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Completing » Post #2

Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:53 in Success Stories


Rented Referrals » Post #2

Tue Oct 29, 2013 08:09 in General Talk


true story - walking the dog » Post #1

Mon Oct 28, 2013 19:18 in General Talk


A woman was flying from Seattle to San Francisco. Unexpectedly, the plane was diverted to Sacramento along the way.

The flight attendant explained that there would be a delay, and if the passengers wanted to get off the aircraft the
plane would re-board in 50 minutes.

Everybody got off the plane except one lady who was blind. A man had noticed her as he walked by and could tell the lady was blind because her guide dog lay quietly underneath the seats in front of her throughout the entire flight.

He could also tell she had flown this very flight before because the pilot approached her, and calling her by name, said, "Kathy, we are in Sacramento for almost an hour. Would you like to get off and stretch your legs?"

The blind lady said, "No thanks, but maybe Buddy would like to stretch his legs."

Picture this:

All the people in the gate area came to a complete standstill when they looked up and saw the pilot walk off the plane with a guide dog for the blind! Even worse, the pilot was wearing sunglasses!

People scattered. They not only tried to change planes, but they were trying to change airlines!

True story.


ySense Forum Moderators » Post #130

Mon Oct 28, 2013 17:21 in Member Introduction

jadelady wrote: HI Val I am Arnita/ jadelady I have been with you for five weeks the pennys came in fast for two weeks to the tune of 100.00 which I have not received yet But iam looking forward to getting I like this system it is giving something to look forward to each day my life is not so dull now.javascript:;

Eh, you're my kind of person! Life can be rewarding and we can add more fun to it when we
focus our brains in the right it doesn't hurt to make some money while we're
at it! :P

Payment in Games » Post #2

Mon Oct 28, 2013 17:17 in General Talk

I don't know what ClixSense gets paid for displaying games with advertising. I suppose they get
paid something.

There is something to think about in regards to what ClixSense has to pay. I'm just saying that
often times people don't take into consideration the money going out of a program in which nothing
is coming in from it.

For example, various fees, such as check processing, etc.

A very big fee is usually paying a programmer. Even a bigger fee when you keep the programmer

Then of course there is hosting/servers. That can be a huge outlay.

So I think that ClixSense would pay the player something if the money wasn't going else where.
Do you know what I mean?

Of course, I am just doing my own thinking and guessing, that whatever may be coming in from
game playing, may help in covering bonuses to members, hosting costs, fees, and stuff like that.
Which actually results in everyone making more money.

payout » Post #2

Mon Oct 28, 2013 14:19 in General Talk

Help you with what?

What is Networking? Fraudster Dream? » Post #1

Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:50 in General Talk

: the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically : the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business
: the establishment or use of a computer network

First Known Use of NETWORKING: 1967

The above is according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Online often people are referred to within their own group, as networking. Take ClixSense for example.
ClixSense is owned an operated by a family. That specific family is a group. That group is a network.

Networking can be very good and it can be very bad, depending upon the network.

Some people form networks to get a head, to make money, to achieve some sort of purpose.

Some years ago a software was developed to focus on doubling a persons money. The software became
popular since it was so cheap to buy, and before you know it, the 'Doubler' industry was formed. It
seemed there was a doubler program online, every where you looked. Of course, doublers did not last
long because a person cannot keep doubling his money without new money constantly coming in. The
only way for constant money to come in, is thru constant new members joining.

What happen was, people would get together and network the doublers. This was done in a variety
of ways. Because a doubler script cost money and the money was for one license, a new script must
be purchased each time a doubler was started. So Mike, Bob, Ted, Alice might get together and split
the cost of the script, split the profits, Mike does the work. As profit flows in, Mike, Bob, Ted, Alice
again, purchase a second script, split the profits, Alice does the work. As profits flow in, again,
Mike, Bob, Ted, Alice, split the profits and Bob does the work. Finally, the first doubler has stalled,
no more money coming in, so they kill it off...POOF its gone. Now they all go in together again,
purchase another script, and so on. This is what I call a 'fraudsters Dream'. It's a network. A
group of people focusing on something, working together, to achieve a common goal.

Networks can be good.
Networks can be bad.

This is why it is very important to know who you are working with. Don't ya think? Of course.

So you go out there and join a PTC. Someone name Carl owns it. That is all you know. Are you
seriously going to give Carl your time or your money?

