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Practice Posting Here » Post #268

Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:21 in General Talk

proadco wrote: Tihs is olny a prcitcae tset.

Did you konw wehn the frist and lsat letetrs are corerct taht aynnoe can sitll be albe to udnersatnd waht the snetnece raeds. Hpoe you fnid tihis irntretsnig as I hvae. Eran csah dilay piad wkeely at Cilxesnse, srpaed the wrdo, erna mroe. It pyas to be atcvie dilay. Hpapy pyaady.

I spupose u r rghit.

Referals » Post #2

Thu Feb 14, 2013 06:42 in General Talk

None of your earnings go any where but to you.

A referral is simply someone that was referred to this site by someone else.

For example, if your friend told you to go down the street and buy a hot dog, and you did, that would mean your friend referred you to that particular place to buy the hot dog.

no reply from clixsense. » Post #2

Thu Feb 14, 2013 06:38 in General Talk

It could be the survey company did not credit your survey for some reason.
In other words, there may have been some sort of a tracking issue or something else and therefore, there would be no record of you having taken it.

How to win $5? » Post #2

Sun Feb 10, 2013 06:18 in General Talk


How many cats do the administrator of clixsense ha » Post #2

Sat Feb 09, 2013 19:38 in General Talk

I think the admins must have thousands of cats! I love cats too! :mrgreen:

Benefit from banner? » Post #2

Sat Feb 09, 2013 19:37 in General Talk

Well yes you do if someone clicks on the banner and signs up, you'll have a referral and earn on their activity.

I'm a newbie!! » Post #38

Sat Feb 09, 2013 19:35 in Member Introduction

akoayako14344 wrote: hi also a newbie and i don't know how to get referrals and earn more...i want to earn more... :)

Well, the first thing I would do is not broadcast that I am a newbie. Seriously, I wouldn't. The internet is full of wonderful people but it's also full of the most ruthless people in the entire world....makes sense if you think about it. So, a hint for you would be to say 'I am new to ClixSense' instead of 'I am a newbie'. Just my opinion for what it's worth. :D

Good downline building sites? » Post #2

Sat Feb 09, 2013 19:32 in General Talk

You might try google and search for downline clubs.

I think you're on the right track because anything you can do freely, to promote and build your organization, within the legal realm of course, is good.

clicsense adds » Post #2

Tue Feb 05, 2013 08:37 in General Talk

Clicking what sponsors?

In regards to the pay to click, the amount varies but it is usually 2 cent, 1 cent, 1/10 of a cent, in regards to the amounts that tend to come up that you can click daily and dependent upon what the advertiser chooses. For example, 30 second ads are 1 cent ads.

how much is the average win per month?! » Post #2

Tue Feb 05, 2013 08:35 in General Talk

I'm not sure there is such a thing as an average win in the ClixGrid.

Contest winnings are always based on advertisers. In other words, there may be more ads purchased one month than the next month and so on.

Yes there is $5 winning amounts also.

Very poor income » Post #3

Mon Feb 04, 2013 08:26 in Your Stats

You can submit a support ticket for refund of the premium membership if you are that disappointed.

PTC Ad Credits - Question » Post #2

Thu Jan 31, 2013 07:28 in General Talk

If you have something to advertise to ClixSense members, you can buy credits and apply
them to the ad you submit.

What is Your Favorite Movie Of all time?? » Post #15

Fri Jan 25, 2013 07:52 in General Talk

There is not much today in the way of movies, that I would say is my favorite.
I lean more to the classics.
Most movies I would never buy because after I watch them once, I have no desire to see them again.

For me, a movie has to have a very gripping tale of something. Whether it be funny or sad or whatever.
It's just got to grab me and hold me there for the duration. It's got to make me think at least a little bit.
Maybe even question myself and my life.

One of my favorite movies of all time is 'Dr Zhivago' a great love story in tragic circumstances.

Most all the old classics, I enjoy and can watch them over and over thru my entire life and never tire
of them. Still, I can usually find something new every time I watch an old classic I have seen a dozen
or more times....movies like :

Arsenic and Old Lace
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Bonnie and Clyde
The Good The Bad The Ugly
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
etc etc etc etc etc.....

