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Posts by valerie

who are moderators? » Post #3

Mon Apr 14, 2014 07:22 in General Talk

In addition, topics are often locked when the issue was resolved.

As to your question, I've owned a few forums over the years.
ClixSense Forum Moderators | ClixSense Forum

Topic Locked.

New Member - I Am » Post #2

Thu Apr 10, 2014 15:04 in Member Introduction

You don't need a sponsor. A sponsor is just an affiliate that is a member just like you are a member.

You have a sponsor one way or the other. You would have been referred by another member or you
would have enrolled at the corporate site directly under admin.

Targeting for Gaining Referrals » Post #1

Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:22 in General Talk

Listen, I am really very busy right now. I'm trying to get my house finished and moved
in before summer ends. However, I wanted to take a moment to point something out as
it seems some have a hard time gaining referrals.

You really will do much better if you take the time to create a page and explain NOT only
what and how CS works, but what they can do with THEIR FREE MONEY they make.

Some times you have to wave the flag high for people to see it.

Look at this:

Hey, go join ClixSense because it's free and you can make money and its wonderful.

Now look at this:

I got that sparking new shiny grill I wanted for entertaining this summer and it didn't
cost a dime! Next month I am going to buy a new futon for my den and it won't
cost me anything either! Want to know my secret? Well keep reading....

The above is simply an example. There are many other ways you can begin your paragraph
for your promo page. You must focus on grabbing their attention very quickly. THINK about
what would keep you interested and keep you continuing to read. Place some images on your
page of stuff you have bought with your ClixSense money.

You can then proceed to explain CS and how they can earn money to buy the things they
want and need. DON'T be afraid to discuss items like groceries in that ClixSense can help
them earn extra money to cut down on their grocery bill........and headers like....


Good luck. :thumbup:

Premium Team » Post #6

Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:06 in General Talk

Try creating a blog or a web page and explain EXACTLY what CS is, how they can earn money FREE,
what they need to do to make the free money, how often they can cash out, etc.

Locked topics » Post #4

Mon Apr 07, 2014 15:26 in General Talk

If you have a complaint about a moderator or a locked topic, submit a support ticket.

ClixSense is no longer worth as it before » Post #19

Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:18 in General Talk

This topic is so stupid that it is cracking me up. I am sorry but I just don't understand
what end of the line people were standing in when the brains was passed out.

THIS IS ClixSense and that is what this forum is here for. This forum is not here to
discuss what other income opportunities do.

I don't understand what rock some people live under. It's bazaar.

If a member wants to upgrade, they can do so.
If a member does not want to upgrade, they don't have to.
It's an individual choice and option.

If you, the topic starter, felt the new display of sticky ads were interrupting your
results in some strange or obscure way, all you needed to do is submit a support
ticket and request a refund. Since you had not been an upgraded member long,
they probably would have offered the refund.

For many members, it is very worth the upgrade. For some others, it may not be.
It all depends on what you the member wants and how you the member wants to
work this program.

One program may pay more for one aspect and vice versa. If all the programs were
alike, it would not only be dull, people would be making a heck of a lot less money.

And you Chefkang, we all know what you are about. You're not about freedom of speech.
You're about complaining, whining, crying, and knocking CS at every turn you can, all the
while attempting to build up your so called 'fav programs'. So there's your freedom of
speech. BooHoo!

If you want to upgrade, upgrade.
If you don't want to upgrade, don't.
If you have a complaint about what you paid for, submit a support ticket.

Topic Locked

ClixSense is no longer worth as it before » Post #15

Mon Apr 07, 2014 08:36 in General Talk

Oh gosh, is that a violin I hear! I need a kleenex.

I'm a new grandma! » Post #10

Mon Apr 07, 2014 08:29 in General Talk

Hey ptcscrutiny, have you got a larger grandma smiley?
If it was a little bigger, it would be a better fit for her avatar.

Quote of the day » Post #34

Sun Apr 06, 2014 13:36 in General Talk

Finders Keepers Losers Weepers!


Quote of the day » Post #33

Sun Apr 06, 2014 13:35 in General Talk

Shop til you Drop!


I'm a new grandma! » Post #6

Sun Apr 06, 2014 13:33 in General Talk

ptcscrutiny wrote: Congrats grandma!

I love that grandma smiley!

I'm a new grandma! » Post #3

Sun Apr 06, 2014 07:51 in General Talk

Congrats grandma! :thumbup:


Sat Apr 05, 2014 20:12 in General Talk

Your topic specifically states 'INDIAN USERS', therefore, go to the Indian forum.

Topic Locked.

BIG Money Maker » Post #2

Sat Apr 05, 2014 06:47 in General Talk

I don't know. Many people don't like to relay their stats as it is personal and private.

The saddest sight in the world... » Post #2

Sat Apr 05, 2014 06:45 in General Talk

I guess no one has replied to your topic because it is rude and makes no sense.

Topic locked.

Funny Google Tricks 2014 - Amazing » Post #2

Tue Apr 01, 2014 07:27 in General Talk

I like the google pond.

Should I cash-out now or later? » Post #2

Sun Mar 30, 2014 17:35 in General Talk

Do which ever you want to do.

Surveys button at top of page. » Post #5

Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:09 in General Talk

thedorchannel wrote: clixsense research doesn't add the money you make to the clixsense earnings... its separate... its honestly not bad... lots of surveys and if you dont qualify, they pay you 10 cents just for trying. the biggest problem I have with it is that as far as I can tell they dont use paypal. the only payment options I see are an amazon gift card, a dining dough gift card, and a payoneer mastercard...

does anyone else have different payment options?

They do not use paypal.

They have the three options as stated.

The payoneer card is probably what most people choose because it is the same as cash.

I always choose the amazon gift code because I shop at amazon a lot. Just a couple days ago,
I cashed out from ClixSenseResearch a $10 amazon gift code. You can locate many items on
amazon that ship free if you purchase $35 worth (it use to be $25). In amazon, the gift code
amount applied, never expires. Some people enter their gift codes as they get them and when
they have accumulated enough to purchase a product with the free shipping, they do.

Still, if you are not familiar with the payoneer card, you should look into it. Seems like I use
to have one years ago. It is my understanding it is totally free. I think you can then use it
just like you would a mastercard. You could use it at walmart, as an example. I think you
can get the cash off it at an atm too.

Acute Email ID's Production Engine (Hot or Not) » Post #5

Fri Mar 28, 2014 10:00 in General Talk

Well of course it is spam. That sort of junk has been around for years.

If you want leads/subscribers, the most economical way and the best way for real results, is
to generate them yourself by addressing what people want and then giving it to them.

Does any one know? » Post #4

Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:00 in General Talk

I'd strongly suggest contacting organizations in the city where you live.
Often there are church's that will help out.
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