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Past the point of no return. » Post #20

Sun Sep 20, 2020 16:35 in General Talk


Well, in a way you are correct tasman1.

Some here may not be old enough to remember the pulling of products from the shelves.
Products such as aerosol sprays. They pulled deodorants, antiperspirants, hair sprays,
spray paints, and basically everything that came in an aerosol can. Scientists said at the
time we had made holes in the ozone layer due to aerosol sprays. If you were found with
a aerosol spray can of hair spray in your bath room, you were known as the root of all evil. :lol:

The thing about scientists, they are no different than you and me. They are not God. They
have focused their studies in science but that does not mean they are all knowing. What they
do is theorize. They take what evidence they can find and match it up to whatever they can
find and the result is a theory. A theory is far from fact.

Here's my theory, Prodege needs to get the rug out and fix the survey list once and for all
unless this program is not much more than a testing site to see how many screams they can

Past the point of no return. » Post #13

Sun Sep 20, 2020 06:41 in General Talk

Climate change is real and I don't see how anyone can deny that.

The really big issue is did we cause the climate to change and is there anything we can do about it?

I believe we would have a much healthier world if we stopped the pollution, the digging for oil,
fracking, digging for coal, making plastic for daily living, and instead focus on using solar power,
wind power, and water.

All we have done is cause destruction to this planet in an abundance of ways.
I'm just not too convinced that climate change is one of them. The sun and moon, I believe is the
largest responsible cause. All throughout time there have been climate changes, earthquakes,
and more. Altho only recently have we monitored and kept record of weather, we know this to
be true because of cities we find in the ocean and in the sand, to say the least.

Second dose of Zoster » Post #1

Sat Sep 19, 2020 22:35 in General Talk

I had my second dose of Zoster Shingles vaccine.

It was a very nice cool day. About an hour after I got home, my arm started to hurt but I
expected that. Then I got cold and put a sweater on. Then I got colder and thought to self
'gee, the weather is really turning cold and it's suppose to get down to 49 degrees tonight'.
So I went to the closet and got out a very heavy blanket and put it on the bed. Then I felt
very tired so I thought I'd take a brief nap. When I woke up, I was like a bear that had
hibernated for the winter. I was hot and hungry. I put a pizza in the oven and ate half of it
(4 slices of pineapple pizza). Then I was thirsty like I had been in the Sahara for days so
I drank two bottles of cold water and ate ice cubes.

Well, it's better than getting the shingles.

Bad news for a vaccine - trial on pause! » Post #66

Sat Sep 19, 2020 19:36 in General Talk

This is the thread for burnt out survey heads.

Bad news for a vaccine - trial on pause! » Post #52

Sat Sep 19, 2020 16:45 in General Talk

@Darkstar2 : Since I am older than you, must likely I will be dead before you. If at all possible, I will let you know about my brain waves after I died. Let's see.......If you find a turtle in your window, that means no brain waves after death. If you find a red cardinal in your window, that means my brain was active and I floated above the bed and saw everything.

@Nikorj: In the documentary I watched, some prisoners in India that were in on rape conviction, were ask that question in regards to 'why' and they never answered the question. They avoided the question. Over one third of all male India prisoners are in on a rape charge. Now keep in mind, I am not stating violence or high rates or low rates in various countries. I am simply stating what I have watched in a documentary and what I read online in regards to prisons in India.

Actually South Africa I think has the absolute highest rate of rape crimes.

Rape Statistics By Country 2020

The really ODD and SILLY questions in surveys! » Post #6

Fri Sep 18, 2020 14:37 in General Talk

dutch1898 wrote: And then there are the ones that ask questions that do not provide space to reply to.
Like how many workers in the company you work for and you can not reply that you
do not work or are retired.

Yep, I get that often too, dutch1898.

