk

The webcam surveys I have taken are geared at following your eyes.
It's usually very brief. For example, it ask a few questions, then have you turn on your
webcam and you follow a dot around with your eyes. After that, they display a product
or a brief video. As soon as that is over, the webcam is turned off.

I assume they want to see what you are looking at exactly. Where your eyes tend to
fall on the product.

Pasta Sauce explosion ........tasman1 » Post #5

Thu Aug 13, 2020 21:30 in General Talk

I don't know what Coles is but I assume some kind of grocery store.

There is some grocery items I won't order because it is too easy to be damaged.
Also there is certain times of the year I won't order certain products.

Items in a glass jar, I would choose to go inside the store and buy it.

In the summer when it is very hot, it's not a good idea to order items that might melt
or explode from the heat. Delivery trucks are generally not air conditioned but in the
cab for the driver, not in the trailer.

I'm like a squirrel, stocking up for the winter. I have 24 jars of pasta sauce but I bought
them all inside the store (at different days of course).

webcam surveys safe or not » Post #4

Thu Aug 13, 2020 13:29 in General Talk

Also, fake mustache is good and some of those big fake bushy eyebrows.
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