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Posts by valerie

Anyone downloaded Mountain Lion? » Post #3

Wed Jul 25, 2012 15:57 in General Talk

I checked for updates and it's taking forever, just to do updates.
Updating iwork, safari, and something else.
Time left, keeps's now at 71 hours!!! :shock:

Anyone downloaded Mountain Lion? » Post #1

Wed Jul 25, 2012 15:08 in General Talk

Mountain Lion?

Can my earnings be forfeited and how? » Post #2

Wed Jul 25, 2012 03:49 in Your Stats

No. As long as you are active, you can cash out whenever you want. If you want to leave it for a year and then cash out, you can.

What does $10.00 buy you in your country? » Post #54

Tue Jul 24, 2012 15:05 in General Talk

Nariamma wrote:
valerie wrote: Pizza in the USA is not an expensive food and pizza chains are always constantly offering special deals.
Pizza Hut for example often have a 2 pizza with 2 topping choices each, for $10. Some times they offer
a very large speciality pizza (your choice of meat lovers, veggie lovers, etc) for $10.

I miss pizza hot and the cheesy crusts...
I live in a very small town, there's only 1 pizza place (one food place) and the medium pizzas are 9€ each, the burguers are 16€ with fries (no soda included)
The city is about 1hr far from here and the pizzas are kinda the same price, maybe cheaper but smaller, the burguers are way cheaper at mcdonalds or hesburguer... but the nearest pizza hut I know about it almost 5hrs by car :/

And maybe that's why no company is interested in my opinion... xD

Narlamma, I think you and I are in the same boat. I live in a rural area and there is no food delivery here.
It is also a little drive to get to pizza hut or any fast food place. I think that is just as well. If you eat fast
food all the time, you get fat. :lol: Make it yourself with less fattening ingredients.

No. 1 Killer Disease in Your Country? » Post #6

Tue Jul 24, 2012 14:58 in General Talk

It probably is America's fault. I think way back when McDonalds started, that was pretty much the start of all
these fast food chains. People saw how successful they were and followed suit.

Fast food is usually cheaper than a real restaurant with waiters. Also, you don't generally leave a tip at a fast
food joint. Plus, it is 'fast' food for those people on the run, in a hurry, don't want to get out of their vehicle.
But, I do think the fast food has a lot to do with the obesity problems and the heart disease.

paypal account » Post #4

Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:39 in General Talk

mariavilla wrote:
sowren wrote: I tried to create a paypal account but did not find my country name Bangladesh. what should I do now ? How can I paid for upgrade my membership. I have a visa debit card.

yeah me too i cant registered for paypal, i dont know how i fill up all process but i cant get the security code that they telling us

They will place two deposits into your bank account. You have to check with your bank account for the amounts they deposited. Write down the amounts. Then log into paypal and enter those two amounts in the appropriate slots.

No. 1 Killer Disease in Your Country? » Post #4

Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:37 in General Talk

In the USA, heart disease was always primarily a man's disease. One would always hear about men having a
heart attack. Today, heart disease is the NUMBER ONE killer in women. WOW! What a big change that is from
past years.

I try to figure out why that is. More stress in the work place since more women work today? Some how, I
don't think that is mostly it. I tend to think it is more on the lines of what we eat today. Years ago, women
mostly stayed at home and cooked home cook meals. Today, since more women do work outside of the home,
many are grabbing fast food for lunch, bringing home fast food for supper. And of course, there is more sugary
and fattening foods today then there was years ago.

UK is probably the same way in regards to fast food and sweets.

Need Guidelines (Espl. from Paskitani Members) » Post #2

Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:32 in General Talk

I don't know but CPA does not always pay by paypal only. Many offer payout by way of check and other
options as well.

You would need to discuss that with others in Pakistan. Perhaps look in the International category section here
in the forums. Also you might want to search in the 'support' category of these forums.

Bweeble » Post #7

Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:27 in General Talk

I have owned safe lists in the past. I'm sitting here trying to remember the names.
Over the older years, I let some really good domain names go that I sure wish I hadn't.

One safe list I owned was called TotalIncome dot com. I sold or gave away that safe list to someone
and with it the domain name.

Anyway, I owned at least 3 safe lists back in the day. There was no trickery and not sure how there
could be anyway. All it is, is members agree to receiving emails. It's all tracked with ip's and such so
if someone does holler spam, nothing becomes of it.

I'm still a member of some of the old safe lists altho I don't use them directly, I do make a little money
from them some times. Business World List and Herculist. I've been a member of those since the first
day they launched. Ten or more years they have been in operation.

There are people that will view the safe list messages but for the most part, I don't think they do like
they did years ago. There are some good qualities about them, especially for the newbie. If you can
keep a closed that I mean, you can learn a lot about what type of subject lines and messages
that attract your attention...which means it probably attracts others attention too. In other words, they
can be worthy for the learning if nothing else. There was a fellow many years ago, and I wish I knew who
he was. He may still be around online today. He sent out the absolute best safe list messages I have ever
seen. His subject lines were nothing short of great! You could not help but view the messages from the
safelists he used, just to look for his message....which was always readily detectable because the subject
lines pulled you in like a magnet. Another thing is, you can copy subject lines and even messages to use
yourself in ads and/or in creating content and pages. So there was always something to be said about
how to use safe lists to your advantage which may not always be focusing on yourself sending messages
but learning and utilizing.

The best safe list subject line I ever wrote, altho a bit dirty, was back in the day when 'viagra' first started
up online. I don't remember what my ad was for at all. No doubt it was for some sort of affiliate program
or some sort of program I owned. I got tons of sign ups and wonderful comments and people wanted me
on their team subject line was so great. This is what it was:

*****I Put Viagra On My....

Exactly like that, stars for spacing and all. The body message started something like this:

I put viagra on my s h i t list.