The really ODD and SILLY questions in surveys! » Post #3

Fri Sep 18, 2020 14:34 in General Talk

Makes one want to throw very large, very ripe, tomatoes at the computer! :lol:

But do it on a partly cloudy day.

TaLong Waiting » Post #3

Thu Sep 17, 2020 08:02 in General Talk




TaChinese Ape Man with nana on the brain.

Problem z ustawieniem plików cookie » Post #4

Wed Sep 16, 2020 20:53 in Polish

It could be whatever add on's you are using.

It could be your anti-virus.

Bad news for a vaccine - trial on pause! » Post #36

Wed Sep 16, 2020 20:50 in General Talk

No one created God. He always was and always is.

We don't have an initial state. We were not created. Adam and Eve was created.
We are all descendants and all of us came about through sin.

Well how many planets, universes, galaxies are there, really? A few? A lot? It
does not matter because whatever the amount is, God created it.

The sabbath would actually be on Saturday. That is the 7th day. Constantine at
one point set the sabbath on Sunday so most religions, or at least protestant religions,
tend to believe Sunday is the day of rest.

There's always been adultery. When Moses went on the mountain, he returned to see
the people partying, have sex with one another, and worshipping a golden idol. The
'flesh is weak'.

Not everyone will die. Some will escape death.

'Chariots of the Gods' might be on Amazon Prime for free watch. The book is better
of course but the movie is worthy.

Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust, is the only known scripture in regards to cremation at all.
As far as I know, the Bible does not state any where what how a body is to be disposed of.
Many cultures have different ways they dispose of the body. For example, what did they do
in Egypt and old Roman times? Mummified and placed in tombs. Many American Indians
cremated their dead and many buried their dead sitting up. Lots of different ways people
disposed of their dead and my guess would be, cremation was probably top of the list.

Hearing is the last thing to go when dying. Therefore, people may in fact hear what is going
on in the room, or in the hall, or in the general area where they are. Some people think the
hearing may get better, more localized, since the other senses are gone. People can visualize
while dying. They might hear something like this:

Doug, I am going outside for a moment to smoke
Ok Shirley, take Amy with you
Alright, you want some coffee?
Sure, bring me two cups on your way back
If anything happens and you need me, I'll be right out the door where the candy machine is

Now then if you are on your death bed, you may hear every word that was spoken and you
may be able to visualize all that. So what happens when you are in recovery and not dying
after all? Well, you might think you were out of your body and saw Shirly and Amy outside
at the door by the candy machine smoking and maybe you saw them come back with coffee.

So when we die we may go before God immediately to be judged or perhaps there is a waiting
room some where. I just hope they have good fruit and some McCaffe coffee.

Bad news for a vaccine - trial on pause! » Post #32

Wed Sep 16, 2020 15:48 in General Talk


In the beginning.....God created the heavens and the earth.

So you see there is a beginning and there is also 'time'.

However, God is NOT a beginning. God is not an end. God is forever and has always been.
That's what people don't understand.

God created everything in 6 days that includes planets. Humans were created on that last day.
God rested on the 7th day.

We don't know how long Adam was in the garden before God created Eve. Maybe a few hours. Perhaps
a few months. Maybe many years. We also don't know how long Adam and Eve both were in the garden.
Maybe they were in the garden for thousands of years. We don't know.

Perhaps free will was given to Lucifer. I don't know and no one really does of course. All we can do is
guess. God knows everything and maybe God chose to not look ahead at Lucifer. Take the good son,
for example. Always good, always trustworthy, always accountable. So no one looks at the good son
when bad happens. It couldn't be the good son because he is good. Little does maw know the good
son is badder than bad UNTIL one day she decides to look.

IF Eve had not sinned, we probably wouldn't be here. We are born into sin.

Even scientist wonder why we don't live forever. Everything about us is made to renew itself. Think
about the largest organ in the It's rather amazing actually. Get a cut on you one day
and you can watch it disappear as soon as it happens, if you have a mind to. Instead, we break down,
bit by bit, with disease, age, etc.

