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Is it a joke? » Post #5

Sun Oct 20, 2013 16:16 in General Talk

Kraai, my post wasn't a joke but yours is. You said it would take you 8 years to cash out, that is a
joke in my book.

Your post is also a joke because that is your question....and I quote:

"Is it a joke?"

I don't really know what you are asking other than that because you appear to have it all figured
out for yourself, already.

If you get paid more else where for something, then it would make sense, maybe, to do it else where.
I say maybe because most PTC's out there are bullshit. That's not a joke coming from me, it's honesty.

Of course, I am not one so much for comparison. I make several thousand dollars per month in the
free to earn industry. There are people that make much more than I do in the free money industry.
I'm saying, I don't generalize and I don't compromise and I don't compare. I choose to make money period.
Therefore, I might focus on one thing one place and another thing another place. As long as the program
is legit, I do it. I certainly don't go to another place and say hey is this a joke because I get paid more for
an offer over at one place than I do this place.

See what I am saying?

Oh believe me, I know how I come off. I am mean, old, and condescending....just to mention a few
of my horrific personality traits. But you see, I prefer to tell things how they really are and help people
see the light so they can make money to feed their families, pay their bills, etc.

I will add this, in regards to tasks, it seems that CrowdFlower has to see your motivation and your
relentlessness and your effort. It's just a little something I have noticed over time. The tasks you
do at one place, may or may not be the same as tasks you do at another place, even if they appear
to be.

Any good movies lately? » Post #21

Sun Oct 20, 2013 11:14 in General Talk

TasMail wrote: @Val, brace yourself when you do watch Frozen Ground, several times I almost turned it off.
I watched the The Heat last night, OMG it was sooooooooooooo funny I laughed so hard, hope my neighbors did not hear me, I am sending it to Korea to my hubby for him to watch it was well, he is there for 12 months (army duty) and I am going there for 30days soon, just got my passport,, whoooo hooooo.

ps.......... I think I still have some of those heavy speakers in my garage somewhere, aweeeeeeee the way things was made back then, wish they still made a Ford truck with metal and not fiberglass crap! I miss my old truck!! :lol:

I'm mighty sure I wouldn't want to turn it off. Nicholas Cage is one of my favorite actors and Cusack
I enjoy act, as well. The story, I am familiar with. I can imagine why you would say, you almost turned
if off. A pillow might be needed. :shock:

DISH will do that some times, place a new movie on demand and set the price higher than usual. That is
what they did. I ignore when they do that because usually in the next week or two, it will come on the
HD pay per view at regular price. Heck, it's been going on a month, and it's not on the HD yet. Maybe
this week. :roll:

I'm not so much into the transformer movies today but I did watch Pacific Rim last night. It was ok for the kind
of movie it is. I do really like a good sci fi movie but not so much the transformer type movies and this is
sort of what it reminded me of. My favorite part was when Perlman was eaten. :lol:

Has anyone heard of or used a team building site? » Post #4

Sun Oct 20, 2013 09:28 in General Talk

To me, it's just common sense and always has been but obviously, it is not for everyone and that is....

Having some tools and doing your own thing, that is going to get you referrals above and beyond
anything else online.

It's been this way for 20 years that I know of. The age old question, where do I get referrals, how
do I get referrals, is a downline club a good way to get referrals is a team site a good way to get
referrals, etc etc etc.

The question that comes out of my mouth is, what do you mean by good?

No matter what it is, you're usually going to have to dish out something in order to gain the referrals
and that may be work/promoting something or it may be money for advertising/rotator, etc.

A downline club and/or a team programs is not going to get you referrals. You have to do something.
You would have to promote the downline club or team site in order to gain referrals to it and then
hopefully those referrals will join ie ClixSense directly from your link. And/Or, you have to dish out
money to the downline club or team site, to be entered into a rotator or some sort of advertising.

When the general population use programs like ClixSense to make money, there are always those
that would like to make more, have referrals etc. However, they for the most part, don't want to
strategize and dish out a little money to do so.

That's what I taught for years online. How to take the leap, strategize, and make more money
by not going to the bank to do it.

I'll just leave you with this, no matter what you are advertising, no matter what you are focusing
on building, you need to do your own thing, not someone else's. You need your own tools, your
own pages, your own hosting, etc. Stop putting other peoples stuff first. When those other peoples
stuff disappears, guess what, you're outta of business!

Is it a joke? » Post #2

Sun Oct 20, 2013 09:13 in General Talk

I think your post is a joke.

You've been here for a month and you have completed offers, completed tasks, viewed ads.
You obviously know by now how many ads you are guaranteed each day and you obviously
know that ads are geo-targeted, come in thru-out the day.

If you keep up the pace you are presently, since you have already earned about $2.00, you
would be eligible to cash out in 4 months.

Any good movies lately? » Post #19

Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:55 in General Talk

There was a time when I had a couple of the theater speakers. I some times look back and wonder
how much those speakers cost. They were made out of metal and were rather heavy.