But you see, that subject line grabbed attention. It created strong curiosity. She put viagra where?
I've been hearing about viagra, what is she doing with it? What is viagra anyway?

You see what I mean? Of course, everyone today knows what it is and that subject line wouldn't pull like
it did back then. Using recent life events and happenings mingled in with a question or curious nature, can
get those messages open in a heart beat. That one stupid little subject line, made me a small fortune. I
sent it out in several safe lists at that time.

No. 1 Killer Disease in Your Country? » Post #2

Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:08 in General Talk

If you don't know, you better find out!

What does $10.00 buy you in your country? » Post #50

Tue Jul 24, 2012 09:52 in General Talk

Pizza in the USA is not an expensive food and pizza chains are always constantly offering special deals.
Pizza Hut for example often have a 2 pizza with 2 topping choices each, for $10. Some times they offer
a very large speciality pizza (your choice of meat lovers, veggie lovers, etc) for $10.

I usually make my own pizza's and also I will buy frozen pizza's at the grocery, add my own toppings.

This is how I make a pizza:

-I use a large cast iron pizza pan (I think it is 14 or 16 inches)
-Oven on 400 degrees
-Bake for 20 minutes

-Approximately one and one half cup of flour
-One small package of yeast (I use 'Fleischmann's pizza crust yeast')
-One tablespoon of sugar
-Two tablespoons of olive oil
-About half cup of warm water
(you can also make bread sticks out of this dough)

-One jar of pizza sauce (I buy walmart brand)
-Cheddar or Mozzarella grated cheese or some of both
-I add whatever toppings I want which is usually chopped onions, bell pepper, chopped mild peppers.

The Joker looks like a Stoner! » Post #11

Tue Jul 24, 2012 09:35 in General Talk

When it gets right down to it, I don't think you can take those type of people and put them all in one basket.
Various reasons why one person may do something compared to why another person may do it.

Some people handle a situation better than others.

I guess any way you look at it, it's got to do with our own chemical make up in which the environment
we are in, can play a significant role in the choices/decisions we make.

Bweeble » Post #5

Tue Jul 24, 2012 09:21 in General Talk

Well, a legitimate safe list or list builder, does not do any trickery. It's called a safe list because each
member has agreed to receive the emails from other members. It's not spam when you make an agreement
to trade solicitations with others. There's no trickery to it. Members log in and send their messages according
to the time frame they can send them.

Now the thing about this program in question is the fact it has launched a safe list with some twists.
One being people can earn some significant money with it if they promote it and those they bring in,
purchase. That twist being it's a rather hefty purchase. The other twist is branding end of it which I
have not really looked at. There is some drag and drop features in which members can brand their
page or some such as that.

With safe lists and with just about any mailing, you have to make a strong eye catching subject line.
Just stating 'ClixSense' in the subject line is not going to cut the mustard. Instead, make the subject
interesting or foolish enough that it will grab the eye and people will open it. Opening the message
is over half the battle.

The Joker looks like a Stoner! » Post #9

Tue Jul 24, 2012 09:10 in General Talk

oberder wrote: Got to see the news on cable -- :shock: wondered why the suspect had painted his hair like that ( guess they're planning to plead for insanity so they can get away with it )

He dyed his hair that way because the 'Joker' has red hair. He did that before the shooting.

It seems many notorious killers are very intelligent.

I liked what an old woman said once when ask if she thought tv and video games impacted kids to do killings.
She said 'no, it's bad brains'.

Take two people and raise them in the same type of environment, same parents, same food, everything the same.
One grows up to be a serial killer and the other grows up to be an average member of society.

It's like people that are abused. Many people are abused as children but they grow up to be just fine.
Whereas some grow up to be killers and blame their life on their abuse.

Bad Brains, that's it. :mrgreen:

The Joker looks like a Stoner! » Post #3

Mon Jul 23, 2012 23:31 in General Talk

They said on the news, he wasn't medicated.
At one point they did say his mother was a psychiatric nurse. I wonder if he did take medication and perhaps
had stopped taking it. Whatever the case may be, it's very sad, all the way around.

The Joker looks like a Stoner! » Post #1

Mon Jul 23, 2012 18:25 in General Talk

I don't know about that fellow that thought he was the 'Joker' and gunned down all those people
inside the theater at Colorado. Seeing him on tv, he certainly looked like he was stoned out of his
head. They say he wasn't medicated.

It does make one wonder, what causes an intelligent young man to snap like that.

No. 1 Killer Disease in Your Country? » Post #1

Mon Jul 23, 2012 18:22 in General Talk

What would you say, in regards to disease, is the number one killer in your country?

For example, in the USA, heart disease and cancer are the top killers.

Yes we have....Today..... » Post #10

Mon Jul 23, 2012 18:19 in General Talk

Yes, we have pizza! We have pizza today!

Bweeble » Post #3

Mon Jul 23, 2012 18:16 in General Talk


I don't know why but I joined it several days ago when it launched.

It functions like a safe list. You get tons of emails every day...which go to my spam folder and eventually
get deleted.

I want to say that most people do not read that type of email any more. However, it really wouldn't be
for me to say that. I'd just be taking a guess.

Neither did I have any idea they would send a ton of messages daily. I figured it functioned a bit like a
list builder in that it would limit the number of emails you receive each day to 10 or some such as that.

For the most part, I am not into those kinds of things. In my opinion, safe lists and list builders are pretty
much dead in the water. Very old hat, if you will.

One thing I did notice after CS submittal of it, is that there are a lot of messages with the word 'ClixSense'
in the title. :lol: I think members that utilize such a program need a little education in subject lines.

ClixGrid » Post #2

Mon Jul 23, 2012 08:07 in General Talk

Click in the clixgrid.
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