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Posts by valerie

Beautiful line » Post #3

Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:49 in General Talk

The point is, to stay close to some one.

Referral commissions » Post #2

Thu Nov 28, 2013 21:22 in General Talk

Click on affiliates above to see exactly how much you earn.

Upgrade Must be Compulsory/Mandatory » Post #12

Thu Nov 28, 2013 08:53 in General Talk

Darkstar2 wrote:
valerie wrote: I don't know how he upgraded due to the inflation but I guess he got some of that money Obama has been printing. :roll: :mrgreen:

Are you suggesting he received some of that bail out money ? lol !

No, I'm saying his insurance plan was canceled due to ObamaCare even tho Obama stated he
could keep his present insurance plan AND some how he got his hands on some of that money
Obama has been printing.

He would needed to be a very wealthy person that did not need any money, in order to get the bail out. :roll:

Happy Thanksgiving! » Post #2

Thu Nov 28, 2013 06:56 in General Talk

Happy Thanksgiving!

I Don't Want Any More Clixsense Referrals » Post #15

Wed Nov 27, 2013 08:28 in General Talk

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.......however......

If you explain to the horse, what water is, why he needs it, what it will do for him....

-Horsie, you will live a long life drinking water
-Horsie, your mane will grow full when you drink water
-Horsie, you'll be the bell of the ball when you drink water
-Horsie, you'll run faster when you drink water
-Horsie, you'll grow big and strong when you drink water

So are you doing the above?
Or are you doing:

-Horsie, go to the water hole

Upgrade Must be Compulsory/Mandatory » Post #10

Tue Nov 26, 2013 22:20 in General Talk

I don't know how he upgraded due to the inflation but I guess he got some of that money Obama has been printing. :roll: :mrgreen:

I don't like this ad » Post #2

Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:27 in General Talk

Oh come on, do you really believe that?

Of course it is not true. There is no such thing as a memory wipe unless perhaps the person
is having a lobotomy which is illegal in the USA, by the way. :mrgreen:

There are a lot of reasons why that is an article being promoted. A few might be:

- Traffic - simple marketing ploy to increase traffic

- College Discovery - students and people from organizations often perform studies to get
reactions and study the reactions they get

- Fruit Cake - the writer is a nut

- etc

There are gazillions of reasons why that is wrote and being promoted. However, there is no
scam or fraud to it that I can see. You even said yourself, who knows if the story is true...
my guess is, it is not true because if you read it closely, you'll realize it does not make sense.

Post your favourite hobbies here » Post #6

Tue Nov 26, 2013 08:14 in General Talk

jigsaw puzzles
refinishing old furniture

Confusing ! » Post #4

Tue Nov 26, 2013 08:13 in General Talk

It depends on how you look at them.

I can see four and If I look at them a different way, I can see three.
Primarily it has to do with the lines between spaces.

1 Cent for 4 minutes » Post #2

Tue Nov 26, 2013 08:08 in General Talk

I've sent you a warning and I hope you take heed to it.

At first, I found these comments hilarious coming from you but they have gotten
very old. It's past time for you to stop.

Try using a little bitty bit of common sense. Can you muster up some?

President Obama has absolutely nothing to do with ClixSense or the amount of
earnings members can make at ClixSense.

Getting paid for tasks online, has been going on for many years, probably while
you were still in diapers.

Members get paid according to what the survey/offer/tasks/etc is. These are
by various companies, not owned by ClixSense.

Why not look to your own country for bs instead of someone else's!

You post political comments one more time and I see it, I will give you enough
warnings that will boot you out of this forum, forever.

No reward even after 600 ClixGrid Click » Post #48

Sun Nov 24, 2013 21:03 in Your Stats

They could do away with the clixgrid and daily bonus.

Topic closed.

Earning with viewing adds » Post #2

Sun Nov 24, 2013 16:11 in General Talk

The following is a comparison chart that explains:

My Account: Premium Account - ClixSense

Ripped Off » Post #3

Sun Nov 24, 2013 08:19 in Success Stories

Seventh, you posted in the wrong forum category.

Topic Locked.

Ripped Off » Post #2

Sun Nov 24, 2013 08:17 in Success Stories

Well you're full of it and you make no sense at all.

First of all, if you were a premium member your account would not have canceled.

Secondly, it plainly states in the terms, inactivity for 90 days will mean the member
is inactive and funds in the balance is forfeited.

Thirdly, you could have contacted ClixSense and let them know that you were having
issues. You could have done that by using your or someone else's cell phone, using
a computer at a kiosk locale, at a friends house, etc.

Fourth, ClixSense is not your daddy. You are an adult or you're suppose to be, that
means you are liable for your own actions.

Fifth, you got about as much sense as a horses arse. If you are that disturbed over
a few bucks, then you certainly would have made arrangements to contact them.

Sixth, if you had acted as a normal human being, and even now submitted a support
ticket explaining, they probably would have overlooked your stupidity and put the
funds back in your account.

Clean your computer screen - best technique ! » Post #14

Sat Nov 23, 2013 14:10 in General Talk

Awwww I want that doggie!

I've never had an inside house dog and I have been wanting a little bitty in house dog.

I'm not sure how my inside house cat would like it tho. :?

You begin from the last letter of the previous pos » Post #4292

Sat Nov 23, 2013 09:30 in General Talk

Very long with over 200 pages so time to lock it up.

5 Letter Words » Post #2781

Sat Nov 23, 2013 09:28 in General Talk

Ok this one has gotten really long with almost 140 pages so time to close it.

I hit $30 in ONE DAY » Post #65

Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:35 in Your Stats

kwhalen wrote: Hi,
this is for teammoneyonline, you are the one that earned $30 in one day?
How many hours did you work?
Yesterday I worked for at least 7 hours and made a huge amount of almost six, 6, dollars.
Do you often make that amount of money or was it so unexpected that you had to post it?
I often wish I could get a decent job instead of doing slave labour!!!!

No offence clixsense or crowdflower, just saying!
tiredly yours,

Karen, is someone else using your ClixSense account or what is going on with you?

If you are the same Karen, I know, I have known of you online for several years or perhaps
longer than that. Your postings in this thread is very confusing to me.

You keep posting that you don't know how to post, yet you are continuously posting.
In regards to you actually starting the topic you would go to that forum category dependent
upon the subject you want to start, and click into that forum category, then click at the top
left 'post topic'.

You've been a member almost 8 years, Karen. I see you have completed many offers and
surveys. It's obvious you know how ClixSense works and how to make money within.

The member that started this topic, is not in your country and does not receive many offers.
However, he is making good money by completing as many tasks as he can each day.

You can of course always click the HELP DESK above at the top of this page to your right,
and submit a help desk ticket if you are not getting the answers or help you need. ClixSense
always replies readily.

Clixsense and High inflation » Post #3

Fri Nov 22, 2013 07:41 in General Talk

How old are you, 2?

People have always wanted high paying jobs.

What has that got to do with your referral numbers? Are you saying they all left for a high paying job? :lol:

I have not viewed any post by any members here asking what time a casino opens. sides are hurting already.....ouch!...quit that!...stop tickling my gizzard!

I Don't Want Any More Clixsense Referrals » Post #9

Fri Nov 22, 2013 07:35 in General Talk

ancient350 wrote: I had some 100 referrals and now I have 6 active referrals only.

There is high inflation because of money printing from Obama admin so people want high paying jobs/work.

You got to stop, you're cracking me up. :lol:
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