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Too good to be truth, right? » Post #5

Sat Jan 25, 2020 12:39 in General Talk

That would be with affiliates, Darkstar2 and I did point out in my previous post that
I was not referring to those with refs. I was stating you made good money here without refs.
There are or at least was, plenty of members that made more money here than you. Those
were primarily members with very active refs.

Too good to be truth, right? » Post #3

Sat Jan 25, 2020 12:32 in General Talk

Hmmmm kind of odd.

Do you have the headers to that email?

23/1/2020 - $13.48 earned! » Post #13

Sat Jan 25, 2020 12:28 in Success Stories

Oh good grief.

It's difficult to post anything any more. There is always someone that wants to 'complain'
about what someone posted.

Folks, if you don't like a post or topic, simply ignore it.

That IS what moderators are for. To edit and mark posts for deletion. And if you have a
complaint on a moderator or something else, there is a help desk in which you can submit
a ticket.

Do keep in mind the language differences/barriers. I think some times members read much
more into what is read than what is meant. Not to mention, totally incorrect about what is

Richest people + Tasman » Post #14

Sat Jan 25, 2020 10:30 in General Talk

I don't buy toilet paper, food products, or any of that from Amazon.

What I do buy on Amazon is dog clothes, furnishings, electronics, rent movies.

I do order bulk items thru such as paper products: toilet paper, paper plates,
paper bowls, paper towels, paper napkins. I do order food and drink products
occasionally thru I do buy home decor, furnishings, dog food, and a lot of
different stuff from

My sister and I go out about every other day shopping. As far as online goes, I'd have
to say gets most my business.

Coronavirus and Globalization...tasman1 » Post #17

Sat Jan 25, 2020 10:23 in General Talk

A flu shot can in fact prevent colds.

Vitamins can in fact prevent deficiencies.

The reason why many people die from the flu, is because they have not had the flu shot.

Some people, young and old, may get the flu even if they had the flu shot because of their
deficiencies and immune system.

The coronavirus is said to have resulted from the animal/animals in China.

You see the problem with China is they do not have federal regulations like we have.
They sell food on the streets in open markets. Raw beef, poultry, fish all next and
basically on top of each other. You know what else they sell, live meats and stuff
we would deem not fit to eat and not humane to eat. This is why virus's do most
always come out of China.

23/1/2020 - $13.48 earned! » Post #9

Sat Jan 25, 2020 09:08 in Success Stories

chandramohancc wrote: Thank you Valerie this is what I felt about this forum. All things in this forum seemed funny. Many are giving this sort of funny complaints and contradictory comments which a new member like me will be mistaken. Hence members should be warned to provide stable comments so there will be no abuses as you had from me.

I have no idea what you are saying. You have made abusive posts and I don't know why
and I don't care why. If you are not sure of something, the best thing to do is ask. Not
start posting negatives and abuse posts. You were not even here a couple of weeks when
you started your derogatory comments. I strongly suggest you read the forum rules.

Coronavirus and Globalization...tasman1 » Post #15

Sat Jan 25, 2020 05:58 in General Talk

Yes, get your flu shot.

You really should get your flu shot every year.

There was a time I would never get the flu shot. I'd also get sick every year with at the very
least a bad cold.

Now I get the flu shot every October/November and I never even get a cold.

If you don't ge the flu shot now, they may run out of it later. I cannot stress it enough to get it.

Keep in mind, a weaken immune system is more susceptible to disease.

I don't think people should panic but I do believe they should never under estimate disease/virus.

Get your flu shot, take a good multi-vitamin daily, purchase a box of toss away masks.....the masks
are very inexpensive.

And YES virus does often come out of China.

Coronavirus and Globalization...tasman1 » Post #11

Fri Jan 24, 2020 22:13 in General Talk

I suggest people get their flu shots.

Richest people + Tasman » Post #12

Fri Jan 24, 2020 22:08 in General Talk

I guess I helped Mr Bozo make a buck or two.

Amazon ................tasman1 » Post #41

Fri Jan 24, 2020 10:51 in General Talk

Oh and it is very common for RN's to work 16 hour days regular but it is their choosing in regards
to schedule.

For example an RN may choose employment at the hospital to work three 16 hour days and be
off the rest of the week. RN's pretty much have their choice as to when they want to work. The
nursing profession is always short handed and some years more so than others.

Amazon ................tasman1 » Post #40

Fri Jan 24, 2020 10:46 in General Talk

The other 4 watch and fart. :lol:

Sorry but it made me think of a co-worker back then. Whenever a patient was on the
cornerstone of death, she would request I take her patient and I would. There were
times however, that a patient would pass away without immediate signs. So I would
always go with her to ready the body. She would be extremely nervous and would
fart. :lol: I know it sounds terrible. The first time I heard her do that, I ignored it
for that moment and then she did it several more times. I said my gosh woman, you
better get to the bathroom. She said, no, that is what I do when I must handle a
deceased body.

Nurses are human and they do have a difficult time handling some situations.

No, the childrens wing was not boring at all. It was bad because one would have to
wake little babies up at various times during the night for temp check and to
constantly change their bed due to humidifiers stoaking them.

