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Nasty ...................tasman1 » Post #5

Tue Sep 01, 2020 06:12 in General Talk

Inappropriate topic

Flu Vaccine Available in USA » Post #1

Mon Aug 31, 2020 19:05 in General Talk

Well, at least in my neck of the woods. I got the flu vaccine a few days ago.

My sister takes the type 2 flu vaccine because she is older and I guess that one is stronger.
It will be available in my area in a few days. She will take it as soon as available.

I am posting this because I think the vaccine is available earlier this year. I don't think I have
ever taken it in August. I usually take it late September or in October or even November.

If you are in the USA and you take the flu shot, I urge you to take it right away. With all that
is going on, It may run short or even out of supply.

PS. NOT covid-19

Russia Enter Game » Post #19

Mon Aug 31, 2020 15:18 in General Talk

Well the whole world is like a bad experiment gone badder.

Melania Trump in Green » Post #4

Mon Aug 31, 2020 15:16 in General Talk

Yes it can be an art form.

Me, ole bland me, I wear old t-shirts and old jeans, 99.999% of the time.

problem addon » Post #15

Mon Aug 31, 2020 06:39 in General Talk

I've never used the Addon other than trying it once.

Some users uninstall it if they have problems and then reinstall.

problem addon » Post #12

Sun Aug 30, 2020 21:49 in General Talk

You might try using the ySense mobile app.

Melania Trump in Green » Post #2

Sun Aug 30, 2020 18:00 in General Talk

Many people are so very jealous of the First Lady.

I don't see how anyone can deny that she is beautiful no matter what she wears.

The bright green dress, I thought it was gorgeous. I could never wear that color and
I think very few women could but she pulled it off just fine.

my 23rd payment » Post #2

Sun Aug 30, 2020 17:56 in Payment Proofs

Posting your transaction id's online can result in many headaches for you, to say the least.

Please remember to blur out your transaction id before posting.

Russia Enter Game » Post #15

Sun Aug 30, 2020 09:48 in General Talk

Well here is what I believe in regards to the covid-19 virus....

I believe it was known to China long before they released the info. I believe that China may not
have made the virus in a lab but I believe they may have studied in the lab either by mistake or
possibly by creation due to experiments on bats or/and other animals.

I believe China MAY have purposely allowed the release of the virus knowing it would infect large
dense populations. I believe China has been very upset with the USA due to trade deals and the
USA offering tax incentives to bring OUR manufacturers back home. I believe the China leaders
do not care about their people. I believe they MAY have released the virus knowing it would kill
some of their own people.

Some evidence suggests at least some of the above. One of the strongest is the lab scientist
that went missing for months. Some believe the powers that be, killed him. Eventually he did
surface with a video more or less stating it was not a lab experiment. Anyone could tell by
watching/listening to the video, he was lying. For me, this is the strongest evidence that China
certainly has something to hide in regards to covid-19.

Russia Enter Game » Post #14

Sun Aug 30, 2020 09:40 in General Talk

1. Watch out! According to forum rules, politics and religion are not allowed to be posted.
However, moderators are allowed to use their own discretion. That means I will lock topics
if I find them to be too argumentative or rude, to say the least.

2. tasman1 is an ape that eats too many bananas. Most of what he says is simply to trick
you in handing over your bananas. Seriously, whether you are new to the forum or old to
the forum, you can't take tasman1 seriously because he likes to be funny and rile members

The oldest preserved horse » Post #6

Sat Aug 29, 2020 21:18 in General Talk

I don't eat turkey. I eat vegetables, pasta, rice, salads, fruits, fish, pizza, casseroles, etc.

Taxidermist, as I stated above, use a chemical to treat the fur/hide. That's about all it is, is fur/hide.
The eyes are glass or some other man made agent. There may be some bone but most is just stuffed

People have wore furs for centuries.

Just like expensive furs such as mink coats, they need to be kept in a cool area. There is plenty of
history about people coming across their old great great grandmothers mink coat in the attic. It
may be molded, moth eaten holes in it, etc.

I mean seriously, it's just common sense. As long as you take care of something, it is going to last
a long time. If you don't take care of something, it usually will not last a long time.

Humans have skin. We don't have fur. Altho our skin is an organ, it is relatively thin and will decompose

The oldest preserved horse » Post #4

Sat Aug 29, 2020 19:11 in General Talk

I don't know about stuffed turkey.

I do know that many animal skins are very durable and can last an extremely
long time when cared for. An example is buffalo skins that American Indians
used for clothing and warmth.

Animals usually have a tough hide so they can in fact weather the outdoors.

If a taxidermy stuffs the animals, I think they do soak the hides in some sort
of fluid. This would prevent insects and moths. Within museums they keep
the correct temperature to prolong the piece. Some pieces may be redone
or parts of the item upgraded over time.

The oldest preserved horse » Post #2

Sat Aug 29, 2020 16:46 in General Talk

Well, I just don't know. I don't know about stuffing things.

I look at real estate some times, houses for sale. There are many houses, especially in the
Southern States, with deer heads on their walls. Stuffed deer heads. I mean, to be it's not
just sad, it is so very ridiculous. Dead heads on the walls.

Take my little dog for example====================================>>>>
He is 7 years old and I have had him since he was about six months old. If he was to die while
I'm still alive, would I have him stuffed and put on a wall or on a table? Why heck NO. He
deserves peace just like anything else that was once alive. I hate to even think about him ever
passing but even tho I love my little dog, I would not dare for one moment have him stuffed.

What I am saying no matter how much you love or cherish a living creature, whether human,
or otherwise, I don't think it is right to have them stuffed and on display.....not even a horse.

Anyway, it just made me think of all the dumb Southerners that kill deer, stuff them, and hang
them on their walls. Whats even worse, they are too ignorant to remove them before listing
their house for sale. I won't even look at a house if there is a stuffed creature on the wall.

Russia Enter Game » Post #5

Sat Aug 29, 2020 13:19 in General Talk

If a country does not want a war with the USA, all they need do is give Trump a
beautiful woman of the night and a Big Mac.

(Sorry, couldn't resist that comment)

Ought Ohhhhh - Reinfection - New Strains » Post #1

Fri Aug 28, 2020 13:22 in General Talk

Hurricane Laura » Post #12

Fri Aug 28, 2020 06:02 in General Talk

Oh yeah Tas, I replied in the wrong topic. :oops:

Hurricane Laura » Post #11

Fri Aug 28, 2020 06:01 in General Talk

I think it's the other way around. Biden has a slim chance of winning.

In regards to polls, those are a joke.

Active Moderator? » Post #3

Fri Aug 28, 2020 05:52 in Indonesian

Thank you

Hurricane Laura » Post #8

Thu Aug 27, 2020 21:41 in General Talk

Trump gave an excellent speech tonight at the Republican National Convention.

What's really funny is he did it outside at the White House and the democrats are really
mad about that more than anything else.

Plus, he had a great fireworks show at the end which was better than Biden's.

His speech was 70 minutes long.

$ - What's Your Yearly Average? » Post #13

Thu Aug 27, 2020 21:35 in General Talk

Yep, I knew what you meant, sort of 'rotator'. I was just sayin.

D3rva completed a $399 offer and got a hefty bonus too.
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