Does Clixsense have another site? » Post #6

Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:00 in General Talk

FYI, I already replied to this topic, and I answered the question sufficiently.

What all the other nonsense is in this topic, is bs and not allowed.

This topic is now locked.

help please! » Post #2

Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:56 in General Talk

All is explained in your member area. It's a good idea to click on everything, read it, and discover
your way around ClixSense because there is a multitude of ways to earn such as clicking ads,
earning on direct referrals activities, completing offers, completing tasks, earning more for
upgrading, earning down 8 levels of premium refs, etc.

Does Clixsense have another site? » Post #2

Mon Jan 21, 2013 17:12 in General Talk

They do not have another ptc site.

help! » Post #5

Mon Jan 21, 2013 17:07 in General Talk

zmiller wrote: also can you cash out whenever you want?. or is their a limit. ;)

There is no limit and you may cash out whenever you want to as long as you have the minimum to
cash out available.

help » Post #2

Mon Jan 21, 2013 17:05 in General Talk

As soon as you log into your member area under the account details.
It's in red letters.

Mouse over your user name at the top of this page, then click 'account summary'.

Getting a divorce? Better read this (haha!) » Post #1

Mon Jan 21, 2013 15:12 in General Talk

After 37 years of marriage. Jake dumped his wife for his Young secretary.

His new girlfriend demanded that they live in Jake and Edith's multi-million dollar home and since the man's lawyers were a little better he prevailed.

He gave Edith his now ex-wife just 3 days to move out. She spent the 1st day packing her belongings into boxes crates and suitcases.

On the 2nd day she had to movers come and collect her things.

On the 3rd day she sat down for the last time at their beautiful dining room table by candlelight put on some soft background music and feasted on a pound of shrimp a jar of caviar and a bottle of Chardonnay.

When she had finished she went into each and every room and stuffed half-eaten shrimp shells dipped in caviar into the hollow of all of the curtain rods. She then cleaned up the kitchen and left.

When the husband returned with his new girlfriend all was bliss for the first few days.

Then slowly the house began to smell. They tried everything cleaning mopping and airing the place out. Vents were checked for dead rodents and carpets were cleaned. Air fresheners were hung everywhere.
Exterminators were brought in to set off gas canisters during which they had to move out for a few days and in the end they even replaced the expensive wool carpeting. NOTHING WORKED.

People stopped coming over to visit. Repairman refused to work in the house.

The Maid quit.

Finally they could not take the stench any longer and decided to move.

A month later even through they had cut their price in half they could not find a buyer for their stinky house.

Word got out and eventually even the local realtors refused to return their calls. Finally they had to borrow a huge sum of money from the bank to purchase a new place.

The ex-wife called the man and asked how things were going. He told her the saga of the rotting house. She listened politely and said that she missed her old home terribly and would be willing to reduce her divorce settlement in exchange for getting the house back.

Knowing his ex-wife had no idea how bad the smell was he agreed on a price that was about 1/10th of what the house ha been worth, but only if she were to sign the papers that very day. She agreed and within the hour his lawyers delivered the paperwork.

A week later the man and his girlfriend stood smiling as they watched the moving company pack everything to take to their new home.


Things are meant to be - My Proof » Post #2

Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:10 in General Talk

That is not all. That's barely the beginning. I had typed up the rest but it disappeared so I will cut to the chase.

Remember I said Natalie Wood real name is: Natalie Wood (born Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko; Russian

My daughter grew up to marry a Ukrainian. She's been very happy married for many years.
Guess what my daughters last name is?

Remember I said : Natalie Wood (born Natalia Natalie Wood (born Natalia Nikolaevna Zacharenko; Russian
My daughter....her name is ................ Natalie Zacharko



Remember my second daughter I named Nicola. I don't know why I named her that.
It's pronounced KneeCola as in Coke Cola.... KneeCola

Natalie Wood middle name: Nikolaevna
My second daughter name: Nicola
All one need do is drop the evna to get Nikola

Those of you in the USA, you have got to admit that Nicola is NOT at all common.

I swear and promise I had no idea whatsover what Natalie Wood's middle name was or that she was from Russian
decent. Even so, there is no way I could predict she would marry a man from Ukrainian descent with the almost
identical last name as Natalie Wood real birth name!

There is no such thing as consequence.
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