I was watching one of the antique shows, in which a couple men travel around looking for old items
to sell in their antique store. They came across an old drive in theater speaker and they thought it
the grandest thing. They bought it. I thought to myself, I use to have a couple of those I could have
sold them. :lol:

TasMail, I've been keeping an eye out for 'Frozen Ground' on pay per view because my man is in it.
It was on 'On Demand' and I wouldn't order it because 'On Demand' is more expensive. I thought
the next week it would be on 'HD' but to this day, it still hasn't appeared on the HD pay per view...
and it's been something like going on 3 weeks since it was on demand.

Usually if I am not sure what a movie is about or if it is going to be good, I go over to youtube and
watch the preview and read some of the comments. Only problem is now most of the comments
you see are by spammers.

I only order on pay per view these days, if It is something I am very interested in seeing. Much of
it is not worth paying for and some of it will come on netflix eventually anyway.

Any good movies lately? » Post #15

Fri Oct 18, 2013 13:04 in General Talk

Drive in theaters were a big hit primarily in the 60's and 70's.

There was a lot of plus's about drive in theaters. For example, as a norm, they showed two movies
and often times, 3. That is, you only paid once to get in, then the movies were shown back to back.
You got more viewing for your money than the usual inside theaters.

Another great feature of the drive in was, you could bring your own beer, whiskey, pot, food, whatever
you wanted. You couldn't smoke pot in a walk in theater and expect to get away with it nor drink booze
in a walk in theater and expect to get away with it.... ushers.

Still yet another great thing about the drive in theaters was that you could simply enjoy the summer
weather. If it was very hot, people would get out and sit on top of their cars, some would bring lawn
chairs and sit in those.

You couldn't have sex very easy at a walk in theater. :lol:

My first husband and I went steady for over two years before we married. He was two years older than
I and had a car. So in our high school years especially, Friday night was pretty much reserved for the
drive in night. We'd go to the drive in and usually meet up with other friends. Most of the movies at
that time that played in the drive in theaters were biker movies and scary movies. Altho Easy Rider was
one of the best movies ever made, in my opinion anyway, theaters ran it into the ground and then would
show one or two off the wall biker movies after it.....very sleazy biker moves with very poor acting.

Of course, there was always the thrill of placing friends and family in the trunk of the car so you could
save on the theater ticket price. I remember once we put my two younger cousins in the trunk and
after we got inside, I wouldn't let them out of the trunk for a bit...they were screaming. :mrgreen:
Well, it was all in good fun.

Any good movies lately? » Post #11

Fri Oct 18, 2013 10:23 in General Talk

ptcscrutiny wrote: Whenever I want to watch good movies, I browse the IMDb Top 250
The Shawshank Redemption and The Godfather series are truly a class apart. These movies will stay in your head for a week or maybe even more. No matter what you do, your mind will keep diverting to some scene from the movie.

Can you believe I saw the Godfather at the drive in when it first came out?
I did.

Like most, the Godfather (first one) is the best. 2 and 3 get a little silly but still very good.

There's a lot of very very good old movies, the classics, that most kids growing up today, don't even think about

If you ever get to see some of the very good old movies, you'll start going out of your way, to locate them.

Today, almost any actor can act. That's because it's mostly about the cosmetics and the filming.

In the old days, you absolutely had to be a good actor period or you didn't get to act.

Any good movies lately? » Post #7

Fri Oct 18, 2013 07:23 in General Talk

The first hangover movie was good, very funny.

The second hangover movie was ok, just not as funny as the first one.

I'm not going to pay to watch the third one. The reviews are rather bad on it.
I'll watch it some time if it comes on tv or netflix.

Some of the movies you mentioned, I have not heard of. Pacific Rim and White House Down....I'll have
to look those up.

How to remove the person that refered me? » Post #6

Thu Oct 17, 2013 11:30 in General Talk

jcboy4444 wrote: yeah but if shes got questions about sumthing she should be able to go to her sponsor, my two referrals always ask me question and I always respond to them within 24 hours, but that's just me!!! 8-)


I will tell you that most affiliate programs online, do not relay the sponsor contact information
and the referral never even knows who the person is that referred them.

A program, no matter what it is, should have complete information, support contact, in which
the referral can ask questions and get answers.

I shop online all the time. People I don't know, referred me to Macys, Amazon, ClickBank, Zappos,
OneKingsLane, JCP, and on and on and on. Not just department stores as I also stated ClickBank.
Not just affiliate programs like ClickBank but may traffic exchanges, safelists, text ad exchanges,
classified ad sites, and on and on and not display any sponsor contact information.

What if YOU worked hard to refer people and for whatever reason, you did not reply to their email.
Maybe you are dead. Maybe you are sickly. Maybe you focus on referring others but you are not
in any way shape or form good at answering questions. Maybe there is a problem with the email
you are using for contact.

Whatever the case may be. Someone, some where, took out their time, to inform you of ClixSense.
Just because you don't get a reply from them, is no reason to be moved to another sponsor. It is
very inappropriate. To top it off, this is not Shaklee or Amway. Its a simple GPT site.

