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Won $ 0.10 » Post #2

Thu Nov 07, 2013 08:54 in Success Stories


it's $0.50 for me » Post #2

Thu Nov 07, 2013 08:53 in Success Stories


My ClixGrid Prizes :) » Post #2

Thu Nov 07, 2013 08:53 in Success Stories


Hey, are those your kids?

I'm kidding! :mrgreen:

Strawberry shortcake kids! :P

ClixGrid » Post #2

Thu Nov 07, 2013 08:52 in Success Stories

The extra chances are rather easy to get but they can help in winning a cash prize.

Completed an Offer! » Post #2

Thu Nov 07, 2013 08:51 in Success Stories

Great! Just keep an eye on the offers because you never know when you will get some to do.

When to do my first cash out? » Post #2

Thu Nov 07, 2013 08:20 in General Talk

Why don't you just click the cash out button now?

Can i click Clixsense ads with an android phone? » Post #5

Thu Nov 07, 2013 07:07 in General Talk


checks. » Post #2

Wed Nov 06, 2013 17:42 in Payment Proofs

This is what it says and you'll find this info in the FAQ....

"Checks are mailed only once a month on or before the 10th of the month to the postal address on your profile, so please make sure you request your cashout at the beginning of the month and that the information on your profile is accurate. Checks are valid for a period of 60 days from the date of issuance. It is the responsibility of the recipient to cash or deposit checks in a timely manner consistent with the 60-day time frame. Any check not cashed within the validity time frame is subject to cancellation."

Notice that it says 'mailed'. Ok, what day is the 10th this month? It's Sunday. Mail does not
run on Sunday in the USA.

I've never really thought about it because I always assume I will get it when I get it and I have
always got it. :mrgreen:

My guess is, they'll actually do the checks before Sunday.

Have you seen this? » Post #4

Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:26 in General Talk

All I can tell you is, it works fine for me.

Have you seen this? » Post #2

Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:35 in General Talk

It probably has to do with your computer/browser.

I hate gvo but I don't have freeze problems accessing their web pages.


Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:29 in General Talk

I won $5.00 in the ClixGrid the other day. Want to know how?

Well what I didn't do:

-I did not make a design
-I did not click the 4 corners
-I did not click any corners
-I did not cross my fingers
-I did not stand on my head
-I did not even pay attention to what blocks I clicked

What I did do, is click 20 times in the grid and some where in the first 10 or so, I won $5.00.

As soon as you people realize you don't have to do some sort of crazy thing to try and win, that
is probably when you will win.

New Member To The Website.... » Post #2

Wed Nov 06, 2013 08:20 in General Talk

You have to read the instructions for tasks, carefully. Tasks change frequently and some are
easier to do than others. If you've never done tasks before, start by trying the easy ones, the
one's for 1 cent. All of them give complete instructions so if the task looks difficult, click the
'give up' and try a different task.

No one here can do the work for you. You have to do the work yourself. Just remember to
always read the instructions carefully and do as it says to do.

Also, it is a good idea to read in the 'Tasks' forum category here because members help each

65 clixgrid clicks & nothing won » Post #13

Tue Nov 05, 2013 20:44 in General Talk

I won $5.00 in the ClixGrid the other night....just a few days was the first time I
won $5.00.

So ya just never know. It's nice when you win something in the clixgrid but like I said, it is
the checklist daily bonus that I am after and that is one of the requirements, to click 20 times
in the grid.

Off topic » Post #4

Tue Nov 05, 2013 20:41 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
michaelrhazen wrote: Hi, Everyone.

How is everybody? Still going strong in ClixSense. I would like to know your current opinion of . Is it worth the investment?

Check my stats and see for yourself:

BTW, there is no investment to make here, you can earn for free. Obviously as a Tier 1 country, even
without referrals you can reap the benefits from a yearly upgrade particularly if you do lots of tasks and offers.
It pays for itself rather quickly. I can testify that I have earned over $130 in checklist bonus, and recover my
$17 premium within a matter of a few days. So yes investment of time and money definitely worth it, whether
as a member or advertiser, a *REAL* PTC site, not a ponzi, I guess since 2007 and actions speak louder than

He was asking about a particular program which I edited out of his post.

smart phones » Post #2

Tue Nov 05, 2013 20:40 in General Talk

Usually some of it will work ok on them. I have used apple mini iPad and android tablets and also
iPod touch 4th generation.