Well, it depends on how you look at it. Seriously. 'Chariots of the Gods' is a book by Kurt Vonnegut.
I am not sure I spelled his name correctly. In his book he explains how God, angels, and so on are
ET's. I shouldn't say 'are' but 'possibilities'. He does that by comparing the scriptures in the Bible
with ET's. For example, Moses at the burning bush. They would not have called a fire from a space
ship a space ship. They'd call it a burning bush. Vonnegut does a terrific job and if you have never
read the book, it's a quick read. Not a big book.

That's the thing, we apply words to stuff and if we look back in biblical times, our words rarely
match up. We have to look at their way of life back then and their language back then, their
culture, especially the Gailieans.

In regards to hell, yep it exists. According to the Bible, some rich guy was thirsty in hell and ask
for a drink of water. To make it short, he was denied because of how he lived and treated poor
Lazarus when alive.

The longer you live, the more hogwash you'll hear. The best thing to do is to read and study the
bible for yourself. Some day it will be gone and you may wish you had.

No, you don't return to an original state in heaven/hell and you do remember your earth life and
you do know and see your friends, relatives, etc. Even in the passage above when the rich man
ask for water and is denied, he ask for Abraham or Lazarus to tell his family that is alive, but they
reply Moses will be preaching and let them hear Moses. The rich man still cries in hell saying what
if they don't know, what if they don't hear Moses. The answer is pretty much = they're screwed.

Naw, our brains are stupid. We just think we're smart. Look around. A piss ant is smarter than

Yep, false prophets and talk of false prophets = nearing end of times.

I imagine everyone is afraid to die to some extent. The exception might be Billy Graham and my
grandfather. :mrgreen:

A lot of people in the world get cremated and it has little to do with expenses. My husband was
cremated per his wishes and I also carried out his final wishes as to where he wanted his ashes
to go.

There are religions that believe a body must be buried in the ground. the Bible says ashes to ashes,
dust to dust. Like I said, the body is simply that, a body. The soul is the living value of that body.
So it does not matter, in my opinion, what happens to the body after death. Bury it, burn it, toss in
the sea, etc. I don't believe the soul stays with the body.

Yes, an entire funeral can be very expensive. The plot itself can be $10,000 or more depending on
the cemetery. Then you may choose to have a vault and if you are going that route it would be
dumb not to have a vault. The vault in the ground can run several thousand dollars. Then there
is the casket and here again, I don't know if one can get a cheaper casket than $5,000 unless for
a child perhaps. In the USA, there are funeral homes that do not charge anything for baby. And
then of course there is all the fees of the funeral, body care, visiting hours, etc.

Even cremation can be expensive. It's not always the cheapest way to go, depending on what you

Valerie again » Post #2

Wed Sep 16, 2020 12:12 in General Talk

Ohhh Ok but he won't see this til he comes back to the forums.


Valerie » Post #6

Wed Sep 16, 2020 12:11 in General Talk

I read your edit.

Try doing what Arvind9 stated and see what they say. If that gets you no where,
come back here and let me know.

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #140

Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:05 in General Talk

What music/song are you listening now? » Post #139

Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:01 in General Talk

Valerie » Post #3

Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:00 in General Talk

What he said sounds like a good plan.

For Valerie » Post #10

Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:24 in General Talk

Yes it is an old picture.

In fact, it is an old picture of me. I know it's over 20 years old at the least.

For Valerie » Post #8

Wed Sep 16, 2020 07:23 in General Talk

pardeeep143 wrote: i think valerie is boy. :?:

Helen Reddy - I Am Woman (1971) - YouTube

Problem z ustawieniem plików cookie » Post #2

Tue Sep 15, 2020 17:41 in Polish

Use a different browser is the simplest solution.

I am confused » Post #2

Tue Sep 15, 2020 11:38 in Your Stats

Your post is not your Stats.
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