How to remove the person that refered me? » Post #4

Thu Oct 17, 2013 08:49 in General Talk

truehonesty wrote: Ok I am not happy with the person that refered me to this place at first. Why?
Because I e-mail him many time asking questions that have and he didn't reply.
I been waiting waiting and waiting for soo long but nothing from him. So now I
know that my referral wasn't an helpful person. So I wanted to move him out under
my account. Can I closed down my account and start a new one or what should I do?
Any help would be more appreciated... :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

No and I hope they don't allow it because your post makes little sense.

I see you have been a member for over a year! You are now complaining about someone
that introduced you to a way to make free money online, one of, if not the, best way to
make money online, and you're complaining about that!

What the heck do you need your sponsor to do? Your sponsor can't click the ads for you,
can't do the offers for you, can't do tasks for you, can't watch videos for you.

Anything you want to know or need help with is stated at ClixSense FAQ, website, helpful
members at the forum, support forum categories and you can also contact admin at any
time for help thru the helpdesk system.

There is even loads of tips here in how to gain referrals.

You're in the USA, been here over a year, and want to change sponsors just because your
sponsor does not reply to your emails. I find it absurd.

Any good movies lately? » Post #1

Wed Oct 16, 2013 17:14 in General Talk

I watched 'The Heat' last night on pay per view. I was wanting to see it and I did.

It's very funny and if you like a good comedy, you'd probably enjoy it.

Back in the game » Post #4

Wed Oct 16, 2013 17:12 in General Talk

michaelrhazen wrote: I agree. It was frustrating with all the down time. I had missed out on making over $10 for those 2 days, but fortunately I work on other sites as well. However, I make most of my earnings on ClixSense. It all adds up. :thumbup:

Yes it does all add up. That's all you can really do when something like that happens.
Either take some time away from the computer yourself or do something else with your
time to make up for it else where.

New stuff that is good for you ? » Post #1

Wed Oct 16, 2013 17:10 in General Talk

Ok, I will admit it, I smell like a walking almond joy bar.

It's not that I heard anything about organic coconut. It's just that while looking around on ebay one day,
I saw a very long list of reviews for a jar of organic coconut. Reading the reviews, statements about eating
it on toast, slathering it on the body, using it as a facial moisturizer, cooking with it, using it as a hair oil,
frying foods in it.....and the list goes on and on.

I bought it.

I have not used it for anything but a facial moisturizer when at home. I wouldn't dare leave the house
with it on because firstly, I smell like an almond joy and secondly, my face looks like an oil rag.

More recently, I read an article about making coconut cream yourself.
Basically, all you do is put the shredded coconut, that you buy in a bag, in a food processor with a little

There's a lot of new ideas and new things out today that is suppose to be good for you.
It's almost amazing the number of things.

Can you name some or swear by any?

How about some trivia?? » Post #9

Wed Oct 16, 2013 17:00 in General Talk

rankokit wrote: :lol: :lol: :lol: We had a quiz night at my local pub tonight and this was one of the question , took 30 people more than 5 minutes to figure it out .... and the beer didn't help either :mrgreen:

I am not even sure how I figured it out and in reality, I didn't because I said 'Fluffy'. I did not even
think about it being one too many letters until I saw the other moderator reply of Fluff.

Back in the game » Post #2

Wed Oct 16, 2013 15:04 in General Talk

It obviously wasn't a vacation and that is a lot to deal with when a DNS change is taking place.

How about some trivia?? » Post #7

Wed Oct 16, 2013 14:17 in General Talk

Oh hells fire!

Fluff :o

Go figure! :kitty:

How about some trivia?? » Post #6

Wed Oct 16, 2013 14:15 in General Talk

rankokit wrote: 2. 5 letter word, 3 of them are "F". Find the word.... :P

5 letter word
3 of them are F
Find the word


errrr no .... hmmmm....

FFFgo :?

now wait a second wait a second..... 5 letters in a word and 3 of them are F.....3 of what are F....the word or the letter........ohhhh myyyy.....errrrr.......gawwwww it hurts my brain sooo bad. OUCH! :shock:

Friggin Frackin Froggin Fraternity Farts noooo WAIT! 5 letter word and three of them are F ...... okkkk I got it....

FoFiFeeFum 8-) Ah shet fire! Naw that can't be it. That's 4 F's not 3. FiFiFo

FIFIFO I hear the drum of a dumdum. Eh.

WAIT, I got it!!!

FLUFFY! That was the name of one of my first cats I ever had when I was a child. Awwww how'd ya know?


can i do the offer from my laptop » Post #3

Wed Oct 16, 2013 09:43 in General Talk

Yes there are offers that appear some times when you are using a mobile product
that you wouldn't have seen otherwise.

lenovo tablet » Post #3

Tue Oct 15, 2013 16:13 in General Talk

No don't really need help. Just wondering if anyone else had one, seems to be very nice.

Straying from a Good Thang - Inactive Refs » Post #3

Tue Oct 15, 2013 16:11 in General Talk

The above is an example.
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