They did not allow anyone to work over two shifts per day unless it was an emergency.
I did have one time I worked for two days with only small amount of sleep during an
ice storm.

Well, people must work when short handed because sick people need it so if the shift
is short of staff, they request to double shift. Not forced to but it was good money.
Double shifting from graveyard thru day shift was very tiring but one could not get
sleepy because it was so busy.

Mistakes are not so much made during over worked staff because they take extra
precautions. For example the drug room, when a nurse must administer a narcotic,
another nurse must be present in the drug room to review the chart/doctors order
and dosage. A good hospital is not going to allow deathly mistakes.

23/1/2020 - $13.48 earned! » Post #7

Fri Jan 24, 2020 10:27 in Success Stories

It's kind of funny in one way Darkstar2 because you are always complaining about the
earning opportunities here, and more for that matter. Yet, you are a top earner in
regards to the earning options here (not including affiliates).

Of course, like you said, it varies in regards to how much one can earn. I did post
about 'Time' in my tips. Overall, it truly does matter how much time you have in
order to do surveys and tasks.

Also, I have to say if one was to work 3 hours straight, that would be very good.
The issue I believe is that most people either don't have 3 hours straight to do
this stuff online or they spend that much time and more throughout their entire

I do wish everyone had the option to make $500 or more per month on a routine
basis (without refs and without running all over the www to do it).

Amazon ................tasman1 » Post #37

Fri Jan 24, 2020 07:03 in General Talk

I turned the patient by myself.

The only time needing more than one person to turn a patient is in very severe cases.

profile change » Post #2

Fri Jan 24, 2020 06:58 in General Talk

You can update on the PeanutLabs page but other than that, no.

Amazon ................tasman1 » Post #35

Thu Jan 23, 2020 20:04 in General Talk

I've worked over 100 hours per week in nursing plenty of times.
I've worked 16 hour days, for two weeks in a row. So yep, I know.

The last job I had was a social services director in a nursing home. That was about year 1999.
It was a very boring job, by the way.

Yes things change but I am not so out of tune with it. :lol:

Hospitals and nursing homes have always been under staffed. Well, the hospital I worked at for
almost ten years was a very good hospital. I worked mostly grave yard shift and had on average
20 to 30 patients a night. That wasn't too bad. If I worked the children's wing, I would have less
but I did my best to not work that wing. I also hated working in the nursery. I kind of liked working
in critical care the best. I say kind of because there really is no best.

I've never saw 5 to a room. Private rooms and semi-private rooms.

I believe they need to start at the bottom in regards to lowering cost of health care. If everyone
would stop over charging for everything, then most people would be able to afford health insurance.

Amazon ................tasman1 » Post #33

Thu Jan 23, 2020 13:25 in General Talk

Have you considered moving?

My grandparents lived alone. Some time after my grandmother passed away, he did
move in with his youngest son and wife. That was handy because they lived beside
the church. Then my uncle, his son, took over the church as preacher. But he still
could do everything for himself.

Oh I know poor facilities exist and they are being more closely looked at these days.

I worked in health care most my life so I know things are not 'that' bad here in regards
to elderly care. Abuse and neglect is certainly an issue in most any society and where
employment is cut short, unqualified health professionals, etc.

Hospitals work at high capacity for money. Just wait for a holiday, such as Christmas,
it's amazing how fast the hospital has an abundance of available rooms.

Richest people + Tasman » Post #9

Thu Jan 23, 2020 13:12 in General Talk

I didn't realize Jeff Bozo owned The Washington Post until today.

getting bored and tired here » Post #4

Thu Jan 23, 2020 08:54 in General Talk

LL23788 wrote: confused what else to do here, surveys for days or errors, CINT, WANNAD, PEANUT LABS, YOUR SURVEY, TOLUNA, all errors ... how can I make money here, I'm almost bored and tired, maybe it will stop if the situation this goes on, it's really a waste of time, energy, thoughts and costs is definitely ... bored and tired ... :( :( :(

This is the Stats sub forum and I have ask you before to please post in
the appropriate sub forum.

IF you are receiving ERRORS you need to report those. You can do that
by submitting a support ticket to ySense. Also, in addition, there is the
'Bugs' sub forum to support such issues.

I am moving your post to the 'General Discussions' sub forum.

Amazon ................tasman1 » Post #31

Wed Jan 22, 2020 14:51 in General Talk

I disagree because in the USA if someone is elderly and has no one to care for them, they go
into a State run nursing home.

My grandfather lived to be almost 92 and he was never in a nursing home.
My grandmother was in her 80's and she never went to a nursing home.

My ex husbands parents lived to be very old and they never went to a nursing home.

My father in law, he never went to a nursing home and died in his late 80's.
His wife (I never knew) never went to a nursing home.

I know lots and lots and lots of people that grew old and never went to a nursing

Just because you get old, does not mean you go to a nursing home.

Amazon ................tasman1 » Post #29

Tue Jan 21, 2020 22:03 in General Talk

I'd say most people take care of themselves and/or have little help when they get very old.

You see so much about old people in nursing homes but that doesn't mean every old person is in one.
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