Clicking the PTC ads and ClixGrid ads is kind of weird on some of it but its not difficult to figure out.

I have completed a few surveys using my iPad but some don't work.

Off topic » Post #2

Tue Nov 05, 2013 17:42 in General Talk

You'd need to do a search such as in google and or other search engines.

This is ClixSense.

65 clixgrid clicks & nothing won » Post #10

Tue Nov 05, 2013 05:49 in General Talk

jcboy4444 wrote: Lol what's wrong with this guy

I think we are getting more and more children joining ClixSense. Seriously.

People the age of 17 upwards can join ClixSense.

I know there are those that join that are much younger than 17.

Some times I think people like playing dumb. I mean seriously, it plainly explains
how the ClixGrid works, that it's more or less a 'Game' and that you might win and
you might not, that it's just chance.

I guess I get aggravated some times because I see people working so very hard.
People that really need the money badly. For example, many people in Bangladesh
struggling to make cents in hot factories. Even people in the USA that are struggling
in todays insane economy. To say clicking 65 5 second ads in a grid is hard work, is
bazaar to me.

Clicking a mouse is not work. Clicking a measly 65 times in the grid is not work.
Clicking 65 times in the grid is basically one round for an upgraded member that
wins 5 extra tries.

To top it off, people are not forced to click in the grid. People are not forced to do
anything here but the grid is of course, totally optional in that you could click in there
every day for the next twenty years and not win a cent if you are unlucky.

I've got a post here some where in which I timed it and relayed exactly how long it
takes to click in the grid. It depends on your internet speed of course. I always
click at least my 20 tries so that I can focus on the checklist bonus.

5 seconds x 20 clixgrid ads = 100 seconds which is 1 minute 40 seconds. To be
realistic since some ads may not load immediately, we can easily round that off to
2 minutes.

If you were to click all 60 tries you would probably spend about 5 or 6 minutes.

I had a very good online friend for years and unfortunately I never got to meet him
in person. He died a few years ago. He was a ClixSense member too. What people
did not realize is, he was quadriplegic. He clicked the ads with a straw in his mouth.
He also had his own website and altho I helped him with it, for the most part, he
managed it all by himself, all with a straw. He never complained about anything.

Change of Time » Post #6

Tue Nov 05, 2013 02:26 in General Talk

dukuntekno wrote: wonder why i dont't find any notification about DST from ClixSense ;)

jontwosix wrote: hi how do i find out if my sponsor is active?
chana123j wrote: Im new for this .how i increase my adds..plz help me..
you both are out of topic lmao

Does anyone eat peanut butter?

65 clixgrid clicks & nothing won » Post #7

Mon Nov 04, 2013 22:32 in General Talk

I have clicked about 10,000 times in the ClixGrid and I have won a total of about $10.00

HOWEVER and that is a BIG HOWEVER, I get every day the Free Checklist Bonus and usually
that amount is any where of .50 cents to 3.00 dollars.

Sooo those that know how ClixSense works, knows the daily checklist bonus is very important part
of their earnings because it can add up significantly. Even if a member is only getting a free .10
cents a day checklist bonus, that's an extra $3.00 a month, free.

65 clixgrid clicks & nothing won » Post #5

Mon Nov 04, 2013 16:02 in General Talk

Fester1 wrote:
valerie wrote: :lol:

You got to be kidding me.

You only clicked in the grid 65 times and think that is a lot of work?

Not as much work as sitting around on a forum all day posting snippy comments.

For someone that has been a member for almost a year, has completed almost 1,500 tasks and 326 offers,
to make a statement like you did, is absolutely hilarious. If you want to say I make snippy comments, that
is fine because it makes about as much sense as your original post.
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