Mostly, I am just explaining to you how networking works, how it can be good and how it can be
bad. I am also telling you that is why its important to have security in place to protect against
fraudsters and people that network to cheat other people. This is one reason why ClixSense
implemented the 'first payout must be by check' for a few countries. This prevents cheaters
and cheat networkers.

$14.60 in ONE DAY » Post #10

Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:04 in Your Stats

If you'd been premium you would have made more because premium members earn 12% checklist bonus.

What a day at clixsense. » Post #7

Sat Oct 26, 2013 13:42 in General Talk

There's several new paid to call's listed in there today, if you do those.

What a day at clixsense. » Post #3

Fri Oct 25, 2013 17:34 in General Talk

That's pretty much the way it is with most things in life, if you think about it.

I've always been kind of amazed at the expectations people have online but I do think that is changing
a bit.

What I mean is, there are a lot of people that EXPECT to make a lot of cash, in a short period of time
AND what really takes the cake, is they expect it to happen for them without much work.

To take that even further, a lot of people even DEMAND it. They think just because they joined something
and/or paid a few dollars for something, they have the right to demand everything.

It's kind of weird when you think about that because......

How often do people make demands on their boss at their offline job? People will drag themselves out
of bed, get ready for work half asleep, get in a car or bus or what have you to get to work. They do it
day after day, punch the time clock day after day, year after year, rarely make any demands on anything
at their offline job, and seldom even get a raise.

Maybe all that online demanding and expectations wouldn't be too bad if the same people really had
the experience and knew what they were doing, knew what they were to expect, really have normal

Take ClixSense, a perfect example of a great way for free to make extra money. Even with the upgrade,
it's mighty low cost. Yet, hardly a day goes by that someone isn't complaining about something here and/or
demanding something here.

.....bottom line, most people do get what they deserve.....and usually those that work hard, gain the
most success. After all, we know that a rolling stone, gathers no moss.....errr.....Bob Dylan? :mrgreen:

Good days and Bad days, online and offline, such is life.

 OS X Mavericks released. Upgrade for Free! » Post #12

Fri Oct 25, 2013 08:19 in General Talk

Yes I have launchpad but was wondering what you had, a MAC or something else.

I don't have an IPhone so I don't know what kind of set up they had on those.

Most difficult part of Daily Checklist » Post #21

Thu Oct 24, 2013 19:59 in General Talk

dehawkinz wrote: My appologies Valerie

I took the context of the inclusion of my comment as a reference to what I said, and that your comments were meant as an observation on them.

I neither took offence, nor meant offence in my reply. I was trying to illustrate that we are working to different outlooks.

And I am in agreement, more time is what leads to more money. there are too many people who believe the 'work an hour and earn mega-buck' hype that is so frequently peddled.

and please don't go, I appreciate your insights as a lady who has seen the coming and going of internet millionaire wannabes and is still standing.

Apology accepted.

Most difficult part of Daily Checklist » Post #19

Thu Oct 24, 2013 14:34 in General Talk

dehawkinz wrote: Valerie, If you have the time to be able to work longer online then thats great, but not everyone has - I have a job that pays my bills.
I would be plain stupid to give up my job, just so I have more time to work online. I have responsibilities beyond just myself, and includes paying my bills and providing for my family :)

If you think working only the time I have available online is something that makes you laugh, then I am pleased to have provided you with some humour for your day.

I am working towards a specific goal, and the plan is progressing steadily. Like you say, there is no sense in over-stretching yourself financially. and yes, it will take time to get to where I am going, but I am getting there :)
this totrtoise is an endurance runner :)

I don't know what was so difficult to understand about my comments. I said it takes time and I never
said anything about YOU in particular. I was referring to myself and how it takes a lot of time to work

My gosh. I think I am simply going to stop making any comments or trying to help anyone at this forum
any more. It really is a big turn off to try and help someone and get slapped in the face. I don't know if
people don't bother to read or what it is.

I never said a word about your job or you. Good grief!

E-mail sent to referrals to build future success » Post #11

Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:36 in General Talk

Let me know if you want me to rip your message apart. :lol:

 OS X Mavericks released. Upgrade for Free! » Post #10

Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:32 in General Talk

What are you using mavericks on? Phone, laptop?

Because I always have finder on my MAC. I have not looked at everything in regards to the mavericks yet.
I probably won't use the ibooks much on MAC but I do use it some what on the iPad.

Most difficult part of Daily Checklist » Post #17

Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:25 in General Talk

dehawkinz wrote: I would have to agree that probably Tasks/Offers is the hardest part for me.

initially it was not hard, I signed up with all the survey/offers companies and no problem, but now I have done most of the signup companies so they are not valid for me. Like most people around 90% maybe more of surveys filter me out - it can be very frustrating when they do that mid-survey and you still get no reward. Yesterday I got lucky and hit 2 50 cent surveys that I qualifed for (one was for my own bank and one was for microsoft). Like Kreacher I always seem to fall foul of the 'no social life' syndrome :) I work, and have other commitments which means I only get maybe a 90 minute window of opportunity on my computer.

I always do the video offers on peanut labs when they are available, they may only pay 1 or 2 cents, but I can make a drink while they are playing :) Of 49 completed offers, 1 was, 2 were download, 36 were videos, 3 were surveys, 7 were signups.

most I did in a day was 10, least was 0, average is probably 3

The clix grid is the least rewarding - I have earned 20 cents for 775 clicks - thats an average of 0.025 cents per click

but I don't do this to pay the bills, it will just about cover my TrafficWave monthly fee and that is starting to make me money now :)

TW is one of the best programs online, in my opinion.

In regards to making money online in this type of industry, for the most part, takes 'time'.

I can't do anything but laugh when I see/read stuff about working online only one or two hours a day.
It doesn't matter how automated you get things, if you really want to make the money, it's going to take
you more than an hour or two a day. Even after having as much automated as you can, there is still
times you have to review those things, update them, answer emails, etc

I do work online to pay my bills. Altho I have bills, I don't have major bills any more. If I can't pay
for something with cash, I usually don't buy it. I don't have a vehicle payment. I don't have a house
payment. And today, the free to earn industry pays for my trash bill, my health insurance, my life
insurance, my house insurance, my vehicle insurance, my groceries, and more. Other online industries
such as TW, GDI, go into a savings account.

The internet has been a very good place for me to work. However, one thing is absolutely for sure....
it does take TIME and a lot of it.

Most difficult part of Daily Checklist » Post #15

Thu Oct 24, 2013 08:11 in General Talk

Kreacher wrote: I am doing better, valerie. No excuses being made. Just being honest. I know that is hard to believe in today's world. People will be :shock: . I understand that I will not qualify for most of the surveys. I do keep trying. I've made over a dollar today. Actually, close to two dollars with the bonus. That's better than I had been doing. :thumbup:

If you have the time, just keeping trying like I said. You will get them. Some days are better than others.

Always check thru the PeanutLab offers list, too. Some days there are very easy offers added that usually
don't pay much but it all adds up.

E-mail sent to referrals to build future success » Post #9

Thu Oct 24, 2013 08:02 in General Talk

Yes that is correct. I should have realized (b) was still referring to employees.

He said:

The bits taken from the user agreement and the faq are not related. The user agreement bit is about ClixSense staff and their family, not users.

 OS X Mavericks released. Upgrade for Free! » Post #7

Wed Oct 23, 2013 18:50 in General Talk

I have finally got it installed. Took over 4 hours to download and almost an hour to fully install.

My books from my iPad were automatically in the new ibooks on mac. Looks like some other
things from my mini iPad is there too, such as maps.

E-mail sent to referrals to build future success » Post #6

Wed Oct 23, 2013 16:55 in General Talk

I see where you are confused.

They really should define that differently because here is the confusion as I see it:

In an effort to ensure the integrity of the ClixSense advertising program, the persons in any of the following categories are NOT eligible to participate in the ClixSense program in the capacity of ad viewer:

Well there is more here now than just viewing ads.

and then this:

(b) persons who are immediate family (defined as mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son or spouse) of any person in any of the preceding categories, regardless of where they live. Nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit a person’s right to maintain a ClixSense account for advertising purposes nor does this policy restrict the promotion of a person’s affiliate link.

Sounds sort of contradictory. This is all you pasted here so I don't have the entire thing in front of me to
see if it says more on this topic. At any rate, I will send them a question about this because it may need
updated. According to (b) it's not prohibited in regards to advertising or promoting. Kind of weird.
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